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the boy at. this is the w.'s coming to live from berlin britain's finest of bars johns and braces for another grilling and parliament a day after suffering a huge defeat over his bread supply most lawmakers are preparing to vote on an emergency rule to prevent johnsonville allowing the u.k. to crash out of the field without a deal in 7 weeks time. to . play a. clip of
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a woman's deal i'm attached britain's prime minister abbas johnson is received for another showdown in bonum and after suffering a defeat over his brags that strategy last night johnson is about to face questions for lawmakers in the house of commons we are looking at live pictures coming from that m.p.'s have voted to seize control over his gregson agenda and they voted last night in order to prevent a new deal exit from the e.u. at the end of a pilgrim at the session is going on in parliament in looking at live pictures coming in boris johnson is also a rising new sitting in parliament as he hasn't started taking questions in the format they have question time in the british parliament and of course as soon as he starts taking questions really a go to that again meanwhile let me draw in greg sits on the sitting with me the studio alex forrest of whiting and it's we're looking at live pictures coming from the house of commons. boris johnson hasn't started taking questions yet but he
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suffered a major setback last night when he lost the 1st vote that was tabled in fundamental him how much of a setback for him do you think i think it was a huge setback for him because he lost control of parliament he lost his majority he lost 21 of his own m.p.'s because he sucked them himself because they lost the weight because they voted against him and many are saying that he has now pretty much lost control you can't write him off though there's still a lot for him to play for but today we're now hearing from him this is him starting his yeah i mean this is let's actually go straight to the last pitches at the house of commons boris johnson has started speaking let's take a listen to what he has to say this is question time in the house of commons the dangers that police officers face every day to keep us safe this is because this morning i had meetings with ministerial colleagues and others in addition to my duties in the house so i will have rather such meetings later today. mr speaker can
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i associate myself with the brave acts mentioned about the case officers here in the form of cutbacks said mr speaker the former prime minister's deal was unacceptable to this house but 10 leave with out a deal is unthinkable yet the prime minister pursues a game of brinkmanship built on the likely hurt house and future of my constituents and our country but there is still an option to resolve this once and for all and the prime minister really believes in no deal let him put it to the people i don't ask people if that is the price of a long tough guy. there a mr speaker you as the owner belated knows very well this government will take this country out of the european union all the time but the 30 days are going to be one area you know wait is the surrender bill currently being provided. the opposition can i invite her to come.
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carried by the head of the opposition to confirm when he stands out shortly but if that surrender bill is possible he will get out the people of this country to have their view oh what he is proposing to hand in that day with an election on october the 15th mr speaker ok but how far. i give you speak i. come by once in a friend when we need the european union on the 31st of all. no longer will we be subjected to e.u. rules on v 18 times already pales costing holo constituents and households around $55.00 pounds extra pay every year when you confirm that we will take back control over all we need to build and save ourselves around one off 1000000000 a year will my heating and lighting minister. i thank my model of a president. excellent suggestion if he knows we do carty by the reduced by percent
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rate on domestic fuel to power would you feel that we allowed on e.u. law but of course when we leave the european union oktober to 31st it will be open to us to change this for the benefit of the people more than. any go we. thank you mr speaker i start by paying my deepest respects to p.c. andrew harper who died in the line of duty it's a reminder about the risk that he faced and police officers faced all the time trying to protect communities our sympathies to his family to his colleagues and his friends i also misspeak i want to send our condolences to those people affected by hurricane dorian that hit the bahamas at the weekend i'm hoping and i'm sure that the government and if it will be doing all they can to make sure all help businesses is sent the necessary. yesterday it was revealed was to speak of the prime ministers the goetia aging strategy. is to run down the clock on that the
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attorney general told the prime minister his belief that the european union would drop the backstop was a complete fantasy all these reports are accurate or can the prime minister provides the detail of the proposals he's put forward to the you ok prime minister i tell you what 10 year just think of what on the go shaping strategy is and it is to get a deal by the summit on october the 17th and to take this country out of the e.u. on october 3rd tell us again it breaks it down and what his surrender bill would do he would wreck and he chose all the talks and we don't want the strategies at all to take over what. these are asking for molds of momentum activists to power was the track that. was a surprise showing the speaker what if this were good what do we want what do we
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want. when do we want teach we don't know that she's policy that she's putting can you confirm again can you confirm that he will allow the people of this country to decide on want he is giving up. with a general election on october the 15th or is he for it. to be go over this because my 1st question to the prime minister i know oncet given would i ask what proposals have been put to the european union we asked yesterday many call the exhaust on the prime minister seems utterly incapable of ansari any rational human being would assume their full none have been port and there is no answer that question. the prime minister and his cabinet colleagues of
