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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 6, 2019 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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the at. the at. this is g.w. news live from berlin the end all of an era one of africa's most polarizing leaders robert mugabe has died at the age of 95 the sons of former president of zimbabwe was a freedom fighter for all those a brutal dictator look at his complex legacy and ask how people exude ballboy are likely to remember also coming up to the death toll from hurricane dorian into bahamas will be staggering the country warns as search and rescue that that's gathered pace hundreds possibly thousands of people are missing with tens of
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thousands more in desperate need of a. time out of the home free glad you could join me simple ways for president robert mugabe has died at the age of 95 mugabe was a zimbabwe's 1st post independence leader and held on to power in 84 decades he ruled with an iron fist crushing dissent and presiding over a multiple economic crises and hyperinflation mugabe was finally ousted by his own military 2 years ago. was involved when celebrated then but today the current president and mrs magog were declared mugabe a national hero this report on reactions to macau based. on the streets of the zimbabwean capital harare people reflected on the death of mugabe the man. here see
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as an independent psych on. describing is it evolution that he played a part in the various inside way and only did to empower the black people but you did this in a good many dead bodies was a good lead but you know that. you kind of june which to every way but to meet us because. he was an iconic you as an african major and he's only mistake was that you're overstating how you can get somebody hits 18 it's 96 to being the president you have to give agassi a chance the man who did eventually get the chance to take over as president of zimbabwe and as in man and dog was cut short a trip to south africa on hearing the news of mugabe's death he acknowledged mugabe's legacy. good days early this morning. in the single poll over the phone of 4 nation. and.
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all national liberation. leaves a big void you know i me she or you tell a south african president cyril ramaphosa pay tribute to the man he said inspired many in his own country government he was one of those presidents who also contributed to the freedom of the people of south africa once they attained their own independence they established a free and independent zimbabwe but some zimbabweans currently living in south africa have different memories of president mugabe. it's not in the last it was there are people might say to you knock off i say a lot of suffering because of this make sure i don't feed the sea but i don't feel that safe in these. really didn't want to be here but just because of the situation
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this is going to was really using my dad's. that's why i like you. so independence icon or authoritarian ruler or both whatever people's opinion of robert mugabe he's not going to fade from africa's collective memory any time soon joining me now from zimbabwe's capital harare is tendai biti he is the vice president of zimbabwe's opposition party and d.c. and he served as the country's finance minister from 2009 to 2030 thank you very much for joining us here on d w to begin with what does this moment of mugabe's possibly mean for the country. $133.00 clothes out of a chapter. in the. of. if it did not it's him clearly used in the in the making robot i'm going to clearly
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there was a jarring. next may be the most willful so he bought it so with that opening that i think no one can take away from him but robert mugabe was also the president of it divided the country in this beautiful beach he i mean the gross abuse of human rights in the economy keep such a free period of to the eighty's he created so much contradiction so much friction contradictions which. would lead to the $27.00 so you think you think joy. contradiction everybody would want to end it depicted on the other hand now from 2009 and till 2030 while part of the opposition you actually worked in a unity government with mugabe as his finance minister we had a picture just that all of that time do you feel in any way responsible for failing to clean up the corruption in the country. no to told remember that.
