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this is d.w. news why but from berlin tonight the u.k. prime minister boris johnson says he'd rather be dead in a ditch then belabor exit johnson says an election is needed for early elections to allow the british people to decide when and how they want to leave the european union parliament is passing legislation aimed at delaying brights it tonight we ask these europe willing to say yes to another breaks it delays also coming up. the bahamas reeling from hurricane dorian's destruction tens of thousands of people are
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now in need of immediate humanitarian aid but the devastation caused by the biggest storm in the history of the islands means it's harder to reach people. might not. feel we are dying out of that but i'm only at the cinema but they are dying because cinema culture and art many of yemen's cultural institutions have been destroyed by the country's ongoing war tonight e.w. introduces you to young people determined to keep the country's arts a lot i despite the fighting around. i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us british prime minister boris johnson has again insisted that the u.k. must leave the european union by october 31st today he said he would rather. and
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i'm quoting here be dead in a ditch than ask the e.u. for another extension johnson says the country needs a general election to renew the mandate for leaving the european union parliament is currently debating legislation to delay the breaks it date until january of next year here is what johnson said earlier today all i can say and i hate breaks it i don't want to go about it when i don't i don't want an election i don't i don't want to lecture to but frankly i can't see any other way the only way to get this thing done to get is the movie is to make that decision do you want this government to take us out a little table the 31st or do you want jamie colby in a little body to go to that crucial summit in brussels little table the 17th effectively hand over control to the e.u. or to that was the british prime minister there to talk about europe germany and
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britain and i'm joined here at the big table tonight by met in our very he's a member of the german parliament the bonus talk from the social democrat see also sits on the buddhist talk committee for european union affairs where breaks it course continues to dominate the agenda it's good to have you back on the show i want to ask you there were reports late last night after the house of commons passed a bill to request another extension to break said that the european union may not be willing to grant another extension i mean can you confirm anything tonight is the u.s. the e.u. now less likely to say yes to a delay. well thanks for having me again i'm not a spokesperson for the european union i think if the domestic policy in politics in the u.k. would lead to something to wanting a delay. 2 of january probably some people would listen to that very carefully is that the feeling you get even even in the german parliament that there is
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a willingness to in of say yes yes again well at this point we don't even know what's going to happen because this prime minister obviously it's difficult to foresee what his next action is but if we do have the choice in the european union as between no deal scenario at the end of next month or a delay that would make it possible for the british parliament to have more time to to take action then i would suggest to give another 3 months ok the u.k. prime minister has repeatedly said that his brags that minister is carrying with him new suggestions on how to solve for example the irish back start problem solutions to do this impasse now michel barnier the e.u.'s breaks it man says he hasn't seen any plans we've also been told that the u.k. prime minister says that most of the parliaments in the major e.u.
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countries have been given these plans have you seen any plans from boris johnson no i haven't and there aren't any there is no invisible border that would fit with the criteria of the single market it is impossible we have been talking about this for years now there is nothing new just the prime minister is now the prime minister is now in what does it do the to the the trust in negotiations with the prime minister says there are plans out there and yet you know that that's not true well to be quite frank i be glad if we would have some sort of bargaining situation but. right now we don't even know whether democracy as we know it in westminster will work next week so let's wait for that and after that i think there will be very pragmatic talks about anything but if the prime minister is seriously willing to to lead his country in a new constitutional crisis it be a totally different taste do you believe that mr bailey that there would be a willingness within within germany and also within the e.u.
