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this is. from berlin breaking news out of one tonight another blow for britain's prime minister parliament has passed legislation banning a no. force johnson finding but lawmakers have approved a bill that also delayed is when the u.k. will leave the european union the prime minister says it will prevent him from threatening a new deal breaks it in his negotiations with the e.u. also coming up on kong's controversial extradition bill is no more in
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a televised address chief executive carrie lee said that she's withdrawing the bill because it has sparked months of violent protests in the territory but will her concession will be enough to appease the demonstrators and the scale of the disaster caused by hurricane dorian in the bahamas begins to emerge tens of thousands of homes have been destroyed huge numbers of people are now without food . it's good to have you with us we begin tonight in london with breaking news another brags that defeat for the new prime minister boris johnson lawmakers have succeeded in passing their bill aimed at stopping a no deal brights it. on october 31st the bill now goes to the upper chamber the
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house of lords johnson is seeking a snap general election on the 15th of october in the hopes of winning a majority so that he can then fulfill his promise of leaving the e.u. with or without a deal at the end of next month. just a short time ago johnson slammed the results of this vote take a listen it's a i believe it's ok to be in these negotiations a bill that demands an extension at least until next year and perhaps for many more years to come in to build the insists britain acquiesce to the demands of brussels and hands control to our partners it's a bill designed to overturn the biggest democratic fates you know he's free to trade the 60 for an. artless take this now into barber basler she joins us from london ok barbara here we are we've got
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a 2nd rebuke for the prime minister what happens now that the members of parliament have approved this bill to stop a new deal departure from the e.u. . so they have approved this deal that is supposed to tie his hands and it's been the same majority mol less than we've seen last night than we've seen at the 1st and 2nd reading so it is quite stable this alliance off tory rebels and opposition and peace and now this bill goes to the opera house to the house of lords where again there will be tactics trying to sort of peat its passage and there is talk about days and nights a filibuster in we've seen lawrence earlier this evening sort of go into the chambre was sleeping bags saying they are ready to sort of do what it takes it to get this bill passed that of course those that are more prone to european and so it
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is coming to a head but parliament has won this 1st battle by we saw for a chance in just coming out kicking and screaming saying i'm not going to sign this off i will not do this i will not go to brussels and i asked for another 4 on geisha and then of course the sentence i want elections we need to have a like since i don't want them which might be not quite true but we need like sions because i want to take the country out when i'm still prime minister on the 31st of october so this is the rather dramatic culmination off events today and barbara the prime minister now just said that. if he is prime minister on october 31st he will take the u.k. out of the european union no matter what i mean what is he saying bare is he saying that the government is not going to respect the decisions by parliament can you do
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that. marlice it's not quite clear he has insinuated that before and because he is also very angry right now and he sort of the left says emotion carry him away in a way but i mean he did have this has been incinerated before that he might simply not not obey the law that he might simply just not do it and then of course parliament and can go to court and try to force him to do it and not the battle would occur so it's quite incredible in the way that that a sitting prime minister would announce something like that like i don't care about the rule of law you know i'm going to take the country out but what he hopes of course is it decisive election win if he can push elections through in the next days and then that he would have a mandate to take the country out no deal or no deal and rather more likely no deal because he's not really working to get one yeah and he is calling for early elections now to be held on october 15th which would be you know 2 weeks or so
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before the scheduled beginning of it but he's going to need 2 thirds of parliament to say yes to that right. he needs 2 thirds of the votes now he's not going to get them of course because the opposition said we're not going to do you the favor this is an elephant trap it won't happen and we will do this in our own time that's what the labor party says the biggest opposition party and so he's not going to get those 2 thirds off the house tonight so he is heading for another defeat of course knowingly and then he needs to find different ways to do this and possibly he might come back monday and try to do it again and then there it with a different procedure and then a simple majority would be enough but it is quite unclear even experts here in london who know british constitution and rules and things i'm not quite clear about
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how all this can be brought about that boris johnson is out on the war powers against palm and so much air all right barbara visual there on the story for us in london barbara thank you let's take this story now to brussels or teri schultz is standing by they are going to need to you gerri so we know now that the parliament in london says we want an extension to the beginning of bricks but they're going to need approval from the european union how likely is it that they're going to get their. we're not really sure brant should it get to that point where an extension is requested you know you would have to get the majority of the other 27 e.u. leaders to say that they'll grants that and i would have thought that that they would be fairly open to such a suggestion because of course they would like nothing better than for bret's it to be reversed for there to be enough time that perhaps a 2nd vote could be taken that somehow this whole thing could be left behind like
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a bad dream but the finnish prime minister who is currently the president of the european union was speaking to the finnish parliament earlier today and he told them that he didn't think people were really that interested in granting him an extension looking at the chaos that's going on saying that the u.k. has not come with any new proposals on how they would get a deal to get out unprecedented more orderly way he said why would we want to extend this any further so perhaps they really won't be lining up behind a request for an extension yeah and we still don't know what if anything boards johnson would have to present to the european union today the e.u. cheap rates good or she had michel barnier he said the johnsons on boy david frost have promised and failed again to deliver any concrete proposals so i mean i'm wondering what what's the mood that in brussels with that situation. well michel bonnie says it's in a state of paralysis because the e.u.
