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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 24, 2019 7:00pm-7:15pm CEST

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this is d w news live from berlin world leaders gathered for the g. 7 summit in the french city of gary's hoping to reach a consensus on a range of issues including global trade climate change and iran's nuclear program the divisions are deep and it's unlikely u.s. president donald trump will join ranks with his counterparts also coming up brazil sends in the army to battle forest fires across latin america demands are growing louder for more action to protect the rain forest plus riot police again confront protesters in hong kong over their demands to protect their territory independence
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from china we'll get the latest from our correspondent in the territory. i'm nick spicer thanks for joining us leaders of a deeply divided group of 7 leading industrial countries are meeting in the french resort of guides efforts to reach consensus looks set to founder over thorny issues including global trade climate change and iran's nuclear program divisions are so deep that for the 1st time in more than 40 years there is to be no joint statement at the end of the g. 7 summit transatlantic tensions are overshadowing the meeting with e.u. leaders at odds with u.s. president donald trump over his stance on trade. meanwhile thousands of people marched in an empty g. 7 summit protest some 30 kilometers away from barrett's environmental groups joined
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french and she government protesters so-called yellow vests and basque separatists on the streets the demonstrators called for more action on a range of issues including climate change the gap between rich and poor and support for markets riot police were deployed to prevent demonstrators from reaching its. protesters say they want more influence in tackling the problems facing humanity. the goal is to tell the g 7 leaders that it is possible to create another world the solutions that exist for the future of the planet must not be taken by a small group of people it is time for our leaders to finally listen to what the people have to say who should lead shown on what you say. and if i know what those leaders are saying on the big issues i'm joined now by i did abuse garrick matus in its york it's the 1st time in 45 years that there's not going to be a communique at this summit why is that. was one of the precaution
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airy measures the french president has taken in order to make sure that something comes out of this g 7 meeting he knows very well that donald trump did not sign the declaration at the last g 7 meeting in canada and so this time around he has even taken another precautionary measure if you want and broaden the agenda to such a degree including topics of inequality the environment climate and bringing them all on so that a number of things can be discussed here in a way he wants to paper over the cracks that are clearly there between the big 7 when it comes to subjects like world trade like iran or like the climate. so if there's a lot of papering over but no real end goal of a communique why bother meeting. of course it's worth an effort to find the smallest common denominator if the g 7 is not the meeting for the richest most
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influential western powers then what is and so the french president tries to find that common denominator. of diplomats here told me that he's been working. on the question of the iran nuclear deal for instance he had a 2 hour lunch with president trump where he suggested that despite an embargo an american embargo on exports from the iran particularly on oil that some more oil could be sold to european nations. clearly with tough conditions for iran they need to follow continue to follow the iran nuclear deal return to that the things they have agreed to and also they have to calm things down in the gulf so it's things like that he wants to achieve by using dialogue with the leader so lots of personal meetings the french president has set up here at the g. 7. so i wonder what a meeting between president trump and president michel might be because before
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president trouble for the summit he had some threatening words for the meetings host mr mcauliffe take a listen frankly i don't want friends going out and back think our company is very unfair and if they do that will be taxing their wine or doing something you know will be taxing their wine like they've never seen before i don't like it that that that is not befriend the fact that taxing french wine garrick how likely is donald trump to follow through on that threat. well the e.u. and particularly francais clearly take that threat seriously for an instance donald toast the outgoing president of the european council here announced that they would respond in kind if those threats if trump would follow up those threats you could never know of course whether he's serious whether he's bluffing but diplomats here told me that in a personal meeting between trump and mark hallmarked wrong try to convince the
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american presidents that he cannot compare apples and pears because often all trump is threatening to throw those taxes on france is this wine which is the 2nd biggest export from from france to united states in retaliation for a heavy levies the french president has put on american tax giants and the french president made clear it's not just american tax joins but it's all tech giants clearly the biggest one being amazon being facebook so the ones coming from america ok madison there is thinks about. the g 7 is also pressing for more action on the wildfires raging in the amazon rain forest french president emanuel has threatened to block a trade deal with brazil and other south american countries if brazil's government fails to fight the fires it has already sent in the army to tackle the blazes but opponents say that's too late. too late. from the streets of sao paulo and rio in
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brazil to says he's in mexico career and argentina people across latin america are calling for action to save the rain forest. lawn literally the green lawn of the world as we know it is burning it's our home it's our future and it's infuriating that nobody is doing anything. automatically then we make ourselves aware that something must be done look at the politicians have to make this a priority or simply we the human race will become extinct. a lot of it this is the voice of all of us from all over latin america. we have to do something and unite all of you yes you know it shouldn't just be us simply because this is what is causing so much fear and anger wildfires have been exacerbated by accelerating deforestation experts say there's a direct link between the cleared areas and the focus points of the heat this year some places are believed to have been started by farmers to create new grazing
