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all agree that. this is the news live from britain's new prime minister faces his 1st follow up for showdown. opponents are trying to stop what they call boris johnson's no deal a crucial vote on goal makers attempt to prevent disease due in parliament in a few hours if the vote goes against it mr johnson may be forced to call for a snap election also on the program she survived the holocaust and now she's been
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altered for her efforts to stop the rise of anti-semitism. waiting to be put in the gas chamber that was a situation that was in you know very difficult to describe to people nowadays who live. normal lives the w space with 94 year olds and challenged i need to ask a valid fish on the day she receives a special prize from the country but tried to can't. exactly carol lam denies offering her resignation over protests in the territories despite a leaked recording of her telling business leaders that she would step down if she caught. at least 5 times her contorting devastates of the harvest causing damage the government says is unprecedented it's now having slowly towards the united states where more than a 1000000 people have been ordered to leave their homes. i'm
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for welcome to the program. in just a few hours britain's new prime minister barak's johnson will face his 1st parliamentary showdown over breath sets some lawmakers are moving to stop the possibility of a leaving the european union without a withdrawal agreement they believe this would be disastrous for the british economy but mr johnson says he needs the possibility of no deal to strengthen his hand in negotiations with the e.u. . there were rival demonstrations outside the british parliament again on tuesday some 4 brags that and others vehemently against it. and against prime minister barak's johnson inside parliament last ditch power plays are getting underway opposition party members want to introduce legislation that would stop a no deal break said at the end of october and possibly delay it by 3 months prime
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minister johnson says he's determined to get breaks it down i would everybody to know there are circumstances in which i would ask brussels to do that we're leaving on the 31st of october and gives its johnson met with some potential rebels on tuesday in the hope of deterring them i've already been threatened with being thrown out of the tory party if they vote with the opposition and i think there's a there's a group of conservatives who feel very strongly that now is the time when we have to put the national interest ahead of any threats to us personally i want to encourage speculation is rife johnson could call for fresh elections the major opposition labor party says it's not worried their primary concern is to stop and no deal breaks it let's see what happens after this legislation is gone through this election is called i'm absolutely ready to fight it all party is ready to fight it but m.p.'s have very little time to prevent and no deal breakers it in
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just one week parliament will be suspended until mid october. well we'll hear from our london correspondent get back and mass in just a moment 1st let's go live to the debate in the british house of parliament the prime minister has been spoken there now being dressed by the father of the house is kind of who is the longest serving at and play in the house. we're going to be not aware that clear explanation of his policy is more on the child a chance and but he also said that if he gets to sway and yet she may view we then have to begin the use of negotiation we were p.m.'s and the rest of the will hold about getting trade security other arrangements in fools and does he shares do you think that this approach will look shine from any other country in the world a free trade arrangement which is how often as good as the common market which
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conservative governments have helped put together over there. it's a speaker i'm asking i'm like. put me i would say here what they vote i want what they want to sit down sit down i'm very very i want to hear what the prime minister has to say in response to the question i'm not alone so that response must be her prime minister thank you mr speaker i was a father god knows i'm and i'm a i'm a longstanding morrow. of your i don't remember back you been and you know i was i was the only member of the 2001 and take to vote for my right to repenting as a leader of the conservative party i was i thought that if i would i don't think he much thank you for the time was it but i've long been a fan of his and indeed in many ways we are going to you know you know the use of that i agree with him this is because i don't want an election i don't want to actually. i don't think he was actually just to go by the way i thought i could as
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far as i can make it on the back we don't want to make sure we want to get the deal done and the. this way the best way to speak to get a deal is to support the government in the lobby of the. 3rd. to let's say in a british house of parliament that prime minister barak johnson the responding to kenneth clocks question telephone sitting next to mr jones's princesa as promised a truce and i let's go live now to london will be joined dieter because going to big. welcome big. boris johnson haas made a statement to parliament and the last a few minutes what did he tell them. well boris johnson was obs aging m.p.'s about the summit in the air it's and he was very careful to have just very friendly language when he described his so-called you friends and
