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if i would have gone on a trip to cuba i would not have put myself and my parents i'm trying to move out of steam of the in a beautifully for. them to deposit on the ability to give them i had serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live their lives i'm going to. want to know their story great stir fried and reliable information for margaret's. few cities in germany are as easy to recognize as this one this skyline with so
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many high rises can only be mind has an alias bank for it that is frankfurt. it's a classic among germany's city trips frankfurt with its exciting contrasts from the skyline to the old town and from the tavern culture around the site are called void that i'm eager to try to the nightlife in the station district well and because it's summer i'll also be on the water. course we also make a detour to the city's famous art museum there's. our globe trotter takes us to greenland from the capital nuke to the endless ice. and this week's deer video shows a pressure off and adventurous journey through it was biggest time.
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high finance high rises and high rent frankfurt center was almost destroyed in world war 2 it cleared space for a new buildings i'd like to get a bird's eye view of it all the mine tell us has an observation deck in 30 seconds if you assent 200 meters in good weather it's worth seeing the view of the city and the region has brought other travelers out here to become from all over. what are you from. paris where you're from the netherlands but what's so special about the city while i call it buildings it's kind of like new york and also i'm like i like the part of the city that she took to the architectural the contrast of all the nina that's really nice it's beautiful it's a. way it sounds contradictory but it's a fact in frankfurt there is
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a new old town and attempt to heal the wounds of war destruction and half the reconstruction they want to teresa wrecked a part of the medic you both city and that you all tell opened in 2018. germany's financial hub has rebuilt history in the heart of its old town. the area was almost totally destroyed by arrowheads in march 1904 now it's been resurrected as a testament to frank for its medieval past. architect and urban planning. has reconstructed the most donate of the old buildings the golden scale was once owned by the dutch spice merchant out confection a home fun humble. yacht by their golden bargain
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for the golden scale and partly for other buildings as well we were lucky enough to have a great number of original elements that had survived the war. and we managed to persuade the owner of large parts of the golden scales façade to donate the stones to us he had them stored in his library building. fund kamel family papers reveal details like the existence of a gilded waterspout shaped like a dragon. a total of 15 buildings have been reconstructed 20 more are entirely new the built in medieval style some people criticize the project at 1st but today the new old town is a thing of beauty from aston i'd finished my 1st impression is that it's beautiful it's aesthetically pleasing i can't say that about it it decorative facades came out very well i don't know how much money went into it that that raises the question of whether it was the right investment to make investments. in this i
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think it still looks very lifeless but can i say that the human element is still missing somehow i just come to maybe that will come when the right shops move and some shops have already opened like this wine bottle. businesses with a regional connection get preferential treatment when trying to sign leases in the new town this bottle shop has been well received. and with lower this is what this is this area feels a little like a village. the dress shop owners all know each other in time. besides the shops over 200 rental apartments have been built the new old town doesn't it still seem a bit sterile as though it's waiting for the people of frankfort to fill it with life. says it was well worth it. only because we have this back and people here remember what was they can see that this was their past so now they can
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also ask themselves about the future. right next to the new old town is the back and the old town hall this was also destroyed in the war and rebuild in the 1950 s. many of frankfurt's buildings have had a checkered history they aren't what they were originally meant to be st paul's church for instance is no longer a church it was the 1st structure to be rebuilt after the war this is where the 1st pan german national assembly met after the revolutions of 848 a 1st step on the long road to democracy in germany was going to want to get a visitor learn here. the mural was only put up in 1901 it's by your highness cuts go and shows the procession of the deputies to st paul's church. i would do the biggest gentleman by solemn expressions are supposed to be the deputies there were
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about $200.00 nuns and then you have scenes from daily life scattered throughout and references to history as well of course it's a bit ambiguous on the one hand it's called the procession of the deputies to st paul's church but it comes across a bit like a funeral procession and of course that alludes to the fact that the paul's church parliament failed the parliament. the 3rd and it's one of the birthplaces of democracy but aside from the painting everything's a plane and so why is that one doesn't government. that's because the church was entirely destroyed in world war 2 with it are now all but the outside walls they were left standing but the whole interior everything inside burnt all that remained was this giant round room there after the war they rebuilt st paul's church for the centennial in 1988 but in a very austere a contemporary style. for
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. a group through our north now we're coming up from the lower darkness into the bright open space that symbolizes the new democratic beginning. then there will be more begin the more you get and. the interior was left purposely austere the seating plane. and the floor just sandstone or. the only part that's a bit fancier is the speaker's podium and the rostrum behind it over with and what is this hall used for today is the home you're going to have it poured out today it's used for special events in fact it's one of germany's most significant event locations every year here for example the peace prize that the german book trade has been awarded since 1950 the got a prize one of the highest honors of the city of frankfurt is also awarded here plus major anniversary observances are held here it's a. used for a great many thanks to most lists or to
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the next point of interest i'm heading for of to is the river of mine the who would buy and brooch from here he can see another of the city's highlights the arts institute frank for it as a business and banking city also has a lot of art and culture to offer pretty concentrated on the banks of the mine there for of the name museums for or the museum embankment and right now we introduce your to the show deeded probably the most important is the i'm here in frankfurt frank church data museum is famous for its historical masterpieces we see foreign heroes. mismatched couples. famous men. fascinating women. in painting after painting.
