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presents a very impressive animal a bold eagle. i know. now it's time to get up close and personal with you. we're going to be fighting back again and head to a really hot region the united arab emirates just for jump has invited us to i would be here is our meet a local flood. thank you. hello my name is george etc to john i would like to welcome you to abu dhabi which is my home for the past 7 years i'm originally from malta and i'm happy to be showing you some of the best highlights the city has to offer. this is one of the best beaches we have here in abu dhabi the thai kilometer
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stretch of beach something which i really enjoy here is you come to the beach as a backdrop you have all of those skyscrapers behind you so you can get a feeling of both nature and the greatness of my what mankind career. i love living in abu dhabi afford to security is gives me about 2 or so the mix of traditional and modern which tend to balance off each other in a video nice way only in the city of upper darby we have over 3001 scattered around people here although having all of the modern luxuries still turn back to their traditional values following the all for sure religion which is now thank you. in such a cosmopolitan city the vegetable the molecules takes you back to what life is
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really all about here or delivery to it is a very deep sea people still live a very normal life. this is our dull hobby. the doll being the traditional boat which also represents the rich maritime history that abu dhabi has these dolls the dolls that go out late at night come in early in the morning selling their fresh catch to the local fishmongers at the fish market. and now for our last stop in abu dhabi i have chosen to take you to deal savation deck at the edge you had.
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this is the observation deck the highest point one can visit in abu dhabi 300 meters apart 7 to fulfil is situated in the cluster around the edge he had tallis. this was my day in upper darby i hope you enjoyed seeing going to beautiful sites and i hope to be seeing you soon and as they say in this part of the world my son in law. to end my 2 off idle back i'm going back up the hill across from the critics on the opposite side of the neck up this path is known as the philosopher's walk. historically it was just a path through the vignettes but during the romantic period it scenic beauty drew
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students professors and philosophers today it's a highlight for visitors it gives fantastic views of the city and castle. i don't think i need to tell you any more about the romantic city or fight of back you've seen it for yourself and a quote from a famous german song pretty much sums it up my half in height of excellence that means i lost my heart in height of.
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good. good good. good golf was. the brimming stadiums a sizzling spare ribs is the biggest gun the best
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sensibly can be and the biggest leaves the will to make promises on. some surprises and still gabel. sums to conflict zones on the road to germany's foreign intelligence agency to be a deep clip. from former nazi stormtroopers the most germany's foremost i. knew how to sell weapons to brooklyn emo's during its. someone in germany secret service somebody. to be empty for not going to the food is limited to w. . my 1st boss also sewing machine. where i come from women are false by their social influence something as simple as learning how to write them by psychos isn't. since i was
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a little girl i want to talk about bicycle off my home but it took me years to undo my. filing the game bob invented by me on bicycles but returned with a sewing machine. so i suppose it was more appropriate for girls than writing about and now i want to reach out to those women back home who are bound by this and social norms and inform them about their basic rights my name is the amount of people and i work as. though.
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he has arrived. fully take your chain your client's new star on loan from barcelona was embraced like a king of kings upon his bundesliga arrival we should be thrilled social talks to you these are the your beliefs look at that we are the midfield the spectacular spills the shorts and to tell you reinforce the record champions it's. time to head to the stadium just as millions do well by which they do himself the most spectators and why we should be told and were pleasantly surprised these players are also surprised by the life. with its magicians and stars coming up now welcome to kickoff life. he is the new superstar billy philippe coccinea was the hottest transfer of the summer at his 1st team practice everyone was eager to see the brazilian in action especially sporting
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director has a sense of they have a g.h. is happy to have it and continue. to do so this this morning. all the things the press really have to do.


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