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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 3, 2019 9:00pm-9:31pm CEST

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this is g.w. news from berlin tonight britain's new prime minister facing his 1st parliamentary showdown over breaks it and suddenly the numbers are not in his favor. big book full size pool yet i'm not the. boy's johnson lost his majority in parliament today but he continues to fight to keep the option of leaving the european union with the withdrawal agreement if lawmakers vote against him tonight he has threatened to call a snap election also coming up
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a new city built a specially for him to refugees on an island off bangladesh that looks better than the camps where they live now so why are the really hinge insisting they don't want to move will find out. and at least 5 people are killed as hurricane dorgan devastates the bombers the government says the damage is unprecedented on the eastern seaboard of the united states more than a 1000000 people have been ordered to leave their homes. it's good to have you with us tonight it is a showdown in london britain's new prime minister boris johnson facing a make or break parliamentary vote over breaks it and just an hour or 2 from now and this is what's happening some lawmakers are trying to block the possibility. of
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the u.k. leaving the european union without withdrawal agreement they believe that would be disastrous for the u.k. economy but johnson insists that he must have the threat of a no deal breaks it to strengthen his negotiating hand with the e.u. which also features britain leaving without an agreement. an explosive atmosphere both outside and inside parliament on the 1st day of the big showdown for these protesters the prime minister himself is the demolition chief with his threat to push through a no deal breaks it. opposition parties are determined to stop that from happening and they're joined by members of the conservative party itself such as former finance minister philip hammond it's good but. many colleagues have been incensed by some of the actions over the last week or so and i think there's a there's a group of conservatives who feel very strongly that now is the time when we have to put the national interest ahead of any threats to us personally cost one
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conservative m.p. went even further he's left the party and now sits in parliament alongside the leader of the europe friendly liberal democrats any chance now boris johnson has lost his majority the opposition appear strengthened and united it's becoming increasingly clear that this reckless government only has one plan to crash out of the e.u. without a deal johnson's response that's really what. too big to force us to pay for yet another point please. the no deal opponents want to gain control over the agenda tonight and pass a law tomorrow and above all this looms the possibility of an early election. night that could go down in history in the u.k. and watching it for us right now is our. barbie's and she joins me tonight from
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london good evening to you barbara that's going to be quite a night and let's talk about what happened today a conservative m.p. literally stood up and switched parties right in front of the prime minister today and with that boris johnson lost his majority how big of a blow is that. it was a spectacular act of course and everybody sort of silently gasped in palm and when it happens and spot they couldn't trust their eyes however it is mostly a symbolic act because this was the last man guaranteeing the nominal majority far bars johnson bought for days it has been clear that there is a real have a group of about 20 chary m.p.'s who are intending to vote him down anyway at least with regards to a hard for exit and that is defining the government would say to the majority of course johnson was on paper that as bad as however this is
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actual fight this one m.p. shows it's certain amount of contempt. amongst a tory of his it tory opponents against the prime minister who they say is not telling them the truth about the kind of pranks it and the kind of negotiation he sees holding with the european union and that is contributing to one was there's a bleed today a toxic mix inside westminster it brings us to the question tonight who's going to win this showdown the prime minister we're you know this the so-called rebel alliance. in all likelihood the rebels are getting to be in the showdown tonight because looking at the numbers all observers here say there is enough air to defeat to boris johnson to sort of vote him down now the 1st step is going to be. that take to take over and that will happen tonight is within one or 2
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hours' time the 1st step is to take over the edge gender from the government and to for help is the law that ties his hands that makes it impossible for boris johnson and his government to pursue a hard right sit without it deal with the european union that's the intention and the rebels will manage to do that however if we look further down the road we don't know who it is again and who will sit in when the situation where maneuver is parliamentary maneuver is the bending of rules and constitutional scholars dungaree i really would sort of rule the at the action of problem and now and particular the actions of force johnson writes definitely an exciting night where you are almost 4 floors in london barbara thank you. here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world italy's antiestablishment finds storm
