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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 10, 2019 1:00am-1:15am CEST

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not be put at risk as a consequence of crisis boris johnson is gambling that's a new deal brags that threat will make e.u. leaders change the divorce deal and if they don't move he wants everyone to share the blame i look kathleen at no deal i have a cyst it's consequences both our country and and yours and yes of course we could do it but be in no doubt that's how come it would be a failure of state crowd for which we would all be responsible 1st johnson leaves island without any concrete progress the neighbors have not solved the border problem yet. for more on this now i'm joined by our correspondent in london barbara hazel good evening to you barbara those 2 leaders today met and they were talking basically past each other is there any hope for ireland in the u.k. to solve the border issue before the u.k. leaves the e.u. it's scheduled to leave at the end of october. this seems to be one chance friend
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and that is that 1st johnson and reverts to the original e.u. plan and that meant a sort of curving out a niche regulatory niche for northern ireland keeping it in the customs union and parts of the single market sort of give it a special status and therefore sort of prevent that borders checks would need to be there and that of course we know was scot but by the northern irish d u p then to reason they went back to russell's everything got changed so if johnson goes back to this original plan i mean those papers are sort of still there in the draw as they just need to be pulled out everything else is totally unrealistic because there's very serious we have 4 weeks now you cannot rewrite it complicated agreement like that in so little time yeah i think you're woman in theresa may good to tell us all about but it looks as though lawmakers will reject the prime
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minister's call again for a snap general election the numbers are against gore's johnson so why is he trying yet again to get that election. he is trying so hard because he thinks he can really profit from it if he would sort of goes through the country campaign on the basis of being mr forrest breck's it and sort of collect and scoop up all these bricks and votes out there he thinks he can sort of have a run of a runaway victory and the other side of course sees that today saying that time would work for them also the opposition and the tory rebels that the so-called rebel army that is just still sitting and there in the house behind us they think that boris johnson does not want to the stick to the anti and no deal law that they managed to get into legal function today so he is looking for loopholes his people
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and his jurors are looking for ways to sort of work around it so they really want to tie his hands they're ready to take him to the high court if you should not obey this law in the middle of october so they're still out there fighting and they will not give him an election before it's not safe that britain is not going to crash out of the e.u. on the 31st without a deal and barbour what the bell this is spent in the parliament for 5 weeks that begins tonight is there anything that lawmakers can do to prevent them basically from being sent home. no absolutely nothing and that is one of the problems and maybe weaknesses of the british system which doesn't know a written constitution and doesn't have written rulebooks well these things are laid down in most of the western countries it would be completely impossible and it is on hurtful off that government would just say i don't like you i don't like your politics go home go away you nasty parliamentarians which is pretty much what boris
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johnson is done so this is possible on the british rules and so virus johnson is sort of really pulling and pushing these rules as far extending them as far as they will go but still he is somehow within his rights and to parliament really tonight one step finished was telling him again he can't have an election they all go home to their constituencies yeah he'll have 5 weeks without any pressure from westminster or to correspond barbie's will this work force tonight in london or thank you. well there was high drama in the british parliament today the speaker of the house of commons john bercow also announced that he will be stepping down within weeks for those performances in the house made him a global star the little man with wild ties who shouts at lawmakers i
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was he had to manage these people. he used one with. 5 like a weapon on the roof the members aren't just safe sometimes he gave ministers a proper dressing down there you stink you a rent spare rooms to do you trace ok you know so was there was i want to own my own sweat house to do loose like good fun but announcing his departure explained how seriously he took the job he was leaving his wins. throughout my time there was the cus. i have souls to increase the relative all so to see all of this the legislature. for which i want to make absolutely no apology to
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anyone. at any time. down mishan was bored. 6 with. and no doubt he'll missed them. and will is order some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world at least 70 people have been killed dozens more injured in morocco after a bus overturned on a bridge amid heavy flooding in the south of the country the total number of passengers is unclear police and military rescue teams were dispatched with boats and helicopters to search for missing people and this president donald trump says talks with afghan taliban leaders are in his words dead but trump called off a previously unannounced peace talks at the weekend after the taliban claimed responsibility for a kabul bomb attack that left 12 people dead including a u.s.
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serviceman he also said that he was still thinking about a troop drawdowns in the country and candidates backing president vladimir putin in russia suffered heavy losses in the weekend's must tell city council elections opposition leader alexina valmiki had called for tactical voting after many opposition candidates were barred from running for office the ban sparked widespread unrest over the summer in the country turn elves over the weekend was look british airways says that it has canceled almost all of its u.k. flights as pilots begin a 2 day strike leaving tens of thousands of passengers stranded the industrial action follows about 9 months of failed salary negotiations former formula one the world champion michael schumacher is to undergo we're being told are secret treatment at a paris hospital that's according to a french newspaper schumacher suffered severe head injuries in
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a skiing accident 5 years ago he has not been seen in public since the newspaper reports that he was admitted monday for a treatment based on what's called stem cell transfusion. well here in germany political leaders are demanding an answer they want to know how a town council elected a neo nazi. as its mayor stefan yosh from the n.p.t. party ran for the position unopposed and even won backing from mainstream parties such as german chancellor angela merkel's conservative c.d.u. party but now they want him thrown out of office for. a start it's not be a small industrial park a bakery a hotel and a pizza place but now many people in germany are interested in knowing how the small town and has in the center of germany elected stephanie outage a few days ago the politician from the extreme right wing n.p.t.
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announced on facebook that he was elected in the simple administrators of stock but from the people for the people he added to his post.


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