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the but. this is due to our views coming to you live from berlin british lawmakers face a bank away from their jobs like it or not prime minister born of chunks of the suspended in parliament on tricky votes later today before they go members are again set to reject or for a snap election course are coming up which is a nazi even after the attempt to bamiyan p.d.p. stayed loyal to the party which is close to close nazi party. outrage in germany as a neo nazi is voted in to head up the town council and the man is elected to donna
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mostly with backing from mainstream parties. and pope francis wraps up his africa trip but the visit to be ended ocean island of marie says he's honoring the memory of a missionary work for tolerance and indifferent understanding me talk to our correspondent there. in tennis an epic u.s. open final rafael nadal beats dummy and medvedev in 5 moving sets with the spaniards 19 slam titles and he just needs one more to equal the men's 4 time record. out and welcome i've often thought she was good to have you with us u.k. prime minister boris johnson's office has confirmed the parliament will be suspended from the end of business today to the middle of next month it's regardless of the outcome of a vote. later today on johnson's proposed nap general election the announcement
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came as johnson was holding branson talks with his irish counterpart. the 2 leaders are hoping to resolve the impossible what will happen at the irish border if and when the u.k. leaves the european union rafters says boris johnson must make specific proposals if there is to be any hope of reverting to a no deal gregg said. joining me now is our london correspondent big it must big it looks as if boris johnson is heading for another showdown in parliament this time always proposal for a snap election middle. is is it likely if you get what he wants. it really isn't i mean it's another tug of war here in london and parliament is just at loggerheads with the government parliamentarians the majority of them want to prevent an exit from the european union at the end of october without any deal
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and this is why they say they can take the risk of an election because they say they contrast johnson they can't be sure that maybe he's going to then read each of his promises and he will leave the european union 1st so he they don't trust him they want to make sure that they don't leave the e.u. at the end of october without any agreement they say this is just to oroville for businesses and to catch the consequences could be catastrophic for for food supplies medicine supplies so they want to prevent that at any cost so what options does bonds johnson have now. well the most likely option maybe the most sensible option would be to go to brussels there is another summit in brussels at the end of october boris johnson has said and he has said it again when he was meeting with leo varadkar that he is trying to get a deal from brussels suit if there was an agreement if boris johnson was somehow
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able to get an agreement with brussels either something that he gets exclusively that he can sell us a new agreement or maybe trees or maize old withdrawal agreement which he then might have to change just ever so slightly if you can get some things through parliament here because then parliament would really at the last moment maybe barge and that they would maybe then get his deal however we have seen another cabinet resignation over the weekend one of chorus johnson's closest colleagues she has said she doesn't think that the government actually wants to get a deal from brussels and they put all their efforts into the preparations for for a new deal and leaving at the end of october so we don't know whether this is something that boris johnson actually does or doesn't have in mind this deal with the e.u. could then what do you would then do you really nobody knows there are reports that there are the government has other tricks up their sleeve he might just resign and
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then trigger a general election that he so desperately wants to increase his majority he might do that but we really and rita we really don't know what he's going to do next big boris johnson now boxed himself into a corner. he might have pokes himself into a corner and he sounds a bit desperate the government sounds a bit desperate he said he's not going to go to brussels he's not going to ask for an extension like parliamentarians here force him to do however it does become the law if parliament succeeds and if this bill gains royal assent which it will today so how he's going to get out of that we really don't know there are fears that he might not it here to the law and we have seen for example the criminal bar association the highly respected organisation of the of the top lawyers in the u.k. that the government must adhere to the law and the government that doesn't do it will open the door to more cruel so pretty strong words and it just goes to show
