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inning fundraisers that fossil feel executives like and d. gold men and are at i watch for look at my eyes i guarantee you i guarantee you were going to end fossil fuel and i am not going to cooperate ok be activists doesn't seem to be convinced but by had mold song it's still early in the primary raise and his campaign is bracing for a long fight heartful the days almost on the conversation continues online of find us on twitter you can follow me a brent goss t.v. and the for get whatever helps pay now and then tomorrow's just another just
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a cost to come wells to suck up to minutes on d. w. . come along. the adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. to celebrate clicks on the front of the books $250.00. barking on the floor the discovery. expedition in boyd on don't. know nothing about the ship well i guess sometimes i am but i said nothing with that research and i thinks deep into the general culture of looking at the stereotype the question to me is think if he's a country that i doubt i. need to change to take his grandmother day out to me it's all about. nothing i might go join me to meet the jetman from
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d.w. . post. natural riches. precious resources . and a rewarding investment in. a foreign land has been called easy hope is green and gold the country has an abundance of high places it to international giants the government is after high export revenues the british high profit margin. and not everyone benefits from the booming business. we give you when i saw the elbows are clearing the land i was devastated to give you could they bulldoze the land without my permission to do it belong to i mean the woman. expropriation environmental destruction starvation. crisis from government and corporate.
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selling out of a country. that don't keep its fear no. so he does. start september 18th on d w. this is the w. news live from berlin tonight british lawmakers trying to rein in the prime minister and his breakthrough plans before they are forced to go home prime minister morris johnson will suspend parliament after a key vote tonight for 5 weeks but before they go wall makers are likely to once again reject his call for a snap election also coming up as
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a nazi even after the attempt to ban the n.p.t. he stayed loyal to the party which is close to hitler's nazi party. democracy and a small german channel outraged as a neo nazi is unanimously elected unopposed to be the new mayor and reporting under a communications blackout imposed by india b.w. speaks to journalist in trouble kashmir struggling to get the news out the best way they can. i bring golf it's good to have you with us tonight we are witnessing the final attempts of the u.k. parliament to put the brakes it brakes on the prime minister before he sends members of parliament home m.p.'s are about to begin a 5 week suspension imposed by boris johnson in
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a one act of defiance lawmakers have backed a demand for the government to release confidential dog. demands on preparations for a no deal breaks it and before they are sent back to their constituencies m.p.'s will again vote on the prime minister's call for a snap general election they are expected to reject it once again. and the prime minister began his day in dublin with talks with the irish prime minister lay over iraq are at issue the question of how the 2 countries will manage their joint border if and when the u.k. leaves the european union in a moment we're talk to our correspondent in london but 1st this report. live rock care had been waiting 2 months for this meeting since boris johnson became u.k. prime minister to close neighbors and allies but these men are poles apart on the question of the irish border to brag that. when the u.k.
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finally leaves the european union the only land border between them bull beyond irish soil the so-called irish backstop is a plan to avoid checkpoints and border checks something many fear will endanger peace in northern ireland it would keep the u.k. in the customs union off to bragg's it leave campaign isn't boris johnson supporters in the u.k. find that acceptable boris johnson has promised to solve the issue but in ireland they want specific proposals what's we cannot do and will not do and i know you understand this is a great they're placed into the legal guarantee with the promise. our businesses need long term certainty and the people beside the north and sides need to know that their livelihoods their security under sense of identity will not be put at risk as a consequence of prices boris johnson is gambling that's a new deal brags that threat will make e.u. leaders change the divorce deal and if they don't move he wants everyone to share the blame i look kathleen act no deal i have
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a sister it's called sequences both our country and and yours and yes of course we could do it but be in no doubt that's how come it would be a failure of state crawford which we would all be responsible for as johnson leaves island without any concrete progress the neighbours have not solved the border problem yet. for more on this now i'm joined by our correspondent in one of. those 2 leaders today met and they were talking basically past each other is there any hope for ireland in the u.k. to solve the border issue before the u.k. leaves the e.u. it's scheduled to leave at the end of october. this seems to be one chance friend and that is that 1st johnson reverts to the original e.u. plan and that meant a sort of curving out
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a niche regulatory niche for northern ireland keeping it in the customs union and parts of the single market sort of give it a special status and therefore sort of prevent that border checks would need to be there and that of course we know was stopped at by the northern irish d u p then to resume a went back to russia it's everything got changed so if johnson goes back to this original plan i mean those papers are sort of still in the draw as they just need to be pulled out everything else is totally unrealistic because it's very serious we have 4 weeks now you cannot rewrite it complicated agreement like that in so little tighten yeah i think a woman in theresa may could tell us all about that it looks as though lawmakers will reject the prime minister's call again for a snap general election the numbers are against george johnson so why is he trying yet again to get that election. he is trying so hard because he thinks he
