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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  September 3, 2019 1:30pm-2:00pm CEST

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creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use the protect the climate boost clean energy solutions and reforestation. using interactive content to inspire people to take action. to use the series of global 3000 t.w. and online. state 3 was a hot one supposes across demigod
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a sweat on the handheld fans came out of the ice craigslist safe. place well even though it was really hot inside this the stadium. but keeping a cool head whiskey and drink breaks provided an opportunity to get ahead of the game tactics foods at the ready a quick drink positive thoughts transmitted and even a few old fashioned things off. tempos flat don't match a 3 but what else town could freiburg continue their red hot stunt by making it 3 straight wins they faced clever. and could get back home the early red bull challenge. which is this. could. pull off a shock against meant. what shall come finally school that best goal of the season against tampa that. 1st we had to munich where all eyes were on new man that he
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take his dead you meant the very is golden boy told us miller only made the bench into the fire and the fury on much history. remember this guy that's right it's almost mila t.m. 25 to his fans. world cup winner and a mainstay at byron for over 10 years almost 500 appearances for the serial bundesliga champions a living legend but things aren't so rosy train these days philippe coccinea has been signed and d.c. 10 is he could soon be known plays in miller's position and fans seem pretty excited. against mine scott you know started leaving miller on autograph duty once a guaranteed starter the 1st name on the team sheet times have changed. but
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maybe by and were wrong to replace him they got off to a nightmare start. on monday by benjamin power easily put underdogs months ahead. but perform made amends soon after a stunning volley and level. just the sort of goal thomas miller might have packed in his heyday. and miller and the buy in bench watched on as david oliver killed in a stunning free kick to give the hosts a $21.00 lead. relief and nico coverture as his new look side wrestled back no need to summon miller from the bench just yet. as the teams emerged up the hof time there was still no sign of the
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former talisman perhaps kelly that she's keeping in fresh felt like the competition in cup games how the mighty have fallen. the 2nd half only served to justify code that she's team selection by and has a good 3 new boy eve on paris's maybe they'll call him by the 40 the goal that killed all the businesses. and one that must have had dreaming of pastures new fast entrenched i guess seems to be enjoying chicago after all the melissa bavarian through and through though perhaps a move to 860 in the 3rd division. meanwhile by and made it for one. kingsley come off putting by an ounce of reaches mights began to crumble. and at last with the game already won and said so must move up.
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in paris it your job just let's go put your feet up. now to prove the doubters wrong i don't know if it's game. he still got it 5 was. a bit of competition he never hurt anyone. and then along came another fellow substitute alfonso davis to make it 6. on a platter for the canadian winger. job done a strange day for miller but 2 assists showed he's still a key man for a boy and it was to more than continue and managed also role. but maybe the real competition is in the chain jojo. might just be the next big
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thing. but for now it's time to see the title rivals. in berlin. thank you for this surely no it's yes in berlin said shock waves through the bundesliga with a surprise we know the title favorites the receive. shouldn't be letting that happen that defeat was totally stupid and unnecessary. last season's runners up began this season confidently results have been perfect to get to win the dream stocks. meanwhile one point from a possible takes a rocky take off in their 1st top flight season games against greats like don't mind just what fans had long dreamed of. but how did they manage to outfox
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a chain as well drilled and eggs but he managed to see i don't mean. they knew don't win but enjoy the lion share of possession and hope to exploit the gaps it's easier said than done. dropped midfielders dean to bolster the back 9 another find the threat posed by playmaker. and union plant as soon as either one collected the bowl own were on the a clear and effective game plan. coach was fisher had no offense if pan up his sleeve to conus carefully planned for a change to take to him and was surprised and said they did see one nil to the hosts after 22 minutes. straight off the training ground 3 aerial threat strads to defend as a way leaving space on the edge of the area. to exploit. i
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don't when take back that just 3 minutes later 3 pack i passed there. the buildings came back from my goal down to defeat cologne on much they too. could they do is to get. you so much to so i'm not saying we don't have the right attitude absolutely not we wanted to win the game like any game but maybe a little bit of hunger was missing in the key moments. you see in 500 could only what challenges his side's repeatedly came off 2nd best at times with painful consequences. they would come off 2nd best again in the 50th minutes manuella kenji couldn't get close enough to sebastian anderson the shot was only parrett as far as bullets and lucky break but when he own made their own line to walk the beach. the so if you go down to one in this stadium it's going to be tough they defended well
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and had incredibly strong support and that made life difficult for us is the issues . so what was wrong with 2 minutes. they had loads more possession but things just clicking as evidence t.-a by pass that the spanish strike who would normally carry a challenge like this. don't mince other attackers when having much luck kinds are in a clear show of desperation they started taking ambitious pot shots from a distance. it would be the hosts who would scold next and this one also came from a corner kick when failed to properly clear their lines and only own were quick to pounce a neat exchange of well placed across the coolies. that's really what. we can't just stop after we've dealt with the 1st phase this. situation can change
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in a moment and you can find yourself under pressure a 2nd time so it's vital you keep going we have to take that lesson on board and learn from it as i will so many own showed that class to keep tech hearing their way through dorman's dumbstruck defense so most was nowhere near his man as the cross came. when he owned celebrate a historic victory their 1st ever in the bundesliga and the 1st top flight goals this stadium just witnessed. and only against a top team. in the i don't think getting down about it will help anyone so we need to work on our mistakes and improve we need to do things better but we move on we keep looking ahead good fighter of us and we get that but with that old familiar feeling don't want to going to need to shake that if they really are to take by and scrounged this season say over to you that mystified for.
