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place. the 0 start september 2nd on d w. play the but . this is d w news lawyer from the european union on a collision course with brazil's right wing the president has a record number of wildfires in the amazon rain forest rage out of control and a huge south american trade deal could be blocked over shy of both scenarios in action the french president the minute i'm back home to hold the place is quite an
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international crisis also coming all securities ramped up in the southern french city of barrett's to head off the g 7 style that the world leaders meeting day say del focus on the fight against inequality book tells a growing for a common response to the others in walcott. plus a show of hands in hong kong demonstrations for a human chain across the territory to press home dad and longs for more democracy. i'm having a home free glad you could join me. international concern is mounting over the record number of wildfires in brazil's amazon french president manual mccall has called it quote an international crisis tweeting our house is burning literally the
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amazon rain forest the lungs which produce 20 percent of all planet's oxygen is on fire but brazil's president jay about scenario has slammed the remarks as quote sensationalist saying mccall is trying to make personal political gains in what he calls an internal matter for brazil where boston are also says that his country lacks the resources to fight the fires more controversially he has accused environmental groups of starting the fires in a bid to embarrass the government the effects of the blazes is being felt far beyond the areas on fire. the amazon a blaze thousands of hectares disappearing every day this map shows the extent nearly 40000 individual fires burning right now there are competing explanations for why this is happening. brazil's president is defiant he blames foreign backed environmental groups for setting the blazes to discredit him or his big villages
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n.g.o.s have lost money without money from norway and germany they're without jobs so what do they do they try to bring me down. the poor what about them. there are strict laws in place but critics say president balsa narrow has failed to enforce them and encourage bloggers and ranchers to claim the amazon basin as their own problem if you will then the problem is that the government abandoned policies abandoned know how and has an attitude of disgust towards environmental scientists and activists that least. the impact is felt most immediately by indigenous people who have made the rainforest their home for centuries. this is with each passing day we see the destruction and violence deforestation and logging . that was sent because the forest dies a bit but every moment we feel the climate changing the most of this was the world
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needs the forests we need it and our children need it. but both the narrow made developing the amazon into a campaign promise one he's not likely to give up easily. and german chancellor angela merkel has joined call in calling for brazil's finest to be on the agenda of the group of 7 summits salt's on saturday france is hosting the summit in the coastal city of barrett's activists their true link between blazes in the amazon and inequality saying global poverty is another kind of fire that threatens the world security is high in berets for what promises to be a challenging summit in addition to brazil's fires gees 7 leaders face a range of thorny issues including migration u.s. iran relations and international trait. well for more on what we can expect from the g. 7 summit i'm joined now from barretts farm my colleague a org matus good to see you
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georg now we know the french president of money way back on german chancellor angela merkel both want the brazil files on the g. 7 agenda could the summits realistically do anything to address this crisis. but it will be very interesting to see the big question of course is will the summit speak with one voice one voice being really a big wad on the summit where there's so much disagreement now german chancellor on that subject make you she is concerned but the french president went a step further by saying that he would be ready to pluck a trade steel that the european commission hammered out for the whole of the e.u. the negotiators in 20 years with the so-called markers to a states and brazil is one of them to make a trade deal with them now the front of the french but also the irish government have set unless they see some more action against these wildfires from brazil they would be ready to pluck that traits deal now you have to understand that the trade
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deal has been negotiated by the european commission but it needs to be ratified by each an individual of the $28.00 e.u. member states if one of the states is not ratifying the deal the deal is practically dead so it's strong was from the french president and now of course inequality is the top bell topic at is as it were that's what everyone is meant to be talking about oxfam says that there is a double problem of the well the climate crisis centrally compounding inequality how will leaders be getting to grips with that. well on this i have an eye on this the 7 summits the french president took took a precaution after donald trump on the last 7 a meeting walked away not signing a comma common declaration of mutual declaration so there would not be a declaration but the french president does want some tangible results not just on the wildfires but to particularly on inequality in africa so a number of subjects he's invited on a number of african leaders and a number of key subjects are on the agenda such as providing more credits more
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money for particularly female entrepreneurialism africa providing more support for educational and environmental projects now these are just a few examples of the things that will happen but you can't help but absolve is that the effort by the french president to broaden the agenda is also sort of signifying that the problems of the world can noble longer be resolved by an exclusive club of of 7 states 7 states who do not agree on many things but they need other leaders to come along well talking about that and in broadening agenda then the walls ales what else will be on that agenda well the french president met with the russian president putin so expect ukraine to be on the agenda as well and that will be an interesting discussion particularly seeing that trump wanted to readmit putin through the g. 7 something that all the others have ruled out basically and also the french
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president met with the iranian foreign minister so the iran nuclear deal another divisive subject will be on the agenda right carol matters in berets for us thank you very much and we look forward to your continued coverage over the course of the weekend. and now some of the other stories making news around the world relief for 356 migrants who've been stuck on a rescue ship in the mediterranean for 2 weeks malta has agreed to let them disembark off to 6 european union countries said they would take them the ngo ship ocean viking rescued the migrants from boats off the coast of libya. one person has died and at least 2 others have been injured in an explosion near an israeli settlement in the west bank the israeli army described the incident as a terror attack the further details on not yet known.
