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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 3, 2019 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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this is g.w. news live from berlin hurricane dorian wreaks havoc in the bahamas one of the most powerful storms ever to hit the islands is now heading for the united states around a 1000000 residents there have been told to leave their homes also on the program and in a battle over breakfast u.k. prime minister boris johnson says he doesn't want to call an election but if lawmakers block his plans it seems that's exactly what he'll do. and.
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full display as italian football fans talk star romelu lukaku with monkey chants the striker is demanding more be done to eliminate racist abuse. i'm william glue cruft welcome to the program at least 5 people are dead in the bahamas as hurricane dorian slowly batters the atlantic island nation the u.s. may be next a 1000000 people in florida georgia and south carolina have been ordered to evacuate as the category 4 monster storm creeps towards the u.s. east coast. it may have been downgraded to a category 4 hurricane but dorian continues to do its worst complete devastation that is cars mind bashing the bahamas the 2nd strongest storm on record has crushed cars snapped trees and ripped the roofs off homes floodwaters continue to choke
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roadways making it dangerous for residents to survey the damage the slow moving storm is expected to keep thrashing the island chain. but hani and prime minister hubert minutes called the devastation unprecedented tweeting during remains an extremely dangerous storm our focus right now is rescue recovery and prayer just to the west and up the coast the southeastern u.s. is bracing itself and taking no chances airports canceling thousands of flights. we had to change our flight original flight we changed it again yesterday we changed it again this morning so we're hoping this is once the charm but we just started out by doing 6 mil plastic all around the house and people like britney you could tell are boarding up their homes in the hopes that they'll have something to come back to once the storm passes if it works it's totally worth it but florida's governor is warning residents against sticking around. when if you're ordered to evacuate you need to do that from palm beach county all the way up to nassau the
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florida georgia border all those coastal counties they've issued evacuation orders and and it's important that residents heed those calls get out now while you have time for. florida south carolina and georgia have all issued evacuation orders during it's on track to reach their coast between late monday and wednesday night until then people here continue to prepare for whatever durian brings. now to britain where prime minister boris johnson has backed off calling a staff general election it's a crucial week for the brics a process with some lawmakers including official opposition leader jeremy corben pushing for a parliamentary vote that would ban a no deal breck's it and postpone britain's departure from the european union if they defeat the government johnson could be forced to call an election despite saying he doesn't want one and that could be as early as wednesday here's what
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johnson had to say after an emergency cabinet meeting earlier today. i say to show off friends in brussels that we know you're going to you know put us in peace through with the government against cool beans pointless delay. i don't want an election you don't want an election let's get on with the people's agenda let's get rich he don't want to. go 30 quest thank you very much. our correspondent barbara faisal is in london covering the story for us we asked her if m.p.'s who oppose a no deal breck's it will heed johnson's call and vote with his government and crucial votes this week built up quite a head of steam throughout the last days there is an almighty poll struggle going on once again over breaks it between the prime minister and we still remember trees of me who had to sort of fit to survive this several times and palm and cheer in
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the back of false and we know that there are of our 20 tory rebels if one of them is the former chancellor of the a check a full human who is in that position interested maze government and they all say there is no mandate for no deal prexy it's moderate conservatives who say we do not want this and we really have to keep boris johnson from going that way from crèche written out of the e.u. and so everybody here expects them to sort of take over the engine to tomorrow if they vote because boris johnson said he does not want an election botch that doesn't mean there is not going to be an election so observers here in london are pretty good pretty clear in their opinion that they say he just said this to sort of tell everybody that if he would be forced into election into an election it
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would be their fault it would be the fault of labor of course. and it would be the fault of tory rebels he would not have it not the way out and had to call didn't action and everybody expects this to happen either late on wednesday all maybe on thursday that boris johnson will be right here in parliament and say yes we go to the bells. here's some other stories making news around the world 4 bodies have been recovered during a rescue operation off the coast of california after a commercial diving boat caught fire dozens of people are still missing and feared dead 5 crew members aboard survived the incident. in south africa dozens of shops have been looted in overnight attacks reportedly targeting foreign owned stores in major cities at least 50 shops were looted in johannesburg police arrested dozens of people it's the 2nd outbreak of urban rioting in a week. italian authorities have seized
