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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  September 5, 2019 3:45pm-4:01pm CEST

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starting to enrich uranium again on friday as pressure on the country's economy amounted. to this is business as. russian natural gas producer nova tech has announced a $21000000000.00 liquefied natural gas project in the arctic the pipelines are expected to be completed by a 2025 and is seen as an important part of russia's plans for energy market expansion into asia the privately run will run. majority with france's total 2 chinese companies and one japanese for owning and remained. bring in financial correspondent at the frankfurt stock exchange what else do we know so far about this project. well the exports are supposed to start by 2023 the project entails among others developing the gas field of course as a prerequisite and then also building right on the spot on the guy down poland and
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then sell in the arctic a plan for liquefying the gas to make a exportable and the russians are aiming to increase their stake in the world market considerably and this will be one tool one step in that direction last year they had about 8 percent of the gas market in their aiming for 20 percent by the year 2035 and certainly with partners from from india or from china looking to develop markets there the russians have something that both those countries with a huge populations and their economic growth will be needing energy diversified and the sources to feed to move and to help people produce things but gas has become a hot potato in a geo political times recently hasn't it how significant is this. i think this could also be significant because donald trump has been putting pressure on germany
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to reduce germany's dependence on russian gas gases by volume energy consumed the 2nd most important energy source for the germans and they get most of their gas by far from the russians and trump has put pressure on the germans and i'm interested to see you know we're seeing negotiations probably going to start in october between the chinese and the u.s. whether trump will bring up the gas issue with china with a view to this project. well the boss from frankfurt thank you. and now to some of the other global business stories making headlines today. the u.s. and china have agreed to a new try talks in washington in october it will be the 1st high level meeting since the dispute escalated in recent weeks the agreement came in a phone call between the heads of the 2 trade delegations to the u.s. to brown's next son faces another scandal this time with c e o he wrote. he has
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admitted receiving inappropriate bonuses from the comic up but denies knowing about them before her side caught replaced collars go on last year after goal was arrested on 4 charges which he too denies. hundreds of millions of phone numbers linked to facebook accounts have been found online it's the latest privacy lapse involving facebook's tech web site tech crunch says some 4420000000 facebook ideas and phone numbers were stored on a server that was not protected facebook says it's investigating. still an engineering heavyweight to call is being dropped from the docks the company was a founding member of germany's group chip index more than 30 years ago but it has been hit by a fall in production in the cause of. iran's nuclear deal continues to fall apart when the united states pulled out reintroducing sanctions
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iranian leaders threaten to crank up the centrifuges again and again that's exactly what they're set to do tomorrow claim claiming it's only for peaceful purposes $15000000000.00 loan from france to compensate for sanctions looks increasingly unlikely russia is mulling support for the oil industry already hit by washington's unity of measures new sanctions target oil smuggling all in all the economy is hurting for. there's always a feeling about his a patient when the ship docks in iran's harbor it's the same in bandar and other rainy in ports in the persian gulf the ships unload food and household items particularly washing machines televisions and other electrical appliances. traders like abdullah safari have been among the 1st to feel the pain of fresh u.s. sanctions it's even become difficult to get goods through the united arab emirates
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which in previous rounds of sanctions was the gateway to the world for a rainy and trade. this. has become a lot harder than before it was always difficult but now much more so the ships used to take 2 hours to reach the port in dubai but now it is the take from 2 days to a whole week to get to the ports you have to wait for the inspection to be completed the officials from dubai have become much stricter. faded. fewer goods being allowed into the country is a massive problem for rainy and tighter supplies lead to higher prices inflation is running high. iranians have to take any job they can just to get by. you know what i'm a university graduate. without sanctions the job market would be so much
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better. claudia. economic conditions have worsened but we still get by we still continue to work and to do our jobs. many things have become more expensive but we somehow get through and we're not completely unhappy. a dollar safari has a few hours off before he heads back to dubai with his boat during the past few years when sanctions eased the 43 year old father made initial contact with europe at the moment they are not of much help. to go to europe and do business there immigration from oddities need to get easier any visa applications take a long time and are very difficult. the next problem is foreign currency exchange i'm sure some people in iran manage to do this but it's problematic for the small
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traders. many iranians feel let down by europe would like a dollar safari most do not want to give up hope that the situation will improve once more. let's take a look into this story i'm now joined by my colleague jilani from the w's asia service was a sanctions have been in place for you now want are you hearing from iran what's the situation right now for the people there. you know i have as you were just hearing in this report situation is desperate for ordinary iranians even though the american government says its. sanctions are targeted at the iranian regime and the revolutionary guard but it's having an impact on ordinary people for example medicines and pharmaceuticals medicines which iran imports especially for cancer patients have been running short and they really and government is playing it up to tell its people that look this is what america is doing to your country and that's
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why you're hurting so it is biting do people believe that it's basically the american falls and resentment about the economic situation that could be destabilizing for the government now president rouhani was elected because he promised engagement would divide the world and he was committed to the nuclear deal but as we have seen the trump administration has unilaterally ended. that deal europe is trying to breathe some life into it so i think by and large iranians see the u.s. as the biggest culprit yes they are unhappy with a lot of things in the government it is after all a different oppressive regime but when it come when you put more and more pressure on a country if you if you know iran and its people it brings them together it creates more unity than division. so that's my sense that the country sees the u.s.
