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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  September 5, 2019 12:02am-12:30am CEST

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in the battle over brakes it parliament passing legislation asking the european union to delay the start of brakes it again until next year and lawmakers putting into motion a bill that makes a new deal illegal prime minister boris johnson angry and demanding an early election for mid october but tonight it's a prime minister's wish that parliament is not willing to grant i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. this government will take this country for the european union on october 31st yes thank the last one for his 1st post in politics he now wants to dissolve potter. you know the surrender deal he's desperate syllabi desperate to avoid scrutiny what do we want to rebuild do you. think everyone teach.
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in the prime minister seems to me incapable of on serious books these surrender bill would do you would risk any chance of the talks only stewing is running down the clock does it mean to already keep that i could see this. also coming up in a french court case over maurice the rooster he's a hit with the hens but not with the neighbors they can't sleep and they blame maurice is cock a doodle doo i could beat these people who come from paris and complain about the reste i shouldn't even be an o.c. i just want to beat them up it's unacceptable this is. our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with the british parliament putting the brakes on bragg's it. also on the prime minister in
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the span of just over 24 hours lawmakers in westminster have taken control of all plans for how the country will leave the european union tonight lawmakers succeeded in the 1st round of votes that would make a no deal bragg's it illegal that bill would also make mandatory a request to the european union for yet another breaks it delay into january of next year all of this making prime minister boris johnson visibly annoyed and angry he reacted tonight by calling for an early election on october 15th a demand lawmakers were not willing to go along with at least for now. yesterday it was revealed was to speak of the prime minister's negotiating strategy is to run down the clock prime minister i tell you want to tell you to just take a want to negotiate thing strategy is and it is to get a deal by the summit on october the 17th and to take this country out of the e.u.
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on october the tell us again it breaks it down we are less than 60 days away from leaving the e.u. with no jail the prime minister has had 2 days in office before the summer recess and then plan to parag polman yesterday he lost one vote his 1st vote in parliament and he now wants to dissolve parliament he's desperate absolutely desperate to avoid scrutiny but mr speaker i know he's worried about free trade deals with america but there's only one car in a cage she couldn't but i can see in this house i'm not the prime minister yesterday. 21 employees from each other right poets and full of sin against light reckless no deal bricks are given the prime minister himself votes against the former prime minister why he's losing the whip is this no shows and demonstrate to the british public his view of life 91 rule for here but one rule
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for everyone else. i rise to support this bill but before i do say i want to make to have that i've always believed the referendum result must be honored and indeed i thank you for the withdrawal agreement on every occasion that is being presented to the highs which is more than can be said for my rival from the prime minister the leader of the highest in all the members of cabinet to several disloyalty has been such an inspiration to so many of us. are for more on what's happening in westminster i'm going to buy john worth he's one of our trusted and true rights and analyst john it's good to see you you know you have always been very critical of the bricks and. but did you expect to see what we have seen in the last 24 hours in parliament we knew there was always the chance when boris johnson became prime minister that he was going to play a dangerous game he basically wants to win back all of the 17000000 people voted for breaks in 2016 he wants to get them all into the conservative science and then
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hold a general election which thought that might have been his strategy all along what we can't of read expected is how brutal and also poor quality in the way these going to be. annoyed everyone we just heard it in the clip and of have how brutal he's been to his own members of parliament and how he's managed to lose his majority and lose parliament he votes so quickly he's succeeded where no one else has succeeded before in unifying the opposition against him which is quite an achievement ultimately so how difficult it's got for boris johnson and how quickly that's. the unusual aspect i mean it has been one review can after another against the prime minister but you know as they say it ain't over till it's over i mean this legislation passed by the house of commons it has to go to the house of lords in the queen also has to give her blessing i mean how likely is that going to happen and then it's going to happen quickly by next monday right there's a race against time so we don't yet know it's very difficult in the north as the filibustering that the house of lords could potentially do the difficulties is
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johnson he himself quickly. the other opposition parties they've got to they're a bit more relaxed about it because johnson was old he ultimately needs is an election as soon as possible he needs it to happen before european union council summit on the on the 17th of october that's when he talks about the data 15th of october for the general election labor they can wait a bit if it's the end of october if it's november they can live with that that's absolutely fine because what johnson wants to do is want to go he wants goes to brussels and say i'm going to force you to basically give me the deal that i want and if you don't listen to me then we go out without a deal the more the clock ticks down into the end of october all for. into the future then the chances are of him getting this new deal or indeed him even surviving in power so his chances then decrease will so there's a timetabling you know to deny and lawmakers voted against an early election so there's not going to be an early election in october 15th that we know that the prime minister wanted so what recourse does he have now that parliament has said no