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movement has agreed to a new governing coalition with the center left democratic party 5 star leader we did to my o. said party members overwhelmingly approved in an online poll the decision means that far right leader. will be relegated to the opposition and if the league will avoid a snap election the united states britain and france may be complicit in war crimes in yemen that's according to a new u.n. report the 3 countries are providing intelligence and logistic support to the saudi led coalition which the u.n. says is starving civilians as a war tactic the report also accuses the iran backed who the rebels of committing atrocities against civilians. reports from south africa say fine people have been killed in xenophobic attacks as urban violence extends into a 3rd day widespread looting and arson attacks have targeted foreign owned businesses across durham is pretoria police have arrested him with a 90. people so africa's president arm of those has called the violence quote
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totally unacceptable. germany's foreign minister home os says that berlin will work to end the international isolation of sudan now that the country is on the path to democracy last spoke during a visit today to the country where a government as recently been sworn in that will manage the transition from military. germany's foreign minister came to khartoum with a message to limit wants to be a reliable partner must met with representatives of the democracy movement in the capital as well as with those who have peacefully demonstrated against military rule and sudan. this is there's a lot going on right now in the society expectations are also very high for the new political leadership. and i've been asked that germany and europe contribute our bit bored by supporting this country financially as much as we can target by target
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is going through the streets sadam could use the help the country is just beginning to stabilize and a part of this year omar al bashir was overthrown after 30 years as president the military seized control but people took to the streets to protest continued to take the ship and kept up the pressure for months when the army refused to relinquish power. program ocracy leaders and the military finally agreed on an interim government to end the crisis it was sworn in in august. many young sudanese people are feeling cautiously optimistic about the future. the 1st thing i was on to feel connected to the outer world. but to feel the same as everyone else in the means of technology and the means of communication in the means of services. would be great if that i could give us the youth more opportunity to achieve what we want to feel like we are actually being seen we are not and other country another 3rd work unto
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you with with problem and it where actually being seen for who we are truly who we are the interim government under prime minister abdullah home doc is preparing for the country's 1st free elections set to take place in 2022 under the transitional agreement he is forbidden from standing in the election. well the government of bangladesh is threatening to send tens of thousands of or hinge refugees to a remote island by force despite warnings from environmentalist and rights groups now take a look these are the accommodations there on the island of bus and charm and they have been especially constructed for the refugees the government says that it will offer a new start for the range of but the low lying ireland which is in the bay of bengal you can see right there it is vulnerable to erosion and flooding and critics they've condemned the plan so how safe or unsafe is this island our correspondent
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naomi conrad was given access to the island she files this report. in the world's largest refugee camp in southern bangladesh fear is rife 2 years ago the government welcomed the influx of behavior fleeing me and mom today it just planning to send tens of thousands of them to an island in an area prone to slightly. that that's not a matter that we don't want to go to bars and char because it gets flooded and then people will die children will be drowned for them it's another trap when i lose their lives if we go they will die help us to stay here and get a packet let us i don't we lost our parents here to save our lives don't send us to pass on char just kill us here. after lengthy negotiations with the authorities d.w. was taken to pass on charge by bangladesh navy which is overseeing the construction works throughout us day we were accompanied by naval officers it took us 3 hours to
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reach us on charla naval ship the sea was choppy but relatively calm so this time of the year. what is the longest period that you think chips might not be able to reach the i didn't didn't want to really bad weather conditions leave the 2nd biggest talking morning that maybe one or 2 days or 3 days max and not want to have you know what the navy ship. nobody will be evacuated from this. that is because the navy says they have built sufficient protection against floods and to roshan including a 3 metre high embankment. inside this space 410-0000 writing is housed in clusters of identical shelters human rights organizations fear that refugees may be contained on the remote island for years. sometimes this island is described as