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and the veteran world as not meeting its end of the bargain so you think then then that the sanctions are not working in the sense to get around the back to the negotiating negotiating table. they are not working to the extent that they will not change the iranian government's behavior anytime soon and this is a government which is seen wars sanctions before it feels it is resilient to do fight but that's no denying that inflation is guided rocketing economy is going down iran's oil sales exports are coming down which which means that he doesn't have enough money to import essential food and pharmaceuticals. jilani from the w.'s asia desk in bonn thank you. crisis what crisis in iran might be grappling with us sanctions boss being
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a country with immense cultural richness and stunning scenery iran's tourism industry is surprisingly flourishing. does this look like a struggling country stunning architecture blue skies and an abundance of culture despite sanctions iran's tourism sector is beating the odds and bringing wealth to a nation experiencing increasing opposition on the world stage tourists to the country are pleasantly surprised me too i was by mori so i checked by the travel agency asking are you sure that you can. swim as a county fair i notice that it's really a fantastic they selected eat. last year iran's tourism industry grew by 2 percent providing the country's economy nearly $9000000000.00 u.s. dollars almost $8000000.00 foreign tourists visited in 2018. the founder of tap persia a full service tourism provider the company streamlines perspective visitors travel
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experience and lets young iranians make a positive difference within the countries well as you can see we have a young team and most of these people they were thinking to go up road but we try to bring hope for them during a hard situation and there is still hope to do something in iraq that spawning is certain that iran's tourism industry will continue to persevere you know our red line is that walk as long as there is no war i can say you're on is safe carefully preserved historical buildings and fast cityscapes underscores the wrongs tourism sector and enduring contender with a lot of potential. and that's said to me in the business as a team and before we go here's a quick look at global markets at this. the
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bombs. luck. the be. the be. the b.m.w. . the been to.
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europe. what unites. them what defines. the motherland the books the driving place. what binds the continent to the beaches and stories of plunging the a. spotlight on people. thanks to minutes on. laugh. at them from people make fun about their own social economic and political problems . in mozambique we say that trash blasts so you don't try to get small people call me they decreased so. as
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a joke i often talk about these topics in a bag buying less local to an. actress back my baby. kicking off all those jobs finding out what people are talking about what is moving them. my father taught me how to ask uncomfortable questions about my country and about what that is what i keep doing to speak my name is that the sofa and i work at. frankfurt. international gateway to the best connection self road and rail. located in the heart of europe connected to the whole world. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and trying our services. be our guest at frankfurt
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airport city managed by from. the bag. a. this is the job you news coming to you live from berlin the bridal double of british by mr barnes johnson leaves politics in a family rout of a brick said george johnson quits as education minister and step down from parliament he says he's torn between family loyalty and the national interest. also coming up to german men are jailed for sexually assaulting and drifting more
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than 30 children prosecutors say it's one of the most horrific cases of child abuse they've ever seen predicts our.


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