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hello on a very warm welcome to news from the world of arts and culture we'll be going over to the toronto film festival in just a minute but also coming up in our series 100 german must reads a book called in times of fading light an intricate saga about family life in the former east germany. and we'll have a look at the beethoven fest in the great composers hometown of bonn which got underway we can. bots we begin in canada a toronto international film festival because of the time of year it's held it is rather like venice before it considered a bit of a launch pad for the oscars so apart from all the usual independent films there's
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a few hollywood blockbusters getting their premieres in toronto as well i'll be talking to scott rocks in just a minute but 1st a bit more about the tiff. it started quite small but over the years to run 2 has become one of the most important film industry hops this year it presents $333.00 films from $84.00 countries it's not on a festival so there's no international competition but that doesn't mean no major premieres and b. star was. good last year green book was screened it won the toronto audience prize and went on to pick up the best picture oscar. because it takes. this year tom hanks is one of the big names dropping in he stars in a movie about us t.v. legend fred rogers. the children so international film festival
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runs until sunday. and joining me now direct from toronto is scott iraq fresh from seeing the movie jo-jo rabbit now this is a black comedy about a young boy in the hitler youth who has an imaginary friend in the fall of adolphine 1st let's see scott just let's see a quick short clip. joe joe my old friend i had health wealth and then they call me a scanned rabbit people used to say a lot of nasty things about me. hi scott now scott that's sounds quite surreal you've seen it all. yeah actually not a bad word for this this is is a quite unusual film has
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a weird pitch lied it is a story about a young german boy who idolizes the nazis set close to the end of the 2nd world war and then he has this imaginary friend who is a version of adult sort of a boyhood childish version of a goofy adult hitler and then the boy himself comes into conflict because he discovers that his mother is actually hiding a jewish girl in their house at the time and so he has to make this issue of whether to turn the girl in and be loyal to his doxie beliefs or or do the right thing a very interesting movie it could have really gone horribly wrong i have to say the the the premise is so problematic but the director here the new zealand director. he also plays hitler actually in the clip that we just saw he gets the balance just right he's an interesting guy he's both bowery and jewish heritage and he gets the
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balance between the humor and the whore exactly right this film remind me a lot of life is beautiful another story that found comedy in the horrors of the 2nd world war and i think it's really an amazing. feat that what he as a man has managed here and could be maybe the final for the 1st film to actually get even germans to laugh at him like ok now another black comedy. believe this is a whodunit with a difference. yeah this is an interest what interesting film it's from ryan johnson whose last movie was the last of the last star wars movie so i wasn't really knowing what to expect from him when he did just a whodunit the film is set up like sort of one of those classic agatha christie adaptations you know star studded whodunit here you've got daniel craig jamie lee curtis michael shannon all these these these amazing actors packed into this room
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in one of the beds of dead and then a guy with a ford name and a weird accent comes as a tactic to try and solve this case played by daniel craig but usually whodunits for me don't work because they've been done to death you know we've seen hundreds of versions on film and on t.v. but what ryan johnson does with this is he sort of plays with the genre he has a lot of fun with it and he almost makes it almost a satire but in the end it still works as a proper style whodunit watching this film have the feeling like this is the kind of movie that if agatha christie got stoned and wrote a new mystery this is it's a lot of fun and if you're a fan of the old school at the christie's you have a lot of fun with this skull we have got a lot of time but just tell me there's also a lot of talk about one particular bio page a beautiful day in the neighborhood starring tom hanks what did you make about what . yeah this is quite interesting a female director here there's
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a lot of people directors in this year this is a biopic but with a difference it's stars the nicest man in hollywood tom hanks playing the nicest man in t.v. fred rogers or mr rogers the late children's t.v. presenter and what's interesting about this it's not really the story of fred rogers but it's the story of the life of someone he influence namely a cynical journalist who tried to find the dark secrets about fred rogers but spoiler all he found was more wonderfulness this film is like a big warm hug and maybe just the right thing for these sort of talks at times skull always a mine of information great to chill. scott roxboro in toronto thank you. now in our continuing series 100 german must read featuring great books from german authors that being translated into english we're looking at a book that sheds some light on have family life was in the former communist east germany in times of fading light or you can rule the office a view of life on the wrong side of the.