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has said this and you and i brenda talked about this so many times we can replay it the e.u. is waiting for the u.k. to come with some kind of alternative proposals to the withdrawal agreement that was agreed last year and so far that hasn't happened in fact the british government asked for the pace of talks to pick up to start meeting twice a week instead of once a week and the e.u. said ok fire where you know we're all ears today michel barnier said you know what i didn't hear anything new from david frost nothing is moving forward coming from the british side and and having watch what's going on there right now i guess it's not surprising that any clear path forward has not emerged you know you know confusion and paralysis as you said 3 shots in brussels as always terry thank you and here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world italy's prime minister due sceptic on today has announced a new cabinet to lead a populist and center left coalition including 5 star movement leader the wee demaio as foreign minister the far right leader matteo selby has been replaced as
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interior minister by a technocrat giana no more gays security has been stepped up in south africa in nigeria after attacks on foreign owned businesses in johannesburg and reprisals carried out against south african stores in nigeria and cities with diplomatic tensions increasing nigeria has announced it's boycotting the world economic forum which is currently meeting in cape town. hong kong's chief executive kerry lamb has bowed to the demands of pro-democracy protesters and withdrawn that controversial extradition bill that sparked months of turmoil in the territory the proposal allowed for suspects to be tried in courts in mainland china courts that are run by the communist party. hello citizens for more terri had already informally declared the controversy of bill is being dead back in june on wednesday she made it formal with a televised address. first the government will formally withdraw the bill
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in order to fully allay public consensus the secretary for security will move a motion according to the rules of procedure when the legislative council response . lamb said she was fully aware of the move would not satisfy everyone and she was right pro-democracy lawmakers responded to her announcement with disbelief. carol lam a confession so-called confession has come to too late but then make. coffee and we're still in hong kong we should think so she can use some garden hose to put out. that's not going to be acceptable. and there were more fires in hong kong over the weekend the city saw heavy clashes between protesters and the authorities during the 13th consecutive week of protests. demonstrators
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blocked roads and public transport links to the international airport causing gridlock on routes to and from one of the world's busiest transport hubs. approach democracy activist and somewhat of a spokesman for many of the demonstrators said carrie lamb's announcement was simply an attempt to quell unrest against beijing's growing influence in the region which strongly aware that happens behind beijing government beijing and chinese authorities just try to stop protests by saying such. withdrawal. at that's just the strategy for beijing of 2. huge number of participants probably in the next few weeks said mainland china was particularly looking to the 1st of october china's national day a day when beijing will want to avoid a repeat of scenes like these. and my colleague gerri john joins me now here at the
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big table she's been following events in hong kong forces good to see you wondering was this do you think the decision of kerry lam to withdraw this bill or do you think she was ordered to by beijing or the. she had the blessings from beijing to do this i'm sure this is that this is and that they have been think very long time but the final approval of course it came from beijing of course they are the to make the announcement makes you look like a puppet which is what the demonstrators have claimed right exactly speaking of demonstrators the prominent pro-democracy activists joshua want he sent an open letter to the german chancellor angela merkel today asking her for help in this is what he wrote. you have 1st hand experience of the terrorise of addicts or real government we hope that you will express your concern about our catastrophic situation and that you will convey our demands to the chinese government during your stay in china. all right so he's saying you know what we're
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dealing with what does he expect from the german chancellor this is actually not the 1st time that hong kong people are trying to appeal to international leaders for help and actually in germany there have been a lot of the phone rallies organized by hong kong people and i'm sure this time long is just pushing forward push a more go to the base but then of course is expecting merkel to at least choice that. china should not do they still hong kong but. really say anything to a chinese leader that it's reaches its anything so far to do right michael not. befall that freedom of speech has to be respected in hong kong and they have been quite quiet. churchmen as always we appreciate your reporting thank you.
