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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 7, 2019 1:00pm-1:16pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin a widely anticipated prisoner exchange is on the way between moscow and kiev among those being transferred is jailed ukrainian filmmaker on the expense of also coming up a blow to indian attempts to put a robot on the gruen engineers at mission control the last communication with a lunar lander the signal from the chandrayaan 2 spacecraft disappeared off it and it is final the sent to the moon's surface.
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thank you. i'm having a home free glad he could join me a long awaited exchange of prisoners between russia and ukraine is on the way the swap could be a significant step towards easing relations between the countries and raising chances of resolving the conflict in the east of ukraine fighting there between troops and russian backed separatists has killed more than 13000 people since 2014 and ukrainians including filmmaker all accent self and 24 sailors detained since last year in russia are currently being transferred from moscow to kiev with 35 russians heading in the opposite direction. ever more on this story we're joined by kiev post editor and correspondent matthew cofa in kiev matthew bring us up to date with the latest what's happening right now. well. it was
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a very emotional scene at the airport where the plane landed and the prisoners exited they embraced president. they met with their families who are extremely emotional from the from the front from the scene there we can see that the people who we believe would be returned in this prisoner exchange were indeed returned people like director oleg sun sol perhaps the most famous political prisoner of ukraine held in russia who was just sentenced to 20 years in prison on terrorism charges also people like. a ukrainian patriotic farmer from crimea who was imprisoned on some very dodgy weapons possession charges. a journalist who was arrested while visiting family in russia and held in prison for many years. a 19 year old ukrainian who was basically kidnapped in belarus and illegally extradited to to russia to stand trial on some very dodgy terrorism charges as well as 24 ukrainian sailors captured while trying to cross in the black sea and the sea
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in november so it's a huge day here. i mean it's a huge day remind us again all of the significance all this what like this. well there has never been a swap this big between ukraine and russia directly so it's an important event there have been small ones but not big ones there was a bigger it was a a large swap in december 2017 between ukraine and russian backed fighters controlling parts of eastern ukraine but there has been nothing of the sorts between ukraine and russia and this likely signifies that there is some ability to cooperate in terms of resolving this conflict at the same time it is not an end of the conflict i wouldn't describe it as a major step towards resolving the war in eastern ukraine there is still a lot of issues much tension and great relations between ukraine and russia and many stumbling blocks so it's a step but not an enormous one a step not an enormous one and with that in mind and how likely is this to really.
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sticking crease the prospects of peace between the 2 countries on an every day level. i don't believe it will change anything immediately that said in his speech after the arrival of the of the prisoners were freed president believe it is announced he said that the next steps are sort of pulling the troops back at certain points on the on the front line that this is already been done in one crossing point between ukrainian government controlled and separate is controlled territory but these are right now ideas it requires a lot more work and as alinsky said in his speech to this exchange with the result of at least a month of intensive work so there's a lot to be done if they want to resolve the conflict here presidents and correspondent matthew cafe in kiev thank you. now it was an ambitious plan from the very start to india wanted to be the 1st country to shed light on the dark side of the moon the chandrayaan 2 mission set
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out in july to explore the uncharted territory all of the newness south pole but shortly before the scheduled touchdown the space center in bangalore lost contact with the land now mission control is trying to find out whether the spacecraft crashed or landed well no one was watching. the devastation at india's space agency as the scientists news contact to the chandrayaan 2 only seconds before its landing. the spacecraft was meant to become the 1st ever to touch down on the unexplored south pole of the moon indian prime minister in the random o.t. came to see the landing from the control room late to the phone come solitary worse as he addressed the nation. on earth few of us dining out of the nation by the way we read i read. any news sought out or t.v. . inserted t.v.
