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to abide. by. the be. above. this is good of the news coming to you live from berlin about face hong kong's leader carried around announcing to the producer all of the controversial extradition brittle the response of violent protest would tear trade would reveal them long enough to apiece pro-democracy demonstrators. also coming up britain's prime minister borrows jobs and braces for another of those to collingwood's one day on the suffering refuse to feed to his great city plans to the rigs entrepreneur to vote on an emergency drill to remain johnson allowing the u.k.
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to crash on the deal with dr dean in 7 weeks time. devastation in the bahamas the scale of the disaster caused by hurricane dorinda gives too much of the 10s of thousands of homes have been destroyed huge numbers of people without food. hello and welcome i have on the. hong kong's government has formally been drawn a controversial extradition bill would spark months of anti-government demonstrations hong kong's chief executive carried announce a decision to scrap the bill in the last few minutes and the lord would have allowed for residence to be extradited to mainland china protests to said it posed a threat to the territories and a thomas status. a
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2 and a william young standing by in hong kong really what is the latest on hong kong media carry downs' announcement on this extradition bid which had which is what triggered this protest in the 1st place. so as we know from several local news sources carolan a started this meeting with beijing lawmakers and also other top level government officials since 4 pm and she is sick spectate to announce the plan to withdraw the bill formally in the next few hours and as we know from some local bunkum so if you switch this thing it's likely to be announced it would t.-t. announcement rather than a press conference likely what we have seeing in the last few months some and how the pro-democracy movement is reacting to these developments where the withdrawal one of the big need to an easing of tensions i so the organizers
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of several of the 1000000 people marching in hong kong and also the prominent activists joshua long have both came out and say that this announcement came too late and they also open eyes are civil human rights front also said that described this as. an of them fire which means that there is no way for them to really stop the of the protest movement completely just simply the announcement and you mentioned a jeweler shot along with him he's a prominent pro-democracy activist pretty certain that a german chancellor on the mecum today asking for head wanted to protest his expect from the gym and johnstone told him so so as we know hong kong protesters have been very good at a rally support from the international community and they have been using every chance they can to really get the attention from world leaders and democratic world
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so as until now there is expected to make her trip to china in the coming days social one used this chance to really a call out to her and ask her to raise the issue off hong kong and the situation on on. during her meeting with chinese president xi jinping and anybody from beijing on these natives developments in hong kong. we haven't really heard any official word and responses from beijing but as we can as we know beijing's all sole mission is to keep caroline in place and then keep the hong kong government and they sold out the hong kong society can still somehow remain in a stable manner oh so i assume we can expect some formal announcement or responses from beijing in the coming days. is william young in hong kong thank you very much for that update from that. turning on to another one of our top stories
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britain's finest to bars johnson is bracing for the showdown and bottom line today all the suffering the defeat always brags that strategy. no make has voted to seize control of parliament business of this that allowed them to vote on legislation today to prevent the u.k. from crashing out of the e.u. without a deal at the end of october johnson has responded by saying he scored a snap election board. with boris johnson's 1st parliamentary votes as british prime minister and he lost it all the good strong powers the far east to the right story 128 the news to the left 301 so we know you have it oh you have it oh no we're going to johnson was hit by a huge rebellion among his own conservative m.p.'s 21 of them joined the opposition to seize the bricks agenda costing johnson he's working majority they're trying to
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pass a law that would delay the u.k.'s takes it from the e.u. and prevent annoying deal breaks it johnson insists a deal or no deal grex it will happen on october the 30. 1st he says he has no option now but to call for an early general election. i do want to mention pretty please vote tomorrow to stop the go she shoots and to compel i'm not the point of this delay to brit's potentially for you that would be the only way to resolve this who johnson could struggle to get a 2 thirds majority needed to approve an early poll opposition leader jeremy coburn has long called for elections but now says he wants a great of them until the end he neuer deal bill passes the general election there is no consent in this house to leave the european union without a deal i know
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a majority for no deal in the conference on wednesday the crossed party alliance will introduced a bill to july breaks it with october 31 just weeks away all the turmoil and political maneuvering is only stoking more confusion about how and when breaks it will happen i. shall have thoughts in london and a bureau chief in brussels. starting with you in our shot of boris johnson is heading for another showdown what's expected to happen in parliament today. but it's going to be another extraordinary day here in london we are expecting a vote on the bill that would force boris johnson to seek a delay another delay to breakfast said this time until january 31st and if this bill is successful which we are expecting it will be then it will move to
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the house of law lords and will become law and that's what falls johnson's head in that case boris johnson has already said that he will seek a general election because of course we have to remember he has already. lost his majority in parliament and now he says he believes that he has lost his leverage to negotiate with the european union as well if parliament indeed felt bits him to seek a no deal so he is seeking a general election and we are expecting a vote on that as well later today of course this general election will be something that we'll be keeping a very close eye on him and london and max what's the deal the and brussels what do these dramatic and somewhat chaotic developments in london mean for the e.u. and its federations for banks it thing is you have 2 parallel strains here and read the 1st one of course is that they continue officially at