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partners but when he was talking about the breadth of negotiations his language was quite militaristic i would say he said that what the m.p.'s are trying is to get through jeremy covens surrender bill so surrendering is what things you will have to do if m.p.'s are indeed successful and are basically telling his hands and forcing him to go to the e.u. and asked for an extension he said on the no circumstances will he be willing to accept that so he is basically put portraying his own line on bricks that as the reasonable and he's also said that there were he's at a good way he was talking about meeting my call on machall and he was trying to say that there is progress in negotiations which is of course what many here in the u.k. and mine are parliamentarians doubt but boris johnson has made it clear again that
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he does not want to go to the e.u. and austria and other what he calls pointless extension it's. has been a very noisy and fractious session this is clearly a very divisive issue and we've heard that a conservative he has with it was announced in the last hour or so that a conservative m.p. switched parties how big a blow is that for the prime minister. but yes really it's not just noise inside as of commons also as you can probably see in here outside many demonstrators mostly pro e.u. demonstrators and they are of course following what's what's happening inside and i think for those who are against threats against a new dio breaks it they will welcome this new defection by by philip lee who's now joined the liberal democrats who's a true your party and he is not the fast one and it just really goes to show how many m.p.'s feel alienated by what boris johnson is doing at the moment because he
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has threatened those conservative m.p.'s who are voting against him and with what he calls the rebel alliance that they will be dissipated and they weren't be able to stand for the next election say philip please move to the lib dems is and reaction to what dr johnson is doing also it begs the question if he might have if it might backfire because he really has talent m.p.'s against him 10 m.p.'s that might have been thinking about whether they should support the government or not and with this threat that they would be diesel lect it it has been seen by many m.p.'s as as like a declaration of war and it might turn against boris johnson so now that for they believe has gone with a view of the side as it were abolished owns and has no majority in parliament today one of the big events will be this this this bill about whether trying to control the government business just talk us through what vast is and who looks
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likely to win. well m.p.'s have really tried to come together and the last days and weeks and they want to prevent britain from leaving the european union at the end of october without any deal many m.p.'s just see this as a catastrophe for the country with all the. consequences for businesses for for food supply for medical supply so many really want to prevent the government from doing that boris johnson has said that he needs this threat while he's still negotiating with the european union that he needs to leave it on the table and that he needs to be willing to go without a deal in order to well have the might in the negotiations that he needs but palm and just wants to make sure that this is not happening so they are trying m.p.'s are trying to control the order papers and they're trying to basically force the
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government d to exclude leaving without a deal at the end of october so this is what they're trying to do today and will most likely we'll know by the end of today whether they're successful it's a really fluid situation it looks like they might have the numbers just to do that and then to basically legislate against the government's. massive very noisy london for now thank you. take a look at some of the other stories making news around well the 16 people have been killed in a massive car bomb blast in the afghan capital kabul more than 100 others were wounded the taliban says it carried out the attack which came just hours after a u.s. envoy confirmed that a peace deal had been struck in principle with the taliban. somalis a former 1st lady has been arrested as part of an ongoing corruption investigation sandra torres is a 2 time presidential candidates who lost in the 2015 and 29 elections she's
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accused of campaign finance by. nations she says she's the victim of a political vendetta. authorities in spain have rescued nearly 200 migrants who were attempting to cross from north africa to spain they were picked up from boats in the straits of gibraltar on the alberta sea on monday about 18000 of arrived in spain the year that's down 40 percent from a year ago. germany has been remembering the start of world war 280 years ago when he invaded neighboring poland 94 year old janis to need to ask a valid survived the concentration camps of auschwitz and back in belsen since then she has spent years telling schoolchildren about her experiences today she received one of germany's top awards for her efforts to stop the rise of anti semitism. she is one of the last holocaust survivors alive today i need to lascaux wolfish
