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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  September 6, 2019 2:02am-2:30am CEST

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bull is now thrashing the codes of south in north carolina spawning deadly tornadoes but that is tame compared to what dorian did to the bahamas just days ago the strongest hurricane to ever hit the island 40 hours of nonstop destruction this is what marsh harbor looked like before dorian and this is the same place after story tonight residents of the bahamas say death is everywhere the eye can see food water and shelter are not i'm bored golf in berlin this is the day. everybody get one tonight they did the foreigners they've been on this earth have never seen anything like that you can even imagine that it was on the front lawn and i. watched it to nato and my room. and i was just
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playing discount. his car on the street. i respond. to be day and night. to constantly be. asked to be. asked to man and to the nicer people to return to some degree normalcy i hope that if they can build it back pedal speed then that's going to let them see in the coming here and. also coming up in france is closely watched cock a doodle doo court case a judge today decided who's higher in the pecking order when the sun rises a rooster who needs to grow or the neighbors who want to snooze city i'm going to 10 movies at momo you one you are the strongest you have the most beautiful. to our viewers on p. . b s in the united states and all around the world well we begin the day with
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hurricane dorian a storm that has forever changed the way some people measure time the hurricane is now moving along the coast of the u.s. states of south and north carolina a category 2 category 3 hurricane deadly and destructive but it is a shadow of what it was just a few days ago when it became a category 5 storm in the atlantic and then slammed into the bahamas stalling there for almost 2 days the devastation so great authorities say it will take a generation to recover residents say the impact of the storm is so deep they are now referring to life in the bahamas dorian and post during the seemingly impossible task of providing aid shelter and food to everyone in need has begun along with efforts to rescue the wives dorrian did not wash away.
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in the hearts of the hurricane volunteer rescuers struggle to find what they're looking for but they dangling from the attic of a home life trapped by the storm one by one a family imagines from the darkness. the more fortunate are already returning home to dorian's destruction. the island family's house was flooded everything destroyed all they want are for to graf's my wife. she said she turned off she said the window not the front door she said one drawing. this was the scene when the island's made their daring escape clutching their most prized possessions.
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paradise has been pulled arised thousands of homes on abaco island torn apart tossed around as the storm surge locals distraught. my island is everything is gone. no buying no stores. no take at least 4 to 5 years to complete only moksha but i don't know how long it takes for the rest of i don't but in this you know nothing at all everything is going to body. for those left behind putting the bahamas back together is expected to cost billions and the government says allies have promised to pay chain i spoke with president donald trump who has expressed their support and the assistance of the united states of america further behind bars and time. back at the island family home offers of help been pouring into.
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so. great so many people. actually no. big 23 people have offered so much. but. you know we're all wearing the same clothes that we escaped this house and. so. so it's really good to get support and know that you can rebuild a new 2 that after surviving the 2nd strongest hurricane on record he and his family a lucky to be a life horrible story is there for more on the situation in the bahamas i'm joined now by journalist kimberly mullins she is in freeport on grand bahama it's good to see you kimberly you know there are reports of people people in the bahamas saying that when you walk outside anywhere and everywhere you can smell death in the air.
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what are you hearing i mean it's it's just unimaginable what the reports are and harry was there with you why would it ice now or did you do you smell and certainly . not in my area per se but yesterday as a 1st throughout the out and i. was like what is that somebody who works in the home so i was like this smells pretty familiar and i don't like him but at the same time we can't jump to conclusions because there are a lot of animals on the humane society even suffered tremendously a lot of animals some are some are asking that there's an art. you know i know of people whose who had to say are dogs lacked and that we can only hope and then i say hey my backyard didn't make it so there's it's a putrid thing and i could disparage it it's future. and you know there have been
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images of people emerging from homes that you know people who hadn't been seen for days so there's still hope out there that missing people can be found that mean what do you hear what's the latest on rescue attempts. i'm not sure about bras to exams at this point i know they're still course canvassing the air police officers and knocking on the person's door is the you know a lot of people of missing persons reports which are with supposed to do at this point now that he can actually get to the police station because that means underwater during the storm so that our command center and me mum could not work properly here in the bahamas which is the national emergency management agency so a lot of those people you know we're trying to connect them and their families as best as best as we can but rescue efforts at this point they just need billy a lot of them who able to manage through the storm they're like you know it doesn't make sense rescuing me. we just need the state would get us you would get us in
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water let's just clean out we have all we have our mail boat which is coming in from the capital which are transporting people out of the island as long as also they are bringing bringing us some food some water some supplies red cross are in the atlanta date on the salvation that and the allen today are all bombs to dance for us is assisting with distribution of those items and we have a couple international organizations who are actually met with red tape you know they can't get in and out of the island right now because the government only want to work for the few organizations so you know there's a lot of a lot of things going up and down right now rask youth is still continuing it is factually the people who need medical assistance plan explained don't have water because we know we don't have water on the island which is a big problem so the clinics the hospital they need water clean water. and.
