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this is news live from berlin british lawmakers forced to leave politics for a prime minister is suspending parliament after voters i took the day before they go lawmakers are likely to break their rejection of his call for a snap election also on the program she's a nazi even after the attempt to ban the n.p.t. he stayed loyal to the party which is close to hitler's nazi party i dressed as a neo nazi is unanimously elected unopposed. germantown.
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pope francis and his africa trip with a visit to the indian ocean island just the rishis was honoring the memory of a missionary work for tolerance and into fake understanding. welcome to the program i'm phil gale well the british parliament begins a 5 week suspension later today lawmakers are being sent home because of how they vote on the prime minister's called for a snap general election though another projection is likely queen elizabeth meanwhile has formally approved a law forcing the government to delay it unless it can strike a deal with the european union. and then of a dramatic announcement the speaker of parliament john bercow has announced that he will stand down within weeks the prime minister barged johnson his way from western to waddle this has been going on he's been holding back the talks with his irish
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counterpart leo broad in dublin the 2 leaders are hoping to resolve the impasse over what will happen at the irish border if and when the u.k. leaves an even thing union so let's hear from the silly. i am ready to listen to any constructive ways in which we can achieve our goals and resolve the current impasse the what we cannot do it will not do and i know you understand this is a greets the replacement of the legal guarantee with a promise thank you i've looked carefully at no deal i've assessed its consequences both for our country and yours and yes of course we could do it the u.k. could certainly get through it but to be in no doubt that outcome would be a failure of state craft food which we would all be responsible and so. far as johnson speaking that dublin so a busy day in the u.k.
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let's go to the capital to london where we joined the deputy correspondent of mass welcome back at a let's start with this dramatic announcement from the speaker of the house john bercow once again say. well john burke here is the speaker and as such he is in charge of the procedure at the house of commons and he has said that he's not going to seek reelection so this is important because the so-called rebel alliance who have been anti virus johnson and anti leaving the e.u. without a deal they could in a way rely on the speaker helping their cause because he helped the opposition against various johnson to get their laws debate is and gave them the opportunity to debate on the law that now forces the prime minister to go and seek an extension from brussels if there is no deal so it's it's is an important office in the u.k.
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and turned back and said that you will not be reelected because i think he was fearing that he might not be selected again for the conservative party apparently the conservative party of thought that he is biased so the prime minister barak shots and he's been looking for 2 things from today he was packing for us not general election just before bracks it i'm he wants parliament to be suspended from today what did lawmakers think of age. well here boris johnson wants to increase his majority however m.p.'s a majority of m.p.'s is not trusting him here in the house of commons they fear that he might just push to leave the european union without a deal would stay regard as catastrophic has lots of consequences for business possible food shortages medicine so shortages so lawmakers want to make sure that when the u.k. leaves that there is a deal with brussels that's agreed and they don't trust the prime minister to
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enforce that so they said they're not going to vote for an early election because they want to make sure that the 31st of october the deadline passes before there is an election so another tug of war coming up with boris johnson and opposition apparently is holding force now also boris johnson is suspending parliament and he said that as of today they will just have to go on an enforced holiday parliamentarians a lot of them are really outraged they want to shape the rexx approaches i've spoken to several of them and let's have a listen to what stephen geffen's who speaks for the nationalists the s.n.p. has to say to this what is your reaction you are actually not sitting anymore as of today i think is disgrace i'll be honest with you and frank with you is disgrace we're at a time of national crisis constitutional crisis economic crisis and boris johnson doesn't even want parliament to sit i think the socks real questions of his plans
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and if he even knows what he's doing parliament should be sitting right now if you had the opportunity to sit would you be able to do well if we're able to sit we're able to debate and discuss a future relationship the european partners we did well to prepare for the future i think our european partners and jeremy and france and netherlands and elsewhere must be looking on an absolute to staunch friend and what's going on at this time when the u.k.'s clearly in crisis the parliament kind of even sit to discuss these key key issues at the moment it defies belief. so burger mass in london parliament votes against no deal and bets now been passed and now parliament is suspended so what's boris johnson the prime minister's likely next move. well that's the $1000000.00 question what is he going to do next one could argue that the most sensible option for him would be to do