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a jail does that offend. yes it. the people who makes common floating island unsafe and yes bet that they don't understand their island they didn't see the island and they don't know about the need to provide to . the islands 120 cyclists in shelters can be used as hospitals primary schools and community centers to provide security there will be police posts and cameras monitoring the island we will put heart something to that they will remember it for their life and if. we help them if they come here it is paradise for burma is the no doubt about that from what we've seen conditions here do seem to be better than in cox bazaar but questions remain around what daily life might be like will there be secondary education for young people what will they do all day can the refugees in their own living and will they be able to leave the island without
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a special permit and of course what happens here when a cyclon hits. didn't exist 20 years ago islands in the bay of being called by sediments and make up an ever changing ecosystem we showed the footage we took to an expert in sea irrigation. it's. so. you know that it can be. there it. needs at least. 2 week. without an embankment but on char would be too dangerous for habitation experts t w contacted disagreed with the barrier is high enough but the government seems adamant to relocate to him get to the island. that. we don't have space
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for them. if they're not really for them. and once the decision has been taken refugees could be relocated in a matter of weeks even against their will. and with me here in the studio now is naomi conrad who filed that report good to see you naomi i mean when you when you see these pictures you think well i mean that you know the refugees get brand new living accommodations it's much better than what they have right now right. well if you only look at the settlement then show it's a lot better i'm in the huts and cox bazaar we also spent some times our you know stiflingly hot so we spent you know an hour or 2 in some of these interviews and it was really difficult but once you look at the bigger picture which is that this is a very low lying island in the cyclon prone area then suddenly the picture is quite different i mean then we have questions of is the embankment high enough experts
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disagree so i can't give you a yes or no on that one but with rising sea levels and climate change cyclons are most likely increase in frequency and intensity so there are a lot of questions that and a few you know look at the bigger picture it's less clear whether the conditions would be better used by all of this i mean it's not up for. a decision i mean the people will be moved you spoke with. the foreign minister about the relocation plans and he suggested that the rigid could be moved to the island even if the united nations objections was nobody told. what is the most extreme step you could take if the u.n. disagrees would you kick the un agencies out and why wouldn't we do. that since we will do so to be clear if they don't support your plan of by the un charter you will tell them to we have to make a decision them we'll talk to them and i mean that is straight talk coming from the
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foreign minister but he's telling you we will forcibly move these people what have been the reactions to that from the international community they've been quite muted so far in fact it was still waiting to hear back from the united nations they've declined to give us a comment so far because diplomatically this is incredibly sensitive. as we had. bangladesh would have the power to kick out all the un agency is but on the other hand they are footing the multimillion dollar bill. house the refugees to feed them to provide education so i think it's unlikely that they will actually full strength of the air but what they're doing is more subtle maybe making a living conditions in cox as on the refugees camps at the moment very difficult so they just yesterday they announced that they were forcing telecommunication providers to no longer provide internet and sim cards to refugees because the mall from the rest of the world exactly and from relatives that may still be living in
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me i must say you know there are other ways to force refugees rather than send in tanks full of the army and if the coercion doesn't work and there aren't enough volunteers i mean how would the government go about forcing the are we talking about talking about tanks moving in or soldiers moving in and forcing the people picking the people up and moving i doubt they can do that politically i don't think we'll see we'll see that happening but what is clear is that it's a very difficult very tense situation the aid agencies haven't taken a decision yet by november they do actually have to decide on whether to include this in their planning for net. you know they're under incredible pressure at the moment that's what u.n. sources told us off the record so it's a very fluid situation but i think a decision will have to be a will be taken off of the monsoon finishes which is in a couple of weeks you know very quickly you know because now we can't run the only thank you. at least 5 people have been killed in the
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bahamas as hurricane dorian inches towards the u.s. east coast and despite losing power and slowing down the storm is still packing winds of more than 200 kilometers per hour and its long destructive path over the bahamas has left a trail of devastation and route. they could only watch as hurricane dorian blew their home apart. from a compact car and as the common descended this family all on heart struggled to process the devastation oh i knew me and malakai their lives like thousands of others here on the abaco islands to pieces the prime minister said help was on the way. to start a tragedy. the focus now.