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freiburg got off to a flyer this season normally it seemed more used to battling for survival they already have 6 points marking at club best starts in the bundesliga. once we're thrilled you're living in the moment for them it's important for us to get the 6 points in 2 games and we couldn't wish for a better start. of course things would be even better if freiburg beat colombia would at home could send freiburg into dreamland the top of the bundesliga beat the effort was there the execution however not quite. look those seem to be on freiburg side not least because cologne striker kingsley schindler's goal was to go for a foul in the build up. after that let's go for it but it struck lucky. yes and when just
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a minute later they took the lead thanks to local law. defend a rough ale she chose with an accidental finish that would have made a strike i'm proud for the extreme of making it 3 wins out of 3 was on the cards but more makes this small club so strong. we've taken a look at what gives for such just one player really stands out 23 year old luke about schmidt he already turned heads last season bagging 9 goals scored in both the products much so far. this season he was top scorer at the under 21 european championships and a cool up to the german senior national. talk. with keen interest but he stayed at freiburg his feet planted firmly on the ground. which is likely due to this match christian strike in the head coach at freiburg for 7 years consistently molding new talent what does he make the products fast start. because we knew we'd been lucky
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in some situations but today we pulled the short straw. the short straw and looked more like white would finishing look about schmidt wasn't quite as clinical as he had been in the opening 2 matches. could it be because germany coach you akim love was watching from the stands a case of stage fright the coachman wasn't alone up top to make the ice cold finish in news pages and averages a goal every other game for freiburg was involved but just couldn't find the net. cologne without points headed into the match and it seemed to improve at the majestic powerful header level things are. pretty much 100 percent start of the season something in danger. and it got even worse for friday. skeery slaloming solo goal in the 92nd minute
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turned out to be the deciding strike. first in strikes men let a lead slip through their fingers by then the young star had already been substituted and freiburg perfect start dashed how does it feel. like i said 6 points from 3 matches is ok but at the moment this last sting is going to need a lot of power fry good lost their momentum or was this just a blip the last of cologne has certainly brought christian striking co back down to earth. but all is not lost the bundesliga continues after the international break. temperatures flared in both word but what actually happens down the pitch europa league participants the new boys against potter born on paper the wolves with clear
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favorites unfortunately for the hosts town of born were accurate in their 1st attempt but if there are so who with a fine finish to put behind 2nd half would part of all remain resilient till could the wolves find their way through a patch defense. the hosts needed to start from somewhere and they got it through a moment of croatian bringing us a goal of the weekend contender from the opposite break hello this challenge later on caused a fiery ends to a sweltering match part of one coach deafened baumgartner was at the center of it all. after 2 defeats in a row paddle board and their 1st points of frustrating afternoon for both teams and . graeme and were also hunting their 1st points against ours for going a fixture which has never ended scoreless put that record remain intact. indeed it
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was 6 minutes in it was one nil to braman thanks to a cool new year asako finished. a dream start for a team that lost their 1st 2 games but the guests responded almost immediately. rushed to finally china cross teed up ruben wagner ass this was due out combined to draw their side level after 12 minutes. but if you feel the 1st frame and goal was good. how about this glorious strike from 19 year old josh argent braman were back in the driver's seat when they received an extra boost when looked stunned i got his marching orders after just 34 minutes but the 2nd half again in a similar vein only 52 seconds after the break it was with vargas grabbing the brace. but brave and worked on a song precise volley would win the game light on finding brave in their 1st points of legacies. match day
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3 and chalco was still get to school could they break their doc. the hosts played with adventure in the attack chasing their 1st home win since january they came close following this snickers shot era. and their breakthrough came on 38 minutes with another shock mistake handing shock of the neat things finally find the back of the net and it's an open goal. has to came out fighting after the break with an exemplary counter-attack but shout fests for their heads to nail to the hosts a 2nd goal to place their lead. and actual shells the player finally got on the scoresheet in the 85th minute and was a strike it was the 1st shelter player to school this season became the club's 1st english those. kenny from everton with his 1st win this week a strike they deserved renal home win for shelter. as hatter what bush site.
