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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  September 4, 2019 8:45pm-9:01pm CEST

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for intensely political cinema his latest effort is cutting edge theatre and children i mean in the studio to talk about it. and in the latest episode of meet the germans our intrepid reporter rachel stewart takes it all off to the grave. well his aim was to portray women in a different way and he said he felt responsible for freeing them from ideas of eternal youth and perfection. master all the cinematic image he ushered in the supermodel era and in so doing helped redefine fashion photography and beauty standards over the course of his 5 decade long career he captured everyone from kate moss to the climate activists most recently and his legacy will inspire for generations. hand not special and yet
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beautiful in the 1990 s. photos like these helped. him to see. when they cemented the reputation of the artist behind them. was one of the world's leading photographers he. persons not. have developed the technology. with which you can remove every spark of life a person may have had. that was visible in their face things that are actually positive and they can all be removed you can reduce any person. i want to resist about i believe that if you have the courage to yourself then you are beautiful. tina turner penelope cruz brad pitt and we just a few of the big names. in show business you have modeled for the bag in 2017
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a retrospective it munich's showed more than 200 have been banks most iconic goods created over decades the exhibition of insights into did bags methodology. i can't imagine taking photos without telling a story. you got a girl standing this way one time like this like that and more positions until you fall asleep. it's so boring. it's hard because you don't know what to do with it was he was. paid tellin banks unique revolutionize fashion photography he said he didn't care whether people regarded his pictures as for him they would just photos and that was enough. an artist who leaves a great void in deeds to echo his family's words and may he rest in peace. well on now to german director on fire and so far his legacy is one of wrestling with
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complex political debates both past and present and future he's best known for his prize winning documentaries on subjects ranging from near nazi violence to left wing terrorism and his latest project is both research and theater in one and a year after its premiere here in berlin let the money which future is headed abroad. that's. the good side to 1st because you know i have to stop. right there the number of the. dogs it's a fun time to mention not solve. the
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conflict. shooting. scenes there from the production of let them eat money which future which will be staged in seoul later this month thanks to the go to institute an under fire has joined me in the studio welcome and thank you for joining us hello it's a very dark vision of europe that i see there set 10 years in the future everything's coming apart at the scenes in italy has left the the union is this where you think see things going in europe given the events we have today. well it's based on as you said in the beginning on the research work we spoke with a lot of scientists and the idea was not on its show the dark sides of the development but also to look at the chances of the crisis so we will have a basic income. unconditional basic income in
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192028 that's one of the scenarios it's one of those scenarios and so it's both it's on one hand on the one hand side apocalyptic but on the other hand we grab the chances and say ok even if europe is falling apart apart we could do something what nobody would expect which could happen so curious city and certifies in the great condition of basic income of course not being the answer either which is why it is it's not the end so very heavy it's a challenge to think about it how we will need it home with how much money and can we pay for it who pays for it and. it's a dream but it could come true you know and you mentioned the genesis of this play out because it was a participative approach where you conducted all these workshops and and consulted scientists and economists and people what we're trying to achieve with with that
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process well we made a lot of people in the audience who were always say well science is very far away and art is another planet and we thought we have to bring it together because scientists have a lot of 5 years but in the process of participation the audience can change it can do belive it can develop stories and their own ideas and dreams and so be brought them together in the workshops scientists economists people who deal scientists who deal with the climate crisis for example and get it looked into the future we look 10 years later the only condition was we set up a cry. economic crisis in 2026 and said ok let's look at it who is accountable for it so what can we do today that's what was the big idea was not to delve into a dark future but the main question is what can we do today to prevent