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is search. and recovery. hurricane dorian sat on the bahamas for 36 hours pummeling this island chain with winds of up to 350 kilometers per hour bringing record storm surge is this the international airport submerged by the kind of being seen. leaving streets fit for boats not cars the foreign minister arge the residents to stay indoors. want to say to the citizens here. but properly it is not safe. for down probably about 3. it is very. tall order. as night fell again u.s. coast guard evacuated several patients from the wash to thailand's emergency
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services here working in the most extreme conditions. meanwhile the images captured the eye of the storm as dorian threatens to unleash chaos on the united states next . well tonight in hong kong and the embattled chief executive kerry she is insisting that she has no intention of stepping. now and that despite a leaked recording of her saying that she would like to quit after these 3 months of unrest in the chinese territory for testers have expressed mixed feelings about the recording some suspect that it was actually leaked by the chief executives supporter. kerry was given the task of smoothing the waters 24 hours after uncandid woods made wipes out an incredibly tense and delicate moment in the region's history. i have never attended a recitation to central people's government. i have not even contemplated
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to discuss a ricin nation but the central people and. the choice of not resigning it's my own choice. under the gaze of the world's t.v. cameras the chief executives woods were clear but completely at odds with what she was recorded saying to the region's business leaders i don't want to. waste the time for us. and what went wrong. holds this. out. in the in either choice best thing is to. make it easier for the us the source of that recording is still unclear so too is
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the motivation for its release. in a private session i. attempted to explain that as an individual given the very difficult circumstances might be it was an easy choice to leave. but i told myself repeatedly in the last 3 months that i and my team should stay on to help hong kong in the recording the hong kong chief executive appeared to refer to the strain of serving to mosque has she has since received the backing of the central government in beijing but not at the protest as i think. the government really leaked the message on purpose and. i think because i think most people are standing with us. i don't think she's going to hide and i think she
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did things that. make up some stories to tell to the business sector and trying to get this water. not for the 1st time in this ongoing palace struggle and now the tense moment has come and gone but not the side has changed position. to michael no. arts and sports news now in tennis defending us open champion the only osaka has been knocked out of the grand slam tournament in the 4th round she was defeated by straight sets by switzerland's belinda bench on this was the 3rd time this year then chick has beaten osaka in the next round show face they can see a match point as she beat germany's. and in the men's singles world number 6 alexander zevon have crushed the competition the german took the 1st set against diego's fonts one but then lost the following 3. and in football 3 german
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2nd division clubs have withdrawn their complaints over the eligibility of hamburg forward. media reports last month question yutzes identity and age but on monday authorities dropped their investigation into the gambian player you're in bed both women karlsruhe recently lost to hamburg and had each appealed the result scored hamburg's 3 nil victory over and over at the weekend earning him a standing ovation. this is g.w. news and these are our top stories british prime minister boris johnson is facing a showdown in parliament has lawmakers tried to prevent the possibility of leaving the european union without a withdrawal deal johnson has threatened to call for a snap election if he loses tonight's vote. hurricane dorian has claimed at least 5 lives as it batters the bahamas the storm has now lost some strength and is inching
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its way towards the south east coast of the united states. reports from south africa say 5 people have been killed in xenophobic attacks which are continuing for a 3rd day arson and widespread looting of targeted foreign owned businesses across her hand and pretoria south africa's president ramaphosa has condemned the violence it's. the leader of italy's 5 star movement luigi dimaio says party members have overwhelmingly approved a new governing coalition with the center left democratic party the decision means that far right leader might say oh selby will be relegated to the opposition and that italy will avoid a sample election. this is g.w. news from berlin you can always find the latest headlines at the w dot com or you can follow us on twitter and d w news. and of course you can
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faces of. shock. to see. us. to examine that.
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natural riches. precious resources. and a rewarding investment. farmland has been called ethiopia's green gold. the country has an abundant supply of places it to international giants the government is after high export revenues for corporations high profit margin. but not everyone benefits from the booming business. would be rewarded when i saw the elders clearing the land i was devastated giving up without could they bulldoze the land without my permission and knew it belonged i mean a woman. explained. via mental destruction of starvation. the price for government and.
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the selling out of a country. dead donkey sphere know how you know it. starts september 18th on d w. you're. both. states free was a hot one sip.


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