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the things that are needed right now that are needed most are they getting through or as you just said or we're talking about return from bureaucracy or really blocking things were. needed. what they're doing what the government is doing is taxing. people who put together a private ad relief efforts so if they don't want to recognize you as help in there are certain list of charities organizations they're actually telling you hey you have to pay your do you have to pay your taxes and at a time like this so far we've also heard that the government has put in a $90.00 big the agency order which is you can prove a year houses damage and you want to bring its own as you can in terms of the a plane or or a boat you have 90 days 90 days with people who've lost everything now even though they can sign a passport. and only are met with that that. before we run out of time human just ask you the fact that you were able to talk tonight. means that some of
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the telecommunications network is working i mean what's the state of that is everyone able to reach the people that they want to reach and all the arguments and that that's the most unfortunate part so i'll explain it like this quickly i have powers for this for my home was not compromised and one of the 111 of the few areas that didn't experience letting this storm happen in 3 days as we had water wind and we had. and i say water i mean flooding and we had rain of course we had to brave the rains i had powers because we have an industrial generator in this hall. so i had service because i have a portable wife i had a vice. we have 2 telecommunications company. com companies one of them failed one of them stayed up that's the only way some of people were able to be rescued others couldn't even get a message out. from court. tonight giving us the latest on
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the situation there in the audience from where we appreciate your time and your insights so. thank you take care. or coming up later on the dave blood is apparently not sicker than bright sit the british prime ministers own brother to date quit parliament and the cabinet but not even rumors of a family feud have changed boris johnson stands on briggs' it can you make had promise to day to that that his public that you were not paid back to brussels and author another that delay toprak that yes and so he done add would you like that i'd rather be did monstrous despicable bet is how a judge in germany today described it to child a sex abusers as they were sentenced to prison for sexually molesting more than 30 children over 2 decades some of their victims were just toddlers the sex crimes
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took place at a campsite near the telma depp mold in north western germany police there are being criticized for failing to intervene soon sivia sexual abuse of children and more then $200.00 cases both andreea svea and mary were as were found guilty of abusing more than 30 children the main victim and reus vece own 8 year old foss the child it the sentences are close to the maximum penalty in germany but it's likely the 2 men when they have a be fully released one off the defense lawyers except at the verdict plots and everything in the end it's 13 years plus preventative detention and that was to be expected i've stated at other times if not in this case when for the gun for years the authorities received tips about the potential pedophilia of the main suspect it was only in october last year that one of the girls' mothers reported the crimes to the police that happened at the campsite where he lived the trial
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considered one of the biggest cases of sexual abuse in germany cost outrage and raised many questions including how andrea sui was allowed to foster a child when he was unemployed and living at a campground and despite the fact that he had been under suspicion of sexual assault the police also came in for criticism after evidence a suitcase full of d.v.d.'s with child pornography and abuse disappeared after the men were arrested it is a protest like this verdict should not mean that the whole story is now all over and done with yes we have gone to they did to 2 principal accused the 2 main perpetrators who did this to the children themselves in the background there are people who could have helped save many children from these experiences. even though the 2 men have been sentenced to 12 and 13 years the court labeled them both