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a future which is too dark so we can do a lot and that could be the starting point of the play and also for the debates afterwards are very known for putting these years of meticulous research into your films and for being fascinated with the past for instance one of your pet things was the red army faction chapter of germany's powerful left wing terrorist group that was active in the seventy's and eighty's you devoted 2 films to this one documentary the black box b.r.d. and the drama if not who there's. there's echoes of the r.a.f. radicalism in this new play and there's obviously a lot of here in these books to operate is the point of departure. from here has for me 2 different layers a level it could just paralyze you because. so much afraid i can't do anything but it also can push it to another layer and i think i use my own feel about the
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development when i look outside and as see ok we don't have rain so with that we are already in the middle of the climate change i use my own fear and push it into new ideas and projects not only in a close circle of arts is new york times called it and then grossing drama that skillfully avoids preaching or propagandizing congratulations on his file and let them eat eat money which future will be coming soon to seoul korea thank you very much we wish you the best that the further journey on this plane every curious about it. has a great audience and we have 1800 people who will join us hopefully in the arts and out laughing with yeah ok thank you thank you very much for joining me. and finally before we go we're going to strip things down to the bare essentials because in her and lightning series meet the germans rachel stewart has taken it upon herself to go where many an ex-pat has hesitated to go namely into
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a german sauna where perhaps unsurprisingly there are a lot of routes. it's 90 degrees celsius i'm sitting in a cramped didn't need it to wooden huts with about 40 strangers and i'll make. the 1st time a visit to the new disorder in germany i was way out of my comfort zone but soon i noticed that nobody seemed particularly interested in anybody else's naked body. in fact if anybody was staring it was me simply because i probably see more naked bodies in that 1st half an hour of the sort than i had in my entire life there were also apes and sizes on display and the full range of body it was fascinating educational. but the thing was so on it's a regular pastime for millions of germans but do you really need to be in the new to enjoy this hobby. deepest living progress while mr. coote who are. helped by listen to most obama express my good question to these oh not supposed to
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get initials for this is to. be understood. but it goes with pleasure at the. moment. so. them and i meeting on some typing. was a bit odd to read a smug are kind of i'm not sure it can feel pretty liberating to bear all but the freedom is not absolute there are strict rules that must be adhered to if you want to be accepted among the sort of me and tell. you can't make out that like the 1st girl if you know. in your skin. we're number 3 no talking. and you said. the highlight of any trip to the sword is that our lives which translates roughly as infusion this is the ultimate solar experience is about where you are right at
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the designated time and find a spot in the sauna there are usually 2 or 3 rounds to rest. in between each round you might get a chance to go outside and cool down and cool an orderly make it into the shower. to anyone who takes a dip in the ice each alpha's generally has a soul the water may leave the hot coals will be infused to some coconut in the philadelphia at some point the dishes of cookies rub salt or honey will be around the stone or will become a hive of activity as people slobber their bodies from top to toe with honey sweaty honey and alphas is met by a sort of monster they keep order in the sauna do them a full double importance how will dogs to walk the horse have every corner of the room. and on the last what session in the news it is not we are used to. but don't knock it till you've tried it. ok i will leave you with some classic images by the late peter lind bag is from his 3rd and now legendary 2700 for rally
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calendar and joy and all the best until next time. busy busy ready busy busy i'm. going. to.
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enter the conflict zone confronting the powerful my guest this week outside the capital of time paying is cho she was seeking the nomination of his fro beijing party for the coming time as china pushes with increasing urgency from reunification on the timeline east continue to project its woma and sees party come to office conflict so few women on the scene doubly so for. natural riches on precious resources. and are removed. investment. farmland that's been called ethiopia's call the
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country has an abundant supply and leases it to international commerce china's. government is after high export revenues and the corporations profit margins. but not everyone benefits from the business. exploration environmental destruction start to shut. down price government that's corporate greed. selling out of. fear no high enough. start september 18th on d w.
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this is g.w. news a live from berlin breaking news out of one in tonight another blow for britain's prime minister a parliament has passed legislation banning a no. forced johnson. fighting but lawmakers have approved a bill that also delayed is when the u.k. will leave the european union the prime minister says it will prevent him from threatening a no deal breaks it in his negotiations with the e.u.
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also coming up on kong's controversial extradition bill is no more.


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