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a deal with brussels maybe have some minor change to withdraw agreement that's reason may has agreed and presented as a new deal and then get it through parliament or at least try to get it through parliament before the end of the deadline before the 31st of october we know that boris johnson has repeatedly said that he is not going to ask for this intent for this extension if there is no deal with brussels that he wants to leave at any cost do or die is what he would he said he also said he'd rather be dead in the ditch than actually go to brussels and ask for another extension we know that palm and is making that into law that so the question is how is he going to get out of this hole there are fears here that maybe he's going to even break the law say re will be watched very very closely and we could even see this ending up in front of the of the courts here in the u.k. so final word bit on today's timetable. what's happening where and what you'll be
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looking out for. well looking out now for another emergency debate where it's really dramatic a debate is if you have emergency debate say so you know nothing is ordinary here feel emergency debate and yet trying to again to force the government's hands they want to know about the no deal preparations and west case scenarios if there is no deal they're also asking for for another clarification about the suspension of parliament they want to see government documents what 7 emails and then they are finally voting later on tonight voting on the snap election whether they're going to agree to it or not and most likely they are not get passed along to the looks like you've got a busy day in front of you thank you for not. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world preliminary results and russian local elections show big losses for the voting united russia
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party slate in moscow candidate supported by opposition leader alexina valmy one of most half the votes even after many opposition candidates were removed from the ballot there was a low voter turnout. united nations atomic energy agency atomic agency says iran has acquired uranium enrichment equipment the preachers the nuclear deal it signed with major powers in 25th day of the nuclear agreement has been under severe strain since the u.s. withdrew unilaterally last year iran is trying to convince european signatories to ease the impact of reimposed u.s. sanctions. hundreds of students in hong kong for human chains after another we count of anti-government protests demonstrators outside the u.s. consulate appealed to washington for support in the territories administration toward foreign governments not to interfere and to weigh in what it called its internal affairs. and political leaders here in germany are demanding to know how
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a town council elected a neo nazi as its mer stephanie jack from the and p d stood for the position unopposed that he won backing from the mainstream parties alike are going to macas conservatives but now they want him thrown out of office. that is not big a small industrial park a bakery a hotel and a pizza place but now many people in germany are interested in knowing how the small town and has in the center of germany elected stephanie actually a few days ago the politician from the extreme right wing n.p.t. announced on facebook that he was elected in a simple administrators of stock but from the people for the people he added to his post the vote was unanimous including votes from chancellor angela merkel c.d.u. . and her coalition partner s.p.d. one of the council members who voted for yonks defended the choice if as you can we
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are trying to help the people and address their issues that's all party membership doesn't play a role for us. stephanie x. has worked for the n.p.t. on the regional and national level for the keys but enough thora teams have twice sought and failed to ban the party as a threat to germany's democratic order the domestic intelligence service has kept close tabs on the party yeah actually has even shown up in the agency's report on fright wing extremists but he was democratically elected also because no other candidate was available the few suppose that presidents are mixed in kind and it's a bad that there was no alternative no wonder he got into an event will never end so you would have life have a maybe it will have an effect and make politicians think about how their decisions are received by most people. by. strengthening we have better people for the job it's over. for you to know politicians were shocked by the choice. is here yuck she is
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a nazi even after the attempt to ban the n.p.t. he stayed loyal to the party which is close to hitler's nazi party so you know it isn't so much of so in a stupid shit but protest is now also mounting in berlin. as it was going indignation justified yesterday there was a 1st special meeting of the committee and has said so in the us is an aim is to apply for revoke ation of the election of that candidate implemented and put another candidate in his place and then we will have to discuss how something like this could have happened. to replace the local council with 1st need to find another candidate for the job. let's get more on this from d.w. political correspondent the only farm hammerstein welcome to have me let's start with the day who are they. well there's certainly a right wing extremist party whistlings to the militant neo nazi scene here in
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germany and the n.p.t. has been under observation by the highest rim quote the german constitutional court for years and they have indeed said that the n.p.t. is pursuing anti constitutional goals in 20172 years ago they ruled they only ruled against a ban off the n.p.t. because they they said the n.p.t. wasn't significant enough as a political force and the german constitutional court is refraining from interfering it's very careful to intervene in german democracy so distasteful as their views may be there and p. d. is a legally constituted political party the mainstream parties raise no objection to stephanie. when they elected him so why they are objecting now. well there certainly just didn't expect the reaction the adderall it cost the election of staff and you ask cause and as we've just seen in the report and there are local
