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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  August 21, 2019 4:02am-4:31am CEST

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and experts lack of miten and. high stakes poker in rome this man the interior minister matteo salvini pulls the plug on his coalition government and forces the prime minister to resign because he is angling for the job himself will his gamble pay off i'm sumi so much going to in berlin and this is the day. google should. conclude that the decision by the league to present a no confidence motion and ask for its immediate charging. require me to interrupt this government this proves that it was that. after the end of the debate i will go to the president of the republic to
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officially inform him of the end of this government and to offer him my resignation as prime minister you're going to see. also coming up on the day britain's new prime minister boris johnson says it is anti-democratic and on viable and the european union's backstop plan for ireland has to go but the e.u. isn't budging are we back to break that deadlock they have seen that the u.k. parliament is 3 times rejected the withdraw to remove the backstop just doesn't work it's not democratic i hope that they will see fit to compromise. a warm welcome to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world we start tonight with italy's government crisis the prime minister has resigned and will head a caretaker government while negotiations start on forming an alternative coalition
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earlier on tuesday prime minister just said he conti told parliament that he is stepping down and he said the interior minister matteo salvini is to blame so that he has pulled his far right league party out of the government and is demanding new elections because he wants to become prime minister himself country accuse salvini of putting his own interests ahead of the country. removing the with the grief in creating this government crisis you have taken on a big responsibility towards italy. i heard you calling for full powers to govern the country. and invoke demonstrations in the piazzas to support you. i must say this worries me. to this is a gesture of grave institutional and disrespectful insolence towards the parliament and it could tip the country into a spiral of political uncertainty and financial instability.
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so taking a swipe at celgene he on his way out this is what the interior minister had to say in response. i would do everything i did again everything. like that and therefore i have the great strength of being a free man and. when they will do so i'm not afraid of the judgment of the italian people. if you want to complete the reform process that we started i'm here. so with conti now appointed to the role of caretaker prime minister what will happen next that's a question i asked our correspondent in rome max sander. things have changed so fast the last couple days and we don't know we don't even know what's how going to happen in the next 48 hours or so if snap elections take place it's likely to be in
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fall and whether or not people here are going to hold it against me that he actually brought he personally created this crisis without there having been a crisis before actually it's not clear yet if people hold that against him or if he will still come out as a as powerful and as popular as he expected to in the 1st place well that's a question max with such a tough economy blasting salvaging a speech accusing him of putting himself before the country so how do italians feel about all of us. that's difficult to say i'm worth the peak of holiday season at the moment a lot of the tellings are at the beach and trying to. do more or nicer things than follow a government crisis but those that do probably very worried what will happen next i'm some people will still stick to. a lot of are very worried what
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would happen next i'm for example italy will have to present their budget for 2020 to the e.u. later this year and without a working government this could be very difficult and this could essentially lead to an increase in taxes in the v.a. up to 25 percent and this is something every italian person would would feel in the end all right our correspondent mark sander reporting for us in rome thank you very much. well let's get the view from brussels now our bureau chief standing by for us there hi max so what are the reactions that you've been seeing there. you know brussels is also on summer break right now so we haven't really seen any significant reactions so far and we don't expect the e.u. commission to react in a big way because they usually try to avoid to meddle in theory or affairs especially when they risk giving the table vini who is
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a declared opponent of the e.u. commission more fodder but you can expect that they're quietly hoping that there won't be snap elections because snap elections and you you heard my son to talk about those polls would likely bring material side of in even more power so they're probably rooting for the italian president to find an alternative solution that does not involve he was. max what are the consequences of this political instability for the european union and instability is always bad 1st of all economically speaking the e.u. as a whole is on the brink of a recession italy has been in a recession for a long time or at least in a deep they cannot mix slump at the moment and this in certainty this instability as you call it is not helping here on top of that there are important decisions to make in the next months regarding the e.u. budget for example also migration and of course also the talian budget itself which will be quite difficult so what the e.u.
