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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 3, 2019 1:15am-1:31am CEST

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access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the dwi have to send us photos and videos. you're watching d.w. news coming up after just a short break news africa looking at misinformation on the a bowl of fires as always you can find the latest headlines around the clock at g.w. dot com or follow us on twitter i thought the universe. cut . i'm sure that it was honestly i know. it's a big. degree of what.
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i was huge when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room. it was hard i wish. i even got white hair. language no not this keeps me and create a bunch maybe to interact with the site you want to know their story lines verified and reliable information for margaret. this is the d w news africa coming up on the show international consent groups over the outbreak in the democratic republic of congo doing a trip to the country the head of the un on 2 new tatars promises support all 1st words of encouragement to the communities whereas its firefighters also coming out . spreading information about spread. some regions struggle to contain that is
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east we look at the efforts of oneself to counter misinformation i'm convinced happens to seek treatment. there are muscles to disability groups in lagos nigeria one important victory this year in the fight for equal chances so what are the challenges facing people with disabilities in the city. you're welcome to the show has already killed more than 2000 people and the fear is more would die if the break in the democratic republic of congo is not contained un head up to no good ted is highlighting the crisis june a 3 day trip to the country he met with preston phillips just acadia it areas has stressed the importance of security in the fight against the disease he says people
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must be allowed to move freely and to have access to health workers on sunday the tears visited on the border treatment center you had this plea for all those affected and. i appeal to all those who are undergoing treatment and to all those who are healed you have to be out spokespersons. you have to talk to all the people you know or to all your friends all the people in your village or in your city. will be that. will be mom everyone has to be told if there is even the slightest suspicion. they have to come get checked. then this is any doubt they have to undergo the same treatment you have already had. now while the challenges communities are facing india efforts to
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contain ebola is mistrust and misinformation some local people believe ebola is a death sentence so do not know about seeking treatment others accuse health workers of spreading the virus intentionally next report the efforts of widely. to set the record straight. humane bill is about to do something that many in this town in eastern congo would consider courageous even finish. he's on his way to take a mother and her child to the hospital even though both are showing symptoms of a bowler. most would shun such contact fearing they may also contract the virus. but bill isn't afraid to. ask you so i'm not scared. i've touched many a ball of patients gone they've i am cured which means i cannot get infected again
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so while i didn't. think this is the 2nd biggest outbreak of ebola in history and authorities are struggling to contain it spread one reason is that some locals are suspicious of the doctors trying to help them even accusing them of using thermometers to infect their purpose is to maim bill is on a mission to counter such stories he travels to local communities to promote understanding and to explain that a bowler can be cured with treatment. that many locals remain skeptical. never in my life will i go to that ebola hospital friends of mine went there in good health but they never made it out alive yes. i have suffered but i'm still here i was just like you i was like you know you see when you have a fever they take you there then you're already. you see that's what i'm cured by now transport people you couldn't transport once you've been
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cured you can't get the disease again. despite some resistance bill says he's determined to keep spreading the information. it takes time for people to understand the disease i'm living proof of that. is to prevent needless death. we all want to be employed and make money to pay the bills but in most parts of africa finding a job can be such a headache especially for persons with disabilities social stigma discrimination and little or no efforts from government affecting many after a long fight by advocacy groups and i'd say i'd use its fast to discrimination law to improve job opportunities. for people living with disabilities in general. correspondence allowed you know reports from lagos nigeria on how this with
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disability have been coping so far. 100 kilograms 114 these are the kinds of weights the power left at the lego stadium oystering all of that let's have a physical disability they need to lift at least double their weight to enter a competition came clean you can only started weightlifting a few months ago but you already know that this is his sport. make your plan would be into a good fit and. i'm going out there at the moment i don't have a job but off. it of just being around just. isn't just about the sport newton is training for his 1st interstate competition if you wins he could earn a cash prize or even get a job through the state which has said it would employ top performing athletes. it's a tough city for people with disabilities for newton commuting to his training and
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his computer classes it's like running an obstacle course. most of the city infrastructure is made for wheelchair users because disability paskin from the vantage of not having to wait in line to pay for bus tickets but only the new city buses i really made to accommodate him. was not obvious about the song because that's what i want to hear this song from paul talking about other possible doctors . but it doesn't get under my feet which are very difficult sometimes with the lookouts it does sometimes well. so that. all these challenges are addressed by a new nigerian law that came into effect in january 21000 the law states that transport systems and all public buildings should be made more accessible but also said to quotas so that companies hire more individuals with disabilities you know
