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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 4, 2019 3:00am-3:16am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin the british parliament defeats force johnson seizing control of threats. to the right 328 ish. to the letter $300.00. dollars i mean the chinese have a 0 lawmakers take the 1st step towards blocking the prime minister from letting the u.k. crash out of the e.u. johnson says he'll now call an early election we'll go live to london. also coming up. as you know phobic violence sweeps across south africa several people are dead
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after rioters attacked foreign owned businesses and migrant workers. plus earth came dory and killed at least 7 people in the bahamas and the prime minister warns the number of dead will rise the storm is now approaching the u.s. eastern seaboard where millions of people have been ordered to leave their homes. i am william glue cruft welcome to the show british prime minister boris johnson says he'll seek to call snap elections after suffering a major parliamentary defeat over breakfast. lawmakers including rebels within his own party voted to move towards blocking a no deal that could delay the u.k.'s october 31st deadline to leave the european union johnson who's determined to leave by then a deal or no deal is threatening
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a snap election if parliament ultimately votes to block isn't b o plans. correspondent barbara they will joins me now from london so barbara walk us through this showdown what happens now what are the possible outcomes. now the 1st thing we saw earlier tonight was of course that boris johnson suffered a devastating defeat this was his 1st a vote in parliament and he lost it that is something that historians here's a look at in fact going to recent decades as never have before and also the next steps are not quite clear because boris johnson will now be calling elections because he said after this defeat he can't carry on like this because he doesn't have a majority in parliament anymore because he used to occasionally of this vote against the government against his person to throw out the 24 chary rebels immediately
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after the vote so he now is minus 21 parliamentarians so the only route left for him now is to call elections however on tuesday the opposition will come up and sort of push this loss through their wills tie his hands towards him against a hard core and no deal for exit that is one aspect the other aspect is the new elections when will boris johnson go to parliament was that will he do it tomorrow will he do it the day after because he needs a 2 thirds majority in parliament to sort of call the elections and as we see now and as it stands he doesn't have that so it's a conundrum wherever you look somehow it seems there is an impossibility enviros johnson looks like the big loser of the day that doesn't have to stay that way he is
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a tricky manager of political maneuvers but at the moment somehow his stars don't shine very brightly in london so it's very unclear what exactly is going to happen but both sides are facing a lot of very risky path lay out some of those risks each side face. it's risky for both of course boris johnson i said already that he lost one vote he might be losing another vote if he called early elections now because the opposition labor opposition the labor party has said we're not going to do it not before the anti you know do you practice it has come into legal force if that is the one aspect so what will you do in this position nobody knows yet it's quite clear on the other hand for the opposition the point is they will manage to push those loss through they will manage to tie boris johnson hence formally but will be obeyed this month that is also quite unclear because he made completely
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contradictory x x gave completely contradictory explanations during the course of the debates example it again this might be a win for the opposition that in the end turns out to be quite hollow which is chaos reigns in british politics as we see that nobody really knows the way forward everybody is sort of maneuvering in trying to get one over the other side and there is no telling you have to will be the ultimate winner and loser after these me all right barbara there's all thanks very much for keeping us up to date in london. here are some other stories making news around the world italy's antiestablishment 5 star movement has agreed to a new governing coalition with the center left democratic party 5 star leader louis said party members overwhelmingly approve the move in an online poll the decision means far right leader matteo salvini will be relegated to the opposition and italy
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will avoid a snap election. the united states the united kingdom and france may be complicit in war crimes in yemen according to a new u.n. report the 3 countries are providing intelligence and logistic support to the saudi led coalition which the u.n. says is starving civilians as a war tactic the report also accuses iranian backed rebels of committing atrocities against civilians. authorities in southern california have called off their search for survivors of an overnight boat fire all 33 passengers and one crew member were trapped below deck by the fire are presumed dead the bodies of 20 victims have been recovered more have been spotted inside the sunken wreckage and efforts will continue to recover those remains. in south africa and south africa at least 5 people have been killed in riots that appeared to target migrant workers and foreign owned businesses it's the latest outbreak of violence against african
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immigrants here you have this burg a part of a larger trend of hostility towards foreign workers in the country president cyril ramaphosa has condemned the attacks he said there quote completely against the ether that south africans espouse taking to the streets to vent their frustration against foreigners starting on sunday mobs of protestors turned violent looting shops and attacking immigrant shopkeepers and workers. police patrolled the city trying to restore calm. they fired rubber bullets to disperse protesters. dozens have been arrested since monday the violence has also spread to the capital pretoria and to the township of alexandra in northeastern johannesburg residents started the work of cleaning up their plundered shops and regional authorities expressed their frustration yes it is important that we strengthen put