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really needs is a functioning italian government and they would prefer an e.u. friendly functioning government that's right max but if there are you elections you touched upon this that what would a prime minister salvini mean for the european union. there's a blueprint for that sumi just look too hungry you have the door brown who is the prime minister of hungary right there and he's been blocking decisions in certain areas for example on migration that's why we still don't have a plan in the european union for the redistribution among countries of migrants that make it to the european union so that's the blueprint as a prime minister would most likely be even more extreme if we can take that from what he's done in the last months in this government coalition but i would like to add right here we are not there yet this is just one option that the italian president had as the moment as max on the room said he can also try to figure out a different color vision with different majorities for example with the 5 star
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movement and the social democrats who would probably also prefer not to having a snap election because the poll numbers for them are not very good. all right our correspondent max hoffmann for us in brussels thank you very much. well it is not shaping up to be an easy week for the european union as that government crisis is unfolding in italy the rhetoric over bragg's that is heating up again british prime minister boris johnson says the e.u.'s plan for an irish backstop is unacceptable and has to go now the backstop is an insurance policy to make sure there is no hard border between northern ireland which is part of u.k. and the republic of ireland which is part of the e.u. many fear that civil conflict could flare up again if new border controls are implemented that the plan is part of the withdrawal agreement between the e.u. and the british government the terms were negotiated under the former prime minister theresa may now johnson says it is on the have
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a crack that the existing it just doesn't work for the u.k. parliament started out 3 times we can have this backstop so i'm going to go to see our friends bowling or going off to germany and then to france and then to see the g 7 appear it's not going to make the point that the buck stops going to to come out of the movement it's absolutely true that our principles are a bit negative and you friends still clearly think that there is a possibility that parliament will book brought suit and as long as they think there's a possibility the problem will block brick sued there are likely to be money due to make the concessions that we need. while late on monday boris johnson delivered a 4 page letter to european council president donald tusk asking him to axe the irish border plan he called it inconsistent with the sovereignty of the u.k. donald tusk responded to the letter on twitter writing the backs up is an assurance to avoid a hard border on the island of ireland unless and until an alternative is found
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those against the backstop and not proposing realistic alternatives in fact support reestablishing a border even if they do not admit it. so saying pretty clearly there that there is no room for negotiation but german chancellor i'm going to perhaps opening the door a crack or did she the moment if we get a practical arrangement on how to preserve the good friday agreement while still defining the borders of the european single market we would no longer need the backstop so this this means we will think about practical solutions if you have the will to find solutions you can do so quickly the european union is ready to do that but we do not need to reopen the withdraw agreement that's a matter for the future relationship and i think we will act together in the minds of even. all right let's get more on the story with irish political commentator
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make field he joins us now hi nick good to see you what do you make of that does that sound like americal keeping the door open. it does seem to me that she's trying to interpret for us johnson's letter and some of the ambiguity within our. self kind of henson something some alternative to the vox dump without ever saying what alternative might be and of course within his letter he also says that something. must of the not as already been agree to this point so the idea of the no well simply lead to a kind of cake ok only vacuum i think is part of brainy some of the oversimplification of the rhetoric that's been flying backwards and forwards particularly between london and dublin i think it's interesting that he visited the teacher just before the publication of the letter which suggests the letter was drafted in advance of a meeting and i think it was used as a kind of
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a p o r and mission of to really try and prepare the irish so to the back of their colors so to speak over this particular issue make i want to put that question of ambiguity right to you if both the e.u. and the u.k. want to avoid a hard border but the backstop is not acceptable for back to tears what could a possible solution look like what options do does boris johnson really have here. well this is the problem he started and this is been the problem the whole way through breakfast because bricks it was not defined before in advance of the referendum put before the people of the united kingdom the whole issue has been switched in this ambiguity it is it's been there from the very beginning and of course the soonest reason mate was forced to pull back the curtain on the humility as far as johnson who said it and said now it's role agreement feel 3