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a charity rescue vessel that entered its waters despite a ban on the ship operated by german charity mission lifeline had been at sea for 8 days after rescuing more than 100 migrants they've been allowed to disembark on sicily. and. the greek government has started to transfer 1500 asylum seekers from the island of lesbos to the mainland to ease overcrowding in migrant camps a recent spike in migrants arriving to greek shores means 11000 people are being housed in buildings designed for just 3000. on the move again these refugees on the greek island of les boss are anxious to be leaving the overcrowded conditions of the morea camp behind the old be it to conditions unknown in a different camp on the mine left. i knew later i arrived there and. after like and it's one month and 20 days that i'm living in noria and after that i got my
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ticket so now i'm moving to. immigration because moria is not a good place and it's very hard to live in such a and vitamin 10 trucks and busses transported the 1st 650 people and their worldly positions to the harbor where the ferry whited the massive logistical operation is the last resort for a processing system under g. rist from a recent spike in arrivals. all 5 of greece's island detention centers were already full to bursting when more than $7000.00 more refugees arrived on the shores just last month it was the tipping point for the greek government to hold an emergency session and announce plans to tighten its border controls and speed up deportations of rejected asylum seekers as for the now departed residents of lisp are seeking asylum in greece or further passage to europe there were a few words from the greek government that suggest that this temporary change of
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location would be accompanied by a change in fortune. now to the politics of change in the politics of extremes the far right party alternative for germany or f.t. became the 2nd strongest in sunday's elections in the eastern german states of brandenburg and saxony state brady brings us this report from saxony state capital dresden. after months of anticipation the dust is settling here interest and the result of sunday's election was yet another blow to germany's established big tent party but anglo-american cd. you still retained its 30 year title as sex and the strongest party. the friendly sex anyone said state premie a may say ok for many people here interest in sex and the state capitol it was somewhat every leaf that almost 3 quarters of voters didn't cast their ballots for the far right a.f.d. . now faced with the reality of the day as sex and the 2nd strongest party locals
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seem to be taking a pragmatic approach as one of the it was a vote of the people have something to say whether i like it or not i didn't vote for the day and now i'm keen to see how the established parties deal with this and what solutions they can find. people have always voted for the c.d.u. in the s.p.d. and now this is a consequence so they can be taken seriously compared to germany's other so-called new states which were formally informed germany things are going well in saxony the economy is strong the strongest in the former east and unemployment here is by no means the highest in germany and yet 27 percent of voters here in saxony cuss the ballots for the far right. but despite the strength of the a.f.d. at the polls all of saxon his parties have ruled out forming a coalition with them. friends and. i think it's
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a shame that the result will be respected in. the city you. won't see in a coalition. which party did you vote for that's why i voted for the a.f.p. what was your personal reason for why your 1st and foremost because of the flood of refugees here and saxony we're not used to that at all and that's cos of people across germany. since 2015 the number of foreigners in saxony has increased by one percent but even non a.f.d. voters can sympathize with some of the issues beyond the might. gratian debate. leaders and you see the problems 1st and foremost in the rule areas will the circumstances that people have to live in there are catastrophe. the entire infrastructure has fallen by the wayside or. saxony has made its voice heard now writers from across germany's political spectrum are waiting to see if the
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government is listening. inter milan striker romelu lukaku has called on football authorities to do more to combat racism it was subjected to monkey chants before taking a penalty against in their italian league match on sunday which enter $1.00 to $1.00 other footballers have sent messages of support to the. dortmund jade and san show said the racism quote just has to stop racist taunting of a black footballer in the sardinian capital calgary a mistake a ball but sadly not unfamiliar after interest the penalty for his side the course of monkey noises rang out. back in april more as the king received a similar treatment at the hands of the same spectators italian football's problem with racism is a persistent one. and. if you saw. icons
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comments on this episode because i didn't hear the chants and many other situations i believe that in italy we must improve a lot and be more educated in respect for those. who arrived in italy just under a month ago after his big money transfer from manchester united in a statement on instagram lukaku said it's 2019 instead of going forward we're going backwards he called for professional footballers to unite in the cause of anti-racism. in an e-mail to d.w. the italian league syria condemned the abuse of the kaku but failed to answer whether or not they intend to take any measures against the club or issue any penalty as a result cal here either themselves say they intend to identify and ban the fans responsible for the racist abuse directed at lukaku italian football is under pressure to show that it's taking the issue seriously.
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giant panda maiming has given birth to twins it's a 1st in germany and a major breakthrough for the zoo's breeding program mang mang gave birth to her 1st cub on saturday evening and the 2nd appeared an hour later and babies are said to be doing fine but zoo with already don't want to announce their genders as it's easy to get wrong in the early stages and don't worry so i'll just say it's normal for pandas to carry their babies in their teeth. don't forget you can always get do you have your news on the go just download our app from google play or the apple app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the date of you after to send us photos and videos.
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