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when we were in government we see it was a core these in government. between the m.d.c. i can remember all of. them appear that because the mugabe. and we knew the m p we responsible for the lies in the whole growing the economy the average growth rates of the economy during a lifetime was a ticket in 10 percent and the 2011 economy grew by 12 percent in the will the type but of course this is time for big daisy as out of the 20 election in zimbabwe. today the only thing that will use it is keeping mugabe. is that those who took over from him. in 2 months. with. they have use of human rights as i'm talking to you right now people way short of printing 128 people in the media that people were short of creating
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a team by the media that we made with them. and so forth. all of the sick and so forth focused. because we use it by difficulties so this is the back you know approach and say it's one which would absolutely. agree. mugabe. is the big body blow to the live but you're not going to. believe people in the business or 5 use the mission of. police what i. can i do to devise president all the zimbabwe's opposition party and d.s.d. thanks for your insight. well in the bahamas the government is warning that the death toll from hurricane a dorian will be staggering at least 30 people are confirmed dead and hundreds possibly thousands are missing well dorian has now made
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landfall in the united states an international humanitarian effort is underway to help those affected in the bahamas the u.n. estimates that 70000 people are in immediate need of 8. under this rubble lie holmes oh blistery to life cut short the extent of hurricane dorian's havoc is slowly beginning to america and so 2 stories of survivors cleaning up whatever what we are one joke to show well once for rice when she was once going to show. it's. others here are frantically trying to get out the airport departure lounge is overwhelmed. they told us that the baby is the right name people and the elderly people who were supposed to be 1st preference. we have to be here we still have elderly people here right so it's not. it's not they're not
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living up to there were. some 70000 people here need water food and medicine are gently they used to refer to as a slice of heaven know the people who call it home fear it's finished they. all take a good they get. none of that was about but again. it's about $100.00 i mean a 100 events that methane and all over. the neighboring grand bahama it is every bit as bleak the road to shelter here is littered with tales of hope. and of heartbreak. set up in new zealand for. this body of water in laos. right now heading to the city of refuge so it wasn't
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a bomb. everywhere reminders of those who couldn't escape recovery workers measure the cost in bodies a moment's rest interrupted by the discovery of yet another victim little wonder that officials here are preparing for mass casualties. now some of the other stories making news around the world fortunes up a chain of parliament the house of lords has passed a deal to block a no deal gregg's it on the 31st of october and another blow to prime minister boris johnson opposition parties have again ruled out granting him until early election. on kong police have again fied kid gas and rubber bullets at pro-democracy protesters demonstrations have been continuing for 14 weeks the latest violence comes off to hong kong's leader formally withdrew a bill allowing extraditions to mainland china the original sugar for the unrest.
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the german chancellor angela merkel has called for a peaceful solution to the months of protests in hong kong merkel has been meeting chinese premier li kidd china and beijing they also discussed calm us and the growing trade deal between china and the us. pope francis has arrived in madagascar during a tour of east africa earlier in mozambique the pontiff denounced business and political corruption francis said it was paradoxical that so many people live in poverty despite mozambique's abundant natural resources. now leaders of south america's amazon region are in colombia trying to come up with a joint strategy for protecting the world's largest rain forest the region has been ravaged by wildfires in recent weeks and at the summit in a tissue brings together brazil colombia peru ecuador bolivia and city and i am
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brazilian president both an auto who has been criticized over his environmental policies is not attending because all of the medical treatment. that scientists have warned that the amazon follows will likely become more severe and frequent in the future unless action is taken against deforestation and climate change while we're going to be speaking now soon or a keogh the research at the university of oxford now she is working to combat deforestation in latin america welcome to you laura what can we expect from this summit. sounds honestly you know i mean i hope i'm going to test against the forest say something but it could you know it could just be another summit with empty words fake commitments that we've seen before so and give the impression of action i mean balls and i don't for example i know it's not up a summit fund how can we expect him to interest the issue when he has refused entry
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so that he wants to do both you know i was wrong i'm saying consumption us bonds from the instance of the internet is the best protective of the rain forests and you have a constitutional right to their home movie on islam so weak we urgently need strong action and i hope it will come out of this some of us. should really is i mean the the would because of course those fires is still raging how can the woe stop them. there that i mean the 1st trading time for me is that we actually have the solutions to stop this so for example the year is in a great position to use the mercosur tried to be able to make sure that our imports are no longer driving to foreign station and not america we can see this in structure monitoring making sure countries can force their own laws and so has really strong laws that it's not an forcing. that way those that are covered kind of are it's right now and feeling like they can get away with it and lighting fires
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and they would. be repercussions to the us the problem is and this is the problem with all major environmental issues today is that the solutions aren't there but we're not acting on them so i think that we need a social movement to post leaders to take stronger action. or an aura care from the university all of oxford and keep well germany and the netherlands face off in around hoffa now in what is the standout much of this round of your own 2020 qualifies germany have already beaten the dutch in this campaign taking 3 vital points in amsterdam the return match tonight in hamburg the sell out a little wonder is germany and the netherlands one of international focus faith system rivalries. finally some sad news they ignite to top around the wall but it is gay penguins who adopted an egg skipper in paying have spent weeks taking turns to brood the egg which had been abandoned by
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a female penguin but now they see who has announced that despite the couple's best efforts the egg has failed to hatch says it's optimistic this caper and paying will get another shot at parenthood in the future. well up next is business africa with kristoff a man and a home for you see you soon. and on demand. video and. go to the girl next you chad.


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