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this is. tonight voting underway right now in the british parliament the prime minister and lawmakers in a showdown over who gets to control. boris johnson wants to keep the option of britain crashing out of the european union. many lawmakers however want to block
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that the voting. is taking place right now also coming up tonight at least 5 people are dead as hurricane devastates the government says the damage is unprecedented and extensive and on the eastern seaboard of the united states more than a 1000000 people have been ordered to leave their homes. and a survivor of the home. for her efforts to fight anti-semitism talks to 94 year old and needed luster of all fish the day she received a special award from the nation trying to kill her. it's good to have you with us tonight it is a showdown in westminster in london voting underway in the british parliament right now in a make or break. moment for new prime minister boris johnson and it is all about
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bret's a group of at rebel conservatives as well as opposition lawmakers have come together they've called for the vote to seize control of parliamentary business from the government if they win they will basically be able to control what happens to break that in the near term they will be able to there's they've got a bill that seeking to prevent a no deal brights and now that bill would then be voted on tomorrow boris johnson the prime minister he has threatened to seek a snap election if the vote goes against him his party has also warned that any conservative lawmakers who vote against the government that they will be expelled from the party we understand that even includes the speaker of the poem right at this moment nevertheless more than a dozen conservatives have said that they will not total line and they include some
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very big tory name we want to go to london now our correspondent barbara biggs will she is on the story for us. tonights barber all right so the voting is going on right now and the numbers you know if the numbers are right this is going to be in the battle in the war over briggs into knowing the prime minister is going to lose the battle would you agree. it looks very likely because the latest we heard was that for a certain there are 16 tory rebels that would vote down the government would vote down boris johnson's and his ideas about steering the country into a hard for exit now that would certainly be enough for a defeat because we have also launched this afternoon that boris johnson has lost his the nominal majority of palm and the last a member of parliament of last m.p.
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who had sort of guarantee that he was at least one vote up in theory as sad notice of sudden had gotten up and sort of changed sides and sat down on the opposition benches and said if made clear his content for the prime minister because he did it while he was speaking and also sort of his contempt for his threats of policies so those were very strong images and since then boris johnson is a prime minister without a majority and the likelihood that this will go against him now during this vote is very high. and if the government i mean if it loses i mean if this motion carries are we talking about then being delayed be on october 31st. in theory yes because they want to parliament
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parents are trying to do here is trying doris johnson's hands they want to force him to go to the e.u. summit on. over 17 and say sorry folks we just have to carry on trying to get to an agreement so please give me another prolongation for the practice it's date and there is talk about the end of january 2020 all right 1st johnson when asked about this today in parliament by his opponents will you stick to the law if we manage to make it tomorrow and he said in one minute yes certainly i am the prime minister and i will obey the law but then like 10 minutes later he said and in another context under no circumstances a will i go back to the european union and said if de lay the bricks a date again so which of those true sentences hold true where did he say what she
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really wants to do there is no telling and he was repeatedly sort of hues of a full lying and 50 and sort of not telling the truth by the chary revelled said during this day in parliament and also we have heard to the rumors have a let's say that 1st chances are ready thinking about a way out a way out that would mean that he would fiddle things so during the e.u. summit that she would not get the prolongation because it has to be decided on unanimous and she could sort of talk to somebody like for instance hungary's speak to oregon and say them could you please vote against it and then it would done and then the heart breaks it might come after also there are still ways out for boris johnson but it is of course a very tight situation and his credibility is not particularly high at the moment
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and we're looking at live pictures of barbara maybe if you could bring that back up full screen is just so the viewers can see that is inside parliamentary. chambers there we're waiting maybe we can show those live pictures to our viewers there we go and we're waiting for the results any moment now we're hearing that conservatives reportedly are planning to break with tradition and the campaign against the speaker john bercow in the next general election eve is this too to punish the speaker for a well we know this motion in this vote to take place. absolutely this is another instance off the payback that is taking place in tory party and it also shows that the party is absolutely tearing itself apart it is really under the end of the rule and reign of boris johnson because he already mentioned that he has
