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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 4, 2019 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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this is t w news coming to you live from berlin britain's prime minister suffers a major defeat as parliament seizes control of the brakes agenda lawmakers want to prevent a new tape crashing out with how to deal force jones retaliate by saying he'll call for an early election also coming up devastation in the bahamas the scale of the disaster caused by hurricane dorian begins to emerge tens of thousands of homes have been destroyed huge numbers of people are with help food. and about face
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in hong kong the territories leader is set to announce the withdrawal of the controversial bill that has sparked months of violent protests in the territory and will the move the enough to appease pro-democracy demonstrators. oh i'm terry martin good to have you with us britain's prime minister boris johnson is bracing for another showdown in parliament today after suffering a defeat over his brags strategy of last night lawmakers voted to seize control of parliament business so they can today vote on legislation to prevent u.k. from crashing out of the e.u. without a deal at the end of october johnson has responded by saying he would call a snap election. ford did. it with boris johnson's 1st parliamentary vote as british prime minister and he lost it could
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stop morris was to the right $328.00 the news to the left $301.00 to the oh yes have it the guys have it i'm not going to johnson was healed by a huge rebellion among his own conservative m.p.'s 21 of them joined the opposition to seize the bricks agenda of costing johnson he's working majority they're trying to pass a law that would delay the u.k. takes it from the e.u. and prevent annoyed deal breaks it johnson insists a deal or no deal grex it will happen on october 31st he says he has no option now but to call for an early general election i was here and i don't want to mention putting in these goods to morrow to stop negotiations and to compel i'm not the point i was delayed to brit's it potentially 3 years ago that would be the only way
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to resolve this who johnson could struggle to get a 2 thirds majority needed to approve an early poll opposition leader jeremy coburn has long called for elections but now says he wants a greater them until the end he neuer deal bill passes a general election there is no consent in this house to leave the european union without a deal i know majority for no deal in the country i on wednesday the crossed party alliance will introduce their bill to delay breaks it with october 31 just over 8 weeks away all the turmoil and political maneuvering is only stocking more confusion about how and when breaks it will happen i was well for the very latest let's cross over to our correspondent charlotte parts in london and our correspondent max hotline is standing by force in brussels let's start with you charlotte. high drama in the british parliament where does it go
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from here starting with today. well we've witnessed quite an extraordinary showdown yesterday then palm and boris johnson essentially lost that vote in parliament seized the paper he kicked out 21 members out of his conservative party so those rebels that voted against him so boris johnson in paula meant has definitely lost his majority and we're expecting that showdown to continue today in parliament we are expecting later this afternoon a vote on whether to force boris johnson's hand whether to false him to ask the european union for yet another extension this time until january 31st this is what this bill is about it has to be approved 1st of all by parliament and then also by the house of lords so this will drag on in the course of the week and if that vote is successful boris johnson has already said he is calling for an election for
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a general election he believes he has lost the leverage to negotiate with the european union to find another deal and therefore he is seeking another mandate a mandate this time around to really see his through and for the u.k. to leave the european union by october 31st so we might see a general election here in the u.k. coming up very soon but who would situation there in london a crumbling government what took these developments mean for the e.u. and its preparations for briggs. it's just said that boris johnson believes he might lose his leverage with the e.u. i think the consensus here in brussels is universally never had any leverage but believe it or not his chief brags that envoy david frost is in town to officially negotiate things like the backstop very contentious that is the insurance policy against a hard border between northern ireland which is part of the u.k.