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council members often get america's christian democrats being quoted as saying quote unquote would he does in that party or in private that's not my business not our business so they really did focus on him asked the only candidate available they said he is able he's young enough able to send emails works well with computers and then came the national average for many senior positions as we've seen 2 of the 2 ruling parties in berlin have expressed their outrage at the election the disbelief and a calling for the decision to be reversed and actually indeed the 1st step towards the reversal has been made already 7 of the 9 council members have filed a motion calling for the dismissal of the far right extremists so we can say it is it is safe to say the local politicians just didn't expect the outrage there was a lot of political pressure at the highest level that is now causing them to object
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and reverse the decision ok so everybody was fine with this decision until there was a noise about it and then they said oh this is terrible we heard in the report that local officials say there were no other candidates so this sounds like the party is there have no option and it begs the question stream parties running out of people at a local level. yes it is it has been an issue for years it is no secret that especially the traditional 2 big 10 parties namely i'm going to americans christian democrats and the social democrats have issues to engage especially younger people at the local level in politics and have younger people run for office for political office and a couple of weeks ago i even saw an ad in the national newspaper calling a job ad for a mayoral position in durham in a small german town in the south germany so there seems to be really a problem of getting people to run for office but of course critics are saying are
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raising the question whether that is reason enough to elect someone with wings to the neo nazi scene into this office who told you thanks for joining us live from hammerstein. pope francis has been celebrating an open air mass on the indian ocean island of militias the last leg of a 3 nation tour of east africa in his sermon the pope said young people should be the foremost mission of the church and the faithful to help marginalized unemployed youth and also audit a 19th century french missionary who cared for free slaves. the w.c. creature has been traveling with pope francis in southern africa and gave us his impressions as the 3 nation tour winds up. overall the visit of the pope to 3 african countries has widely been regarded as
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a success the pope brought happiness and joy to hundreds of thousands of his follow us and he is very well aware of the importance of this continent while the number of catholics is declining in europe it is still increasing in africa despite heavy competition from pentecostal churches for example there was also some criticism in regards to the timing of the pope's visit both in marie shows and in mozambique because in both countries elections are coming up and some of the opposition politicians they have been criticizing that the governing party is might use the visit of the pope to that watch. krishna now opinion polls in the united states show former vice president joe biden leading the democratic contenders to take on donald trump next year ahead of rivals bernie sanders and elizabeth warren despite being well known to many joe biden is not impressing everyone on the campaign trail the w.'s alex hunter phenomenon is following the race in new
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hampshire. joe biden's already had a successful career but here he is again running for president because he says he wants to unite the country. at town hall in lacanian new hampshire. troops entre many say admire the former vice president but need to hear what kind of message he has to offer as a presidential candidate. we are in the battle for the soul of this nation is 1st and foremost the reason why i decided to write. talks about his accomplishments in the obama administration and the problems he wants to tackle is elected but he doesn't really seem to be focused many of his remarks are do things and lengthy the data shows have you do you increase foremost i think you need to be more concise and his explanations of things and i was disappointed that way i was happy
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with what with what he said i understood what he was trying to say other people maybe not so much there are a lot of people here that are on the fence today he spoke on issues that were important to me and it was about the immigration issues and it was about the violence with the guns and i think that hill will definitely improve this country and bring us back together again the next morning of the new hampshire democratic party convention biden is one of 1000 presidential hopefuls cept to speak here and he is on the pressure to defend his position as the party's stay put. the former vice president is still woolly hat in the race for next year's democratic presidential nomination his campaign has portrayed him as the candidate most likely to be able to beat donald trump but his lead in the polls has shrunk and the question remains how much of his advantage merely reflects name recognition for a man who's been in the public eye for more than 4 decades