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least the negotiations with the u.k. on possible alternatives to the so-called backstop something that's been a stumbling block in the past the backstop being of course the insurance policy against a hard border between northern ireland which is part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland which is part of the european union but officially the e.u. diplomats here are telling us they're not really getting any alternative proposals from the u.k. and all those brags that negotiator brags that envoy that is here in brussels at the moment says they're making good progress on the other side brussels says really are we we are not because the u.k. really isn't making any proposals and so that's why more and more people here think that the only goal that boris johnson and his administration are pursuing at the moment is a no deal breck's it so they are preparing for that and they're going to decide new preparedness measures today on wednesday here in brussels in that direction i shant the writhings going that is an election in the u.k.
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inevitably. it very well seems like it i think the question is just how and when we're seeing a general election we've heard it before boris johnson needs a majority in parliament to actually call a general election at the moment of the labor opposition is saying they are not going to support this call for a general election tonight because they want to see this building johnson to seek a no deal they want to see that through in the house of lords once that is tossed they would be for a general election so we could see that later on this week but then the question is also on the when a general election happens boris johnson says he would hold a general election on october 15th so shortly before that big e.u. summit where the u.k. is scheduled to talk all things again with the european union parliament that is
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afraid. myatt now say that it is october 15th but then actually when parliament is in recess push that date back to november 1st election date and that would mean that the u.k. has already left the european union as mark said. europeans are convinced that he's serious about a no deal but opposition parties him parliament also very. also believing that he's very serious about this and that is something that they have very worried about that he would push that election date back in any case a general election of course would be a referendum on it once again and that is a question that has really divided the british public over the last year and that's it looks increasingly likely that the u.k. may ask for not the extension of the deadline if that happens will the. deadline. it looks like that this is really in the cards for 2 reasons even if you have a general election election you don't know who's going to be the new prime minister
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and new prime minister might need some time to figure things out here in this what many people call mess and of course then you have what's passing probably going to pass the house of commons today that would actually force bars johnson of the prime minister to ask for an extension but the question is correct of course but because the e.u. is not necessarily interested in what what is happening in the house of commons or what the house of commons even decides even if they decide you wanted extension the e.u. needs to granted otherwise we will have a drags it on the 31st of october and if you remember what happened in april back then how hard it was to get that 1st extension because that was the original date for braggs and then you know it's going to be extremely difficult especially because of the french president call who seems very much opposed to it and we can say with some sort of 2 that he would only give his approval if he really sees a realistic chance that within that extension period things in the u.k.
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actually have a chance of turning around or getting sorted out right next. to their chief and seanna thoughts in london thank you both very much for sharing at this at that. we have lots of live coverage coming for you from london as well as from brussels during the day that we now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the blood russian president vladimir putin has met indian prime minister in that interim with me for talks on boosting trade and investment the 2 met in the run up to the eastern economic forum that russia is hosting in the last hour which aims to both step on the ships with asian countries. to have valid to demand the release of media tycoon and presidential candidate now be godly this author of course on tuesday rejects in the peta freak and some shady country was arrested on money laundering charges and oldest shortly
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after announcing his presidential candidacy he said the charges from those who could be motivated. in haiti young players and supporters have done exactly bottom entry offices in a bid to impede a session with lawmakers it comes with the country facing widespread political and economic undressed chronic feeling shorter years and worse in poverty have been still king months of anti-government protests. apologies in the bahamas have begun to assess the massive devastation caused by hurricane dorian the full scale of the disaster is only just emerging large pots of the islands off flooded and thousands of homes have been completely destroyed at least 7 people are confirmed dead but authorities say the figure is set to rise. of birds eye view of the ruins left behind in the bahamas. dorian is the strongest storm to hit the island since the beginning of modern weather record looked to category 5 hurricane pummeled the
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region with winds up to 300 kilometers an hour. the red cross says the storm has destroyed more than 13000 homes and several people have been killed. schools more injured. like that i don't think my brother. might read. this is one of. the country's agricultural minister film dries in floodwaters in his own house. he said some areas a 7 and a half meters under water. so. but most residents don't live in such grand houses many have lost their homes and possibly their lives countless people less still missing. in the midst of historic tragedy. the talents of. mission and focus now. is search and rescue and recovery.