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was departed through our streets concentration camp in 1943 by then the nazis had already murdered her parents there. waiting to be put in the gas chambers it was a situation that what it was in no very difficult to describe to people nowadays who live more or less normal lives it was music that's a flask of office life that's happened to chalo player she was chosen to play in the r. schmidt's moments orchestra classical wolfish has now been recognized for her relentless fight against anti-semitism with the german national price the award honors those who have strengthened the bonds between germany and. enough to cut us off with me when i left germany after the catastrophe i swore to myself that i would never stand on german soil again that i would never buy things from
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germany. my children can confirm that germany was a synonym for murder and manslaughter for robbery and everything negative that you could imagine. after the war lost khobar fish and the brightest to england where she became a successful cello player it was decades before she was able to step foot on german soil again and to tell her story. for silence was literally a day for the silence the completion of a murderous walk. we should be ashamed of that even today that's the longest to thanks to people like you put it this li silence in this country could be broken. glasgow wolfish sees it as her responsibility as a survivor to warn about the current political shift to the right in many parts of
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the world like here during the holocaust comma moderation in the german parliament and i think everybody is going completely mad. you know we had 7 years 70 years of peace nobody remembers what it was like not to have peace yeah but i mean this is saying what goes around comes around i mean it is very very depressing and i think you have to be very very careful lascaux rother says she has little optimism for the future and her view what matters most now is trying to mag young people understand the danger that's in the air. calling where the territories embattled chief executive carry lambs insisted she has no intention of stepping down despite a league recording of saying that she wanted to quit after 3 months of unrest in the city despite expressing its confidence in ms lam beijing has said it will not sit idly by if the un best threatens chinese security and sovereignty hundreds of
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thousands of people joined pro-democracy rallies since june muslim told reporters she never offered her resignation over the anti-government protests. i have never i have never attended a resignation to the central people's government. i have not even contemplated to discuss a resignation with the central people's government. the choice of not resigning is my own choice. ok but if you want to understand because in a private session i. attempted to explain that as an individual given the very difficult circumstances might be it was an easy choice to leave. but i told myself repeatedly in the last 3 months that i and my team should stay on to help hong kong. a caravan now at least 5 people have been killed in the
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bahamas as hurrican dorrian inches towards the u.s. east coast the storm has weakened and slowed but it's still packing winds of more than 200 kilometers an hour dorrans along destructive path over the bahamas as left a trail of devastation and ruin. they could only watch as hurricane dorian blew their home apart. from. the torrent as the coming descended this family all on heart struggled to process the devastation oh i knew me and malakai their lives like thousands of others here on the abaco island to pieces the prime minister said help was on the way. to start a tragedy. of. mission and focus now.
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is search. and recovery. hurricane dorian sat on the bahamas for 36 hours pummeling this island chain with winds of up to 350 kilometers per hour bringing record storm surge is this the international airport submerged by the cut of being seen. leaving streets fit for boats not cars the foreign minister arj the residents to stay indoors. want to see the citizens here. are impacted area it is not safe. for the. problem of our trees across the street is a very. strong odors. as night fell again u.s. coast guard evacuated several patients from the washed head highlands emergency
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services here working in the most extreme conditions. meanwhile these were images captured the eye of the storm as dorian threatens to unleash chaos on the united states next. as the central african republic virus has already killed more than 2000 people and the fear. is that more will die if the outbreak can't be contained among the challenges of fighting the disease our mistrust and misinformation some people believe that in about a diagnosis is effectively a death sentence and therefore don't seek treatment others accuse health workers of spreading the virus intentionally the next report looks at the efforts of woman bonus of 5 to set the record straight. humane bill is about to do something that many in this town in eastern congo would consider courageous even foolish. he's on his way to take a mother and her child to the hospital even though both are showing symptoms of
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a bowler. most would shun such contact fearing they may also contract the virus. but bill isn't afraid to. jump up. so i'm not scared. i've touched many a ball of patients gone they've i'm cured which means i cannot get infected again said malar the news. this is the 2nd biggest outbreak of ebola in history and authorities are struggling to contain it spread one reason is that some locals are suspicious of the doctors trying to help them even accusing them of using them on my trip to infect them this is jim main bill is on a mission to counter such stories he travels to local communities to promote understanding and to explain that ebola can be cured with treatment but many locals remain skeptical. never in my life will i go to the hospital i want friends of mine