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dangerous offenders meaning they can be held indefinitely past their sentences. well the british government says it will comply with a lol delaying brights if the legislation passes parliament and that legislation is expected to become law next monday today prime minister boris johnson suffered yet another major breaks that loss and this one was personal his own brother today joe johnson who campaigned for britain to remain in the european union during the 26000 referendum when he announced that he is leaving the conservative party and stepping down as education minister in his brother's cabinet. brothers yes but brothers in breaks no wednesday a defiant johnson repeated his montreal that britain must leave the european union on october the 31st and that a general election is needed to renu the brics it. all i can say and i hate when
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you all of my breaks i don't want to go on about is the one i don't i don't want an election i don't i don't want to lecture to but frankly i can't see any other way the only way to get this thing done to get this thing moving is to make that decision do you want this government to take it's not a little table or the 31st or do you want jamie colby and the labor party to go to that crucial summit in brussels full table the 17th effectively handover control to the east or that was the british prime minister there to talk about europe germany and britain i'm joined here at the big table tonight by met in our very he's a member of the german parliament the bonus talk from the social democrat see also sits on the bonus talk committee for european union affairs where breaks it course continues to dominate the agenda it's good to have you back on the show i want to ask you there were reports of late last night after the house of commons passed a bill to request another extension said that the european union may not be willing
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to grant another extension i mean can you confirm anything tonight is the us the e.u. now less likely to say yes to a delay. well thanks for having me again i'm not a spokesperson for the european union i think if the domestic policy in politics in the u.k. would lead to something to wanting a delay. 2 of january probably some people would listen to that very carefully is that the feeling you get even in the german parliament that there is a willingness to in of say yes yes again well at this point we don't even know what's going to happen because this prime minister obviously it's difficult to foresee what his next action is but if we do have the choice in the european union as between no deal scenario at the end of next month or a delay that would make it possible for the british parliament to have more time
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due to take action then i would suggest to give another 3 months the u.k. prime minister has repeatedly said that his brags that minister is curing with the new suggestions on help to solve for example the irish back start problem you know solutions to do this impasse now michel barnier the e.u.'s breaks it me and says he hasn't seen any plans we've also been told that the u.k. prime minister says that most of the parliaments in the major e.u. countries have been given these plans have you seen any plans from boris johnson no i haven't and there aren't any there is no invisible border that would fit with the criteria of the single market it is impossible we have been talking about this for years now there is nothing new just the prime minister's near the prime minister's name and what does it do the 2 that the trust in the goshi ations when the prime
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minister says there are plans out there and yet you know that that's not true well to be quite frank i be glad if we would have some sort of bargaining situation but . right now we don't even know whether democracy as we know it in westminster will work next week so let's wait for that and after that i think there will be very pragmatic talks about anything but if the prime minister is seriously willing to to lead his country in a new constitutional crisis it be a totally different taste do you believe that mr bailey that there would be a willingness within within germany and also within the e.u. to reopen negotiations even a little bit because asians. and even if there was a willingness this is a consensus between 27 countries i think you shouldn't overestimate it the deal we're having now with obviously was made last year on this one is.
