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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  September 3, 2019 11:15pm-11:30pm CEST

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burton. barbara thank you. what just happened the vote just taking place in the showdown between british prime minister. who want to block the possibility of a result. in his government have lost the vote by 300. to 300. of next. things for the company. i subscribe to your books your favorite writer. as new kid sky in the strange grown up world. on your. sleeve. carefully. to be.
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discovered. subscribe. to. almost every product made in china u.s. president says he's prepared to go even tougher leaving investors wondering how much worse it can get. also coming up. at washington's claims that chinese fans are no exports are to blame for thousands of deaths in the u.s. . and resilience is becoming a key word in bragg's it era u.k.
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will take you to the hard luck city of blackpool. this is the w. business i'm joined on in berlin welcome a 2nd day of mixed messages from u.s. president donald trump as the latest escalation in his trade war with china continues to weigh on global markets trump has said that the talks with beijing were going well but signaled a much tougher stance should he get reelected in 2020 potentially setting the stage for an even more protracted trade war this follows the expansion of the punitive tariff regime on chinese products over the weekend our correspondent younes court that joins us now from wall street where it's the 1st trading day since those latest round of tariffs came into effect so you do tell us what has it been like well i mean we diffidently did see some
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selling pressure here on wall street are more or less everything traded to the downside some technology shares for example as semiconductor makers are affected by the tariffs and the trade disputes between the 2 biggest economies on the planet and just if you look back to generally of 2017 when u.s. president down and took power back then on average should china saw tariffs to the u.s. in the amount of an average 3 percent now we have an average terrace of 21 percent and more tariffs are still. actually aim for the latest by mid december so certainly an escalation of the trade dispute and that did not go well down here on wall street. well i can't imagine but trump has like to point to china's weakening economy as a harbinger of victory in this trade war but some numbers out today suggest that
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the u.s. is feeling some pain too. there clearly i mean overall the united states is a country that does not depend so much on exports as china does the u.s. most the actually benefits from a strong consumer market but now we've got some readings from the industry the manufacturing index number from the industry and those data for august fell below the 50 percent mark the 1st time in about 3 years and everything below 50 percent. and. that is slowing economic growth especially in the manufacturing area here in the united states and that actually even put some more pressure on stocks. down by almost 300 points and what we see is that a lot of companies was all the trade uncertainty a lot of those companies are not investing and that actually causes the slowdown
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here in this area not exactly your dictionary definition of a victory thank you very much dan carter there on wall street for us. now a tense relations between the world's 2 biggest economies go beyond a trade war washington has also consistently blamed china for sending huge supplies of the extremely potent opioid fentanyl to the united states causing thousands of deaths beijing says that's baseless paramedics in western pennsylvania are checking they have enough medicine available during the shift for people who've overdosed on fenton ill the synthetic drug is 50 times stronger than heroin and kills thousands of americans every year. u.s. authorities have long accused of being the main source of the drug but the narcotics control commission in beijing says it's investigated chemical industrial parks and close down internet sites selling fenton online and concluded. the.
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president trump said in his tweet. from china is completely groundless and untrue. 2 weeks ago president tweeted that he's ordering logistics companies to search for and refuse all deliveries of fentanyl from china and elsewhere he also wrote the chinese president. promised this influx would stop and that it didn't what's clear is that the drug comes in containers and through the mail law enforcement officials from virginia took down a major drug ring last week they found 30 kilograms of fentanyl one official involved in the investigation said that most comes directly from china. chinese officials say they're doing everything they can to keep their promise of cracking down on illegal shipments to the u.s. they're urging u.s. president trump to deal with the trade dispute and the fence and crisis separately they also complain that searching all shipments bound for the u.s.
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is slowing down china's export operations. the british pound fell to a 3 year low on choose state briefly dropping below $1.20 but rebounding after prime minister boris johnson lost his working majority in parliament that boosted hopes a no deal for exit might be less likely adding to the new uncertainty you an economist have released a new report that says britain could lose at least $16000000000.00 per year on exports to the european union and billions more with other countries if it leaves the block without a deal. now zooming in even closer into britain it's been called the unhealthiest place in the u.k. with high rates of alcoholism and low life expectancy now the seaside town of blackpool is preparing for life after brags that by working on its resiliency and positive thinking. school can be all full you can teachers.
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and black problems well peoples of west cliff primary are very familiar with those sentiments blackwell has one of the highest levels of child poverty in britain as a result many kids like resilience they don't know how to overcome difficulties or take on challenges like joanne donnelly is teaching them the art of dealing with crises so that they come out stronger a lot they still is just normal everyday ordinary ways of coping sometimes the children don't yet know how to do it resilience research has identified a set of qualities necessary for successful living dani and her team equip kids with skills like positive thinking and developing personal responsibility new concepts for many here. it would just be a lot of mumbai. full of learn how to. do it myself and know. to do it i think it makes me happy.
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that suite getting trained by the resistance people in blackpool and another thing gays is that we're in blackpool which is a brilliant place sadly that's not a common view the seaside towns demise began in the 1970 s. when british holiday makers discovered the allure of the mediterranean since then blackpool has been in decline on till now it's time to change the town's image say those behind projects like resilience pathway made of 42 paving stones with thought provoking statements like engage mentors and be brave it's the work of head start a network of schools and local action groups together they're driving blackpool's resilience revolution. they've grown in confidence they believe they have a purpose and a voice now in the town and a sense of belonging here so that's the biggest thing but we do have some really really findings so we know that approximately 90 percent of young people who we
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support to a self harming don't need to go back through crisis care it all sounds too good to be true and yet the effects are clear take 12 year old car in for example a self-proclaimed superhero someone who tackles things head on i create my own resilience very still. that enable here 7 students and staff support comes in every blackpool is developing courage discovering a sense of hope it won't be the only answer of course but it's certainly a big step towards making life here far more worth living. to hong kong now where it is increasingly becoming important for businesses to appear neutral amid the ongoing protests fast fashion was told into the fray after rumors 4 of its stores had closed due to its employees supporting the protests. rumors zara employees were supporting the hong kong protests emerged after 4 of its 14 stores
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in the city closed the fashion chan's the. this was due to staff being unable to get to work and it took to the chinese microblogging site why bold to deny the closure was a sign of support for the strikers it rolled zara supports one country 2 systems and defends the integrity of chinese sovereignty over its territory after the post zara was trending on chinese social media some news reports said mainland chinese customers were planning to boycott the brand but on hong kong streets the reactions as ours post were somewhat muted. yeah just then a lot of company maybe due to. business news sure they need to make it clear this. which side their standing i think. there's no right and wrong i think you i think my decision to buy. softballs i think is not i should have thought for a while company to just mention tell tell. me how and. what they
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think about politics but politics and business are not separate worlds the hong kong protests have disrupted businesses and sent investors sentiment tumbling and now more and more businesses are being pulled into the fray. well you are what you wear that's it for me and the business team here in berlin for more business news and features check out d.w. dot com slash business are follow us on facebook and on twitter i'm john el-gamal out in berlin thank you so much for watching.
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all repeat resonate within its soul. the mind and the music. brain to open 1st bond 2019 from september 6th to september 29th. much passion of. this as did a 1000000 years africa coming up on the program criminal not xenophobic about how south africa's peace describes the need says looting and violence in the country will take an in-depth look at what's behind the attacks and why they keep happening also coming up. along the road to recovery in mozambique how are the country's bomb as cold.


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