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well pope francis has arrived in mozambique on the 1st stop of a 62 word that will also take him to. natural disasters poverty and conflict are expected to be key themes but this papal visit mozambique itself is still recovering after being hit by psych loans 6 months ago. our correspondent adrian creech he's following the pope's visit. the people of mozambique looking very much forward to that was itself the pope but he and bear out some residents disappointed that he is not going to come here and the area around was the region most affected by cycling the die in march that killed more than 600 people and left tens of thousands homeless the pope sent a video message saying that although he can't go beyond the capital his hocks is reaching out to the whole country he is expected to address the nature of that happens but also the fragile peace process just last month the government
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scientists historic peace treaty with the former rebel group but some of their fight still refusing to hands in their weapons. there was a jew increase their reporting authorities in the bahamas are assessing the devastation caused by hurricane dorian the most powerful storm ever to hit the country large areas of the islands have been flooded and thousands of homes completely destroyed at least 7 people are confirmed dead that figure is expected to grow dorian has more strength but its dangerous winds could still hit the u.s. states of georgia as well as south and north carolina. bad things are pretty bad rescue efforts is still being carried out here on grandmama island and you know doing it note that the storm on monday again yesterday in and out of bands and right now you know what. type of storm winds force winds. now we
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still haven't heard them all settlements whole the whole eastern end of the out and . so people are right now trying to mobilize themselves otes chatzky that they can't get there people have been stuck. for days we haven't heard and stands the wee hours of the morning on monday things are pretty bad. people have nothing and i see nothing. that was on their back and they go home to nothing. the hospital went and no water. police agent or no water command center and also we need everything. the dorrian damage there in the bahamas or i want to go back now to our main story tonight breaking news british prime minister boris johnson's 2nd major defeat in his battle for lawmakers have succeeded in passing their bill which is aimed at stopping a no deal brights it and extending the date for the departure from the european
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union now it puts johnson's promise of taking britain out of the e.u. on the 31st of october in jeopardy because he says it ties his hands in negotiations with the e.u. here's how he reacted just a short while ago it is completely impossible for government to function if the house of commons refuses to cost anything that the government the phrase and in my view i did view this government there must not be the election on tuesday the 15th of october. right right right oval gentleman to respond to decide which of us jews as prime minister that crucial council. on thursday the 17th of october i think it's very sad that a piece of a kid like this but if i'm still private i do i think it's a great tear nixon of the democratic duties to speak but if i'm still prime minister off to tuesday the 15th of october then we will leave on the 31st of
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october when i have a much better deal all right joining me here at the big table now is our resident briggs and analyst alex forrest whining here we go again alex another long night in westminster so we've got a couple of things going on we've got this bill that was just passed now goes to the house of lords and now we've got the prime minister saying he wants early elections october 15th is he going to get it. well i think at the moment it looks like he will not get that because he has to get a 2 thirds majority from m.p.'s in the house of commons and although the main opposition party the labor party would like that desperately to be a general election they are very worried that if they sign up to that they're falling into a trap which is that this bill to try to stop a no deal bricks it will then fail and they won't be able to prevent a note that on the 31st of october so at the moment it looks like germany corbin
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will not play ball with boris johnson will not give him not election even though jeremy corbyn really wants an election there's been a big battle going on within the labor party over the understand this so if the house of lords vance's this bill and if it becomes law that there can be no deal yet it does have to 1st of all go to royal assent which means the queen if you have to sign it off which should happen almost automatically but we do just need to keep a check on not me but i may be a way in which the government can slow down that process given the fact that we have so little time for that bill to become law if it did become more and then there were new elections in boris johnson were to win could he change and he still has to abide by the wall the right he can change it he could amend it not is what they're worried about you have to remember that he has people behind him in downing street particularly one person who dominic cummings who has been wargaming throughout every possibility here they want to leave the e.u.