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meanwhile the u.s. state of florida has been preparing for dorian's arrival people in vulnerable areas have been ordered to leave their homes the national guard has been deployed even if the hurricane doesn't end up hitting florida as hard as expected the state's governor has warned the storm shouldn't be underestimated we think this is a much better track than we were looking at 72 hours ago we just asked people to stay safe remain vigilant. but not everyone is taking things a seriously. and some are choosing to remain calm. yeah we're ready my house been years and 57. am ready we're having floods. is all my stuff my new stuff. again i can swim. a float.
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but these images might just instill some respect this is dorian as seen from the international space station the hurricane has a diameter of some 450 kilometers a hugely unpredictable and destructive force. in south africa at least 5 people have been killed in dried stock getting migrant workers and foreign owned businesses is the latest outbreak of violence against immigrants in johannesburg and thought of the timothy towards a foreign country presidency that has condemned the attacks. taking to the streets to vent their frustration against foreigners starting on sunday mobs of protesters turned violent looting shops and attacking immigrant shopkeepers and workers. police patrolled the city trying to restore calm. they fired rubber bullets to disperse protesters. dozens have been arrested since
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monday. the violence has also spread to the capital pretoria and to the township of alexandra and northeastern johannesburg residents started the work of cleaning up their plundered shops and regional authorities expressed their frustration yes it is important that we strengthen border security there but we can't do so without its own he's 14 kids and a phobia we can't do so without that said i hope the violence and we can do so without allowing that came in those who want to use this in 2 weeks for their own sense it's been a feat the president cyril ramaphosa has also condemned the violence migrants from other african countries come to south africa searching for work authorities have not ruled out using armed force to stop the protests if the attacks on foreign workers continue for. a short while ago. spoke to us from johannesburg here's what he had to say about the situation. at the moment things
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are calm people are just doing their business their daily business they're going to wake up soon a number of children going to school but the situation might change because the protest does have threatened to go to your house big city center and looting there because they are claiming that foreigners killed 2 of their people last night so they of say did this afternoon they will be in johannesburg looting there to punish the foreigners for what they are saying what they have done but currently the situation is calm other places are also calm is where the waters are saying they have made it plain that foreigners are taking their jobs they are saying they are an employee but most of these foreigners. enjoying employment there also saying most of the foreign as are picking drugs right across the city and across this province of how thing so they are playing you blaming them or for that and they are saying they want them to go back to their homes they no longer want them here they
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want them to leave them in peace so this is the most of the sentiments but we had civil society organizations that are fighting for michael and saying the government officials are to blame because they have maint some anti michael and sentiments that have also fueled these attacks that we see today that's a. lot of talk to us from johannesburg and jim is fine mr heikal mohsen said blondin move work to end the international isolation of sudan none that the country's on the path to democracy mosman speaking during a visit to the country where the government has recently been sworn in the new government will manage the transition from military zone. germany's foreign minister i come to khartoum with a message limit wants to be a reliable partner. mass met with representatives of the democracy movement in the capital as well as with those who had peacefully demonstrating against military rule and sudan. there's
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a lot going on right now in the society expectations are also very high for the new political leadership. and i've been asked that germany and europe contribute our bit bored by supporting this country financially as much as we can tell it's bipartisan support for districts in sudan could use the help the country is just beginning to stabilize and a part of this year omar al bashir was overthrown after 30 years as president the military seized control but people took to the streets to protest continue to take the ship and kept up the pressure for months when the army refused to relinquish power. approaching ocracy leaders and the military finally agreed on an interim government to end the crisis that was sworn in in august. many young sudanese people are feeling cautiously optimistic about the future. the 1st thing i was done to feel connected to the outer world. but i feel the same as everyone else in the means of technology and the means of communication in the means of services. would
