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the back. this is g.w. news live from bali a widely anticipated prisoner exchange has taken place between russia and ukraine there are emotional scenes as families will be united it afterwards in moscow in kiev it was there coming up a blow to the attempts to put a robot all numbering to engineers at mission control it lost communication with their lunar lander the signal from the chandrayaan 2 spacecraft disappeared altered and to its final descent to the new south east. and more than $70000.00
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people are in need of food or water in the bahamas off their homes and communities were destroyed by hurricane dorian already saying that the final death toll will be staggering. thanks. i'm head of the humphrey glad you could join us a long awaited exchange of prisoners between russia and ukraine has taken place these swap could be a step towards easing relations between the countries and increasing the chances of resulting the conflict in the east of ukraine while fighting there between troops and russian backed separatists has killed more than 13000 people since 2135 ukrainians including a filmmaker all expense open 24 sailors detained since last year in russia which transferred from moscow to kiev with $35.00 russians heading. in the opposite
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direction. for more on this story we're joined by our correspondent nick connolly in moscow and kiev post at a time matthew cote in the ukrainian capital welcome to you both maggie starting with you bring us up to date with the latest what is happening right now in kiev. will the prisoner exchanges already happen here was a very emotional scene at you but he's full airport when the plane arrived the prisoner the former prisoners now exited the plane they embraced president has announced he met their relatives brace their relatives a lot of emotions a very happy scene there now likely being taken to it in the medical clinic for medical checks but on this and that the exchanges happened some of the people returned include as mention film director alleged some sort of a very popular political prisoner but also 24 ukrainian sailors were captured while crossing from the black sea into the old city in november. journalist who was who
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is arrested while visiting family in moscow also called a night of ukrainian was 19 in 2017 when he was basically kidnapped and illegally extradited to moscow from belarus so it's a very big emotional day for ukraine and nick how is this exchange of prisoners being perceived on the russian side. well hello there's a bit of a sort of asymmetrical side to this because not many of the people heading the other way coming to moscow are as well known in russia as is the case for those now traveling or returns to kiev the only really household name here to deal with shinseki a journalist who worked and headed the kiev office of a russian news agency apart from that not many people known to the wider russian public and indeed most of them are actually ukrainian citizens who were in ukrainian jails for fighting or assisting the separatists i think this is less important for the russian domestic audience for russia's image abroad and we saw
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president putin meeting in what i might call fronts in the last month and this is all part of steps to kind of show that russia is acting in good faith and willing to deescalate and try and find some kind of starts to a new resolution of the peace process we're talking about household names then matthew of course film director of next and so it was among the prisoners exchanged what is his release mean today. well it's a very significant moment for ukraine because he is of course highly publicly known it's a significant victory for president selenski but at the same time as a figure who is so dominant in narratives of political prisoners that sometimes it can actually suck the oxygen out of the room for other political prisoners there is still after this possibly up to somewhere around $200.00 ukrainian political prisoners of different types held in russia and has since sold himself said to journalists after he arrived you know the fight is not over they need to free the
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others so his return means it is a big moment for ukraine but it could also mean less attention to political prisoners actually right back to you than it because you mentioned sound asymmetry aid how they swap is being perceived so what then is the significance of us what place between ukraine and russia. well present selenski definitely very upbeat selling this as the start of big changes ahead and a pause to peace let's have a listen to what you have to say. we need. 2 connections so i'm going to actually be going to president. if your 1st step we have to begin all the steps publicly called the steps you mean spiral since you know monday i have i just want to say about it.
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i hope we'll have a meeting in normandy permanently and we'll speak about it and will speak all the steps during. the future during the nearest future we have to do all the steps to finish these horrible war. so finishing this horrible was present so let's as lecky says i think that is optimism that we haven't seen for a long time this is a peace process that has been stuck for years and hasn't been going anywhere but i think this is low hanging fruit as it were this was something that was relatively easy to do relatively small compromises having to be made on both sides the next steps will be much more painful this will be the bigger issues of providing some core kind of autonomy to these eastern ukrainian regions if their returns to kiev control and also what to do with all the people who say the separatist force is some kind of amnesty what is russia willing to give what is ukraine willing to give much less room for maneuver there and very tough negotiations ahead he says they
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have an economy in moscow and matthew cook for in kiev thank you very. well it was an ambitious plan from the very start india wanted to be the 1st country to shed light on the dark side of the moon and the chandrayaan 2 admission set out in july to explore the uncharted territory of the luna south pole but shortly before the scheduled touchdown the space center in bangalore lost contact with them and now mission control is trying to figure out whether the spacecraft crashed or landed when i was watching. the devastation at india's space agency as the scientists news contact to the chandrayaan to only seconds before its landing. the spacecraft was meant to become the 1st ever to touch down on the unexplored south pole of the moon indian prime minister narendra modi came to see the landing from the control room later the phone come solitary worse as he addressed the nation.
