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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  August 25, 2019 6:02am-6:30am CEST

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he has a right. philippic your chin your butt ends new star on loan from barcelona was embraced like a king of kings upon his bundesliga arrival we should be thrilled solution to your . use of the go but we should look at that we are the midfield the spectacular skills assures that entertain reinforce the record champions it's. time to head to the stadium just as millions do well by which they themselves the most spectators and why we should talk and we're pleasantly surprised these players are also surprised by the white. ways it's magicians and staff coming up now welcome to kickoff life. he is the new superstar
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billy philippe coaching you is the hottest transfer of the summer at his 1st team practice everyone was eager to see the brazilian in action especially sporting director has and sally homages was happy to have it and continue. to do so these this morning. all the teams the press really have to be the fans are happy he fears well as is the man whose number 10 shirt he inherits. this is a great footballer everyone knows that he's played for liverpool and also a top quality because a good top of his field is a top drawer attacker very creative and he makes a lot of good forward process i think it really helped us that we have thanks to continue opines slightly shaky self-confidence and right is back to normal this transfer ensures that the record champions are still her. it's on track for their
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title ambitions. but i'm here to give it my best shot across the board all together with my teammates i want to help line try to win the league with d.s.p. card and the champions league. is introduction by and paid an 8 and a half 1000000 euro loan fee to barcelona and have the option to buy him for $120000000.00 at the end of the season fresh from winning the cup of america with brazil he's the 13th brazilian to sign up in munich. i discussed it with a few people especially tiago who's also got a zillion passports and speaks portuguese spoke with me as well. and heard a lot of good stuff from lucio who also played here. judging by the 1st training session and the other new colleagues seem to be settling in quickly. even paris said midfielder because defenders benjamin power and lucas are now and as i
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invested almost 150000000 euros this summer. we are signing up to french world cup winners a world cup finalists in either an parish church and a freshly baked copa america winner plus 2 very talented up and coming prospects i think that's a decent mix we're very satisfied with it. encroaching year they now have a world class play my kid said tee up the chances for 11 dark skin color the number 10 shirt really says it all. combine is a huge responsibility. starts a club with a great tradition and this was robin should for years. he says his own benchmark in football yeah. it's a big responsibility. hopefully i can just knuckle down and fill in the expectations here. by. brilliant brazilian is expected to make quite
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a splash in munich but how he will fit into an eco coach's system remains to be seen. from the stars on the pitch to the fans in the stands which league stadiums have the highest attendance records and why we have the arts. imagine football without fans. absolutely unthinkable supporters are the heart and soul of the beautiful game but who are the most dedicated fans out there. everyone has their own opinion but walk to the numbers say. which country has the best attendances which league attracts the most fans. we take a closer look. here at the top 50 leaks worldwide the
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international center for sport studies recently came up with a study and ranked match attendance by country and league the 1st big surprise is only 41st. a true footballing nation and sensational finalist of the 2018 world cup. but the event ski national league doesn't reflect the international side success. only $2800.00 fans attend each game on average that's pretty poor and behind even england's 4th and germany's 3rd divisions but it's not that surprising if you take a closer look gracious a small country with a population of 4000000 illegal only has 10 clubs half the number europe's big leagues usually have. kind of splits and the only big names they have a serious rivalry which often results in clashes with police but that rivalry hasn't helped make the league competitive. have been crowned champions in 9 of the
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last 10 seasons. let's move on and on to the next surprise in 13th place just ahead of russia and scotland is brazil. palma sugar benito nice to watch but not about successful the league doesn't even crack the top 10 with the stadiums empty and often in poor condition. in fact many brazilian stadiums are white elephants they were built for the 2014 world cup but since then they sat largely empty over the past 5 years brazilian syria could only attract 17000 fans on average take fluminense say for example one of the most famous clubs with a massive following their home stadium american 80000 but only 15000 turn out what happens in football in brazil. it's complicated and it's about more than football brazil is in a state of political chaos the last 3 presidents were all involved in corruption
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scandals which in some cases even lead to jail time. and the new president j. imposed sonando is dividing the country even further. corruption is widespread also in football the former presidents of brazil's football confederation the cargo taisha resigned under a cloud of allegations. brazilians are sick of it and it's affecting their love of the beautiful game ahead of the 2014 world cup people took to the streets to protest against corruption and the waste of taxpayers' money to stage football's most famous competition. polls taken ahead of the tournament suggested hoffman brazilians weren't even interested. in may 24th team 47 percent had little or no interest in the world cup 4 years later ahead of the world cup in russia that figure rose to 63. percent devastating numbers for
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a country where football used to be a religion brazilians have fallen out of love with the seller sells the want as successful as they used to be and they're losing interest in the league because they can't afford to go to games anymore and. ticket prices for big matches can range from $80.00 to $400.00 for zillion hair eyes which is between 15 and 19 year olds the country's minimum wage has only just increased to $998.00 ai's per month. which you spend half of your paycheck on just one game. you don't even get see brazil's most talented players because they all leave early to become stars in europe has legend zico put it it's the brazilian league's big problem. he said unless we stop the talent leaving the country we cannot revive football in brazil. let's break into the top 10 where we find germany 2nd division. the 2nd bundesliga averages almost
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$19000.00 fans per match not bad that's better than the top divisions in big footballing countries like portugal and scotland why is that football has a long lasting tradition in germany and the 2nd division is a strong and well run league with many traditional clubs form a bonus league or winners and european champions for years the league has had lucrative t.v. deals and is sold as the best 2nd division of all signed a phrase this been repeated so often by advertisers it's become a running gag among fans. just. as he. says its fans for. next comes the netherlands and 9 and above them the united states. for some so. it seems like the u.s. is finally falling in love with soccer after. years of being