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on the 31st of october come what may that is what he's promising that is what he's staking everything on and that is what he will try to do so they will do anything to stop it being another the letters he have the authority that if it is law that a new deal brigs it can take place and he wins the election he can't change the law that he would have to get a party parliament would have to vote to change the ward to just past right what they should do but there is. this is what i concerned about this is why jeremy corbin is not going for a general election at the moment because they're worried there might be a way that means boris johnson could amend and could decide not to go to the e.u. and ask for a delay. a couple minutes ago that if he is from minister on october 31st he will take the country out of the european union no matter what is he threatening veered to disregard and an act of parliament the rule of law well
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we've heard earlier this week from within the house of commons from various ministers saying that they will always have bay the normal and that they will do what parliament says but to be honest i don't think we can. we can't really top the minutes earlier we heard from michael gove i think it was on sunday who wouldn't commit to that so i don't think you can rule anything out as totally evil one thing to point out is that ken clarke now he's the father of the house that means he's the oldest male m.p. in the house of commons he was one of the rebels last night to have the whip withdrawn from him in other words he was kicked out of the conservative party despite being in the conservative party in an m.p. for almost 50 years very strong somewhat 5 years when he entered the party and he has just stood up in the house of commons and he is said to boris johnson he is being disingenuous and he has told him to stop playing a game so there is a real civil war going on with with that party
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a real fight breaks it and we are going to see more of that tonight over whether boris johnson will get his way with the general election which looks on likely at the moment. explores mourning as always we appreciate you helping us make sense of the brics the battle for hue. arts and sports news now in tennis belinda bench against the route for the 1st grand slam semifinal of her career at the u.s. open in new york this was player defeated her good friend donna beckett of croatia in straight sets it follows her victory over defending champion naomi osaka in the previous round then checks when also means that she returns to the top 10 in the world rankings or the former germany international footballer and real madrid star christophe metzelder is being investigated on suspicion of sharing child pornography prosecutors in hamburg confirmed that investigators raided 2 locations relating to the 38 year old on tuesday midfielder is cooperating with the
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investigation we're told and he has not been detained or charged yet to form a bond is a good stock crystal from it so he's back in the public eye and that of the house prosecutor's office he's accused of sharing child pornography with a woman via whatsapp. therefore. the accusation namely the dissemination of child pornography means in this case that photographic material was allegedly shed which depicts sexual acts involving children and children being under 14 years of age the recipient of the pictures informed how the police about what she had being sent meant so that was then interrogated by investigators at the sporting academy nabe on his house and his office in the searched and electrical devices confiscated which are now being examined. in order to begin an
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investigation and prosecution needs reasonable suspicion that's the minimum they require whether or not the suspicion is validates it in the course of the investigation depends on the prosecutor's evaluation of the evidence material that's coming at the moment that's impossible to speculate on. there has been suspended from his job as a football expert for german public broadcaster pending the results of the investigation his management did not respond to requests for comment on the allegations. so this is g.w. news and these are our top stories british prime minister boris johnson has suffered another major defeat in his battle for bright said lawmakers have passed a bill aimed at stopping a no deal breaks it johnson is seeking now a snap election in the hope of winning a majority so that he can fulfill his promise of leaving the e.u. at the end of next month. south africa's a president has again condemned it deadly attacks against foreign owned businesses
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in johannesburg and pretoria at least 5 people have been killed since violence flared over the weekend nigeria has stepped up security after reprisal attacks against south african businesses in that country. hong kong's leader kerry lamb has formally withdrawn a controversial extradition bill which is. weeks of anti-government protest the wall would have allowed residents to be extradited to mainland china protesters said it was a threat to the territories similar autonomous stats from. hurricane dorian has inflicted widespread destruction in the bahamas the official death toll stands at 7 many are still missing and the full scale of the disaster is not yet clear the powerful storm is now moving towards the u.s. where millions of people have been forced to leave their home it's. well this is the w. news from berlin you can always find the latest headline news at d.w. dot com or you can follow us on twitter at d w news. conflict zone is next
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with tim sebastian i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day we're going to have the latest coverage of the battle for bird sit in the british parliament hope to see the.
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aca. enter the conflict zone confronting the powerful my guest this week outside the capital. is cho she was seeking the nomination fro beijing fasi. as china pushes with increasing urgency for reunification
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on the time when me. you can see in you it's a project it's gonna. come to a conflict so. no detail which. i'm not thinking. well i guess sometimes i am but i'm standing up in that. thinks deep into the german culture of looking at stereotypes a question that is going to see for the country that i now know the time. needed to be taken as grandma. goes it's all about. my show joins me from the. post the water starts rising people cite sources. told her it could be
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dangerous. floods and droughts climate change become the main driver of mass migration you could look right any couple going to notice you want them probably more so because. climate exodus starts september 5th on g.w. . we can make china a peaceful country you haven't said no to beijing yes but many times i'm telling you the facts why don't you list the politicians in taiwan being out campaigning in presidential primaries ahead of next year's election with the topic of relations with china very much on the agenda and i guess this week outside the capital taipei cho she way who's been seeking the nomination all hues probe aging the party the kuomintang as china pushes with the increasing see for reunification.


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