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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 5, 2019 7:00am-7:15am CEST

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this is g.w. news live from berlin 12 punch against force johnson said plans the u.k. parliament has passed legislation that would make a no deal brett said illegal the prime minister came out fighting the lawmakers have approved the bill but they're also delayed the u.k.'s exit from the european union and they rejected johnson's call for a snap election. also coming up hurricane dorian devastates the bahamas the scale of the disaster caused by the monstrous storm is becoming clearer with tens of thousands of homes destroyed in huge numbers of people without food. hong kong's
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controversial extradition bill is no more chief executive terry lamb has said she's withdrawing the bill which sparked months of protests in the territory but it's unclear if this concession will satisfy demonstrators. i'm william glue crofts thanks for joining the british parliament has rejected prime minister boris johnson's call for a snap election lawmakers also defied him by passing a bill to prevent a no deal breck's it that would extend the october 31st deadline to leave the e.u. if an agreement can't be reached johnson has suffered 3 parliamentary defeats in just 2 days. yet more setbacks. british prime minister boris
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johnson parliament voted to pass legislation blocking a no deal breck's it so he called for an early election. to go well this is big in my view and the view of this government there was now be an election on tuesday the 15th of october. and i'd like to be right over gentlemen to respond to decide which of us is probably this is that crucial council on thursday the 17th of october the leader of the main opposition labor party jeremy called an appeal to lawmakers not to back in the general election before october the 31st the current deadline for britain to leave the e.u. the opposition has to the enemy will. thank you mr spray can be also the election to die is a bit like the offer of an awful to snow white in the way he queen because what he's offering is not an apple or even election but the poison of
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a no day i. called and said however that he would back an election once the government took a new deal praxis off the table the moment of truth or. 10 punishments dealt another blow to the prime minister johnson needed when the backing of at least 434 new makers but only 298 voted in favor of this political gamble on the part of the british prime minister that he can win a general election and see person leave the e.u. at the end of october is still very much up in the air. you have your correspondent barbara vessel has been following events for us in london here's her assessment of boris johnson's options he basically has to go to the european union that's what is what this bill says. and has to ask for
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a location off the exit date and he said he doesn't want to do that is this is absolutely against his plans and when and then i asked will you stick to the more you say yes he would sort of obey it but i mean there was a contradictory things that boris johnson said in that but it is quite clear that he does not want to see one so void this under all circumstances and so he will have to do that do anything to stop or the law which might come into legal florists over this weekend all by the coming monday is so what the outcome of this is still open who's going to win this power struggle in this so the mentary question for the british future is yet completely open. and here are some other stories making news around the world iran is to begin developing centrifuges that will speed up production of enriched uranium tehran says the move is the latest step in scaling
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back its commitment to an international court limiting its stockpile of enriched uranium the u.s. pulled out of that deal last year and impose sanctions on iran. the u.s. national transportation safety board is investigating the boat fire that killed 34 people off the california coast all but one body has been recovered and rapid d.n.a. tests are needed to identify the victims 5 of the 6 crew are the only survivors. security has been stepped up in south africa and nigeria after attacks on foreign owned businesses in your highness bird reprisals carried out against south african stores in nigerian cities with diplomatic tensions rising nigeria has announced it's boycotting the world economic forum currently meeting in cape town. hurricane dorian has returned to category 3 strength as it approaches the u.s. east coast u.s.