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to a snap election to try again on monday probably so basically labor say we want the law against no deal passed 1st it passed the commons today and we think it should pass the lords either tomorrow or friday labor says right that's all then if boris johnson says again on monday ok let's try again let's try and see if we get this chief as majority to hold an election then he might succeed so that's the order rule 1st then an action 2nd and then we might be then looking at a general election then some point later in the autumn i want to talk to you a little bit about what happened last night when so many of these members of the conservative party were basically kicked out of the party rightly lost the whip the anger of those m.p.'s i mean it was visible today margaret james she was kicked out of the party she used the words of former prime minister margaret thatcher today in parliament in them straight at words johnson when she talked about or is johnson's advisor dominique clemens which take
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a listen to what she said. the great lady you and i pay my fare on show mr speaker one say i thought i says i thought i ministers decide can i ask the prime minister to pat statement place in mind in relation to his own chief. domenic coming. while. i. was a minister breasting applause from labor audiences. particularly particularly since particularly since unlike the gentleman opposite we are actually devoted to delivering on the mandate there is labor constituencies and we are going to take to you the e.u. i don't care whether that is as far as to the action in question that my own or will friends asked to be in the in their diet to be in their diet that we are
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deciding on a policy to take this country forward not backwards as he would do. there's a lot of political theater there but what about doherty cummings i mean even the tories the conservatives now are saying that you know they smell a rat with him is he part of the prime minister's problem he could be it's a relationship of convenience between cummings and jones cummings is a brics it radical and he wants britain to be out of the european union that he's maintained but he did say in an interview a couple of years ago that a 2nd bret's referendum would probably be likely and legal right but he was also the leader of one of the chief strategist for each side and he's not a member of the conservative party although he's johnson's advice which is weird so his name is get britain out jones his main aim is to stay in power now that so there's that is the relationship of the convening of convenience between the 2 the
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difficulties is not sparked so much as ends but more he's means. he's brutal he is unpleasant to people in fact even david cameron has even described him previously as a sociopath and so therefore it's his means and his behavior towards of the mets was members of parliament which is managing to generate such opposition at the moment you see johnson firing by the end of this week or they wouldn't be surprising if someone one of his ministers such each of them they the finance minister would go to johnson the say either is cummings or it's me and i'm facing such a choice then ultimately johnson might ultimately have to dispense with his main advisor because what he succeeded in doing is angering everyone we knew that johnson was going to take a program that line potentially wanted to general election but sensing polman out with this probation not the parliament sitting for 5 weeks and managing to get 21 members of parliament including 2 former finance ministers and the grandson of winston churchill right like that is beyond anything that we would possibly even
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are let's talk about the view from the other side of the atlantic boris johnson we've always been compared with u.s. president donald trump today trump praised johnson's briggs battle in parliament which ticket was not what he said from the oval office. well bourses a friend of mine and he's he's he's going at it there's no question about it he's in there i watch him this morning he's in there fighting. and he does have a when forces that are with. i mean. i wouldn't usually answer this but because it's gotten so much attention is that a liability for we're boris johnson right now having done one trump say that to a certain extent no one in the u.k. is going to take that remotely seriously that the difficulty is that johnson needs trump in one way he needs a little bit of cover from trump this idea that britain my strike a trade deal with the united states and we know full well with regard to china and
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other countries around the world the trump is not so keen on trade deals and trump just needs to full johnson hold the line we might give the trade a trade deal to the u.k. so he wants and so ultimately i to teach what strategy like that statement from trump that's not going to make an impact in the u.k. they see the friendship between the 2 of them to trade aspect is what's my significant social and so we were looking we're taking the story then to next monday is it possible that johnson could call for fresh elections again yes on monday and the parliament has to vote but when does the suspension of parliament begin so this is the job on will happen at the end of the towards the middle of the end of next week or i don't actually know is when there is no more business but it will between between the 9th and the 12th of september which is between monday and thursday nights so there would be time theoretically next week for another vote to hold a general election yes that would be possible in your everyday mission and much of my prediction would be is if the against no deal has been approved by the house of lords i think palma next week will give jones and his 2 thirds majority and then
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we'll be looking as u.k. general election at some point later in the type of john where there's always we appreciate your insights i think you. hong kong's chief executive kerri lamb has bound it in the demands of pro-democracy protesters today she withdrew that controversial extradition bill that sparked months of turmoil in the territory the proposal allows for suspects to be tried in courts in mainland china accords that are run by the communist party fellow citizens for military lamb had already and fully declared the controversial bill is being dead back in june and on wednesday she made it formal with a televised address. 1st the government will formally withdraw the bill in order to fully allay public concerns the secretary for security will move a motion according to the rules of procedure when the legislative council resort.