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how high the stakes are here in london at the moment right big mouth in london thank you very much. now let's take a look at some other stories making news around the world preliminary results in russia local elections show big losses for the ruling baath party slate in moscow a candidate supported by opposition leader an exit volley one form was half the vote even after many opposition candidates were removed from the ballot there was no voter turnout. the united nations atomic agency says iran is acquired green in richmond to plan that breaches the nuclear deal it signed with major powers in 2015 the nuclear deal has threatened to collapse over ever since the us pulled out unilaterally last year iran's trying to convince european signatories to ease the impact of u.s. sanctions. in hong kong hundreds of students are formed human chains after another weekend of anti-government protests meanwhile the administration is warning foreign
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governments not to interfere in one of course the territories internal affairs that's after demonstrators outside the u.s. consulate appeals to washington for support. here in germany political leaders are demanding to know how a town council could have elected a man from a neo nazi party as its head the man from the n.p.t. was installed unanimously with votes from mainstream parties including. cd you. start it's not big a small industrial park a bakery a hotel and a pizza place but now many people in germany are interested in knowing how the small town and has in the center of germany elected stephanie auction a few days ago the politician from the extreme right wing n p d announced on facebook that he was elected in a simple administrators of start but from the people for the people he added to his
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post the vote was unanimous including votes from chancellor angela merkel c.d.u. . and her coalition partner s.p.d. one of the council members who voted for yonks defended the choice if you can we are trying to help the people and address their issues that's all party membership doesn't play a role for us. stephanie jack has worked for the n.p.t. on the regional and national level for keys the enough authority as have twice sought and failed to ban the party as a threat to germany's democratic order the domestic intelligence service has kept close tabs on the party yeah actually has even shown up in the agency's report on fright wing extremists but he was democratically elected also because no other candidate was available the fuse approach that presidents a mixed. bag that there was no alternative no wonder he got into. what a flight had to may be it will have an effect and make politicians think about how
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their decisions are received by most people. saw by their me outside. standing we have better people for the job it's over. for you to know politicians were shocked by the choice. is a nazi even after the attempt to ban the n.p.t. he stayed loyal to the party which is close to hitler's nazi party so you know it isn't so much of so in a stupid shit but protest is now also mounting in berlin. as it's going to indignation justified yesterday there was a 1st special meeting of the committee and has in the us is an aim is to apply for revoke ation of the election of that candidate implemented and put another candidate and his place and then we will have to discuss how something like this could have happened. to replace the local council with 1st need to find another candidate for the job. if i'm on the story
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i'm joined by the political correspondent kate beatty welcome kate near universal condemnation from national party leaders here in berlin but as we could not report there was nothing undemocratic about stephon reaction election was there. no exactly there wasn't anything undemocratic about this election at all he was elected unanimously by 7 council members so legally speaking there isn't really anything up to debate here but of course as we saw there a meter in that report that main terms of politics and also among voters this has caused quite some uproar here in germany and people have been left asking themselves how they secession could have been made in the 1st place even though some of those council members have said that there was no alternative member but that decision could still be reversed if a 2 thirds majority of the council back the decision to dismiss the current
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municipal administration but as we also heard there at the end of that report they currently don't seem to have an alternative candidate either so using local officials from other parties electorates to fund say they didn't have any other candidates but what does it say about mainstream parties they don't seem to have any people at the local level. well this certainly has been an issue for some years now and it's no secret either that particularly germany's big tent party parties like anglo michael's conservative c.d.u. and also the social democrats have found it difficult in recent years to especially get younger people involved in politics particularly in local politics of grassroots levels but at the same time critics now are asking is that really reasoning for the fact that they couldn't find a yet another younger local to take on this role who was more adept
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using a computer and sending emails is that really reason enough to hand this job to someone who has links to neo nazis. get greedy and each of these bottom of the studios thank you very much. you're watching new day news coming to you live from berlin coming up ahead how many grand slam titles stands for life on the need to match roger federer's fretboard not letting that special one in the span of the answer triumph at the u.s. open. but 1st pope francis has been celebrating an open air mass on the indian ocean island of more races on the last leg of a 3 nation tour of east africa in this sermon francis said young people should be the foremost mission of the church and urged the faithful to help marginalized an unemployed youth he also on had a 19th century french missionary who cared for freed slaves. and francis arrived in maurice's following stops in mozambique and madagascar these