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another family gathering from hell the mom gets smashed the son doesn't even show up and the 90 year old birthday boy the grandpa probably knows of that happening. and. everyone in oregon all his novel in times of fading light knows the old man's in the matter but it's probably for the best otherwise he'd realize the country he's helped build is about to end just like his life it's october 1909 a few weeks before the east german regime collapses. it was 57 when he made his debut with this novel tells the history of east germany through the eyes of a family his own family. the author's alter ego alexandre hates growing up in the
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country his grandfather believes. he would never hear the rolling stones live would never see woodstock never even see west berlin with its new demos and student riots it's free love because between the small narrow world where he would have to spend his life and the other big wide world where real true life was lived there was a border and it was the one that he likes on their own it's our turn to have to guard. in times of fading light is about the failure of a whole country written without accusations or justifications read it if you want to understand what made people build communist east germany and why their dream was doomed to fail. the western german city of ball was big beethoven's town where he spent 4 months of
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years of his life as a beethoven fast and in a featuring many of his works of course but self was a great innovator so i'm sure he would have approved of the festival features contemporary music and lots of dance as well bought it got underway at the weekend with classic. music in the air the beethoven fest in bonn kicked off with one of its annual favorites a live screening of the opening concert of the market square and on. it features the beatles from symphony number 6 also known as the pastoral symphony conducted by you can't pick and sandusky and the family answering. to him sitting out signs and experiencing this with other people i really like the conductor it's exciting to watch him but it's the you don't like it when you listen to this it's a force of nature fantastic. one last rehearsal at dawn's world congress center
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playing the pastoral symphony and beethoven's hometown is a special experience for the $94.00 musicians and the conductor. well it's a unique symphony of course and also inform his own and kind of bet on how this kind of. hard did about what nature means to people and to i think that's the kind of the most important point of view. every year the festival picks a motto in connection to beethoven's life and work this year it's moonlight a romantic theme that's based on the composer's moonlight sonata and fits in well with the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. and for the men like me simply are chanting makes us want to dream. this the man on the moon my name on everything seems possible this feelings of love and longing scenes old this is connect to the
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theme of moonlight the moon changes the contours of the real world invaded. over the next few weeks the beethoven fast will stage around 50 performances among this year's highlights as a joint concert over german vocal ensemble and a south african a capella group and there's more with ballet experimental works and works for me is also taking the stage. i want to present something special at the beethoven fest it just goes on it's not just about the old masters like my so he left this world why do while we go so we don't just own of the old mobsters we want to show what contemporary musicians do with that extraordinary heritage. and this is why the opening concert is not just about beatles. pieces from the trying to get century i
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included like the last 5 talks the miraculous mandarin. talk beethoven was a main source of inspiration. of course there's a kind of obvious reasons to to play better from here but i think it's a very good idea to try to juxtapose the battlefronts. heritage and how it kind of reflects and music off to bed hopefully. this was the opening concert of this year's it will contest next year it's the 250th anniversary of the composer's birthday we'll celebrate the special occasion with not one but 2 festivals. and the 1st one gets underway next march rented all foreign service welcome dr cole of beethoven's 9th symphony much ball on the website as d.w.
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this is the dublin years line from badlands british lawmakers forced to leave followed for prime minister. suspend parliament votes tonight before they go to likely to repeat their rejection of. elections also on the program. even after the attempt to ban the n.p.t. he stayed loyal to the party which is close to hitler's nazi party outrage as the narrow nazis unanimously elected unopposed as matt of a small german town. i'm divorcing i'm pretty sure intentions blackout things journalists in kashmir struggling to get the news out after india's imposed restrictions on media free.
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i'm phil gal welcome to the program the british parliament begins a 5 week suspension from tonight lawmakers will be sent home regardless of how they vote on the prime minister's 2nd call for a general election now likely to be rejected again in another dramatic development parliament speaker announced that he will stand by the end of next month the prime minister has been holding talks for his irish county. in dublin the hoping to resolve the stalemate over what will happen at the border between the 2 countries if and when he leaves the e.u. here they are irish. first i am ready to listen to any constructive ways in which we can achieve our goals and resolve the current.


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