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a security team but we can't do so without it is going to be so team to send a phobia we can't do so we thought that's the violence that we can do so we thought i would take him you know it's one to use this is a way to put the old said she's been if the. president cyril ramaphosa has also condemned the violence migrants from other african countries come to south africa searching for work authorities have not ruled out using armed force to stop the protests if the attacks on foreign workers continue. hurricane dorian is moving dangerously close to the u.s. after leaving at least 7 people dead in the bahamas hurricane force winds are lower after tearing through the islands but the storm has sped up and grown in size millions of people in florida georgia and the carolinas have been ordered to leave their homes as the storm bears down on their coastal communities meteorologist matthew joins me now from washington welcome matthew so the hurricane lingered in
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especially a long time over the bahamas is is that kind of thing unusual you know something i have not seen during my career before to see a category 5 hurricane linger that long sure we get storms strong from time to time but this storm moved at less than 2 kilometers per hour for 24 hours and in the process scour the ground with winds in excess of 250 kilometers per hour. that does sound like quite a storm so with that in mind where is this storm expected to head now what's the latest track. so the storm has since weakened a little bit down to a category 2 right now but it is still threaten to still forecast to threaten the eastern part of florida as a rise of the coast about 50 to 70 kilometers offshore so over the next 2 days it'll parallel the florida peninsula eventually making a run toward the carolinas towards georgia maybe skirting with some damaging winds close to 100 kilometers per hour coastal flooding about one meter to 2 meter storm
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surge and some very heavy rainfall close about 15 centimeters in a few spots and there's even a chance the carolinas the outer banks could see some isolated tornado activity thanks to the strong winds in the upper atmosphere associated with the hurricane after that should pass harmlessly out to sea and be pretty much a fish storm after that so you just mentioned it's been downgraded to a category 2 that might strike many people are saying it's not so much of a problem anymore could you lay out what's what are some of the dangers that this storm still poses for people on the atlantic coast so one thing we have to remember when a hurricane starts to weaken so to speak is that it's not really weakening per se in terms of the size of the storm in fact when hurricanes what are called spin down even though their core of strong winds isn't quite as strong the core actually expands so now we're seeing this wind field broad anough to compass the coast whereas before it wouldn't do that so more areas along the immediate coastline in the united states are at risk for that wind and the wind isn't even all that bad when you compare to the coastal flooding there are
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a lot of areas in florida and the carolinas this it only perhaps half a meter to a meter above sea level and when you're talking a one to 2 meter storm surge that could put some coastal areas under water during the high tides in the next few days and this hurricane has been said have been one of the most powerful on record what does it tell us about this year's atlanta current season. so right now it's actually been off to a slow start prior to dory and we're only in the d.'s in terms of the names which are alphabetical and normally we pretty much stores like f g h right now so it was a slow start that said we're moving towards a climatological peak of hurricane season when the waters of the warmest the hurricanes are really getting going and i think the stronger storms could be a trend alluding to a future more peppered with the severe storms thanks to climate change. in washington d.c. thank you very much for your insights thank you. and
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then football 3 german 2nd division clubs have withdrawn their complaints over the eligibility of humber go forward by. media reports last month question his identity and age but on monday authorities dropped their investigation into the player. recently lost and each appealed the result. 3 male victory over how over on the weekend earning a standing ovation. the rugby world cup begins in japan this month and those competing have been advised to cover up their tattoos that's because in japan tattoos are seen as links to crime but some in the country hope the tournament is a chance to break the tattoo taboo. arriving in japan the world's best rugby players bring with them something that the country isn't much accustomed to their tattoos could be cause for cost
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a nation they've long been associated with criminality in japan to be inked suggests links with their crime syndicates polynesians tattoos have a very different meaning many new zealand players wear them as tributes to them maori heritage they have some adjusting to do. it's funny. we went to a gym and we wanted to cover up so there was a few long sleeve tight sleeves going around but. i think that will just be there it'll be. for the players that are lucky enough to come over here you know we got to speak to values the japanese people have been just notice some local tattoo artists are hoping that with the world cup in town the sudden increased visibility of the art form will help change japanese attitudes. it's a positive thing rugby players with tattoos are coming to japan everyone with tattoos and. i think japanese people need to be aware of that. world
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rugby though have said they'd prefer it if players bowed to the custom and covered up and the teams have said they're happy to abide by that request if they do so when the tournament gets underway in 2 weeks' time there will be no display after all. there's a quick reminder of the top story we're following for you at this hour u.k. lawmakers have defied prime minister boris johnson by moving towards eliminating the no deal that scenario revels in johnson's conservative party have been kicked out and johnson has warned of a snap election. don't forget you can turn to w. news any time just download our free yeah from google or the apple app store that gives you the full access to the latest news from around the world and quest out of patience for breaking news. with the app you can send us photos and videos of what's happening where you are. you're watching g.w. news coming up after just a short break left over new missions from 2 world wars pose
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a growing threat off the coast of germany that's next on dr phil as always you can find the latest headlines around the clock at do you have a new dot com or follow us on twitter i did the unit see. the for. tips on happening to children in the country who are linked to news from africa and the world to your link to exceptional stories and discussions continue and we'll come to the debut suffocating program tonight from funny jimmy from one uses easy town i would say d. deputed come smash africa join us on facebook and t.w. africa.


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