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embryos are increased reports from orations on an enduring legacy that. interfaith family outing to the grave of jack. beatified french missionary. was born a hindu but is now a christian by the mondays hindu and and mary is christian each year they come here together. and you do not have problems i come here to talk about it with father love. doesn't always come right away but it does come. i usually prefer the children i want them to be grow nicely give them good health. and education good manners that is impacting. the vapor that you're not going now growing mine is saying there. would have started. in the middle of the 19th
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century. to have converted tens of thousands of people on their riches but he did more than preach he treated freed slaves as equals and gave a voice to the poor many here still call them the apostle of more riches. is important for everyone. he's a symbol of the country's unity if you give. people flocked to him you can see this it is great. people from all religions and cultures honor him as a spiritual father. and as a father figure. the population of more resources into the rest is made up of christians muslims and buddhists. the
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mosque right next to him to temple in morris's that is totally normal it is a very religious country but a very euphoric. before the mass tens of thousands of people. having palm branches waving with them as a sign of peace people were very happy i was standing next to him and rate is still quite high especially when it comes to young people so the pope called for an ethical because very often you have the case here that some people who are rich getting richer and the poor are getting poorer and many people here don't really see perspectives anymore many are frustrated about the situation and to the pope try to address them now again with today's visit the pope wraps up his africa would you say it's been a success. overall i would say definitely yes he made hundreds of thousands of people very happy spread a lot of joy and the pope of course knows how important africa is catholic membership followers are not growing any more in europe in fact they're declining
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but in africa they are still growing of course because of the massive population growth we still see in many countries and it's still happening despite the competition from pentecostal churches for example but there was also some criticism office visit here as well as a big because in both countries the elections are coming close and some opposition representatives where saying that the visit of the pope comes at a wrong time because the ruling parties will of course try to use it for their advantage andrine krishi in moderation thank you very much for reporting on the pontiffs visit that. turning out of the u.s. the opinion polls show former vice president joe biden is in the lead among democratic contenders to take on donald trump next year but he's fully ahead of rivals bernie sanders and elizabeth warren who are also seeking to fought his nomination while biden is well known to many voters on the campaign trail isn't impressing everybody. xander phenomena is following the race in new hampshire.
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joe biden's already had a successful career but here he is again running for president because he says he wants to unite the country. at town hall in luck on your new hampshire. troops some tremendous tell out sandmeyer the former vice president but you need to hear what kind of message he has to offer as a presidential candidate. we are in a battle for the soul of this nation is 1st and foremost the reason why i decided to read. talks about his accomplishments in the obama administration and the problems he wants to tackle it elected but he doesn't really seem to be focused for many of his remarks are differences and lengthy the data shows if you do you increase foremost i think he needs to be more concise and his explanations of things and i was
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a little disappointed that way i was happy with what with what he said i understood what he was trying to say other people maybe not so much there are a lot of people here that are on the fence today he spoke on issues that were important to me and it was about the immigration issues and it was about the violence with the guns and i think that hill will definitely improve this country and bring us back together again the next morning of the new hampshire democratic party convention biden is one of 19 presidential hopefuls set to speak here and he is on the pressure to defend his position at the party's paper it. the former vice president is still woolly hat in the race for next year's democratic presidential nomination his campaign has portrayed him as the candidate most likely to be able to beat donald trump but his lead in the polls has shrunk and the question remains how much of his advantage merely reflects name recognition for a man who has been in the public eye for more than 4 decades.