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authorities are warning residents of strong winds heavy rains and coastal flooding meanwhile in the bahamas which took a direct hit the task of clearing debris were storing power and reaching survivors is underway the full picture of the damage and death toll is still coming into focus but hurricane dorian is being described as one of the worst in the nation's history the legendary beauty of the bahamas liason tasha's aerial photos show the brutality with which hearken dorian back to the island chain winds strong enough to push a bush across the road and destroy the grand bahama international airport. now the focus has turned to finding survivors. whole the whole eastern end of the atlantis so people right now trying to mobilize and boats chatzky they have they can't get there people have been stuck. for days we haven't
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heard in the wee hours of the morning on monday things are pretty bad. people think and i see nothing. that was on their back and they go home to nothing. but the nearby florida volunteers have packing relief supplies hundreds of people have donated goods they feeling lucky to have been spanked dorian's full force. and for the latest i'm joined in the studio by did every reporter jared reed who's been following the story so jared what's the latest on the rescue and cleanup efforts well one thing's for sure it's going to be very momentous because we saw in that footage basically how dorian just what went through these communities and just basically shredded these houses the u.n. says that at the moment 70000 people are in need of immediate lifesaving assistance like food and water and medicine and things like that and as we know from natural
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disasters things like numbers and need to rise so it's very likely that these numbers will increase authorities say very sadly they suspect that the death toll also really increase at the moment it's 20 people that are officially confirmed to have died but they expect many many more simply because entire communities are under water all they've been washed away and so the big question is now where are these people who are in these communities are they even still alive and how can rescue work is get to them complicating things of course is the fact that roads. have been severely damaged as we heard in the report just now the international airport on the island of grand bahama was just royd at the moment the u.s. the u.k. and relief old denies asians like the red cross. bringing food and medicine to people that need it there are also. people who need to be taken to safety via
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helicopter. the bahamas there right in the middle the atlantic ocean there are no stranger to hurricanes and other powerful storms so how well prepared does the country seem bahamas is pretty used to major storms i read somewhere that between 2015 and 27 tane in those years consecutively there were 3 category 4 storms on. is. a used to it the national emergency service this year told people to get prepared for. because they are becoming more frequent and more intense you have to really ask how much could they have done because the storm really destroyed houses that even had been built to the latest requirements building requirements in the bahamas you get the feeling from listening to the authorities that. they're used to storms bosh they were not
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expecting a storm as as big as this one because it swept through it was very intense and moved very very slowly like 2 kilometers an hour for 24 hours sorry there wasn't much they really could do all right gerri thank you very much for the latest and keep us posted. pope francis has arrived in mozambique the 1st stop of a 6 day tour that includes madagascar and malicious natural disasters poverty and conflict are expected to be key themes during the papel visit mozambique is still recovering from a cycle and 6 months ago it was one of the region's worst. our correspondent adrian creech is following the pope's visit. the people of mozambique are looking very much forward to that was itself the pope but here in beirut some residents are disappointed that he's not going to come here and the area around was
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the reason most affected by cycling the die in march that killed more than 600 people and left tens of thousands homeless the pope sent a video message saying that although he can't go beyond the capital his heart is reaching out to the whole country he is expected to address the nature of the disaster that happened but also the fragile peace process just last month the government signed historic peace treaty with the former rebel group in the arm or but some of their fighters are still refusing to hands in their weapons. hong kong's chief executive kerry lam has bowed to the demands of pro-democracy protesters and withdrawn the contra controversial extradition bill that sparked months of intense protests in the territory the proposal would have permitted defendants be sent to courts in mainland china for trial citizens for more terrorist lamb had already informally to clear the controversy of bill is being dead back in june and on wednesday she made it formal with
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a televised address. first the government will formally withdrawal the bill in order to fully allay public consensus the secretary for security will move a motion according to the rules of procedure when the legislative council recent. lamb said she was fully aware the move would not satisfy everyone and she was right pro-democracy lawmakers responded to her announcement with disbelief. confessions so-called confession as to too late but then make a stand. off and we're still in hong kong we should. use some garden hose to put out. that's not going to be acceptable. and there were more fires in hong kong over the weekend the city saw heavy clashes
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between protesters and authorities during the 13th consecutive week of protests. demonstrators blocked roads and public transport links to the international airport causing gridlock on routes to and from one of the world's busiest transport hubs. a pro-democracy activist and somewhat of a spokesman for many of the demonstrators said carrie lamb's announcement was simply an attempt to quell unrest against beijing's growing influence in the region he was drawn to aware that the high beijing government beijing chinese authorities just try to hew. protests by other things such. withdrawal of meal and that's just the strategy for beijing to. reduce the number of participants. in the next few weeks said mainland china was particularly looking to the 1st of october china's national day
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a day when beijing will want to avoid a repeat of scenes like these. austrian skiing legend marcel here has announced his retirement from the sport at a press conference in salzburg ending in a. his career. widely renowned as the best come compact competition skier in the world he won the overall world cup title a record 8 times as a multiple world and olympic champion 30 year old said he wished to step back from the store sport as he has dominated for the past decade to spend more time with his family. the german fashion photographer paid to lindbergh is dead at the age of $74.00 lynn bag was widely credited with inventing the $980.00 super model he was famous for photographing women without heavy makeup and his iconic images
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made household names of models like they only campbell christie turlington and cindy crawford lindbergh is survived by his wife and 4 sons. you're watching d.w. news after a short break we'll have a documentary looking at how climate change is causing mass migration in some parts of the world you can find latest headlines around the clock dot com. and i'm game on the ground. floor of this post it's personal devices to place that affects us all. climate change in the return of the. only reason to check out.


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