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we got assigned peace who had embarked. on one of the morse ambitious mission of our space program. vic game very close but. we really need to cover more ground. the landing of the spacecraft was also broadcast live on television across the country tensions were running high ahead of the event the chandrayaan 2 was successfully launched in july after a previous attempt was called off due to technical problems. chandrayaan which means moon craft an ancient sanskrit spent the last few weeks travelling to us the south side of the moon. on monday the landing robot vic separated from the craft ahead of its planned touchdown it was supposed to measure
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the surface and locate water deposits india would have been only the 4th country in the world to achieve a controlled soft landing its previous mission in 2008 and it with a spacecraft probe intentionally crashing into the moon for now india's invitations to become a global space superpower appear to have suffered a setback but scientists hope to get the communication to the spacecraft back up and find out what happened. all right let's get you up to date now with some of the other stories making news around the world wildfires in northeastern australia have forced the evacuation of hundreds of people and destroyed a number of homes with strong winds and dry conditions expected to continue over the coming days authorities say it could take a week to get the fires under control. around 60 pilot whales have stranded themselves on a beach in iceland the animals got trapped in the shallows of
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a rocky sea we covered part of the coast they were spotted by hikers and a rescue group is trying to push the whales back out to sea. well german chancellor angela merkel has called for the rights and freedoms of hong kong residents to be respected during a visit to china nash made the comments after meeting with chinese premier li ka chang in the capital beijing americal said everything should be done to avoid violence and recommended talks between demonstrators and the hong kong leadership or chancellor is also a thing to strengthen business ties chinese and german business leaders signed economic agreements expected to create and secure thousands of jobs in both countries. and joining me. in the studio now is our political correspondent maximiliano good to see you maximally ana of course the german chancellor had this kind of tightrope to walk between human rights concerns and of course economic concerns as well does she put it off. to have to balance those
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human rights concerns and economic issues she travels for to china but it was a clear sign of how complicated the relationship between china and germany have become merkel herself has called china both a strategic partner but also a competitor and you can see that on the range of topics these 2 countries have to discuss for example the nuclear agreement with iran so after the draw of the united states states china has become a much more important political fulls it's also one of the signatories of the new. agreement with iran and it has becoming an important ally for germany in this discussion because it's one of those countries who can break the iran back to the table in by giving its economic incentives and of course these bigger global debates have been an important issue over setting these high level talks at germany in time of holding for a couple of years now and of course also the home protests have been one of those big issues over setting these economic well talking about the hong kong protests
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and a pro-democracy activist said that the chance of it could have been clearer in her condemnation of violence against the protestors makan of course is known for being measured was that a fair assessment do you think will the child of the hong kong activists have been raising the bar quite high because they have specifically addressed the german chancellor angela merkel ahead of her trip they have been sending her a public letter urging her to take side with the hong kong activists to see the issues that are at hand and also to meet with the hong kong activists the german chancellor hasn't so far met with their children has her trip isn't over but it's highly unlikely she would still do that what she has been like kind of stating or addressing the issue in beijing she has been saying that the human rights should be guaranteed for the citizens of hong kong but of course that is a very broad assessment so there hasn't been a kind of principal statement on human rights so that expectation. and on the other side of this visit of course as we mentioned economic concerns that talk about the
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money for a minute because we had folks fog an audience driving the wrong side. any deal struck well the have been deal struck there haven't been many on the economics of also kind of general sort of agreements general corporation there have been deal struck on aviation on motive industries but also in education for example so germany and china holding these like high level talks for a couple years and it's about general corporation but of course there is one deal that merkel hasn't brought back and that's been something that's not only been. by the german economic side but also by the european partners so germany merkel especially has been very much looking forward to kind of confirm a u. european chinese investment deal and that is something that she's been working on for a while and the has been no formal like further confirmation and that's in beijing so fos about some things you probably have to trim back for right next to me on the question of the political correspondent thank you very much indeed. well
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hurricane dorian is speeding towards canada after making landfall in the u.s. states of north and south carolina for cost is expected to bring hurricane force winds to parts of nova scotia late on saturday it's already left a trail of devastation in the bahamas and thousands of people have been fleeing the islands by boat planing cruise ship to escape the catastrophic off them off of the storm the death toll is now at $43.00 but expected to grow significantly. in shock and in pain people on the bahamas are desperately trying to leave the islands ravaged by hurricane dorian. for many the meager possessions they're carrying are all they have left no are no power oh i doubt. it's everything we have a separate thing is damage government trying to help us with the same guys that
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we're going to going to a good enough job to go after the people that the police. would for know what we need out of the school if. the people who once called this shanty town home are among the most desperate of dorian's victims. national and international aid organizations have begun moving in to airlift the injured to hospitals and bring food water and other staples to those who have no means to leave. but the widespread destruction poses for medical logistical challenges to teams scrambling to distribute supplies. in the u.s. dorian made landfall as a category one storm hitting the coast of north carolina with battering waves storm surge and heavy rain caused extensive flooding powerful winds and a series of tornadoes ripped the roofs off houses and knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of people. dorian has lost a little steam as it barrels on toward eastern canada packing sustained winds of up
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to 145 kilometers an hour it's forecast to touch down in nova scotia later on saturday. well some sports news now in germany stumbled a heavy for 2 loss on home soil to the netherlands in qualifying for the european championships last night and that means that the qualifying situation for germany has tightened the top 2 nations from each of the qualifying groups devolves to next year's tournament automatically the netherlands and now back nipping at the heels of that famous rivals as dutch superstar vike told the. day off of the game in hamburg last night. well you know as is always a special game but for us it was very important to get the 3 points and we were very confident that it was it could happen and you have to play almost a perfect game for it because they are very good but i think we did you know we
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especially the 2nd object with a month on the pressure put him in difficult situations. your news coming up next we go on patrol with police a reporter on the case you know remember he was finally latest headlines around the clock on our website at his d w dot com or twitter and humphrey thanks for watching and c.c. . the boss and it's as if they don't need to keep. the people old for over that's on home the 4th i'm clear on the hold almost missed him in that he can unlock. the bottom of the fannies at the last dragons in this one as you call it a home for 3 years. on. the big i don't think out of the jet well i guess some family but i stand up in where we should have been thanks deep into.


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