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a sleeping giant of course the women's team woke up long ago winning 4 world cup titles with sides full of superstars. but now the men's game is on the rise to major league soccer's average attendance is already $21000.00 fans. in fact m.l.s. is the 2nd fastest growing league worldwide. and they have the cool kid on the block. atlantean knight and they were founded in 2017 and there's unprecedented hype surrounding the club in their 2nd season atlantean ited won the m.l.s. title and had more than 51000 fans watching week in week out. united have the 10th highest average attendance in world football beating out the likes of celtic i.x. and man city. who's next france's and 7th
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behind china who would have thought that. the chinese super league is not only attracting stars but also more and more fans and now we're into the top 5 with italy. italian football is not in good shape there are problems everywhere you look. ready for starters the stadium still operating and falling apart most of them were built in the 1st half of the 20th century and have barely been renovated since. women and children rarely attend games in italy because of the violent ultras. diehard fans some of them fascists have a lot of power sometimes even pulling the strings behind the scenes clashes are not unusual but in 2009 the government crackdown and introduce the test set out in force or. an id card to identify fans which is checked. by police or security at
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the stadium entrance this all led to a decline in fan attendance syriac games only attract $23000.00 fans on average that's less than the mexican league and la liga in spain. italian football is not what it used to be back in the ninety's and early 2006 when italian team dominate in europe. in the ninety's italian clubs broke the world transfer record 6 times syriac was the go to link the superstars. the times have changed. of course this guy bucks the trend christiane a renowned author has made you've even stronger there perhaps the only healthy club left in italy with their stadium regularly sold out but you face dominance is not good for the league at all beyond canary have won syria 8 times in a rug. italy is in 5th place but has been overtaken as we already
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said by mexico. but that shouldn't come as a surprise mexicans are football crazy. not only when it comes to their national team but with their league. match days are a $360.00 degree experience of mexican culture family food and football. the mexican league is considered the strongest in north america and it is highly competitive league amex has 2 tournament per season up to and closer with one champion crowned in summer and one in winter this is common in latin america in the past decade 10 different clubs have won either the africa or close of. which $26000.00 fans league and meckstroth the largest average crowd of any football league in the americas. that's almost as good as spain.
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and later. time of the world's most famous clubs. and one of its greatest rivals. the 3rd best attendance worldwide with 27000 fans on average. but spain has smaller teams and stadiums than england. the premier league draws $37000.00 fans on average the league is followed worldwide and generates more than $2000000000.00 euros in television rights per year a record because we. the premier league is undoubtedly the best marketed league in the world. some say it's also the best thanks to the stadiums. and the stars. but
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not when it comes to match attendance is. because number one is not the premier league but the german bundesliga. so why is the bundesliga the clear winner. first of all the tickets in germany are affordable that's probably the biggest difference to the premier league in the bundesliga the cheapest average match day ticket is just 15 euros in england it's the same for more than twice the price. in germany you can even get some tickets for less than 10 euros and it has a violin kids under the age of 14 can get into the olympic stadium for free. but it's not just the cheap tickets. the main factor is germany's modern stadiums germany has state of the arenas with huge capacities they're simply bigger than the ones in england. and. most of them of guilt. renovated for the 2006 world
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cup. the whole country was excited about hosting the tournament which gave football already the most popular sport in germany an even bigger boost. and that had an effect on the bundesliga as well some say germany has the best stadium atmosphere in europe definitely better than the premier. there is a longstanding tradition of fan culture and an active ultra scene in germany fans here have a saying. germany is the only top league in europe that has the 50 plus one rule which means that club members hold the majority of voting rights thereby retaining overall control and protecting their club from the influence of external investors rule over many clubs in the premier league the bundesliga tracks more than 43000 fans on average 6000 more than any other league 5 german clubs are in the top 10 when it comes to highest average attendance dorman the top of the tree with 80000 fans on average even hamburg in stuttgart still attract huge numbers despite being
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in the 2nd division. that's why germany has the best attended leagues in the world . quick question what is 24 times 48 no you can't calculate that in your head well we can't see but here is someone who can. we're talking about manuel i can gee this way since international and dortmund center back responsible for holding the back line alongside partner at school miles. he's one of germany's top center backs and recent news. i can definitely benefit from all that experience. and also learn a lot just through helping each other out on the pitch but. we can also learn something from him because it turns out he. he has quite
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a knack for numbers master mind man well. i. don't have father was always saying practice makes perfect. yeah it's just something i've been practicing since childhood. and i found it easy to work with numbers and take all sorts of things can number plates or whatever and do these calculations just for myself. since 2018 it's all working out to do and just well she's. in his 2nd full season at the club i can she has a nailed down place in coach lucy and 5 is planning. and with his teammates he's also forged true friendships. away from the pitch i get on especially well with you inveigle we went away on holiday together with our wives i
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also do a lot with marco royce again no wives just get along very well and so the way. apostle. friends and friendly rivals dortmund have an exceptionally strong squad with only so many starting places up for grabs. i'm here with a lot of players at the moment so there's more competition all around. you season for everyone we all have to earn our place. he's been busy earning he's already starting in the super cup against with that last gasp rescue that. came in and i. just think that's. what the county a stabilizing influence strong in the tackle precise in his passing and incredible with those numbers and.