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to reopen negotiations even a little bit because asians. and even if there was a willingness this is a consensus between 27 countries i think you shouldn't overestimate it the deal we're having now with obviously was made last year on this one is. it is difficult to difficult to think of an alternative to do that and it is a good compromise to compromise towards the british position more than to the european position there are reports that boris johnson wants to change the u.k.'s defense pledges in the current bragg's it deal in other words we're hearing from london that the prime minister wants to create leverage in other words to threaten that the u.k. will not cooperate with the e.u. in security if it doesn't get into this the you know in answer to the backstop in ireland for example and you heard anything no i haven't heard anything and let's
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see whether this prime minister is still prime minister at the end of next month it's it's super difficult to to to go in theory of all the alternatives but we don't even know whether this prime minister would act in accordance with some something that will be passed by the british parliament tomorrow. that's that's a serious stuff now but you're watching it like like the rest of us what's going on right now in london we know that word johnson is going to call for early elections again next monday and there are predictions that parliament will say yes to that and that he could maybe win elections in october do you see that happening i mean i saw on your facebook page today you said it was something that is populist politics what we're seeing right now in london do you think that we're going to be dealing with a prime minister boris johnson come october 31st if their early elections in the united kingdom by the rules and laws of the unite and the constitution of the
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united kingdom's and mr johnson would win the tory party would win this election it would stay in downing street number 10 that's fine that's ok what would be a serious crisis is if he would even if next week he obviously by a majority of his of his office parliament. been ordered to extend for the day. headline of the of the end of october and he's not. not acting accordingly then we have a super serious problem. one final question you're also the spokesperson for your party's parliamentary group on u.s. and north american relations and you were just in the united states for several weeks the u.s. vice president has been visiting ireland and he caused a little controversy by saying that the united states stands completely behind boris johnson's breaks it policy what does that do to germany and
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the e.u. use stance on drugs when they see the u.s. vice president standing in ireland saying we're for brights boris johnson style well the government of the united states is a problem not only in this case but also in other on other occasions but there are members of congress on the democratic side also on the republican side that see very very seriously and i would say much more realistic than the administration at this point and they see the problems of a new border and again coming up between north island in the republic of ireland and being really serious about not let it having letting that happen so you're not worried about u.s. interference in the power in the budget process i am because they are interfering all the time but i think it's not the u.s. position generally there are other voices in the united states as well all right verdi member of the german parliament the buddhist talk with the social democrats as always we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us thank you thanks very much for millions of people have been evacuated from the southeastern coast of the united states tonight as hurricane dorian approaches despite losing strength the
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storm is still carrying dangerously high winds which are threatening to bring flooding to coastal areas in georgia and north and south carolina dorian left a trail of devastation in the bahamas after lashing the islands for 3 days at least 20 people are dead and it's feared that death toll will rise. i in the heart of the hurricane volunteer rescuers struggle to find what they're looking for but then dangling from the attic of a home life trapped by the storm one by one a family emerges from the darkness. for. the more fortunate are already returning home to dorian's destruction the island family's house was flooded everything destroyed all they want are for to graf's my
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wife. she said she turned off she said there were no not the front door she said one driver. this was the scene when the islands made their daring escape clutching their most prized possessions. paradise has been pulverized thousands of homes on abaco island torn apart boats tossed around as the storm surge locals distraught. because it is everything is gone. no buying no stores. no take at least 4 to 5 years to complete only i don't know how long it takes. them but in this you know everything is gone just body. for those left behind putting the bahamas back together is expected to cost billions and the government says allies
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have promised to pay chain i spoke with president donald trump. who has expressed the support of. the assistance of the united states of america for the bahamas and time. back at the island family home offers of help been pouring into. this. great so many people. trying to know the 23 people have offered so much. you know we're all wearing the same clothes that we escape it's how innocent. so i think. so it's really good to get support and know that you can rebuild like a north to that after surviving the 2nd strongest hurricane on record he and his family a lucky to be
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a life. horrible stories there for more on the situation in the bahamas i'm joined now by journalist kimberly mullins she is in freeport on grand bahama it's good to see you kimberly you know there are reports of people people in the bahamas saying that when you walk outside anywhere and everywhere you can smell death in the air. what are you hearing i mean it's it's just unimaginable what the reports are and hearing well what the why would it ice now do you smell the only answer any. night in my area per se yesterday and they traverse throughout the ad and i. was like what is that and i'm somebody who works and you know i'm home so i have like. this smells pretty familiar and i don't like it but at the same time we can't jump to conclusions because there are a lot of animals in the u.