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be great if that i could give us the youth more opportunity to achieve what we want to feel like we are actually being seen we are not an other country another 3rd work on tree with with problems in it where actually being seen for who we are truly who we are. the interim government under prime minister abdullah is preparing for the country's 1st free elections set to take place in 2022 under the transitional agreement he is forbidden from standing in the election. prosecutors in munich african firm that they've charged german soccer star general tang with aggravated assault against his x. box she and the defender were up with the 10 years and have 2 children together according to prosecutors and they has been a case against 14 since bolton 2018 and after an extensive investigation charges were officially brought in february this year but he's also looking into another
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incident involving blotting in the same plaintive it happened 2 weeks ago. over the 2022 world cup but the design projected onto landmarks across the globe the stylized arabic white school in a figure of 8 pattern was projected on to cut cost national archives building at insect lee 2022 note the time the image was also beamed out at times square new york in london's leicester square and in a recent storm in which most cities moscow and johannesburg as well as sao paulo. a piece of defeat by the artist known as banksy has been stolen from outside the pompidou center and paris the look at the door and the back of a car park sign is the latest in a series of mysterious disappearances of what banksy. writ
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from the carpark sign that held it the stone sliver rat wearing a mask holding a knife it was not part of the museum's collection but the head of the pompidou center is worried that the work could end up in private hands. or sticky water overwhelms me a little better to see that this work which is intended for sharing has installed. the stencil 1st appeared in june last year security guards successfully stop the previous attempt to steal the graffiti but not this time. scooter corsica. it was a difficult there for them that the technical conditions and the height of the panel means they had to use tools or a grinder or something to steal it but it's something that's been very calculated very compared and i'm now wondering if there aren't specialists now in this kind of theft to sort all of this with all the will. and the specialists are thieves have been busy
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a few streets away another banksy mural is now missing from the wall it had been spray painted on. as his bank sees tribute to the victims of the terror attacks in paris 4 years ago it was on one of the fire doors of the concert hall where 90 people died. with 2 banksy auctions coming up this mom it's a series of mysterious crimes that has the police and the art world searching for clues. this is the double news these are our top stories kong's leader carry llamas formally redrawn a controversial extradition bill with weeks of antigovernment protests the law would have allowed residents to be extradited to mainland china protested said it was a threat to the tel can send me autonomy status. to speak i wish by mr boies johnson has suffered a major defeat in parliament as lawmakers seized control of his drugs and agenda is
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a full step in their attempt to boston or to stop the no deal drugs said they will now bring forward a bill seeking to prevent the u.k. leaving the without a deal on the 31st of october. hurricane dorian has left behind large scale destruction in the bahamas 7 people have been killed and scores injured with countless people still missing the full scope of the disaster is still not known the powerful storm is now moving towards the u.s. where millions of people on the southeastern coast have been forced to leave their homes. this is the doubly news stream but as always you can find the latest headlines around the clock at our website w dot com all follow us on twitter a d w news you're watching the unions still to come. ah business so a trial begins today involving one of europe's biggest financial fraud schemes to
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business investment bankers are accused of having used loopholes in the tax code to do forbid and germany of billions of euros. and what to expect from the trial. that strong business news coming up next for me on the thought she must despite the not.
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get back. to his roots back. up. love and respect. those girls too could have. children of us
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as we are also some of the. inseparable. what's a big. walk over. to the real world. i know nothing out of the gym well i just sometimes am amazed and nothing which means that you haven't think stevens or jam a culture of looking at the stereotype of clay in your sink to see for the country guy not. yet you did see me take this drama down to you it's all about ok bob i might show joins me from the project from d.w. . post. about this issue when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room. it was hard. i even got white hair. learning
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the gym language and not a lot of this gets me a little but you need to interact with something you want to do their story. or fighting for a little information for margaret. it's quite possibly the most complicated tax fraud case in german history today 2 former investment bankers go on trial for their part in the comex trading scheme that cost european taxpayers some several $1000000000.00 euros. also coming up following recent mass shootings in the united states the country's biggest retail chains wal-mart says it will stop selling hunter guns on certain kinds of ammunition. welcome to double.


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