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went there in good health but they never made it out alive yes. i have suffered but i'm still here i was just like you i was like you know. when you have a fever they take you there then you're already. you see good that's what i'm cured but i now transport people you couldn't transport once you've been cured you can't get the disease again. despite some resistance bill says he's determined to keep spreading the information. making. it takes time for people to understand the disease i'm living proof of that. and main hope now is to prevent more needless deaths. sport now starting with football and into milan striker romelu lukaku has called on football authorities to do more to combat racism was speaking after being subjected to racist a chance before taking
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a penalty against kalyani in sunday's italian league match on the football this of sends a message of support into my 2 well. the racist taunting of a black footballer in the sardinia capital calgary unmistakable but sadly not unfamiliar after interest scored a penalty for his side a chorus of monkey noises rang out of the of. one of the back in april moyes the keane received a similar treatment at the hands of the same spectators italian football's problem with racism is a persistent 1 am in. icons comments on this episode because i didn't hear the chants and bitching and many other situations i believe that in italy we must improve a lot and be more educated in respect for g. were who arrived in italy just under
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a month ago after his big money transfer from manchester united in a statement on instagram lukaku said it's 2019 instead of going forward we're going backwards he called for professional footballers to unite in the cause of anti-racism in an e-mail to d w the italian league syria condemned the abuse of lukaku but failed to answer whether or not they intend to take any measures against the club or issue any penalty as a result caligiuri themselves say they intend to identify and ban the fans responsible for the racist abuse directed at luke aku italian football is under pressure to show that it's taking the issue seriously have now the rugby world cup begins in japan this month the sport's popularity has grown considerably since the national team's 1st world cup appearance in 1987 and some veteran players is still using the full contact sport to keep fit after retirement
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. this full contact rugby club in japan is for athletes over the age of 40 but some of the guys out here are more than twice that age like 86 year old ray yuichi not a yama he joined the club to not only stay active but also for the close knit camaraderie. so you tackle and vassal each other. but getting together after the game is so enjoyable and fun. we talk about the match and no one gets angry about how we play into that the atmosphere is great and short there is nothing rugby for me not to ensure that there is not a yama is well aware of the risks involved of playing a high impact sport at his age as a doctor yet he remains dedicated to giving his all to the sport even after having
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a few physical setbacks i turn around since joining for a walk or club i have broken ribs many times and broke my collarbone 2 little ones . quite a few other things have happened to when i noticed i had in the regular pulse i would take medicine to adjust it so i can still play my konstanz not doing it for them to do that since if you don't think enough to marry sounds strange but i lost my wife a few years ago and now i would say i don't mind dying playing rugby. in japan around 150 club stage full contact matches for players over the age of 40 giving athletes an avenue to prolong their playing days. this is news top stories members of the british parliament are trying to push. bill
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designed to prevent the country leaving the european union last withdrawal deal prime minister barak's johnson says he will call for a snap election if parliament passes the bill some members of his own conservative party say they go back to the motion. dorian has claimed at least 5 lives as it batters the bahamas storm has now lost its engine towards the southeast coast of the u.s. . at least 16 people have been killed in a bomb blast in the afghan capital kabul the taliban says it carried out their task just hours after a u.s. envoy confirmed the deal in principle with the taliban. has denied wanting to resign to end the territories political crisis kerry lamb was responding to the leak of a voice recording of her saying that she would step down if she could. point. this is d.w. news from berlin you can always find the latest headlines at d.w.
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dot com or follow us on twitter at a w news. next up with all the bundestag the highlights from outstate 3 states of bats i'll be back at the top of it up yourself with that. odd.
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because. the basis of what. we're going. to see. now to
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intimidate. that. is a. god. of the. natural riches of precious resources. and the rewarding investment. of farmland has been called ethiopia's green glow the country has an abundant supply and leases it to international tryon's. the government is after high export revenues and the corporations profit margins. but not everyone benefits from the booming business. mix.
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