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maine society even suffered tremendously a lot of animals some are some are asking that there's an art. you know i know of people whose who had to say our dogs lacked and that we can only hope and then i say hey my dogs my backyard didn't make it so there's it's a putrid if i could describe it it's future. and you know there have been images of people emerging from homes that if you've been seen for days so there's still hope out there that missing people can be fail and what do you hear what's the latest on rescue attempts. i'm not sure about past exams at this point i know they're still course canvassing the air police officers and knocking on persons doors you know a lot of people of missing persons reports we're with supposed to do at this point now that he can actually get to the police station because that means underwater
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during the storm so that our command center and me mum could not work properly here in the bahamas which is the national emergency management agency so a lot of those people you know we're trying to connect them and their families as best as best as we can but rescue efforts at this point they just need really a lot of them who able to manage through this storm they're like you know it doesn't make sense rescuing me. we just need the state will get us to get us some water let's just clean up we have all we have our mail boat which is coming in from the capital which are transporting people out of the island as long as also they are bringing bringing us some food some water some supplies red cross out on the island to date on the salvation that on the allen today are all bombs to dance for us is assisting that. have those items and we have a couple international organizations who are actually met with red tape you know
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they can't get they don't know the allens right now because the government only want to work for the few organizations so you know there's a lot of a lot of things going up and down right now rask you continually is factually that people who need medical assistance on the planet they don't have water because we know we don't have water on the island which is a big problem so the clinics the hospital they need water clean water. and. the things that are needed right now that are needed are they getting through or if you just said or we're talking about rigged or really blocking things were. really needed. what they're doing what the government is doing is taxing. people who have put together a private ad relief efforts so if they don't want to recognize you as helping in there are certain list of charities organizations they're actually telling you hey you have to pay your do you have to pay your taxes and at a time like this so far we've also heard that the government has put in
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a $90.00 big the agency order which is you can prove hey your house is damage and you want to bring its as soon as you can in terms of the a plane or or a boat you have 90 days 90 days with people who've lost everything that we know they can find a passport. and only are met with that that. before we run out of time commitment to the fact that you were able to talk tonight. means that some of the telecommunications network is working i mean what's the state of that is everyone able to reach the people that they want to reach and all the islands and that that's the most unfortunate part so i'll explain it like this quickly i have powers for this for my home was not compromised and one of the 111 of the few areas that they can experience letting this storm happen in 3 days is we had water wind and we had. and i say water i mean flooding and we have rain of course we have to brave
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the elements i had power because we have an industrial generator in this home. so i had service because i have a board of will wipe a device. to telecommunications company. com companies one of them failed one of them stayed up that's the only way some of people were able to be rescued others couldn't even get a message out. in freeport bahamas tonight giving us the latest on the situation there in the audience for me we appreciate your time and your insights so. thank you take care. a pope francis is on a 3 nation tour of southern africa where he will address the issues of conflict poverty and the climate crisis he was welcomed at his 1st stop today in mozambique by president felipe now using the pope encouraged leaders to honor the country's
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fragile peace accord now the pope's next stop will be the island nation of madagascar which is suffering from the effects of deforestation the last leg of his tour will take him to maria ships it's the ponce its 4th visit to the african cause . cultural life in yemen has nearly come to a standstill since the start of the country's civil war 5 years ago in a place where so many struggle for basics such as food housing and health care well culture probably doesn't seem all that important however he doesn't use funny for charm met people in yemen seeking symbolists of normality through the arts they say more culture could lead to less conflict take a look. strolling through crater the story part of aden is not easy for people here most are struggling to survive and young people are fed up with the
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limited opportunities they have due to the lack of security. they have not a lack of. yet so i'm still. living in little and eating some books and movie and washington be the only museum in town was partially destroyed in the civil war. cultural life in public has already been quite limited in the early ninety's when fundamentalism started looking around with the war in 2015 things you clicking through. this place right here is just one example. this is the old the cinema in yemen but not much is left of its former glory. why do you think about it you know something court got a 150 volts of power. and this screen played color and black and white movies. it was beautiful it was perfect. you got it i.
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used to be responsible for 8 years he still has to keys to show me around for him thinking about life before the war he's paying for it quite a nice good. people came with their wives mothers with their families and you could find a culture. and respect. people who are dressed in their last glimpse. it is not just because of lack of food the yemenis are dying people saw with their own way without access to contra he says i'm going to get done washed out of my bank. and i feel we're going to die you know what i'm only the cinema. but we're dying because cinematograph from a culture of art. invaded from room for thinner and walk out if the cinema still existed i would not. have it for.