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30 years ago today an estimated 2000000 estonians latvians a nephew a u.s. formed a human chain across their 3 countries to protest against soviet rule the demonstration became known as the baltic way now pro-democracy demonstrators in hong kong have drawn inspiration from that historical moment with a peaceful protest of their own supporters in the chinese ruled territory formed a 30 kilometer long line snaking through the city it is the latest in almost 3 months of anti-government demonstrations they were triggered by a bill that would have allowed extradition to mainland china that bill has been suspended the protesters all demanding further reforms. and correspondent phil was following the protests for us and sent this assessment from hong kong. this street behind me was absolutely packed with protesters many of them laying on the no i'm chanting pro-democracy chants some had eyepatch is over their eyes and
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a sign of solidarity with one young woman whose i was severely damaged in one of these protests it was a really quite peaceful and uplifting protest that we saw today this is the latest iteration of what we've seen is a constantly evolving process in the past we've seen violent street clashes now purchases seem to be moving on to prove that they are capable of being peaceful and that they can still get growth support here on the streets in fact the promotions for this human chain of events urge the people taking part to be peaceful and to cause as little disruption to the peace to the to the streets as possible and that's what we saw here this evening. in hong kong and we should say that the protesters in hong kong all not the only ones demanding more independence from the rule in a beijing in the north west and cian jang province china's muslim minority the
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weakest all facing an uncompromising climb down from the ruling communist party and human rights groups estimate that since 2017 more than a 1000000 weekers have been detained in internment camps leaving iran attacks without a clue as to their whereabouts a family as they using social media to draw attention to their plight and onyx forest watching joins me now for more on that story so alex what exactly are they doing walk us through it they are using text talk which is a social media a video sharing up found on mobile phones in particular and it allows people to share very short stories usually around about 15 seconds long and set to music it's particularly popular among teenagers who want to share fun and quirky stories but there's nothing fun about the images that we're about. want to see which show these week is who was said to be missing and we can see them now that people have been posting videos most likely loved ones and they are superimposed on top
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a many of them as you can see in that picture there are crying now tik tok says it's uses data is stored outside china so cannot be accessed by chinese or thora t.'s but those who are posting the videos are still taking a risk because china clamped down on anyone it sees is spreading and spreading online rumors or what it deems as fake news right i mean meanwhile i mean china continues to insist that these are not detention centers that these are facilities right that's right in china has been criticized for what many see as a propaganda campaign about this and and so on both facebook and twitter that have been put on by state owned media companies proport to show these we get in these sentences learning vocational training or getting an education in other words trying to show to people that they are happy and that they are getting skills for the future we can look at and add to that quotes
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a malaysian diplomat who says that the shanghai and camps were an effective way to counter extremism and terrorism and it links to an article claiming that the chinese government has done a lot of work to help students in vocational training centers overcome poverty and live a good life in the future and there is another that's been run by state media channel the global times it shows the outlets editor in chief claiming that european politicians and the media who are criticizing these centers were only representing one viewpoint and he said that the region has regained peace and development thanks to them but we must stress that human rights watch says that chinese or authorities are really abusing a people in this region and we haven't seen it so bad across the come. in decades i mean should we say as well i mean china didn't come under fire earlier this week for another disinformation campaign yes hong kong and in that case it was
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discovered that chinese state controlled media was spreading disinformation on facebook and twitter and if these journalists who discovered that then found out what was going on with the week is it has to be pointed out that twitter has now said it wouldn't it will not accept appetising from state controlled media facebook hasn't but it does say that it will investigate any particular post that have been flagged up to them w.'s onyx for us 1000 thank you so much for bringing us the story in friday's one is legal action to win travel to promote aside cologne in their quest for the german title ambition they've made clear from the get go the black and yellows were still in high spirits after last week's thumping all the alps but there are no short cuts to the title don't win will focus during training they know that cologne is a much bigger threat to spite not having lost to the billy goat since december 25th in zimbabwe they're ready for one more than alex berg i think they have already
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found what you might say is a good foundation i know but this group. were you watching t w news or from ballet and i'm have an arm free and up next my colleague monica jones is go we need to know from the world of business i'll be back at the top of the hour. i'm secure in the fire more than tired and in the end this is a me you're not a lot of the year and more rules and you. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers were alliance of. what's your story. ready
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on what numbers of women especially of victims of violence. take part.


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