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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 6, 2019 3:30pm-3:45pm CEST

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hossam has been put on hold liberation put into a bleeding he says his penis not only physical it is the pain of meetings here inexplicably and suddenly cut off from the rest of the wound reading for normalcy. that report from. she is now back in delhi and joins us for more on the story trying to michigan to see you we just saw there in your report the communications blackout has had serious consequences on everyday life in kashmir is there any sign that these restrictions will be lifted soon well certainly just yesterday while we were on our way out of the me randi we heard from little can the administration that 4 lines will be restored by yesterday evening is what has been reported of course verifying this would take more time by connections has about more by networks really be just stored in a couple of the according to the home minister of course there's no commitment on
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this front but the belief is that there's going to be a long wait for the internet services to be restored because there is a belief that internet so what has actually allowed all 4 winds to break out we attended an army briefing widely but then army and security forces briefing the officials there said that this these last 30 days have been the most peaceful in the valley and this is because of the communications side down reports of the contrary have of course in march and people have to continue living under these restrictions on decisions are made otherwise the mission of this is a territory on lockdown tell us what else you experience while in kashmir. well to me apart from the communications blackout there are also codes on it on movement now of course so heavily militarized israel. has always seen the presence of security forces on the ground but thousands more will mobilize to the region a month ago when the special status was taken away from the region and the calls
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are pretty much arbitrary when you're actually trying to get around security forces and decide to start down an area which actually leads to more room on social eating because there's no news there's no way to bet if i what exactly is happening you can look something up on the internet you can't even make a call to find out what exactly is happening in a certain areas of these restrictions and of course there are codes on press freedom as well because all the press all the press in the valley have to go to one deficit additions and there are 4 or 5 systems that one internet connection and also there are restrictions on what you can and cannot for them are often stopped from filming inside need as by the security forces just very quickly michelle what do people there tell you about how they see india's decision to remove this special status but so many people on the ground of definitely angry they're also scared to be speaking to the media because they feel after cautions but they feel like
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they should have been involved in this decision and that is and the fact that this decision was taken unilaterally they're also frustrated by the communication shut down and want more autonomy they want to be heard by the indian government and they want actually for the special status to be reinstated but this of course would be a long shot he. was speaking to us from delhi thank you for your reporting. to sports now and it is the standout match of the euro qualifiers tonight 2 of europe's most talented football teams and longtime rivals faceoffs germany is hosting the netherlands in hamburg. germany co-chair can love his played up his young teams close north the hedges their match rick the netherlands who is byron's knee on a gorecki are out in jet his been a break in the chain it's is shoddy about by the human mitts the rio shame on of i know from experience when there was a bit of a breaks of a team in 2010 that
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a need to play with move or less was same starting line of over 8 for 10 or 12 matches see the last without too many changes that he phoenix for endo own give dutch courage drawn or coombe and seems to have no problem switching up his young site and his 10 matches in charge he's never names the same line up in 2 consecutive games like germany in the netherlands are also emerging from a difficult patch there's ada dot we in germany or sometime of stronger and sometimes week has and that also has to do with the quality of the rival that little going to cali ties from the tater saw much these 2 great rival should feiss out for top spot in group c. germany have the upper hand thanks to a 32 win earlier this year an absolute damn the last time they lost at home to the dutch was on the way back in 2000 and. 8 or mine are now our top story at this hour robert mugabe zimbabwe's 1st post independence leader has died at the
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age of $95.00 was being treated in singapore for an undisclosed ailment mugabe help power in zimbabwe from the end of white minority rule in 1900 until resigning under pressure from the military in 2017. coming up next an in-depth look at boris johnson and breaks it on our debate show quadriga that's in just a few minutes here on the w. don't go away.
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3 good big international auto show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week the decisive showdown over breakfast this week as the tories dealt their own prime minister harsh defeat could a last minute revolt save the u.k.
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from a no deal bresson and perhaps topple boris johnson to find out how to. quadriga next d.w. . be in good shape from the moment of fertilization until the day to day we're going to look at the months of need for the 1st of june child. proper nutrition prenatal screening and deciding how do i want to bring this child into the world more on these topics on. the ship in 60 minutes r d w. staying up to date don't miss our highlights w. program online w.
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dark column highlights. where is home. when your family is scattered across the globe. with goods. to come. turning back to the roots get a minimum of the. sharks family from somalia live around the world to them one of them needed urgent assistance and. family starts october anything on d w. hello and welcome to quadriga a decisive showdown over blacks at this week as members of the conservative party deserted their prime minister dealing him a harsh defeat that deprived him of his parliamentary majority against boris
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johnson's will some members of his party voted for a bill to stop his do or die pledge to leave the e.u. at the end of october with or if necessary without any go.


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