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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  September 3, 2019 1:45am-2:01am CEST

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and in our series 100 german must reads a young woman witnesses have mothers murder in broken glass apart. as we've been reporting here on the w. the far right tire on a t.v. for deutschland party the a.f.p. have made significant gains in the 2 local elections just held in germany this also interests and culture because the a.f.p. have been putting pressure on opera houses and theaters and the like to conform to its agenda for instance recently requesting an opera house to list the nationalities of its employees which many see as a chilling parallel with naziism so artistic people nationwide have been married. new cultural projects at risk now that the far right if they gained ground and will
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be more difficult to express criticism in the future we talk to those who are directly affected people working in the cultural scene in brandenburg and saxony 1st when rana books capital parts stuff. which pieces are we still allowed to perform the creating bodice again i experienced the same thing in east germany when we smuggled books across the border just through kafka if that starting again the freedom of thoughts would be addressed. other artists are also concerned like the ones from potsdam stay at issue. since it was censoring different interpretations again that would be a big threat to the freedom of culture. and it would limit our ability to act as societies mira and to keep an open dialogue. because they sucked in awful india look to us that's a. sin saxon he shared these worries like interest just how to look for the future is political and it will. stay that way the question is which means will use
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they will have to be certain strategies for example a complex topic like climate change can be dealt with in a traditional drama we have to find other strategies to entertain and inform people to make them think and get them to change perspective especially considering that the eye gifty is a party who doesn't believe in climate change which is democratized is what this became of hundreds must be looking at us and i. will not directly affected as a publisher simply because we get little to no funding so they can't take that away from us anywhere so we can act freely and also a bookstore can run as usual and shouldn't notice any more pressure than before but writers could see themselves confronted with other problems they depend on grants and prizes and of course i could be put under more pressure showing strong division killed off the bone feeder obert internet so many of us work internationally art in general is international that's why this is an attack on the arts the rise of the
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right wing populist is extremely dangerous for us as artist can strike seemed fairly sure. and joining me now is my colleague michael okwu who was at the elections in brandenburg indeed you were one of the people talking to those people involved in the arts so what would just tell us what the atmosphere was like of elections what crazy enough in the end i have experienced a great relief in the culture saying because everybody was expecting the worst and that is a right wing party in the government but a lot of people vote for that day and now the kucha see has to deal with that and now everyone is willing to face the dialogue and to look forward and to stand up more than ever for values like freedom and tolerance and then you told me that they become more political again. ok now why were artists working in the art scene so worried about the rise of this party there. 50 well because they already
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observed some certain tendencies if team members already discussed in public gets and bad art and whether we need that at all so this could be the end of the freedom for the artist if you might think and even if there are no attacks financing could be reduced or radically cancelled now you've been talking also to the renowned film director. house indeed. he wrote for those who might not remember him he won an oscar for the drama course once anythings what did he have to say about the election yes i met him and his house and put some bob as we all know this is a place with a long film history part some public and for him it's a very important topic and this is what he has to say. the quick
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shift to the right always question is culture one of their motto says we don't need culture because they see culture as something that belongs to an elite and we don't need that. that's for the elite and of no relevance to the people which is of course nonsense because every person every culture is a necessary part of life culture speak task to raise awareness and you don't get to people's mind with propaganda i couldn't use propaganda either you get there through emotions and feelings and by telling stories this is how we actually show this can be done after. we can do it would have to be turned into stories that shows us how it can be done with my life experience should have told me that it changes take time i'm an optimist but i'm not naive but i don't think that
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there is any kind of new nazi threat. on a go far out. so if you think my kid you think everything's over now there's no sort of. course not that everybody is now alarmed and aware and the car just seen is now on a mission and this is to defend the freedom of art ok micah thank you very much for . moving on to a small film festival that took place over the weekend in bad zollo not far from him berlin interesting it is called the without borders film festival it's a bit different to other festivals in that there's no prizes there's no real glitz and glamor this is because the films shown focus on serious issues of our times concerning human rights and human dignity. no red carpet here on the shores of lake shore much to say and our outside ballin though without
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borders film festival serves up. the cinema as an old bone cast list is a who's who of german film here you get the chance to see the films which you would like to see but you have not see opportunity to finish it i just saw a film that was really moving and the surroundings here are just beautiful surrounding this. because the audience is a super interested even in the seats in the cinema concentrated and passionate. the location may be a delay care of the film screening here anything but war migration personal and international crises dominate the screen a selection intended to challenge audiences. here are some of the highlights from this year's program the distant barking of
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dogs by danish director simon wilmont the documentary follows a young often in eastern ukraine heartened by life near the front line at the checkout. ga every year the film was presented by the charity save the children currently we have 420000000 children. growing up it was evidence and this experience is exactly what we can see in the film. the documentary voices of the city follows a cuban family and their american dream. so i. now want to get that out. he added i was here but the american dream isn't all it's cracked up to be. i think this story does it kind of individualize it's
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human eyes he says and to modernize the whole notion of migration they're not just figures they are real people with real human emotion german films were also center stage you come out it's been the presented his short film. 3 ill german iranian doctor who takes a final road trip with his son. and director noah fink shards debut system crash it tells the story of an emotionally disturbed young go who pushes the foster care system to its limits the movie is this year's german submission for the oscars. this year is without borders film festival was a cold for most solidarity within families communities in and around the globe and here beyond the cut from the biggest film festivals the feeling of community was
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palpable. nice place to have a film festival in our series $100.00 german must reads a broken glass park is a contemporary novel about what it means to be young in the 21st century and living on the edges of society that's what's happened to sasha was originally from russia but lives in germany it's partially autobiographical because lena braun ski moved to germany from russia with her parents when she was 13 but that's where the similarities and. well it's in the way of by the way the way to run away. i relisted of the band bronze key beats they're pretty hard to forget well this pransky has got to be to alina brodsky's debut novel broken glass park and. brodsky takes us to a high rise concrete ghetto at the edge of
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a city were teenagers hang out between broken beer bottles and broken liquor bottles if you live here it's already game over but 17 year old sasha isn't giving up yet she's whip smart and she's ready to take fate into her own hands. sometimes i think i'm the only one in our neighborhood with any worthwhile dreams i have to and there's no reason to be ashamed of either one i want to kill bobby and i want to write a book about my mother i already have a title the story of an idiotic red headed woman who would still be alive if only she had listened to her smart oldest daughter. instead sasha tells her own story how she saw her stepfather her mother leaving how the hell all she can think about is worth it and how despite everything that's happened to her she manages to find love and hope only in a brodsky's book if this team her own voice is breathlessly chatty and highly
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intelligent sometimes tragic sometimes hilarious broken glass park cuts through b.s. like the edge of a shattered bottle. and reports from all the 100 german must reads on our website at v.w. don't call it splash culture lots more about the elections i'm the repercussions for the all as well but not sit for some culture for now though thanks for watching and join us again soon.
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the water starts losing people sight for some. reason really dangerous. floods and droughts will climate change become the main driver of mass migration you're going to write any going to night if you want and probably most of the. climate exodus starts september 5th on g.w. . this is g.w. news here our top stories. the head of the international red cross and yemen has said an airstrike by the saudi led coalition hit a detention center killing at least 100 prisoners a saudi led coalition said it had attacked what it said was a military target.


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