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staton with the owners are just there the museum was founded an 815 it's the oldest civic museum in germany there in 7000 square meters of space we display some 1000 works of art from 7 centuries so it's a comprehensive overview of art from the middle ages to the present. those who don't have an opportunity to visit frankfurt can take the museums virtual tour it allows you to peruse 56 outstanding works of art at the click of a mouse from the comfort of home taking you on a journey through the centuries deep into the realms of cultural history. is for your mention museum is for people bifocals but also i think it's especially valuable to gather together very different people from so many centuries. the state of director philip demand has selected exemplary works and supplemented them with background stories and notes. for example how can we
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tell that a famous portrait of gutta was left unfinished for a time and only completed later. on go to his face and go to in the campania is world famous of course but if you look down a little you'll see that one leg is long by the may other and he's got 2 left feet wide so something clearly went wrong with his picture. and this painting by manet bears a hidden message that even touched off a scandal among his 19th century contemporaries. often there also because such 1st glance it's a familiar dining table seen in reality this is a portrait of his lover together with her illegitimate son and of course that didn't sit well with the ideals of respectable society at the time around $870.00. at the moment passion to twist all of us out in the top at that moment created a straightforward scene of jealousy of 2 men and one woman you can see it quite
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clearly you get straight to the point one is all green the other all yellow and she's in the middle of red is a beat it's quite a scene. from still museum lights taking its treasures off their pedestals so they can be understood not just mind through the stories behind the pictures. once a year frankfurt pays tribute to its many museums with a big bash on the banks of the river mine the institutions that take part include the city's film museum and it's coming acacia museum. since it was 1st held in 1908 the festival's drawn into the biggest in the region now some 3000000 people come to the end you will museum some for fest and there is plenty to keep them busy.
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it's hot out here today time to look for a little shade. now we cool off a little bit as you know we regularly show you the adventures of our globe trotters the finnish and this time steve has been to the largest island in the world greenland he visited the capital a nuke went fishing and also did a pretty frosty. hello and welcome to dream land i am excited to show you a slice of this incredible place on the. screen and make it mean something like cape the foundations of the city actually go back to this guy here his name is hans
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. and he was a danish missionary who built this church over here and fun fact his house which is the yellow one over there is the all those towers in all of green and i'm here with my boy sally he's from new york and we actually know each other from instagram and he took me up here to hike to the top of. yes so how long will it take us i brought him a live 30 to 40 minutes 30 to 40 minutes and that's a good spot to see new and the area around look from about. deviations. after one hour marking. but we're not so lucky today because when you look from here you can't see anything 2 days later and i decided to come back because the sun came out. and i'm glad i
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did because the view from here is just incredible down there you know here's the new york the surrounding mountains. and down there you can even see icebergs. if you are new of course you need to take a boat and get out there into nature and. the right times come find out of the financial times. we're now going to fish here just beautiful sorry. we got some maybe i've been actually. carried. oh yeah.
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here i'm now spending directly on the greenland ice cap together with my guide nicholas here we have crampons on we have slept here was a quick moment so where are we and what are we about to do now well we are technically the middle of nowhere or sense of neighborhood also called the ice cap the 2nd largest icecap in the world and we're going on the camp to sleep for the night. we just walked out here to the sunset spot. this is just. a nicely.