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being saying he's making progress the use chief negotiator. the chancellor of germany the tissue of all and say no proposals of yet been made by the u.k. if the prime minister thinks he's made progress will he publish those proposals he's put forward to replace the backstop. minister has the right honorable gentleman eyes i very well you don't negotiate in public and we all make it was about 500000000 the prime minister please please forgive me interrupting there is a long way to go there are a lot of questions to be reached the questions must be heard and the responses from the prime minister must and will be heard the prime minister. mr speaker let us be absolutely clear this this government is going to get a deal by friends. we will we will get the back story by we will get it we will get
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an agreement i think this was going to be the only thing that stand the standing you know you know way is the undermining of this big a shaken by this surrender bill which would be to move to the and we delayed in march we delayed in april and now we want to that he wants to delay again for absolutely no purpose whatever what does he intend by this we are spending in this government spending a 1000000000 pounds to put 20000 more police officers on the street was. he was suspended. because i was home had 50000 a year. ok going to 35 and i will never allow that god had any you know i think here i really fail to see how i can be accused of undermining negotiations because no negotiations are taking a month of
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a vote. he's been prime minister. 6 weeks and he promised to get breaks it sorted in 6 weeks he's presented nothing to change the previous prime minister this deal which he twice voted against these negotiations that he talks about a rush hour all these doing is running down the clock at the weekend the chancellor of the duchy of lang cost a said food prices will go up under no deal will the prime minister publish. will the prime minister published a yellow have a documents so that people can see which food prices will go up and by how much would this charge for the document is it obsolete you know such thing i can tell me was how did the preparations preparations been measured thanks to his good offices and thanks to his efforts a very far advanced but i tell you the surest way of getting
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a deal is to undermine this country's ability to negotiate. with me which is what he's doing and i have to say i mr speaker that if this if this deal if this bill is passed other software i've said i don't want an election i don't think. what's true but i thought this was up there's a petition on his. there's a petition on his own labor website with 56 number labor website the 57000 people including carol nigel graham and phoebe calling for an election i do with it whether the jeremy on the list but mr speaker i know he's worried about free trade deals with america but there's only one car in a kid she can but i can see in this house was thank god. that
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a woman the people the saudi that the people decide what he's doing to this country's negotiating position. by having a general election october the 15th. here to go over well maybe the prime minister tell us what the negotiating position actually s. . and o. you since the question i asked the prime minister may have forgotten is rather lengthy parish and that the british retail consortium said and i quote that it was categorically untrue when the chance of the dutch in lancaster denied to be shortages of fresh fruit mr speaker i hope no more young female stuff is going to be frog marched out of darn straight. i think because. there was another government leak at the weekend concerning mr speaker there was another government leak at the weekend concerning disruption of our ports the
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leaked documents written by the government in the last fortnight show no deal would lead to shortages on the shelves and of medical supplies in hospitals people need to prepare so can i ask the prime minister again will he publish in full the yellow how my documents so people can see which food stuffs i'm not going to be a viable which medicines i'm not going to be supplied and what will happen to the shortages of vital supplies in every one of our hospitals all over this country. mr speaker i'm afraid that the right on the germans is guilty of the most shameless scam mongering we have made my. way. through school becoming i to you oh what's his policy record baby is yet no matter it's order otoh. it's very difficult to hear the responses from the right mr members most
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of them so there is a lone. way to go the prime minister. says the what he is recommending is yet more and more good yet more give out yet more today yet more uncertainty for business what we in this government want to do is deliver on the mandate of the people now he used to be a democrat he used to believe in upholding the referendum result can he say now whether he would vote in favor of believe or remain and can you say now whether he's in favor of a 2nd referendum or not. the prime minister failed to answer my questions about food supply but i mentioned supplies and about the problems in hospitals he refuses to publish the yellow hammer documents and he talks about scaremongering where does the information come from other than his office in his government. and he's obviously so confident so confident of the
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position he's adopted he's now proposing to spend 100000000 pounds of our money on an advertising campaign in order to try to persuade people that everything's fine he knows it's not they know it's not he is hiding the fact the government is the fuse a publish its impact assessments on how a no deal breaks it would affect poverty levels in this country they received a request from the 1st under the freedom of information act from the glasgow based poverty alliance the d.w.p. replied that the public interest would not be served by that disclosure. will the prime minister publish that analysis if he won't what has he got to high. it's big unlike unlike the or i don't remember who would squander a 1000000000 pounds a body of taxpayers' money on the state and pointlessly in the e.u.