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and the republic of ireland which is part of the european union and you remember when boris johnson said they're making good progress and a deal with the e.u. was within reach and that he had plans to replace this backstop with an alternative well you officials here in brussels say they've never seen any of those plans that these plans do not exist and that's why many here think that the real plan of the johnson administration is to have a no deal bragg's it so that's what the e.u. is preparing for right now expected to announce new measures to get the european union prepared for no deal drags it. and that was. in brussels and charlotte potts in london talking to me a little while ago now let's catch up on some of the other stories making headlines around the world today russian president vladimir putin has met indian time minister narendra modi for talks on boosting investment and trade the 2 met in the
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run up to the eastern economic forum which russia is posting in vladivostok form aims to bolster relationships sun partnerships with asian countries protesters in tunisia have rallied to demand the release of media mogul and presidential candidate now below. this forthcoming tuesday rejected an appeal to free him from jail or leave was arrested on money laundering charges and all goes to shortly after announcing his presidential candidacy he says the charges are politically motivated. and police in california have started identifying the victims of a scuba diving boat disaster all $34.00 passengers on board are believed to have been killed after a fire broke out on the dive boat while they were asleep boat's captain and 5 crew members escaped the plane's. apocalyptic devastating just a couple of the words being used to describe the situation in the bahamas as it begins
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to survey the fallout from hurricane dorian the full scale of the disaster is only just emerging large parts of the islands are flooded and thousands of homes have been completely destroyed at least 7 people are confirmed dead but authorities say that figure is expected to rise through. a bird's eye view of the ruins left behind in the bahamas. dorian is the strongest storm to hit the island since the beginning of modern weather records act the category 5 hurricane pummeled the region with winds up to 300 kilometers an hour. the red cross says the storm has destroyed more than 13000 homes several people have been killed schools more injured. why people like that i don't think my brother. might read. this in the water. the country's a cultural minister
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a film driving floodwaters in his own house. he said some areas a 7 and the hoff meters under water. so. but most residents don't live in such grand houses many have lost their homes and possibly their lives countless people less still missing. in the midsection just started tragedy in town itself and then bam. mission and focus now. is search and rescue and recovery. meanwhile the u.s. state of florida has been preparing for dorian's arrival people in vulnerable areas have been ordered to leave their homes the national guard has been deployed even if the hurricane doesn't end up hitting florida as hard as expected the state's governor has warned the storm shouldn't be underestimated we think this is
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a much better track than we were looking at 72 hours ago we just asked people to stay safe remain vigilant. but not everyone is taking things a seriously. and some a choosing to remain calm. yeah we're ready my husband years and 57. i'm ready we're having floods. he's almost a minute. again i can swim. a float. but these images might just instill some respect this is during a scene from the international space station the hurricane has a dynamic to have some 450 kilometer is a hugely unpredictable and destructive force. now to hong kong where the territory's government is expected to formally withdraw a controversial extradition bill which sparked months of anti government demonstrations according to local media reports hong kong chief executive kerry
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will meet with lawmakers later today before finally scrapping the bill into law would have allowed for residents to be extradited to mainland china protesters said a pose a threat to the territories semi-autonomous status. could come i don't know. with more on this i'm joined now by de w's william yang who's in hong kong well you what are your sources telling you is kerry really going to officially withdrawal that controversial bill yes so in fact according to several media sources over here terry lamb is currently actually having a meeting with lawmakers sunken devotees to the national people's congress and also members of the executive committee in the building right behind me and she is expected to officially lay out the plan to put through all the controversy a bill that sparked this 3 month long protest on hometown streets. know the
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withdrawal of that extradition bill is one of the key demands of the pro-democracy protesters if it is withdrawn will it ease tensions. oh it's very hard to say as we know. withdrawing the bill is only one of the 5 demands that protesters have been demanding the government to respond to it and by only. that they are going to recall the bill protesters i'm not really satisfied on popular social media platforms and telegrams protestors tough and calling the government to recognize all 5 demands otherwise there they may emphasize that there is no one of the demands that can be left out so it's very unlikely that this news can and those 3 months won't protest once and for all and what about hong kong leader curry lamb's role in all of this yesterday in audio recording immersion
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which she seemed to say she wanted to quit hours later she held a press conference insisting should stay on where does she stand. as we know hong kong's a chief executive position has always been. still up by a candidate are favored by the change so in fact she is caught in the middle right now and even velshi emphasize the she has no intention to quit but this moves to show a bash to announce that she's going to be thrilled to be able shows that she wants to stay in power to go according to beijing's well while trying to ease the path for her to continue stay in power in the end of 2 rules hong kong asked the teeth and executors william thanks for bringing us up to date is william yang there in hong kong. prosecutors in munich say they have charged german soccer star jerome boateng with aggravated assault against his ex partner
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she and the bind offender were a couple for 10 years and have 2 children together authorities according to prosecutors rather there has been a case against boa tank since autumn of 2018 and after an extensive investigation charges were officially brought in february of this year police are also looking into another incident involving boa tank and the same plaintive that happened 2 weeks ago. now a story of an extraordinary art theft a graffito by the ex by the elusive british street artist banksy has been stolen from outside the pulpit or center in paris and sees image of a masked rat it was all in the back of a sign for the museum's carpark until it disappeared that is staff at the pub 2 center say the thieves must have used a stall to cut the sign and mark work had been fitted with plexiglass after an attempt to steal it a hearing. coming up on
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our documentary film we have a look at both nature's little superheroes they're all watching the news from berlin where you have more for you at the top of the next hour and read it she will be with you that 1st. time and i'm just i'm with the brand new delusions on this book it's person it's divisive it's about topics that affect us all pollution climate change and return and. the only reason check out.


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