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lamb said she was fully aware the move would not satisfy everyone and she was right pro-democracy lawmakers responded to her announcement with disbelief. carrying them a confession the so-called confession has come true too late but then make a stand. off and we're still in hong kong if you think they should use some garden hose to put out a fire that's not going to be acceptable. and there were more fires in hong kong over the weekend the city saw heavy clashes between protesters and authorities during the 13th consecutive week of protests. demonstrators blocked roads and public transport links to the international airport causing gridlock on routes to and from one of the world's busiest transport hubs. a program ocracy
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activist and somewhat of a spokesman for many of the demonstrators said carrie lamb's announcement was simply an attempt to quell unrest against beijing's growing influence in the region we strongly aware that happens behind beijing government beijing for what is just right you know protests but i've done things such. withdraw. at that's just the strategy for beijing hope to. human reduce the number of participants. in the next few weeks one said mainland china was particularly looking to the 1st of october china's national day a day when beijing will want to avoid a repeat of scenes like these. well it is being called germany's most controversial tax fraud case and today its trial
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began it involves 2 british investment bankers accused of helping traders and lenders tricked the german government album more than $400000000.00 euros in tax money and prosecutors here in germany allege that bankers misled the state when it tried to collect capital gains taxes in water known as comics trades stocks appeared to have not $1.00 but multiple owners who were each a dividend and a tax credit so it looks like white collar crime comprised of double tax reclaims and sham share trades it's estimated that the total loss for the european union could be $55000000000.00 euro as you see right there for germany $32000000000.00 when you add taxes and other dividends today is just the beginning around $200.00 people we understand are under investigation they could also face charges it's a huge case a huge investigation and i'm joined tonight by one of the journalists who helped to
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uncover the comics trading fraud frederick rush there he is with the investigative newsroom correct t.v. which is based here in berlin fredricka good to see you again we were talking about highly complex cross border trades involved a highly skilled bankers and attorneys who were who were jews to ripping off the state and this goes back what about 20 years and yet the 1st trial began today why in the world has it taken so long. because precisely as you said these transactions are very very complex traders can move billions within seconds or even less well by prosecutors who work differently if a prosecutor in cologne for example wanted to find out why a french bank did a certain transaction. might take up to 6 months the closing arguments we're talking about cross border deals or exactly are you tax authorities did they have the people they are they have the know how to see this as example i mean this is it
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is something that i think they also had to build up that and obviously the german justice system wasn't prepared for this understaffed so only a few prosecutions were really up to it but it they work slowly and this is all cross border and capital markets are global that cross border through but the national justice system still so the prosecutor who indicted the 2 and the many more to follow the 2 british one trait of today she's been working on it for 10 years. what about tax authorities across the european union outside of germany are they equipped to spot this type of fraud i don't think so because in germany and also denmark but nowhere else really this was an issue but only when we published our investigation i think it's been almost a year ago now. tax offices politics in other european countries such as spain
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france and italy even became aware of the problems of the went even aware of it it's only now they've been starting to investigate this as well so this will all take many many more years to be investigated and brought to trial and we know in germany the. loophole that allowed these streets that has been closed what about in other countries have they changed their legislation well we're actually not sure whether it's been close. sufficiently in germany the trade of some very clever they find loopholes once a loophole is closed they look for a war so that probably because this was such a high profile case in germany staying away from germans you're not what more for technical reasons than because it's been rendered impossible so and i don't think it's been really close in all the european countries that's just one side just being let me ask you with all the chaos you controversy around breaks it right now has london become
