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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  September 10, 2019 1:30pm-2:01pm CEST

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and praying to allah that was so you to other soon ok the spaniards and a few minutes time i'll be offline. monday. like i'm pretty anxious but i guess it has to work out. the. data stay strong don't cry. don't come and then there were no more messages maybe they really had said oh yeah and then our smuggler of choice contacted me. and he started this horrible. really nasty she's game is the wrong morning i think he said there are loads of checkpoints we're having to bribe so many people so we need more money you can write back a 100 times i haven't got any more he happens to be on.
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the ground so i build up this unbelievable pressure so what can you do. when you walk around in circles going out of your mind. before you can and you know. that even drinking helps. and with that i'm your complete wreck because you know the next message they send could be and well i don't think good and i thought it was cool to see. them in the to me the eventually they had me so desperate that i said find out i'm actually going to have to transfer the $8000.00 he won so that they at least stay alive. but they weren't even able to tell me where to wire it to because of the 9 the invasion you realize these guys really have to be nuts and you're just helpless
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. if it was. it was so tough thought it was few days were worse than the 4 years before that. it's difficult to describe because in your mind you're up on the ladder and the newest as above you vegas is just too much it's not possible to just do because not reach a point where you just can't take it anymore i can't do this to anyone anymore. it would be me it's so bad that you want to give up would be through and give yourself up because you want an end to this misery because the end if i'm no longer alive
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then ok maybe leo will also die but then my family will have peace. and then that's the point to reach so i actually block out the number i just couldn't go on and fix. who could fix them for. the what i told myself i wouldn't cry today i was well. it was one of my darkest hours just the northeastern. he severed contact knowingly an aura of my dying. the mental strain from mike and his family back home in piketon it's simply too big . for us going exterior the day after i don't remember exactly leo contacted me it
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didn't work out we didn't even leave both through this how do you not just keep. a little over. in autumn 2018 leonora was still on the run with her husband me what with the war still raging around them she had a 2nd child maria also born prematurely. at rates artillery and ground offensives that seem islamic state reduced to islamic village. hi dad its me you were in the last religious left we're surrounded we're on the only street that islamic state still controls. so far he's. lost so i don't know he's all are living on top of each other starving children are freezing to death. or going to get out there's no future for us here we don't have one single dollar. and seeing as we have absolutely nothing and often have nothing to eat we've decided to give ourselves up. for the soon to be.
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with the things we're going to i knew it meant the radio syria was back on the air . after 4 years you build up your own protective armor. and if the truth. as it was a voice message from martin limca. didn't sound too happy. please talk to the government i'm willing to do anything and i was never a soldier i never killed anyone i'm willing to pass on any information i have. no there are trials in germany and i'm willing to help the government is a serious issue and it's important for us that the women and children arrive home in good health. i don't want to stay in a jail here in syria i have no problem going to jail in germany conserving my sentence there. i'm really afraid so. i don't want to get beaten up the whole time
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i have a heart condition and picked up an ammonia here we're all really sex and. so the same man who tried to ruin your life 4 years ago is suddenly saying poor me. own bit of and please don't tell anyone about this message if someone here finds out that we want to get out we might end up getting killed in the recent movie to go. take a long plenty to drink just get out of there and take care of yourself. in any 2900 more than 40000 people in the last enclave i ask surrendered. in germany all mike could do was wait for leonora to make it out on january 31st 2019 that wait was finally over. hi dad it's me leo just want to say that i've left i yes really happy that we made
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it. he had was picked up by the americans but all fine they've been really really good to us. even though i got up as usual at 130 quarter to 2 the same as usual check my phone and i saw i'd missed a whole lot of calls and once a messages friends had recognized the young woman in this video footage as leonora agency reporters had met her in the desert. and because i know my old life a long time ago and now i know that it wasn't a. little for. a few minutes all but i was on my way to work. all week and then it finally went click. you go back over the last 4 years there were incredible amount of images going through your mind i feel a lot of things you suppressed negative stuff to. cry