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areas after brazil's president pledged to open up more of the rain forest to agriculture if you're going to market a young beautiful commodity a lot of animals died in the fire. of the jungle the forest is burnt. it's complicated i don't even know what to say it's difficult. president jet your pulse not true initially blamed n.g.o.s for starting the fires but with no evidence he nice says he'll send soldiers to help but there's no sign of that yet either this as the rain forest continues to burn and protesters continue to send their distress signals. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world russia has test fired ballistic missiles from 2 submarines in the barents sea president vladimir putin ordered the russian navy to respond after the u.s. tested a new missile which had been banned under a now defunct arms treaty. around 35000 germans have taken part in an anti racism
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march in the eastern city of dresden the demonstration comes a week before elections in the federal states of saxony and brandenburg a far right alternative for germany party is set to make significant gains. a standoff between riot police and protesters in hong kong has descended into violence tens of thousands of anti-government demonstrators began their 12th weekend of protest peacefully marching through the industrial tong area but they were soon stopped and chased by squads of riot police armed with batons and tear gas protest leaders have criticized hong kong police for what they say is an over forceful response to the ongoing demonstrations our correspondent charlotte charleston pill is in hong kong and has been following the protests there charlotte you watched protesters get dispersed earlier today are they regrouping again. now i'm on the main raid right now where one of those clashes unfold and i'm sure
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you can see just behind me that the remnants of that clash is still that there are still barricades along this street this is usually an extremely busy thoroughfare through hong kong very quiet night drivers aware of the clashes that took place here earlier on the sea evening now from what we can tell protesters and police have largely dispersed but we did see another very violent day of clashes today for the 1st time in over a week tear gas was back on the streets of hong kong from what we can tell it was fired in several locations we were one spot where hundreds of people gathered around a police station and what we saw was a number of the protest is throwing bricks stones plastic bottles at police police then sent out a warning using the flags that they often put up saying if you continue we will use force and then we saw them charging at those protesters sending them scattering and the tear gas was then fired so it has been another violent day here in hong kong
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markedly different to some of the protests that we saw earlier this week which was launched the peaceful. how would you characterize the overall police reaction to the protests. for the protest the protesters themselves say that police have been extremely heavy handed in the treatment of the demonstrates his one thing that they pointed to in particular is one protester whose i was damaged by a rubber bullets a lot of the protesters that we've seen since have been covering that i is with my patches in a market solidarity with that particular protest another round rima circulating on social media and several images as well suggesting another protest today was hit in the eye with a rebel but it we can't confirm that ourselves but it certainly will inflame a lot of the the anger here among protesters aims at the police here in hong kong ok charlotte charleston pil reporting from hong kong thanks for that. to learn how
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to feed astronauts in space scientists have successfully harvested vegetables and herbs in a pioneering project in antarctica the german led knowing my research station was used to simulate the harsh conditions on distant planets this is what the 1st green house on the moon might look like it could soon be providing 6 astronauts with a steady supply of fresh vegetables engineers have been using a similar high tech container in the antarctic to test whether or not the idea could really work. when we don't use soil the roots are suspended in the air in a plastic box and sprayed with nutrients and greenhouses in the class a greenhouse doesn't have any windows we eliminate the plants with the lights and we control the environment the temperature the humidity and so on. the greenhouse container could produce up to 270 kilograms of vegetables including cucumbers
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tomatoes and radishes fresh vegetables are vital for astronauts on year round missions. come on you can't endlessly freeze fresh food you can preserve fresh fruit indefinitely tomatoes roped off a full 5 at most 6 weeks they really have to be grown locally and then right away that's why a greenhouse is so important. 8 countries are involved in the project and nasa is now taking part 2 researchers hope they will be able to present their 1st prototype of a real space greenhouse in 5 years time. time for sports now and football germany's leader is the subject of our attention to the top of the table dortmund were in cologne on friday looking for another 3 points to extend their winning start the season their host didn't make it easy for them however fighting tooth and nail for their 1st win of the season in the end it was to no avail as dortmund triumph 301.
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cologne fans were out in full force for the club's 1st top flight match since may 28th seen and as if inspired by the support the home side had the better start and forced an early corner. poor dormant defending left too much space for double exacts let's open the scoring in the 29th minute i heard that would be the billy goat only highlights of the game. dormant turned on its head in the 70th minute jaded century with a peach of a shot to make it 100 i guess think grabbed the lead in 86 minutes ashraf i kimi make it 21 with the clock running down i am in time added on. but the result holds out $31.00 the final score joy as they get another win to start the season and despair for cologne as they have been mislead to return sees them lose 2 on the trucks. and you're watching news live from berlin
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