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now i've got an adventure lined up i for a range to go stand up paddling on the mine. one morning lucas nice to see you looking forward to your mother let's set out for a bit of stand up paddling. already done this by the way but it was in the sea in pretty calm it wasn't on flowing water does that make a big difference well we'll have to watch out for the boats here on the river mine but we'll manage no problem. being that. he's glad i. was. but if i'm not i just get on and no yes 1st get down on your knee. so. well it's been
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a while so it's a good thing i've got instructors like robin and eileen at my side. door . this is how you stand up your future be positioned in the very middle of the board level with the strap from your hands and knees take to careful steps to make sure you're standing stable try to put your heel down take the paddle and stand upright. barefoot. and we had down the mine toward the city center if only these ships weren't everywhere. i'm a little nervous because i see waves of you know you holding a paddle backwards yeah i know. but it's all worth it for this
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view of the skyline but the looks weren't. with us but it's a lot of fun. really nice. and the end eileen even shows off her yoga skills on the board well she's braver than i am. shop or if you're in frankfurt and you want to make a little detour i recommend think i'm go only 40 kilometers away it's a romantic natural landscape with lots of tasty wine and we start in the state capital of has it responded. these pardons as one of the oldest health spas and europe the city is shaped by the facilities surrounding the old courthouse or spa house the park reflects the
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tradition of english garden landscape and. like the rest of the city the baroque the place palace stands on the north bank of the rhine. the region as well known for its vineyards and the high end goal things like make produce. the river rhine as lined with historic towns councils and how often but houses among them is a few left behind our districts largest town. a few kilometers away is the 4 my sister ocean abbey established in 1136. much of this can be seen from the rhine gliding past on an excursion boat. this is also where the romantic rhine begins and unesco world heritage site since
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2002 in. a gondola that brings passengers up to the need of old monument on a hill above who does time. it commemorates the founding of the german empire in $871.00. the summit commands a spectacular view of the rhine valley as far as words find. the little town attracts around a 1000000 visitors every year. no excursion on the rhine go is complete without a stop at one of the many taverns for a glass. speaking of wine frankfurt has its own local varieties this one isn't made from grapes but
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apples and it's called in the local dialect added voice or simply apple wine. it's poured from a special jar called a bend it into a particularly kind of cut glass. why the last on the glass if. it's called that because of the laws and shapes the people of frankfurt have their own dialect and they just call them ribs would be. used to be a lot cloudier so these ribs are there firstly to give the impression that it's much clearer than it is. in the pubs didn't used to serve anything to eat or so people brought their own forced. greasy finger has it's easier to hold on to a class like this than one that's totally smooth so form follows function they may not have known it at the time but they did it anyway here's.
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what i'm eating there's our weekly for you every week we show your travel videos from russia video office trip through was big with impressions of the capital tashkent but also with fantastic pictures from the landscape so it's just the perfect summer it was because that.
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and her for going clubbing and frankfurt i'd recommend the quarter around the main train station it's developed a lot the past few years it's rambunctious and lively a popular spot to meet up is not easy by lend us joke your kiosk joke joke is turkish and mean something like never say never the 1st let's go why do you
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think business is so good here you have competition but a lot of people gather around here why is that because of the room on crime so we don't put on a show we don't say the customer is paying we say and we said from our hearts customers are our family. members there's also this road is my house and my house. each i like to say i'm a native of frankfurt and this neighborhood gives me this feeling of. does it give up these are starting to move here now and part of the family yes yes exactly come any time a. hard place. thank you i think frankfort lives from it's contrasts on the one side you have that rough station district and on the other side the new all town then there are businesses
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banks skyscrapers and the museum i'm back now and i think it's exactly that mixture that makes frankfurt so exciting to preserve its own history and at the same time to be open for something new by cynics start.
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robotic. keep learning my trade alison wait a 2nd do you want the whole picture out facts instead of make ideas shift deliver us. from atlanta to reality to cryptocurrency to your topics for live an adventure
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anywhere. w. media. but i'm wondering if you know i mean in your monotonous in-car knows what. goes on in advance cynical media. us all up with only about a. vision of getting. it on wood. this you know i mean when you're not in the scene growing. up orcas women women are. what i'm pretty sony music you know but i'm with what an organizer and of course it's normal. this you know i mean when you're minorities ingrown you are getting good money because you put on more than. the number of fans unanimous. the show could go because i see various sorts of. pressure on us you know what i'm going to say it but our core of the number 13
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fronted. point 0.0 can see it because as you say i said. the studio you news live from berlin u.s. president obama says he has canceled secret peace talks with the taliban the announcement comes in response to a taliban attack and kabul could this be the end of the peace process seeking to wrap up the u.s. longest war also coming up. russia and ukraine complete scuse me
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10000000 teenager bianca andre yes girl wins the u.s. open title she beats 23 times grand slam champion there reno williams and new york to.


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