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thank the audience gives him a warm all come when he takes the stage. but the supporters of his main opponent senator elizabeth warren and senator bernie sanders seem to be much more enthusiastic and ruckus. we think a little bit worse the ideal candidate she's smart she's got a plan she's looking out for planet earth as well as all americans not just the one percent what do you think about the front runner. mr bragg. anybody the trouble so if he's that nominee i'm behind him but my preference is elizabeth warren order will be the new castle in eastern new hampshire because we did a number by come pain stuff his advisors say joe biden represents the democratic party but then anyone just a party they say that is older and more moderate than many as you know but that
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also means that his record is being questioned by young progressives my question is how can we trust that you're going to act on climate on the climate crisis if you're saw attending fundraisers that fossil fuel executives like andy goldman are at i want to look at my eyes. i guarantee you i guarantee you we're going to end fossil fuel and i am not going to cooperate or think. the activist doesn't seem to be convinced by the moves on it's still early in the primary race and his campaign is bracing for a long fight. was out with tennis rafa nadal being a damn heel medvedev in 5 exhausting sets to win his 4th u.s. open title in new york the dow was pushed to the brink in the 1st sets scraping by a 75 medvedev a loss the next at $63.00 but then not to an improbable comeback winning the 3rd
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and 4th sets to force a decisive 5th for the spaniard came out on top winning 6 for the doubt now has 19 grand slam titles to his name just one behind all time leader roger after. all to football and germany's men face northern ireland in belfast in a your opinion championship qualifier tonight the 2014 world champions hope to bounce back from a loss to the netherlands at home and friday the left to do so without a gun the gun and the nico shorts because of illness and injury but that's the least of germany's problems when just qualifying for the euros is suddenly have stay. how do together in their final practice before they face northern ireland germany were quiet as coach you are here shared some final thoughts the message is clear nothing less than a victory will do. well sort of got the highs our aim is to get 3
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points after the previous defeat and i'm certain the team is aware of the importance of this northern ireland may have had a perfect start to they qualify yes but germany will be their 1st pick test but the more beat beatable. i suppose possible they are but at the end of the day it doesn't mean that the game is going to be an easy. for us and the players know that you know we look closely at the game look closely at the personnel so some very exciting players and some players that can really hurt germany need to reach i have unusual if they manage to play the game for the full 90 minutes and win over northern ireland we'll send lives men top of the group this part of froch few days . and what happens when you combine bike racing with car racing the answer is pedal car racing the british pedal car championship is not for kids nor for the faint of heart as well engines were driving and tire screeching over the weekend of forming a formula one side italian grown prix in southeast england the noise level from the
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pedal cars was a lot less raucous. far away from the high speed action in italy a more tranquil setting entertained the british pedal car championship no roaring engines here but races still put pedal to the metal in its bid for glory the world of motors replaced by the subtle whoosh as drivers navigated the go cart track spends. this 5th round race was an insurance challenge with teams of 4 taking on the 100 miles slog. through the quick cars that just as fast as a normal cypress uses different areas of your legs the. special hills despite a distinct lack of glitz and glamor team still has to remain sharp sort of head. fans to execute quick fire driver changes. during the.
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shot maneuvering was required to hit the gaps and gain an edge but fitness and stamina was just as crucial the team winning races finished in 1st clocking a time of just over 5 hours to seal the championship. with their. prior. work. with the title wrapped up most teams will now have their eyes on next year's championship which begins in march. top stories the british parliament begins. later today nor makers will be sent home regards how they vote on the 5 ministers call for this now general election queen elizabeth has formally approved the government to delay less you can strike a deal with the new speaker of parliament john bercow said he will stand down
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within weeks. well the results in russia's local elections showed big losses for the building united russia party on moscow's city council a candidate supported by opposition leader alexei in the valley appeared to have won almost half the vote even after many opposition candidates were removed from the palace elections were marked by a low voter turnout. in tennis rafael the doubt has won his 4th u.s. open in new york between russia's and we'll medvedev in 5 exhausting sets without one the 1st 2 sets but not the death of 4 back and forced a decisive 5th the talent now has now won 19 grand slam titles as one behind all time the roger federer. is d.w. news from the you can always find the latest headlines at d w dot com or followers on twitter at the w news.
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oh boy. oh. boy.
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alexander one more of our series on tomorrow today we want to seen what he saw to experience what drove the journey to america following in the footsteps of the great scientists the. last stop during the movie and the river in tropical forests unique biodiversity. tomorrow today next on d w.
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