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my kind of good. but these young people want to revive culture alive in yemen if they are rehearsing a play to be performed in public for the 1st time in more than 4 years in aden with basics like electricity hard to come by the theater is a way to vent. turn the power on from the other line. is a you know i hope it's made my life miserable what nonsense talk just. the director of myth believes that art is necessary to channel people's emotions about the difficulties in their lives but is it the right time to talk about art. the proper time for proper time for sport but that's not true because if everyone stopped doing what they have to do all sunk in the same situation real life expressed through art for artists in yemen it's
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a way to promote dialogue and ultimately peace in their country. reporter funny jars right here with me at the big table. in a country where they cannot even get food aid in you've got people who are thinking about the arts and culture how is it possible you really wonder like whoa is the possible riots but if you talk to these people on the ground who are so frustrated that nothing really is changing that there is violence there is food shortage or in this report as you have seen these people are actually we are seeing a play where it's about shortage of electricity for basic things they want to unwind and they want to criticize the situation that the yemeni government or whatever is left of it is just not able to bring about peace neither is the saudi that coalition simply they are really frustrated so culture is a way to vent to under the wind and to criticize ultimately between the lines something that's less dangerous obviously than doing it like very directly and all what you're seeing right here in terms of theater place there reversing underground
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so it's just now that actually a group of people is trying to get out and say they're going to perform publicly no matter what it's fancy to that you say that they're using the arts as a way to cope with the realities of war when most people would think that in a civil war cultural arts would be a luxury in for these people it's almost a necessity it's a necessity stake life in itself that's the way they can breathe that's the way they can go. through the a daily struggles by either participating as actors and actresses i mean cultural life didn't cease to exist it did cease to exist publicly but not on the ground this reversal for example took place as a say in a place where there's a coffee shop a bakery and the extra performance today is going to take place in a wedding hall she said their video even though they try to go out publicly that they need to be safe because just recently jihad is for example way are attacking aid and so there's a curfew not an official curfew what everybody knows that i spoke to it's really
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not a good idea to go out in the evening but still of course you want to go out you want to talk about the problems and play for example is one of these things where you can do it you know about 30 seconds were you surprised the even following this story i was surprised but then again i wasn't because i know a cultural life existed before the war and it didn't cease to exist exactly for the future is always funny excellent reporting thank you for sharing thank you. oh this is g.w. news and these are our top stories british prime minister boris johnson has again insisted that the u.k. must leave the european union by october 31st saying that he would rather quote be dead in a ditch than ask the e.u. for another extension johnson says the country needs a general election to renew the mandate for leaving the e.u. parliament is debating a delay to. the un says 70000 people in the bahamas it need a wife saving assistance after hurricane dorian inflicted widespread destruction at
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least 20 people have been killed many are still missing dorian is now moving towards the united states millions of people have been ordered to leave their homes . a judge in germany jailed 2 child sex abusers for assaulting more than 30 children over a period of almost 20 years the men carried out the crimes at a camp site in northwestern germany police are being criticised for failing to intervene sooner. italy's new coalition government has been sworn in the alliance unites 2 parties that were once rivals the anti-establishment 5 star movement and the center left democratic party far right leader matteo salvini who brought down the previous government has now been sidelined and is in the opposition there with them. this is g.w. news from berlin you can always find the latest headlines at d.w. dot com or you can follow us on twitter at w news. coming up next
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quadriga looks out the boards at the level i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by midday hope to see you.
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coming up on the international show for journalists to discuss the topic of. decisive showdown over practical this week as tory stoke their own prime minister harsh defeat could a last minute revolt same to you came from a no deal president and perhaps toppled boris johnson to find out if such a. quandary go next on d w.
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or. where the real power resides. i come from there are lots of people in fact more than a 1000000000 if you blood lines of democracy believe me that's one reason why i'm passionate about people and aspirations and they can send. the troops and the mission reporters tried here in berlin after the floor of the berlin in $1000.00 member thinking at the time if the blood in broken hill was anything can happen if people come together and unite for a cool. but i do the news i often confronted difficult situations more conflict between does something still i see to sponsor my job to confront good speeches on policies and development to put the spotlight on issues that matter most hunger
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food security oppression martian isolation. and not chance can achieve that so much more needs to be john and i think people have to be accountable solutions my name is on the fact sheet on and i work in detail for you. hello and welcome to quadriga a decisive showdown over blacks at this week as members of the conservative party deserted their prime minister dealing him a harsh defeat that deprived him of his parliamentary majority against boris johnson's well some members of his party.


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