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doesn't think things will change circle. clee. unity is not good it's something that some there's been a very fast now for example look at some big some policies because he's not for people who deserve clue including get into the structure of the b.b. so now for them to change the old beauty to accommodate people who deserve beauty so that it can become overrun is no business of those home when he's not at the gym you can spend his time at the inclusion how he did it to work space and learning center run by the n.-g. o. project an able which trains people with disabilities and software skills and also tries to put them in touch with potential employers the society has actually been programmed to discrimination as to what they should that's why i was taking it upon ourselves that beyond given them skews persons with disabilities schemes we also actively find internship opportunities but the goal of that is to introduce persons with disabilities which are into the world of walk and also help employers see what
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persons with disabilities can do you can hope that he can find work either through weightlifting or by using his digital skills even if he has a few more hurdles to cross. we just saw him in the reports and now. joins us in the studio he is the founder of project mabel in lagos nigeria hello many thanks for your time now you blame society for discriminating on stigmatizing presence with disabilities how your project addressed that. of course the basic thinking around the sublease here on the was delicious that is the social model of disability and that is when we recognize that a society more disabling than the impairment. may be suffering and that is why i asked for just in every article we are doing everything possible to help persons with disabilities of our contact area and i saw some years of work with the i think
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that's wait that's you that platform through which questions to decide if you can overcome the priory of the community have a good point and i can give you an example quickly in a country like nigeria and many other developing countries where transportation may not be inclusive with disabilities to go to work or education to see if they can leverage technology to go to what can leverage technology to work there mostly because they were technologists go to school and. so while we wait for social inclusion to be in place certainly we can likely never reach that knowledge b.s. because behind technology the ability doesn't matter much as productively and one of the main challenges people we are engaged i.c.t. if ok sorry to cut you know one of the main challenges of course our fine men jobs of business how about your project to ensure that most of them after going to your hands get jobs. yeah the biggest promise of the development goal is prosperity and you know the biggest challenges of the not just enough to equip
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persons with disabilities. they have to be able to walk so what we do up with just anybody is to ensure that those we have trained we help them find things sheeple petunias so that's we able to have an experience of the war the war and then become the players able to also understand and experience what's best is with disability comes with that as we in our strategies to equip that was used in product to college canonically viable skills like cocaine like 3 d. animation business and then we help them find an opportunity let's support them through the process sometimes with transports buy things and walkstation which they can use hard to find the usually everything from when we didn't play and play ok now and generally as a law was passed in one day out so when shell companies hi i'm all passed with disabilities i let's talk about this realistically how quickly can this happen. it takes a while it's one thing to have
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a policy and another to for it to be implemented generally the lack of political will come be a challenge and that we do not care about it might just as one of those policies done things to make them both occur just unable africa we have launched a campaign called followed this out from disability we are using that company into 2 drives to report and track the progress made on the in 2 days we've been launching the company when the company is lazy to decide enough what you talk to the government to ensure that the writing is done would also be engaging private sector and public sector stake with us to help them know what to do sometimes we just don't know how to quit about this thing too it's just that the type of community and the society about the law and just them in practical ways on how to be implemented i would believe that we do this we defiantly as we do get it by the local computer implementation people to achieve ok when the cocoa found out for direct unable africa many thanks for your time. that's it for now from d.w.
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new software guy you can catch all austar is on our website on face book page we need you now with some images all be basketball team in windsor comedia every sunday they played a game with disabled people from a nearby recopied station sent to see you again soon good bye. to the faces of football and catch up head shots when you go. to set. the mug shots douglas kmiec amid the title challenges and the risks of going to see
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a tree. 60 minutes to go for. such a visit. africa. or link to exception stories and discussions from the use of easy now i would say d w dot com smash up to come join us on facebook. for. the for. a. further escalation in the u.s. china trade war has been followed by both governments doubling down but its consumers will likely pay the price. also on the shelf bloggers and prospect others are calling for those rain forests and indigenous villagers talk about and protect their land. this is the w.
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business imes an elder milan in berlin welcome china has once again filed a complaint with the world.


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