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it's just. that some forms i knew it off by heart here i already know i want 83 times 20 years so i just trot out the rest and that's it really so from. a man can definitely count on enough votes now introduce you to a new goalkeeper in the bundesliga an american who's already off to a great start by just a little you. know when his gloves are on he means business. i have some personal rituals i put my love on and my love cleared on before my right every time just feels right and feels good and can get turned into a game. horn in the usa and now running his keep in the bundesliga zach stephens the u.s. national team keep but is fresh on board at that very happy about it. amazing that such a strongly one of the best leagues in the world and just trying to enjoy it. it's
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no stranger to german football having spent 2 years up to 2016 at freiburg. back then he didn't make it past the reserves but he learned plenty from the former freiburg he thought now plying his trade. like roman burkey go our way strong very quick and well i like his style of play. with his feet stephan was signed this summer by manchester city and promptly loaned out to dismantle for the season. venue number one actually prefers the number 24 and on march to 1 of his previous senses in the national side. when they asked me what number i wanted to pick i saw 24 i just thought of him howard he was my role model and still is i just remember watching him as much as i. making a string of saves in his top flight debut against braman stephan helped get just pulled off after winning starts what's. his goals for the rest of the season.
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expecting to keep the team game make save any and make my job yeah i want to show off what i can. welcome to the bundesliga is that to wrap it up we leave you with a story about football and friendship and even as a possible. match day 2 features one of the season's more curious contests. versus munching glovebox marco rosa. the 2 coaches have lots more in common than a prowess for tactical scheming in fact their longtime best friends with a similar past as players at mines but when their respective sides face off on the pitch comes 1st. those that it was good those were the early days now there's a new twist to their relationship. before looking forward to it it's certainly an
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unusual situation for something else for our parents as well sitting at the stadium with their sons jumping around on the touchline. because these 2 are more than just football parties for 2 years shots and housemates that was well over a decade ago in minds a communal existence with its own occasional problems like an empty fridge. the stark it's a trench of a. nice and no one wants to drive to the petrol station to get something to drink. just brush your teeth and try to get to sleep quickly. then mentor back it's a long time months coach you can clock the same spot 15 years down the line in the footsteps of the famous pre-disaster trots and also learn the basic tools of back future trade on the club you've got them both down to the big things but it was soon obvious they're great characters natural leaders with every chance of
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succeeding in this line of work. i'm delighted for the pair of the mistress craig would. work his way through a youth level coaching apprenticeship now that rivals in the bundesliga it's over 10 years since they played together on the club but. still giving us good advice. we keep in touch i need some advice again recently. he's got more experience. back to the era of house sharing the friendship each he's now got father to the other's children and also was best manage his wedding one particularly precious sporting memory promotions of the bundesliga with months in 2004. 2 as players they've already faced each other in 2007 nights when might like the fact that they were still living together at the time. there was a room about men even though we were in a relationship. now it's common knowledge sometimes married with 2 kids and i'm
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going to daughter that should end the speculation he's not married. around the household or was the creative free spirits would spot sticking to the basics. a little short of a tidying up i can give myself a pat on the back i was definitely better if he was. preparing food and cooking call from. takes it on points easily. now it's time for edge of mystic tussle in the bundesliga virtually a family affair. my brother. a friendship on ice for 90 minutes. and then we're best friends again this for marco rosa and sandra shrugs so brothers writing a charming bundesliga side story thanks for watching see you next week.
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michael black is as pretty as a picture. it is a must see put em on. world chuck. todd may have already fallen under the spell of the city on the. join us as we explore. michael bad. news on d w. a powerhouse turns 100.
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100 years of modern struck a temperature of. 100 years of functionalism n.p.r. isn't. what's behind the legend. we asked the experts about the back. in 30 minutes on w. . how does time on change to. the w correspondent susumu her. pantyhose to only good. for the various flavors of exotic honestly i am
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a challenge for you. all of their a.t.m. and during the food confusion and the fun. from street food the 5 star restaurant tasty taipei starts september 1st on d w 5.


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