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a place in your opinion for people who want to commit all kinds of fraud in the things one is that a good place to holland absolutely because i think that would be even more so a place where shady money would go because it would be you know wrong force them there will struggle to cooperate even more so and cross border terms so and this will also account i think for for profit like this with the average working person who pays his or her taxes you know reads and hears about this you can understand why public trust in public institutions is so low i mean it's hard not to be a cynic right. yes and the thing this was the one story that really everyone said i don't get this you know why when i finally text for terms as a citizen they look at every detail and banks get away with it and this really as you said undermines trust and it's an issue or titian's thing to fix it with german
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politics has been just turning a blind eye on the fridge for the wrong we get lots of. mail from viewers who look at if you look at germany and they're surprised that they could happen here because germany has the reputation of having a social market economy where people would seek on the outside that this type of fraud would be harder to get away with than it would be in places like the u.k. or the u.s. i completely disagree with that perception because you can you know some industries in germany a very powerful in the congress 3 aunts of the finance industry. looking to say they run this place but they have a very strong influence on the government you know because they're obvious are very powerful so that's why german politics is really struggling to keep at bay the influence of certain industries and that's maybe the quote reason why this 4th could go on so long without the tireless work of you and others this story may have
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. gone unreported forever what did you feel today as this trial got underway. to be honest i didn't few months i was the problem and happy when we kind of broke the story last year in a war going all wrong when we when we when we but the justice system they've also been doing the job and now it's up to the justice system to decide you know what will be the penalty. but it's so that's going to run its course now but the bigger question is you know why did the german government and didn't do anything for so long and this is to us journalists and some even more relevant questions and how to in the future kind of reduce and will bring more transparency into the relationship between the government and the fun of the street for vigorish there with couric tea tonight talking about stooge fraud but fraud that you helped to uncover but we appreciate your time tonight thank you thank you.
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and now to france where a cock a doodle doo in the morning has 2 neighbors and a feud pitting rural life against urban living a retired couple who obviously do not go to bed and get up with the chickens claim a good night's sleep is becoming possible thanks to a next door rooster who you guessed it cruise when the sun rises angry and sleepless the couple are not running away chicken here they are suing their neighbors for noise pollution claiming that their neighbor's cock is simply too well. a quiet lunch with maurice who could be france's most famous cockerel his own or korean fares or has lived on the island of all over all for 35 years she points out the holiday home owned by the neighbors who are suing her they allege that morris is dawn cool at 5 am every morning is noise pollution madame fizeau sees this as an attack on the rural way of life. which
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it is repugnant. i said i'm not going to let myself be pushed around all our elected officials back me it's a big problem way that people have to understand that in the city they are used to city noises but in the countryside there are other noises that have always been that and that then normal things related to. more the case has attracted a lot of attention the feds almost have received messages of support from us far away as the us when we take care of it and from europe the french island of all or all is a popular holiday resort for most of the year just 7000 people live here but in some of the population swells to 5 times that the court case hinges on whether the island can be classified as a rural area or a semi urban one many visitors are surprised that the case even made it to court.
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if i could be these people who come from paris and complain about the rooster i shouldn't even be a lawsuit i just want to beat them up it's unacceptable this is all stupid. i think again it's a part of daily life and hearing a rooster crowing was part of life it's pretty nice to hear an animal express themselves. now it's down to the court to decide whether morris's cry is noise pollution or whether it's just a load of cock a doodle doo. for those around the roosters the day is almost done the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter follow me at t.v. and remember no matter what happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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the selling out of a country. don't tease fear no how you know it. starts september 18th on d. w. . me. alone a very warm welcome to focus on europe with me peace in khorasan and we begin this week in the u.k. where with so much at stake duggan's are already drawn although members of parliament have only just returned from that's.


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