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it is difficult to difficult to think of an alternative to do that and it is a good compromised coming months torts the british position more than to the european position there are reports that bores johnson wants to change the ukase defense pledges in the current brags it dio in other words we're hearing from one didn't that the prime minister wants to create leverage in other words to threaten that the u.k. will not cooperate with the e.u. insecurity if it doesn't get in a vis the you know an answer to the back stop in ireland for example an and you heard anything mill haven't heard anything and let's see whether this primers there's still prime minister at the end of next month it's it's super difficult to to to go in theory you of all the alternatives if we don't even know with his prime minister word act in accordance with some something that would be passed by the british parliament tomorrow that's that's
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a serious stuff now but you watching at light like the rest fell that's what's going on right now in one didn't we know that worse johnson is going to call for early elections again next monday and there are predictions that parliament will say yes to that and that he could maybe win elections in october it do you see that happening i mean i'd so on your facebook page today you said it was something is populist politics what we're seeing right now in london in do you think that we're going to be dealing with a prime minister boris johnson come october 31st if their early elections in the united kingdom by the rules and laws of the unite end the constitution of the united kingdom's and mr of johnson would win though to toward party would when these election indeed stay in down a street number 10 that's fine that's ok what would be as serious crisis is if he would even if next week be obviously if my a majority office of his 1st office parliament in ordered to extend
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the the the deadline of the of the end of october and he's not not act accordingly then we have a super serious problem. one final question you're also the spokesperson for your party's parliamentary group on us in north american relations and you were just in the united states for several weeks the u.s. vice president has been visiting ireland and he caused a little bit of controversy by saying that the united states stands completely behind boris johnson's breaks in policy what does that do to germany and the e.u. use stance on drugs when they see the u.s. vice president standing in ireland saying we're for breaks it bores johnson style well the government of the united states is a problem not only in this case but also in other on other occasions but there are members of congress on the democratic side also on the republican side that see it very very seriously and i would say much more realistic than the administration at
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this point and they see the problems of a new border and again coming up between north island in the republic of ireland and being really serious about not having letting that happen so you're not worried about u.s. interference in the power in the budget process i am because they're interfering all the time but i think it's not the u.s. position generally there are other voices in the united states as well all right messing up verdi member of the german parliament the buddhist talk with the social democrats as always we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us thank you thanks for having me. well the rooster or the cock is the national symbol of france so you'll understand why the nation let out a collective cock a doodle doo today after a judge handed down his decision on maurice the rooster or reese's owner was sued by her neighbors who claim that the roosters early morning crows were tantamount to noise pollution and in a game of legal chicken the plaintiff in the defendant faced off in court where
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today the judge ruled that maurice the village cock can continue to crow as he likes in france tonight it is clear once again he really rules the roost. this is maurice quite possibly now france's most famous rooster while he was at home having a pretty regular day his own kareen 5 saw was at court getting the good news in the movies was officially off the hook. was thank courts ruling means the rooster can continue to cock a doodle doo at the crack of dawn. said she had a hunch she would win the case but she was careful not to get too cocky. she moved . i was amazed because even though i expected a positive answer i was a little scared anyway and i am telling myself at least i haven't done it for nothing it was a long story i fought for over 2 years and now you have to move on
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you know that's what she said yeah yeah i'm the lawyer representing timor case was equally satisfied with the court's ruling he said it was a rare piece of common sense. i think it will strengthen local elected officials and the courts because today people acting in bad faith well they will have to think twice before they go to their mayor to ask them to solve a case before they go to court because the interest so has lived on the small island of all the home of france's atlantica coast for 35 years 2 years ago her new neighbors were so upset with mohit as a 5 am morning call they decided to sue well you know the case struck a nerve with many attracting support locally and from abroad. other kako news came to court and support and more than 120000 people signed a petition urging authorities to leave more police alone. cogan felt so says she
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hopes her case will spark a wider debate in french society. just their home a story will make some people talk a lot and that it will make people think you have to stop complaining about nothing like it's have been flashing and what this is because most cases not complaining in fact he doesn't say much at all he's probably just happy this cock and bull story has come to an end. indeed he is all right the day's almost done the covers a she continues online to find us on twitter either at the w. news or you can follow me at t.v. don't forget to use our hash tag the day and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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treated the international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic. decisive showdown over exit this week as tory step up their own prime minister harsh defeat could a last minute revolt say in the u.k. from a no deal and perhaps toppled boris johnson to find out if such. quadriga next d.w. . a great musician to see. time to think
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a nonviolent is good on camera good for superman from eclipses and. the music liberal. group but some of the ending. of misfits are good. with each. other now tend to live. with him had a big gun because ugly as well the highest high you know if i had known that the boat would be that small i never would have gone on a trip of you know i would not have put myself and my parents owned danger to the bottom of the game of the foot a beautifully it would. love one stone to the other one the ability of the given i
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had serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live their lives i'm going to. want to know their story in full migrants terrified and reliable information for margaret's. hello and welcome to quadriga a decisive showdown over breck's it this week as members of the conservative party deserted their prime minister dealing him a harsh defeat that deprived him of his parliamentary majority against boris johnson as well some members of his party.


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