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weightlifters. so how do you train billy graham. i will feel obliged to go down and basically through which the boat is much of the way if you're going to be burdensome i've got no telegraph pole. such a shame i lost my telegraph pole with nothing but my crash course to prepare me it's time to have a go. without proper boots on the went grass doesn't give me much grip. my throat fails to impress. the days passed measured in that 129 feet good thing no one bet on me winning so it wasn't as i think it was but in my next challenge is to toss the caber that has to be flipped over and glance straight like a clock is going from 6 o'clock to 12. my rivals offer me
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a sticky tree sap concoction for extra grip. so my fingers are all sticky now ready for the came a toss the injury risk is a little bit too high so i can only go on a practice cable because i am not well championship quality. eyes are on me now and it's my last chance to make a good impression. oh . perfect i can't believe it's back only 12 o'clock albeit with the smallest paper available still who can say they flip to treat the ensuing award ceremony the judges grant me a mock prize for my efforts it wasn't enough for a proper prize and i've really learned that you need to be a real athletes you compete at the highland games but i had fun anyway and i'll definitely have another go in the future. perhaps. so you can have it it's over
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working out in a kilt. or. are i way to go max you can see more of max's highland games adventure on r d w euro max you tube channel well believe it or not britain's queen victoria was a huge fan of the highland games and their popularity soared in the 1900 century thinks in part to her now if she were alive today she would be celebrating her 200th birthday this year and the southern german city of coburg where her husband albert was born is commemorating the occasion in royal fashion. queen victoria the most powerful woman of the 19th century and her husband prince albert out for a stroll in bavaria. the city of coburg hired these lookalikes to mark the couple's 200th birthday.
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this is what it might have looked like when they visited the city because prince albert was born and raised in copa. victoria and albert still have descendants in the city their great great great grandson is prince hubertus of socks a kobo can go to an exhibition at collin back castle the family's principal residence shows that albert's marriage to his cousin victoria didn't happen by chance. yeah this whole sex in the house is that's a cold war could go to was actually rather an important in the 18th century but then came the idea for this marriage strategy through clever matches they married into all of europe's royal houses so at its zenith in the 19th century they were basically kings or queens of much of europe and had great political influence. with it whether it's the swedish royal family. the belgian monarchs the descendants of the czars of bulgaria or naturally the british royal family they all have roots in
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the cold war and are related to victoria and albert that earned queen victoria the nickname the grandmother of europe she and albert had 9 children together. mccombs is here to say you could also call them the 1st royal dream couple because albert and victoria really were in love and while both of them or especially prince albert saw the political advantage of being married to the queen of britain they also married for love and that wasn't standard practice back then he did a lot of them. but tragically albert died when he was just 42 victoria mourns him for the rest of her life. she had many statues built in his honor the 1st one was in cold war and still stands on its market square. rosenow palace once the summer residence of the dukes of socks and co borgen gota lies a few kilometers out of town. it was here that albert was born in 1819. he
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was the 2nd son of ernest the 3rd and his wife louise. albert was also baptized here in the marble hall. visitors to the palace can see a cradle dating from this period and marvel at the gardens. and her memoirs of queen victoria wrote of rosenow palace if i were not who i am this would be my real home. busy when victoria and albert visited family and co borg they lived in ehrenborg palace in the heart of town. at the time it was the main residence of the dukes of cold war. ready this staircase leads up to the hall of giants. here lavish parties were once held for the royal couple and their guests. today it's used for concerts. queen victoria occupied this bedroom at ehrenborg
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palace she even had a british style water closet installed here. it was one of germany's 1st modern toilets. and that wasn't the only exchange of ideas between britain and co workers an exhibition at the town's dome you see i'm shows a victorian albert's role as cultural ambassadors. i've had to invite not prince albert make christmas trees famous impression through the pictures of his children and his family which he had printed in the newspaper this and also him he also brought his typical german values with him to and hard work discipline thrift values which lays. came to symbolize the victorian age i didn't have enough but. after all that history it's time for a break and pay to file this cake shop a sweet treat awaits the specialty of the supplier to the court a gingerbread cookie. is
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a traditional baked good. has a really long tradition of making gingerbread and it was something that was enjoyed here and it's the name comes from the touring in dialect and means little kiss. in this anniversary year victoria and albert can be seen everywhere. a current project at cobalt university albert in miniature made by a 3 d. printer. lookalikes and the day at the market square. maybe not quite as victoria and albert would have done but tasty all the same. as i've said before berlin is something of a planet in and of itself many international visitors to the city decide to stay here and start businesses and we are featuring some of these entrepreneurs in our series planet berlin now in our latest installment we meet cecilia 20.
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from chile she's opened the shop south embassy in order to spread some of her south american culture around the german capital. jewelry from colombia. wine and food from chile and argentina. or shoes from brazil maybe you can get all of this and more at berlin's south embassy. and cecilia fuentes you bought a bottle is the perfect south american ambassador. that america is in latin america is full of stories and cultures arts and crafts you never stop discovering new worlds new things. each time i discover something new i find out something more about my roots. to cecilia opened her store in berlin's mitta district in 2010 and now has a collection of about 2000 items all of which carry
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a piece of south american cultural history to celia is very interested in regional identities this collection of clothes is from mexico. each mattern carries information about our ancestors.


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