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this government is getting all. running a sound economy so that the poorest people in our in our country are seeing increases in their wages for the 1st time in more than a decade and i'm proud to say that those on the living wage mr speaker now taking $4500.00 pounds more every year than they were in 20 can thanks to this conservative government. speaker you joan have to go very far from the portals of this house to see real destitution people begging and sleeping on the streets child poverty is up since 2010 page the poverty is up in what poverty is up and he won't give us any of the information of the assessments of increased poverty that could come from his government's proposals we are less than 60 days away from leaving the e.u. with no deal the prime minister has had 2 days in office before the summer recess
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and then plan to parag polman yesterday he lost one vote his 1st vote in parliament and he now wants to dissolve parliament he's desperate absolutely desperate to avoid scrutiny thank. god he is in office after 5 questions from me we haven't had an answer to any of them. i can see why he's desperate to avoid scrutiny he has no plans to get a new deal no plan no authority and no majority. if he has this week or order if we have to go on longer because people sitting on the treasury bench all the yelling to try to disrupt. who go on longer some people used to believe in good behavior i believe in good behavior on both sides of the
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house it offended. happen or it will take a whole lot of very simple very clear jeremy tobin thank you thank you mrs think. if the prime minister does to the country what he's done to his party in the past 24 hours i think a lot of people have a great deal to fear from his incompetence his vacillation and his refusal to publish known facts that are known to him about the effects of a no deal breaks it could have major i mean i don't see how i with a straight face or i don't have a gentleman can accuse anybody be not willing to stand up to scrutiny when he will not agree he will not agree to submit his surrender bill to the body to the people in the mansion thank you i did i miss the good he makes a contrast he makes a contrast between this government and his own proposals the contrast could not be
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the contrast cannot be good or he thinks we think that the friends of this country are to be found in paris and in berlin and in the white house and he thinks that there in the kremlin i did tehran and there. wasn't caracas and i think he's caracas and this is speaking of of we're putting we're putting 20000 police on the street we're upgrading 20 kept thinking he will put up drinks c. we are growing the economy he by contrast would put a 300000000000 pounds tax on every company in the country he wants a tax on homes and he's calling incessantly for a general strike. the shadow education secretary the shadow education secretary says that their economic policy is and i quote this to speak of by your leave shit oh bust i say i say it but i see both
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of us think of what this what this country. we want these concrete. sensible more groups progressive concerted government to take this country out of the e.u. on october the credit cards i've got is what we are going to deliver. ok you've just been listening to a live question time in the british parliament boris johnson and the opposition leader jeremy cool been trading barbs with me in the studio i have this alex forrest whiting and if that was a very valid the rule could stay testy exchange between the 2 leaders what did you make of it because jeremy kuhlmann put very strong kind of questions and pressing issues but there was a lot of supreme confidence from boris johnson lot of bluster a lot of humor and wit but no real answers no and that's what boris johnson is very
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good at and he is very good at turning a difficult question into an answer that he's amusing he has his key lines talking about this bill that the opposition and these rebel m.p.'s are trying to force through parliament today he's calling it to jeremy corbyn your surrender bill in other words you are trying to make britain surrender to the european union always using war analogies the whole time this is what he has always done this is what he's trying to do here and then talking about it is there and delay you don't want it to happen you just want to there and delay whereas i am saying whatever happens we will be out on october the 31st but you're right he didn't answer any of those key questions there are many fears about what will happen if there is a no deal breck's it talk there about the yellow how my documents will these are documents that the government themselves have produced so it's been done within white to within the civil service and they have been leaked out into the press and
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some very worrying figures in there about what would happen such as food price. it's potentially going up there being not enough medicine for patients across the u.k. and all the time the government boris johnson trying to say this is rubbish it's nonsense jeremy corbyn trying to push one not another big issue was this whole thing about are you trying to get a proper deal with with brussels with lin with paris are you trying to do this or is is it as has been claimed in other leaks a sham are you trying to run down the clock so that whatever happens britain leaves on october 31st and again boris johnson dismissing it with humor but refusing to answer in fact one of the questions jeremy a call been refused to answer was when boris johnson asked him you do you want a 2nd referendum yes and in this case jeremy corbyn doesn't have to answer because it's the prime minister's questions it's questions to the prime minister but does
