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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  September 5, 2019 11:45pm-12:01am CEST

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and in our series planet berlin we meet a self-taught fermentation expert from japan was supplying the unique flavor twists to some of britain's finest restaurants. well it's the most successful horror film of all time believe it it a chilling funhouse romp that centers around a sinister clown that loves to eat children based on stephen king's $986.00 novel of the same name it was the 2nd adaptation of the book following a successful mini series back in 1990 and so expectations were very high for the continuation of the tale. yes. i used to live here. like you remember cleaner. you feel free to look around while i get the water boiling.
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a. house of music. it can sound very hot time in here it's like when you feel like you could just do. it you know what they say about derek. no one who dies here ever really died. i mean you know. you swear. if it isn't dead.
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if it ever comes back. or come back to. you. or. ghastly stuff and my colleague melissa holroyd has joined me in the studio after putting herself through that incredible wringer symbolism pennywise the killer clown is back whether i like it or not but. the story begins with a day couple getting brutally beaten by a gang of thugs in a small town called derry and one of them is thrown off the bridge and then the evil pennywise shapeshifting clown is awoken and is ready for a feeding session hope is only 27 yet it's what happens every 27 years although we don't see many lies that much he just has a munchie in there but we don't really see him sort of feasting on people so all of
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the cost of the original film they get called upon to return to the town and take on the the clown ok so horror really is definitely not my genre and i've heard that this one lasts for 3 hours so it sounds like absolute torture to me is it any good . there's certainly a lot that's good about it it's very choppy film particularly in the middle of it there are long stretches where you see a lot of there are a lot of scenes and they all end up in the end in the jumps and it gets a little bit repetitive and also through that you lose the arch of the film you lose this sort of ongoing tension of the film and you lose a little bit of interest i have to say. yeah so also you learn pretty quickly that that pennywise doesn't people who have small parts. you know he only it's people who he doesn't the main character says anything people were so yes so you can so
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i'm assuming that it's nothing to compare with chapter one which was such an incredible success at the box office yet chapter one was certainly a better film i think but i think it also had the advantage in that the setting was very good the adults in derry don't care about the children the adults the adults are indifferent to the children suffering. and you know in a lot of stephen king fit as stephen king books and stories you have this sort of forbid an element is to boo and here it's that some parents don't like their kids some adults don't like children which is a terrific setting for a film because the audience is really invested in what happens to those kids because those kids are already up against it so the 2nd chapter doesn't have this claustrophobic effect that it's still suggests that the whole town is infected in a way by pennywise. it is not a shame really because it's such a terrific cast just quickly yes it's
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a great cast yes got jessica chest a and then there's james mcavoy and there's of course bill's zod i think one of the big stands out is james ransom who plays the adult he really captures this intense neurotic well and energy. so the the child's had definitely something for aficionados it chapter 2 perhaps not delivering quite the bang for the buck that the predecessor did but nevertheless. thank you very much for bringing us back to town thanks melissa. all those scary images are not your thing then our next topic should make you feel all warm and fuzzy garden gnomes are the benevolent neverland little people that have populated german garden plot since the 19th century so much so that they're really considered a fixture on germany's cultural landscape but as one of the last manufacturers prepares for retirement their future looks uncertain. pointy red hat.
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plain black shoes. a white beard. and a lantern light his way through the mines presenting the original garden gnome. and this is his birthplace. in central germany. behind locked people is a 4th generation garden no manufacturer his great grandfather philip founded the company in 874 the garden gnome left his workshop to conquer the world are still his origins are in mining. the replica of the miners a symbol of hard work. on the mind this will switch went down past their shoulders to prevent stones from falling in but they're kind of for their heads normal size but the body is a little short. little folk and little folk were needed in the mines so that's why they're no. sorcerers. in the early years the gnomes had various
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professions for example as characters for butcher's shop window. gnomes sporting shovels and aprons 1st began appearing in private gardens in the middle of the last century 1st in germany and later around the globe they symbolized industriousness although they never helped with the yard work. the production of garden gnomes in craven hoarder has changed a little over the last century the figures are made from ronnie clay which must drive for several hours before the seams can be sponged clean. then the clay figures are fired in a kiln at more than $1000.00 degrees celcius. afterwards they're painted by hand with lots of patience and love. and i know agreeable still has lots of orders for garden gnomes some even come from france and sweden. still griebel is set to retire soon. does that
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mean the days of the original german garden gnome are numbered. i'm making great efforts to ensure life will go on for the little imp with the pointy red hat so in their window when you look that little fellow in the eyes you think you know why should he die out it'd be a shame for the. guy and hungry is looking for a successor someone who'll give these garden gnomes a future to look forward to. with cross our fingers for the garden gnomes well in our series planet berlin we're featuring foreigners from all over the world who've settled here in berlin and started a business of some kind so this time we meet marcos she needs to from japan and even though he only lived there until he was 8 years old as the country's cheese ynet its obsession with oh mommy or that seductive 5th taste left a lasting impression on his young palate that's a very lucky thing for belin. my course she meets who likes to experiment and
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taught himself how to make tasty for a mental food like me saw. in japan life revolves around food people like to go out to eat and to eat well. this mentality is still in its infancy in germany if it ever fully developed at all . it's who has specialized in traditional from mentation methods and makes his products by hand in his store here he mixes soy beans with rice and then sprinkles the mixture with cody fungus which produces a tasty mold during storage. but in japan there are great machines which do this and you can use koji to make something savory like soy sauce. so we have those.
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we saw but you can also use it to make something very sweet like i'm a stocky which is very sugary. or you can then turn the sugar into alcohol or vinegar. there's something for every taste. of it. at his shop mimi for a man's marcus she makes a dozen just from and soy beans and rice. he also experiments with bread eggs and vegetables. many of berlin's top chefs have heard about marcus's products and are using them in their food creations like at the 2 star restaurant. business so gives these dishes the distinctive savory taste that the japanese call . dozens of the
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products can be used in a variety of ways we currently use the beef place we use really strong beef broth and then we are dismissal to it which gives it a really great aroma and then we take these fermented lentils we use them as a side dish to create a little taste explosion. employing japanese traditions as his ticket to success in berlin was never part of marcus's plans. sure it's nice to introduce people to things from your homeland and it's something that's not very well known so that makes me happy but i'm doing this mainly because it comes so naturally. the name nini furman's is a play on a japanese characters for taste and beauty and that great combination has proved the secret to marcus she meets to success.
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so my mouth is watering for some reason already and do be sure to check out our website for more at stake. dot com slash culture wall not safe or you know she has time for me to sign off so until next time all the best for myself and the crew here in berlin and i.
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entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful i guess this week outside the camp an old time paying his cho she was seeking the nomination of his probation posse the kuomintang as china pushes with increasing urgency for me unification and the time when east continue to reject its coma and seize party come to offer conflict sophie unit double the for. the to know that 77 percent of laughing are younger than 6 o'clock. that's me and you. and you know what time of voices i watch hard on the 77 percent who talk about the issue.
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from one party to the flashes from causing people to top pick. this is where. the 77 percent. this weekend r t w. e the legal. issues is for. you. to. meet the 3 week christena. singh club you believe based.
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is. a. long long long. long long long long. long. long. respect. this is g.w. news here are top stories british prime minister boris johnson has again insisted the u.k. must leave the european union by october 31st saying he would quote rather be dead in a ditch than ask the e.u. for another extension johnston says the country needs a general election to renew the mandate for leaving the e.u. parliament is debating a delay to bret's it to. the un says 70000 people in the bahamas.


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