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thank the audience gives him a warm welcome when he takes the stage. but the supporters of his main opponent senator elizabeth warren and senator bernie sanders seem to be much more enthusiastic and ruckus. we think a little bit worse the ideal candidate she's smart she's got a plan she's looking out for planet earth as well as all americans not just the one percent what do you think about the front runner. mr bragg. anybody the trouble so if he's that nominee i'd be high name but my preference is elizabeth warren order will be the new castle in eastern new hampshire because we do a number of by come pain stuff his advisors say joe biden represents the democratic party better than anyone a party they say that is older and more moderate than many as you know but that
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also means that his record is being questioned by young progressives my question is how can we trust that you're going to act on climate on the climate crisis if you're so attending fundraisers that fossil fuel executives like andy goldman are at i want to look at my arch. i guarantee you i guarantee you we're going to end fossil fuel and i am not going to cooperate that. the activist doesn't seem to be convinced but by the moves on it's still early in the primary race and his companion is bracing for a long fight. back in that report is washington bureau chief and it's under phenomenon now to tennis and filed the balbi to dannielle medvedev in 5 exhausting sets to win his 4th u.s. open title in new york now that was pushed to the brink in the 1st set scraping by 75 medvedev lost the next set 63 but then mounted an improbable comeback
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winning the 3rd and 4th set to force a decisive 5th but the spaniard came out on top winning 6 for nadal now has 19 grand slam titles to his name just one behind or time leader roger federer. and to talk to me a. 4th u.s. saddle open is the. talkie from the sports to welcome what a match i love the one who's with us tonight let's was he also the people's favorite yes he was i mean he's always a hit in new york and i think it comes down to his never give up attitude the fact that he's able to bounce back from injuries and the fact that he works so hard and he is rewarded for it and i think that's very much in line with the american work ethic has funded didn't do new medvedev i mean that's a very interesting relationship right there they went from the spy's ing him to slowly warming up to him and that is very understandable because he didn't flip the
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few of them at the fans of the crowd early in the tournament he did come out say says that he was wrong apologized but i still think it's the personality that unfiltered n'est to make him a fan favorite down the road ok so now with this been a tough on the gun is this one slam away from a record equalling win by ross ephedra do you think equal it's very realistic not just that nadal will catch roger federer his record but actually surpass it because if he put it into context roger federer has trente grandstands and in the men's singles nadal now 19 and djokovic of course 16 and something that nadal also has is nadal has time on his side he's only 33 years old compared to roger federer who is 38 and but there's sometimes always this criticism against nadal that he's one dimensional that he only is good at dominating clay and they is some truth to that because if you look at it all of his grandstands 12 of his 1000 well won at the
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french open this is why the victory yesterday was so important because it shows you that nadal has adapted his game and that he's going we any comfortable on hot court surfaces ok mr oldmeadow did not we've seen enough of him in the last 2 weeks was think this really be a serious threats the big 3 next i mean a. yes you're right he's had an incredible summer but the question is is this a one off or can he keep it up and men's tennis especially right now they need somebody to break the dominance of the big 3 and i mean the big 3 have won the last 12 grandstands along them so change is needed and let's be optimistic medvedev you know he lost by small margins against nadal he took it to 5 sets the match was nearly 5 hours long so he is their best hope at the moment right now in breaking the dominance of the big 3 ok lima talk if you suppose says thank you. now we
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all know baseball is big of the americas in some parts of asia but perhaps you didn't know that there's also a european championship the 12 team tournament is taking place in germany and started over the weekend the host nation has won its 1st 2 games to top the group germany be to britain 10 late sunday in a very tight affair marco hit the winning home run to thrill more than a 1000 fans in bonn bristol returns to the limpets next year and the european championships forms part of off the qualification for the 2 of your games the tournament runs under the sun. coming up next on news. peace talks between the u.s. and the thought have been cancelled by a tweet from president trump what does this mean for the people of afghanistan. and muscling the press kashmir is on the new total communications blackout of d w c correspondent there finds out how the news is going and coming out. all that and
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more on the news is yet coming up next from me on the touching up in spite of our.
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colleagues on the front more of our series on tomorrow today we want to see what he saw to experience what. the journey. the footsteps of the greats like. last stop. and trouble for. it's unique biodiversity. tomorrow today in 60 minutes g.w. . you are from the book you are now going on. at length. exposing injustice global news that matters.
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to me from times. was. was. kind of. all we can be the generation that ends it for good malaria must die so millions
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can live. this is. what. the father bought in the united states now appears to be off the table president from. punishing. india as locks on a dispute he's making. to do their jobs. to get back to telling the story.


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