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jeremy corbyn want to 2nd referendum and the answer probably is not particularly because he himself has never been particularly anti bracks it he's always sat on the fence on this probably to save his party to get votes but that is something that they will look at in the future today though he's trying to present a united off position saying that they want to get this to stop and no deal bricks it happening on the 31st so he will not even at the moment except boris johnson's offer of an election which is what boris johnson is trying to push for because he thinks that he can be jeremy corbyn job because we're not playing that game at the moment the only bill in town today is what jeremy corbin is effectively saying is to stop a note on the 31st of october and it's to be your because i want to draw on the correspondence shot of pot is in london and bureau chief mike soft money is
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in brussels welcome to both of you let me start with you charlotte. we heard a very kind of testy exchange between the 2 leaders boris johnson as well as germany cool been a give us a sense for us what is at stake today in the british parliament. exactly and rita very heated debate once again in the british parliament we've seen that quite often in the past 3 some mayors also faced tough questions especially on the topic of bricks it and now boris johnson facing those same tough questions from opposition leader jeremy corbyn we have we're going what we're going to see later on today is a vote on a bill that would prevent boris johnson from making the country leave without a deal on october 31st parliament wants to prevent and no deal in this bill would do just that they are seeking a majority yesterday they seized control of the common all others so today they're
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going to vote on that bill and most likely this bill is going to be successful it will then head to the house of lords for approval and then it would become indeed unlawful for prime minister boris johnson to seek a no deal he would have to go back to the european union to ask for an extension for 3 months until january 31st get him into you a max of the e.u. let's be watching these developments closely what is the view there when they look at these tumultuous developments of what happened yesterday and what is happening today the british parliament. the e.u. is watching these developments closely but you have to keep in mind the e.u. if you want to call it their way really has also other issues they need to deal with and you have a sense of resignation here that really no deal breck's it is becoming so increasingly likely that they are preparing more for that scenario concentrating
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more on that scenario and they have announced additional measures for example today the e.u. commission that is to be prepared for a no deal bragg's and also they reconfirm that in spite of everything that is happening in the u.k. to them they can only deal with one person and that is boris johnson because he is the current prime minister and everything else is up to the brits. right a max of one in brussels and a shot of thoughts in london thank you both very much for your initial reactions to what's happening in the house of commons in london and that we now turn to and of course waiting for a final comment as to what you make of what happen are we any closer to resolving this. issue absolutely not any closer to resolving this no jailbreaks issue this is still all to play for today even if boris johnson is defeated again today and if this bill to stop or no deal breaks on october the session 1st does get through the commons it has to go through the house of lords they could make that difficult it
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then has to go to the queen for what we call royalists and we don't know whether boris johnson will even let that happen so everything is to play for final words from you alex for us watching thank you very much for your analysis you are watching the w.'s coming to you live from berlin thank you very much for your company.
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the stood shoulder to subsist. on the love and respect. for calm it's a waste for just one drink the man in uganda going to an alternative to plastic strollers and came up with a simple natural traditional solution in strollers are long ago our sister is used to getting out for drinking in the hope those horrid m i know are crazy members business stomach flu months ago and is doing very well. in 60 minutes on a w. on. the water starts rising people say for some. told her this could be dangerous. to floods and droughts will climate
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change become the main driver of mass migration you could not write any up are going to be snide if you want and probably most of the book on. climate exodus starts september 5th on g.w. . well some of us and joy the solitude of the good old single office all those love to communicate directly with dozens of colleagues in an open plan workspace but both are falling out of fashion the future of work will look radically different we're told with collaboration spaces whole desking home office is that really the future.


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