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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 9, 2019 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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also known as the pastoral symphony conducted by you couple that est and the phenomenon he has the right. atmosphere here sitting outside experiencing this with other people i really like the conductor it's exciting to watch him does not punish the you don't like it when you listen to this it's a force of nature fantastic. one last rehearsal at dawn's world congress center playing the pastoral symphony and be told his hometown is a special experience for the $94.00 musicians and the conductor. well it's a unique symphony of course and also inform his own and kind of bet on how this kind of. hard did about what nature means to people and he i think that's the kind of the most important point of view. every year of the festival picks a motto in connection to beethoven's life and work this year it's moonlight
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a romantic theme that's based on the composer's moonlight sonata and fits in well with the 50th anniversary of the moon landing the moon shot and for the minority simply are chanting makes us want to dream. this the man on the moon moneymore everything seems possible this feelings of love and longing seems of all this is connected to the flame of moonlight the moon changes the contours of the real world . over the next few weeks the beethoven fest will stage around 50 performances among this year's highlights as a joint concert offer german vocal ensemble and a south african a capella group and there's more with ballet experimental works and works for me and also taking the stage. as. i want to present something special at the beethoven fest at 1st. it's not just
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about the old masters like i to have on my sleeve this wild why do while we go so we can just on of the old masters we want to show what contemporary musicians do with that extraordinary heritage i'm fantastic album. and this is why the opening concert is not just about beatles pieces from their trying to get century i included like beloved talks to my regulus mandarin. talk beethoven was a main source of inspiration. of course there's a kind of obvious reasons to to play better from here but i think it's a very good idea to try to juxtapose the battlefronts. heritage and how it kind of reflects and music off to bed. this was the opening concert of this year's beatles fan next year it's the 250th
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anniversary of the composer's birthday bon will celebrate the special occasion with not one but 2 festivals. and the 1st one gets underway next march friend carol forensics welcome dot all of beethoven's 9th symphony much more on the website as the w. is media for the festival of soul for this edition of arts and culture. how
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the wool is pulled over our eyes. trained in ranches mistreat them. and use brutal methods to maximize the wound that moment she. consumes never see or hear about it profits come rolling in the moment you know the hidden cost and i am well sad. to see 30 minutes on the w. . o. milf and i'm game of the brand new delusions are most focused on this person it's divisive it's about topics that affect us all a lot of solutions climate change and the return of. the phone would ring fence
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this is g.w. news live from berlin tonight british lawmakers trying to rein in the prime minister and his brags of plans before they are forced to go home prime minister more jobs will suspend parliament after a key vote tonight for 5 weeks before they go lawmakers are likely to repeat their rejection of the prime minister's call for a snap election also coming up as a nazi even after the attempt to ban the n.p.t. he stayed loyal to the party which is close to hitler's nazi party democracy and
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a small german town outrage as a neo nazi is unanimously elected unopposed to be the new mayor and is reporting under a communications blackout imposed by india b w speaks to journalists in trouble has been struggling to get the news out the best way they can. i'm good to have you with that's tonight we are witnessing the final attempts of the u.k. parliament to put the brakes it brakes on their prime minister the british parliament is about to begin a 5 week suspension but before they are sent home lawmakers will again vote on prime minister boris johnson's call for a snap general election they're expected to reject it for a 2nd time and in another dramatic developments in. a the speaker of parliament
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john bercow and they'll say he will stand down by the end of next month. the prime minister was not there for that announcement he began his day in dublin with talks with the irish prime minister. at issue the question of how the 2 countries will manage their joint border if and when the u.k. leaves the european union in a moment we'll hear from our correspondent in london about today's developments but 1st this report. live broadcast had been waiting 2 months for this meeting since boris johnson became the u.k. prime minister to close neighbors and allies but these men are poles apart on the question of the irish border to bragg's it. when the u.k. finally leaves the european union the only land border between them bull beyond irish soil the so-called irish backstop is a plan to avoid checkpoints and border checks something many fear will endanger
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peace in northern ireland it would keep the u.k. in the customs union off to bragg's it leave campaign as an boris johnson supporters in the u.k. find that acceptable boris johnson has promised to solve the issue but in our land .


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