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can really profit from it if he would sort of goes through the country campaign on the basis of being mr vargas breck's it and sort of collect and scoop up all these bricks of votes out there he thinks he can sort of have a run of a runaway victory and the other side of course sees that today saying that time would work for them also the opposition and the tory rebels that the so-called rebel army that is just still sitting and they're in the house behind as they think that boris johnson does not want to the stick to the anti and new deal law that they managed to get into legal function today so he is looking for loopholes his people and his jurists are looking for ways to sort of work around it so they really want to tie his hands they're ready to take him to the high court if you should not obey this law in the middle of october so they're still out there
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fighting and they will not give him an election before it's not safe that britain is not going to crash out of the e.u. on the 31st without a deal and over what a bell this is spent in the parliament for 5 weeks that begins tonight is there anything that lawmakers can do to prevent them basically from being sent home. you know absolutely nothing and that is one of the problems and maybe weaknesses of the british system which doesn't know a written constitution and doesn't have written rulebooks well these things are laid down in most of the western countries it would be completely impossible and it is unheard from off that the government would just say i don't like you i don't like your politics go home go away you nasty parliamentarians which is pretty much what boris johnson is done so this is possible on the british rules and so boris johnson is sort of really pulling and pushing these rules as far extending
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them as far as they will go but still he is somehow within his rights and parliament really tonight one step finished was telling him again you can't have an election they all go home to their constituencies yet he'll have 5 weeks without any pressure from westminster article responded barbara his will is for force tonight in london or thank you. oh in a day of high drama in the british parliament the speaker of the house of commons john bercow well he announced that he will be stepping down within weeks burgos performances in the house they've made him a global star the little man with wild eyes who shouts order of the law makers. he has to manage these people. these is one was. an i.q. weapon on. the members or on. the states i was on times he gives
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ministers a proper dressing down to stick their rent spare a student yet traced ok you know so i was already married. already i want to own. oh yes it all looks like good fun now but announcing his departure basket explained how seriously he took the job he was leaving swinson. throughout my time i. was speaker. i have sought to increase the relative all so to see all of this the legislature. for which i want to make absolutely no apology to anyone. anywhere at any time. down miss him.
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or. 6 6 would. and no doubt he'll miss them. are here are some of the other stories now with order that are making headlines at least 17 people have been killed dozens more injured in morocco after a bus overturned on a bridge amid heavy flooding in the south of the country the total number of passengers is unclear police and military rescue teams were dispatched with boats and helicopters to search for missing people u.s. president says the talks with afghan taliban leaders are in his words and dead called off previously unannounced peace talks over the weekend after the taliban claimed responsibility for a kabul bomb attack that left 12 people dead including a u.s. serviceman also said that he is still thinking about a troop drawdown in afghanistan and that is backing president vladimir putin
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suffered heavy losses over the weekend in moscow's city council elections opposition leader alexina vali had called for tactical voting after many opposition candidates were barred from standing the ban sparked widespread unrest over the summer voter turnout was low. well here in germany political leaders are demanding an answer they want to know how a talent council elected a neo nazi to be its new mayor stefan yosh from the n.p.t. party ran for the position unopposed and even won backing from mainstream parties such as chancellor angela merkel's conservatives were now the conservatives in those other parties they want the new mayor thrown out of office. stat is not big a small industrial park a bakery a hotel and a pizza place but now many people in germany are interested in knowing how the small town and has in the center of germany elected stephanie auction
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a few days ago the politician from the extreme right wing n.p.t. announced on facebook that he was elected in a simple administrate a start but from the people for the people he added to his post the vote was unanimous including votes from chancellor angela merkel c.d.u. and her coalition partner s.p.d. one of the council members who voted for yonks defended the choice if as you can we are trying to help the people and address their issues that's all party membership doesn't play a role for us as well as stephanie jacks has worked for the n.p.t. and the regional and national level for the keys but in authority is have twice sought and failed to ban the party as a threat to germany's democratic oda the domestic intelligence service has kept close tabs on the party yaks has even shown up in the agency's report on fright wing extremists but he was democratically elected also because no other candidate was available the fuse of that residence a mixed in kind and that's
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a bad if there was no alternative no wonder he got into an event will never end so you might think of what if life had been maybe it would have an effect and make politicians think about how their decisions are received by most people feel pretty cheap saw by their me outside with a phone call standing. better here before the job is over. for you to know politicians were shocked by the choice. is here ya action is a nazi even after the attempt to ban the n.p.t. he stayed loyal to the party which is close to hitler's nazi party. you know. the protest is now also mounting in berlin. as it's going to indignation justified yesterday there was a 1st special meeting of the committee and has the aim is to apply for a revoke haitian of the election of that candidate implemented and put another candidate and his place in.


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