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times to get through parliament and he's meant hinting that's beginning and i think it order to kind of at least create something kind of space for some kind of compromise now the compromise. it's very hard to see that compromise might be although the irish government has itself admitted that we're forced into a situation although no doing where there was no agreement on the border itself might seek to impose border checks oh wait you from the border and contentious area. i'm in country checks which is an interesting reflection of want the presidency is were saying some well it's the months prior to this so then maybe you there may be a way through this and. certainly there are backbenchers in bars johnson's own party who tell you that if this is pushed they will the
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conservative party will ever be reelected any time in the next 20 years so i i think the piece of it johnson is not simply the kind of model. that he's trying to project here i think he is underneath it all a very pragmatic politician. but what he's trying to do is to take the idea of a backstop. really. unlike to resume a he's making the chance that do you pity his arse while sort of partners quiescent partners in government. making vicariously through a series of main gates are making some of those pro-union points that the backstop itself represents an economic out from which northern ireland was no practical or legal immigrants from make i want to ask you about what exactly is at
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stake here why people are so worried about a hard border there has been we should say an uptick in violence on the island a bomb exploded near the irish border on monday and authorities say it was an attempt to kill police and they've also said there have been 5 attempts to murder police this year and i want to play you what one senior officer said it 3 and a half years of no devolved institutions we have on result that choose their own legacy from which we have attentions on the grinding communities issue here for a week of the uncertain they are and the acts that we have had 5 attempted attacks the murder of police officer says here and i think when you are all out of i do believe that there is a time of reflection on a time to question what type of society we want to live here ok make listening to that you are following the situation obviously very closely in ireland how tense are things right now. well pretty turn such an
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organized jewish most is that sort of honor the police are not observers represent you just heard from there. i think it's pretty much i think from their court because the political pocket it's not been ongoing for nearly a year longer than belching. has created a political vacuum in which all kinds of mischief or it is kind of playing itself out the martyr recently of the journalist the leader of the tea but of course she was not intended victim was the police there is a rocking out of violence and there is no political will there's no collective will between should be and who are on the premises and do you see her program except. for the. wrecks it is certainly a contributing factor to not but i have some personal concerns that bracks is being
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used by politicians told the britain and the republic. not in ways that actually help the peace or. or push forward the prospect of getting loose to party political parties back to work but are actually exacerbating the the degree of the threat in order to kind of get their own way it's almost as though northern ireland very early in these negotiations was taken political hostage both by the british and the irish enough between notes to correct . go nuts who are. sponsors of the new friday agreement i think that's where the real disaster of this press and the michael. really begins and ends so make where do you see things going then if there is a situation where there is a hard border what are your biggest concerns that. well look the truth there is
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this let's get this clear but there is already of order there it's a very it's a but the softest possible order you can be an option but it is one in which migration regulations are imposed but there is no train of border but. the biggest threat here is the economic threat and particularly necronomicon the threat to the british but more particularly aren't agriculture because the integral that the agricultural system on the island isn't a grid i'm not i think the economic threat is the 1st problem and the 2nd problem is if this comes down to a hard border and a continuing of this fall you know between the u.p. engine should say and i don't see where we get back to government however i also do not believe that we are going back to war because now any of the issues that
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created the common british and back in 1969. you know thoughts that is almost exactly 50 years ago this week. i think most of those issues of social injustice of being. dealt with i do not see this going back to work i don't see how the time nor the moment is the kind of serious interest in the future all right political commentator mick keelty speaking to us thank you for your analysis today. german chancellor merkel was the guest of honor at a meeting of nordic leaders in iceland's capital reykjavik climate change dominated the talks the region is directly being impacted by global warming historically high temperatures are causing arctic ice sheets to melt at an alarming rate only this weekend iceland held a funeral for one of its glaciers and greenland may lose half
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a trillion tons of ice by the end of the summer today the 7 nordic prime ministers along with business leaders signed a joint declaration to put the region on a path to becoming the most sustainable in the world. meanwhile u.s. president donald trump just can't seem to let go of the notion of buying a big chunk of real estate in the arctic namely the island of greenland which is currently a semi autonomous territory that belongs to denmark to reinforce his interest trump tweeted this earlier today quote i promise not to do this to greenland suggesting another golden trump tower was not part of his development plans for a greenland receding ice sheet. greenland's prime minister who was also at the summit in iceland once again underlined today that greenland is not for sale and he's getting tired of making back clear. of that question a few days ago it's not amusing. obviously more and more people are seeing