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on earth few of us. dying out of the nation by the way. we've had our way. in this sort of outer dream in star did anybody. we've got a sign peace who hired embark. on one of the morse ambitious mission of our space program. victim very low voice but we really need to cover more ground on. the landing of the spacecraft was also broadcast life on television across the country tensions were running high ahead of the event the chandrayaan 2 was successfully launched in july after a previous attempt was called off due to technical problems the chandrayaan which
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means moon craft an ancient sanskrit spent the last few weeks traveling to us the south side of the moon. on monday the landing robot vick separated from the craft ahead of its planned touchdown it was supposed to measure the surface and locate water deposits india would have been only the 4th country in the world to achieve a controlled soft landing its previous mission in 2008 and it with the space craft probe intentionally crashing into the moon. for now india's invasions to become a global space superpower appear to have suffered a setback but scientists hope to get the communication to the spacecraft back up and find out what happened so we're joined by g.w. correspondent michelle in a definition we just saw in that report orange remoting looking a little bit glum but then he appeared undeterred after all he's got some big
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ambitions where does he go from here. well definitely while the confirmation of for family of this mission would be a setback to industrious mission the prime minister the government and the people in general have been very supportive of israel's efforts its role is india's space program and the prime minister has reiterated that he has complete faith and confidence that is true we continue to achieve new heights the next steps for india actually there's already been one more mission there's been a mission to mars but india is also hoping to send missions to venus and even the sun and a manned mission to the morn by 2022 so these ambitions strong of course critics of the government say that this is not what the government should be focusing on but on the flagging economy than the flooring g.d.p. numbers and the high unemployment rate but this of course is separate is a separate criticism the moon the moon mission and death space program continues to
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receive heavy support from the government our correspondent mr joyce well in delhi thank you. let's get you up to date now with some of the other stories making news around the world police in hong kong have tried to disperse protesters who gathered at a train station in an attempt to disrupt traffic to the airport pro-democracy activists have vowed to continue their protest that's despite hong kong media kerry now announcing with tour of a controversial extradition bill on wednesday. german chancellor i'm going to mean what america meanwhile has called for the rights and freedoms of hong kong residents to be respected during a visit to china now she made the comments off the meeting with the chinese premier li could shine in the capital beijing macaluso aides to strengthen business ties with china during her trip. there iran says it seized a foreign tugboat and arrested 12 filipino crew members the head of the coast guard
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said the vessel was part of an oil smuggling operation the seizure comes amid tensions in the gulf off that the united states unilaterally withdrew from the nuclear deal with iran. around 60 pilot whales stranded themselves on a beach in iceland animals got trapped in the shallows of a rocky seaweed covered part of the coast it was spotted by hikers and a rescue group is trying to push the whales back out to sea. well hurricane dorian is speeding towards canada after making landfall in the u.s. states of north and south carolina for cost is expected to bring hurricane force winds to parts of nova scotia late on saturday so we left a trail of devastation in the bahamas and thousands of people have been fleeing the islands by boat plane and cruise ship to escape the catastrophic off of the storm the death toll is now 43 but it is expected to grow significantly.
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in shock and in pain people on the bahamas are desperately trying to leave the islands ravaged by hurricane dorian for many the meager possessions they're carrying are all they have left no are no power over our own. eyes it's 5 everything we have everything is damage government trying to do this with the same guys they were doing do you want a good enough job to go after your people it's the police you know that was for no one any of them it's going to be. the people who once called this shanty town home are among the most desperate of dorian's victims national and international aid organizations have begun moving in to airlift the injured to to hospitals and bring food water and other staples to those who have no means to leave. but the widespread destruction poses for medical logistical challenges to teams scrambling
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to distribute supplies. in the u.s. dorian made landfall as a category one storm hitting the coast of north carolina with battering waves storm surge and heavy rain caused extensive flooding while powerful winds and a series of tornadoes ripped the roofs off houses and knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of people. dorian has lost a little steam as it barrels on toward eastern canada packing sustained winds of up to 145 kilometers an hour it's forecast to touch down in nova scotia later on saturday. well for well in the netherlands have managed to embarrass germany at home by winning $42.00 in a euro 2020 qualifying session average gave germany an early lead schooling off the only 9 minutes to quit 5 dutch goals turn the game on its head in the 2nd half and although toni kroos equalised from the penalty spot the germany the netherlands had
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the last law face school twice in the last 10 minutes made it around the damning school line for your human nerves team. and watching the news coming up next in this week in reports in wild stories from a beacon was fined the latest headlines on a website e.w. dot com got a home for it in ballin thanks for watching these. small consumer big changes. possible. go africa. fantastic.


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