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sort of stretton to tarrie rebels was throwing kicking them out of the party was it taking away their whip was making it make it impossible for them to stand against stand again as tyreese in the next election come by and the actions against the speaker is something that i guess deeply it against tradition that is simply a was so far not done in british politics is another example that shows that everything is going helter skelter here things are being thrown over that used to be a custom for hundreds of hundreds of years so really what we see is a period of destruction in british politics the way in a in a way that we haven't seen before and we're also getting reports barbara that some labor m.p.'s say that they believe them in this and tomorrow and that they want the existing breaks it withdraw all deal to be voted upon again and that
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is now correct me if i'm wrong but it bentz the withdrawal deal that was negotiated by former prime minister to resume a the one that parliament has already rejected 3 times for. and that seems rather a difficult thing to do because as you said of course it's been voted down for 3 times already and everybody after that agreed on this particular brecht's the deal is dead as a dodo but can it be revived nobody knows however it is going to be difficult for that labor motion to go through tomorrow because among the tare rebels are some remainders there are some who want and who have won sort of a negotiated deal that is very close to the european union but there is also a larger number that says we will have sort of stand for brics it because that's what the referendum in 2016 said thought we do under no circumstances want a hard break said so there's different groups in there so to figure out
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a majority among those might be more difficult to just sort of this straight and plain motion to say let's tie a bar as john says hands against a hard break sit and let's try to push and force him into into asking for the geisha in brussels ok bruce what we've got to movement going in there now let's listen in just to see what's happening. if you're joining us now we're expecting the results of this vote. inside the british parliament. right now we just missed. the 50. 4. 6 with.
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the arms to the right $328.00. knows the best 301 thank god thank you thank you thank you thank you all the good stuff are you going to the audience to the right 328 the no use to the last 3 $101.00 so the eyes have it the ayes have it all know. it was. a post point of order the prime minister says big i think i think it was a consequence of this correction i just means that column a does on the brink of wrecking any deal that we might get was thrown out of the
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negotiations to the e.u. and that would be move to the more delay will confusion and the use themselves would be able to decide how long to keep this country in the was and scene so i would use to go on all with that power and we are going to have to make a choice as to speak i don't want to let shouldn't the public was i don't think there was one direction but if the house votes for this bill tomorrow the public will have to choose who goes to brussels along type of the 17 to suicide and take this country forward everybody in areas that have the right over the handling is the prime minister he will go to brussels i'm sure an extension he wasn't sure or your want to do w. newsom are watching their live pictures from inside the british parliament where the prime minister obviously irritated losing 328 for 301 against
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this was a motion to a cross party of wyatt's that wants to take control of the commons agenda they have just won. the right to take control which means they will bring forward a bill to morrow that could force the prime minister to delay breaks that until impedes back a new deal or vote for a no deal exit so barbara this is exactly as it appeared to be today it is a big loss for the prime minister. it is a big loss for the prime minister and the brics it anti pricks of party let's say here in our back just erupted in cheers cheers there is a few 100 people gathered in front of parliament singing and chanting all the evening long and they just sort of really express their joy about this result how
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far this will carry them this is not the question because 6 we know this is only if step on the way to sort of avoid the hard facts it but at least condiment has shown in smithville they have shown that they will be cowed by boris johnson because we remember the he ordered them into a so-called probation and next week they're going into a forest holiday period of 5 weeks and so he's trying every seeing to sort of immobilize them and to make their own position and actions impossible and they have shown that they are resisting boris johnson and his government so he's been voted down now and we're waiting for the point that she will not come out and say when he will be holding in new elections because that is the only thing he can do at this moment different kilt and interesting times in spanish politics once again that's exactly right barbara we certainly can't say that it's boring in britain tonight or
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based on the story for someone there barbara thank you and let's just recap what has just happened in the vote. just taken place in the showdown between british prime minister boyce johnson and lawmakers who want to block the possibility of a new deal with the result. johnson and his government have lost the vote 53282301. of next. things for the company. i subscribe to g.w. books your favorite writer seems to see myself as the kid sky in the strange grown up world turns. on you to. sleep. carefully. soon.


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