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opportunities in greenland but. maybe this will cause them to see more scope for business development for me you. shouldn't have much on the surface you need. well denmark's prime minister mehta fredrickson has called trump's idea an absurd discussion and says she hopes the u.s. president wasn't actually serious but there are plenty of reasons that trump might want to fly the us flag they're more than just real estate. prime location unrivaled views in a great neighborhood for a man who made his fortune through real estate deals this must sound very attractive u.s. president donald trump says his country is interested in buying the world's biggest island greenland. such a way it's a large real estate deal a lot of things could be done. hurting denmark very badly because they're losing almost 700000000 dollars year caring so they carry it at
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a great loss and strategic way for the united states it would be nice president trump has done the math denmark pays for up to half of greenland's and your budget and that figure comes to around $700000000.00 u.s. dollars greenland is a semi autonomous region belonging to denmark greenland to sit in the danish parliament and sometimes the danish prime minister comes to the capital nuke she's been there since sunday as part of a visit that she insists was planned some time ago. but every. 2 things 1st of all are not currently in greenland because of trump i would have come here anyway i totally agree with prime minister kim keels and that of course greenland is not for sale by the way greenland is not danish greenland is greenlandic kim kills and said it quite clear greenland will not be solved the same of those with us ever more than. 56000 people live on the island fishing and
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tourism of the main industries but it is thought that huge mineral deposits lie under the rocks and ice many islanders hope that developing these roll materials will help the territory get which climate change means the ice is melting this makes mining more attractive in areas that used to be inaccessible a sale to the us right now could be a bad idea that's because the bigger deal is still to come. and if study from the us has found that a good walk in the park is a great way for city dwellers to get rid of the blues you might have already known that spending time outside lifts your mood but the researchers in vermont took an innovative approach to reach their conclusions. life can be hard in the concrete jungle and increasingly research is revealing that greenery and open spaces can have a big impact on how urban dwellers feel but how to show that spending time in
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a park makes you happier in their new study researchers from the university of vermont in the us turn to a popular social media platform twitter and an online tool called a heat anomic or which has been used to analyze billions of tweets the 2 ranks common words typed into the short electronic messages on a scale from one to 9 and assigns them a score words like happy and flowers score high while words like crash and jail scored low the researchers focused on almost 5000 twitter users in san francisco who publicly identify their location the scientists geotagged and analyze tweets from one end where the user spent time the he nominee or then spat out a score on those tweets and the scientists analyze changes in sentiment before during and after the twitter users time in green spaces their results show tweet happiness wars rose dramatically for the users and parks in fact they were
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equivalent to scores only otherwise averaged across the social media platform on one day a year christmas. as vast numbers of people move to urban centers and the number of city dwellers who suffer from mental health disorders grow sharply proof that green spaces can make you feel like it's christmas could have major implications for both city planning and public health. all right that is it for the day. but as always the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either attitude of use or act smugly us and don't forget to use our hash tag the day i've seen you some is going to thank you for watching i'm for making us a part of your day. the
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world is getting more sooner. morris could justify a lot of problems. the global 3000 talks with a team of british researchers who take a more optimistic view. the world is not always a good point but it's much much better than it was a hot. really getting better. google 3 thumbs up
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next. research project climate protection students from 20 countries involved in a scientific expedition to teach us through some bolt from to devise the same time in the good sense of the standards of the project will help them to spread environmental awareness about. what he wants. share that there's a lot that we can to. you 60 minutes d.w. . how does time wanted. to share. the w. correspondent susumu heart it. can cause to believe. the
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various flavors of the exotic i am a challenge for you all very given and their. food confusion and fun. from street food the 5 star restaurant tasty taipei start september 1st on d w. welcome to global 3000 this week's program highlights the sunny side of life it's life affirming and encouraging we set out to reveal the many positive developments
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on our planet and show that over the years human progress has actually made plenty of things a lot better.


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