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later couzin against hoffenheim was a battle between dutch coaches peter boss and alfred troika who actually played together in the ninety's fans were hoping for an exhibition of total football but would the judge masses deliver the 1st 45 fail to live up to expectations the hot weather played its part as it was hardly seems to get going. after the break because of what out to maintain their perfect start to the season and began to get at the visitors. with 19 corners to nil it was clearly because of what on top and dominating possession stats to. hoffenheim were on the defensive i'm only in the game thanks to all of about nuns who wrote. a surprisingly dull drawl was the end result between these 2 bundesliga entertainers not exactly total football but a result the oakley's hoffenheim much more than the hutchens. frankfurt went into
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this after qualifying for the rope a league group stage at midweek. with new signing bass danced on the bench the eagles were in high spirits against fortunatus a little. but half an hour in it was disallowed off he took the lead to a reuben headings. after the break the moment frank that fans had been eagerly awaiting the introduction of class dust. and in a flash just showed exactly why frankfurt had sold him back to the industry down after 3 years away. that helps the increasingly to the game to send off with 4 minutes to play on solos has the n.c.s. secured the only 3 points. a bit cruel for just sold off to fish greatly. and not so bad debbie is fit to host. did you know.
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it was 1 your. enduring if you senses are wrong i'm going to saying no. we're not going to go. there's a football. player to. have qualified for the europa league the hungry for even facing international opposition like roma isn't enough any more this team wants to be a truth. this is the man charged with making it happen. to receive. full points for the 1st 2 games was the start of the lights in town he faces every
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test luxation is a hometown. didn't even exist in the plate in the mind that. from him he evidently. maku the says he wants to develop the football system with style attacking attractive aggressive fast i the 1st half hour i get slight 6 went very well they managed to test like 6 defense which was the league's best last season but is this already identifiable he was left at home. and this was a game where we didn't set the bar as high as we could we don't want to play like that specially regarding intensity over the 90 minutes on the twist and we need to work on that. union not as much because it's opposite number at night says he's fully aware of how high i got that spot is already set to him. she is still
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a weakness in class but staying one night says we're keen to exploit. which they did their 1st opportunity toughness in the tackle cleverness and speed from them not one of the pinnace league is because play is not in. the because they react well seasoned he beats on the nazis twice as coach of the red bull salzburg in the europa league. but the best laid plans mean nothing like 16 of them a is in this time the 4 betting into the 2nd half and the visitors were already 21 can then a cement himself as a top in this league a school. yeah finis of those scoring type you have to play with him now for almost 3 and a half years so it's easy to know where it wants to balls and he's a fantastic but i'm happy with us. schooling doesn't just make the holes and the
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face full wondered what was missing was a decent efforts but somehow close enough. has never lost a whole match as head coach but there's a fast for everything. there are games that are very intense with a few key moments. and we didn't take our 1st 2 or 3 chances early on would like. we stayed with it lots and built up some real pressure towards the end. which resulted in a late goal from braille. we feel like that that might sound that something in the late equaliser could be just the kind of key moments that shapes the season. and 2 minutes later and below again came close very close the chance went back and . did no time in punishing the mischance team a. then again. misty would get back clearance and was own goal. pulled
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by that's his 1st goodness he got. not those man squad seems to have the killer instinct got back to the last. one thing is clear on the rules that could be fun to watch the coach has his work cut out to secure the speak results. much a free was one to remember the book his latest newly promoted side pot of gold record is a hardcore draw against both books when young palin surprised everybody by taking precautions against big guns managed by an 61 mauling of mine sent an ominous message to the rest of the competition. but like states remain that seems to be 3 games 3 wins the only club with a perfect record so far most good live accusing and don't lend followed close
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behind. stunning victory gives them a huge boost in the table we entered a show with another look at their 1st victory enjoy and see you next week. thank. you thank you.
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thank you. thank you. thank. you. thank thank.
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this is the day of the news coming to you live from bali and bangladesh is calling it dies for drinking drugs refugee you say for them it means death the dhaka government threatens to send tens of thousands of rocking the tide was still a good motive i bend. down children to be drowned for them it's another try.


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