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a little bit as well course and it's only then that you realize how much pressure you've been under because it became your daily life so you didn't really even register at all. suddenly and 5 you feel yourself getting lighter and lighter and free and i got out of my car and i thought yes awesome this its over. they can't the torment you anymore. leonora was detained in this camp a tent city outside al hole in northern syria together with 70000 others in a fierce debate erupted in germany over whether the country should take back those who had gone to join i-s. didn't they pose a threat. we returned to syria in march 29000 it had been 4 years since leonora had run away from home and i wanted to finally meet her. many many times from her online chats the shooting the ones she last posted you sometimes get the impression
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that despite how long it's been and how much older she's become she still has this 90 about her and you wonder how that's possible. to feel it and even if it's not she's not 19 and she's been through such a loss she's been in a war being bombed out of her home seen all this awful violence and is still so naive and really interesting to see how she is in person that really her just mind off of like the 9th hole while i was about to meet leonora mike in germany was looking forward to his daughter finally returning home although he did have doubts if i was this at least i'm not really sure who i'll be welcoming our. 4 years of bias and propaganda after having looked at this and for that she was really young when she left you she was seduced sure before but she was happy to be seduced on the phone that's also part of the truth before i got to know. leonora
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a willing accomplice. patchi now realized what she had done to her family and to people in syria and ultimately to herself too i wanted to know everything including what it was that made islamic state so appealing to her. if not ends on then. sort of in a lot of people in germany who are converting to islam and britain to. face and i ended up in this facebook group i was young i guess and i wanted a bit of revolution i was in a take stream stuff. maybe i was a coward because i ran away from home and thought this is a way to solve all my problems in one go. she told us she had distanced herself from my ass a long time ago but how did she feel about the things she had done had she really thought about the past 4 years had she confronted her deeds.
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everything changed their marriage wasn't the same life in general in syria was not for me i was no longer happy with my life. there were also a lot of problems within the family there and i just wanted to go home on the ski can i when that failed things got worse because i understood that i now had to live there whether i wanted to or not. and because i try to escape once my own husband knew it too. this is her husband me her w.r.c. a born martin limca. german prosecutors are preparing a case against him and issued an arrest warrant. when we met it seems he was hoping for liberty. from germany. it's tough you're. under a huge mental strain i mean
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a one man cell i don't see or hear anything. he told us he only worked in the technical department of i s intelligence but he never fought never murdered or tortured anyone nor ordered anyone to he insisted he was merely a peripheral figure despite having had a slave why did you buy a slave. be talking with my lawyer. but i haven't done anything bad. and that she was in very poor health and we helped her but i never talked to her. about why did you buy a human being with 2 children. the thing is she was doing really badly. and in islam you're rewarded for treating a slave well because ladies have rights. and. it's come to question. is this woman was really ill but as i said we helped her where we could. and i had
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no other intentions i already had a big family of course if we wanted to make money by her cheap fatten her up so her . look if you want to provoke me no that's not true no no i don't need that money. bought her an order to trade her. we had money problems all the time oh so martin bought her to make money knowing the egg only to make some money he said that her up nurse her have her take a shower and give her kids food make sure that she puts on weight so she's worth something. like a flattened car right must. leonora's account incriminated her husband but what about her own row german prosecutors are looking into pressing charges against leonora who's now 19 like her husband she suspected of having spied for islamic state intelligence and having supported
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a terrorist organization. has to do you ever work with the secret police or pass on information to your husband. i heard that too it's just ridiculous. whether she committed a crime will be decided in the german courts in the eyes of her father she needs to face up to her moral responsibility for her. having joined a terrorist group. the 3rd was that she's not only some little girl who was groomed . is just as much a perpetrator you just have to face the reality of their lives the sort of. leonora seemed carefree as she talked is she naive or traumatized it was hard to tell she doesn't seem to have reflected on how her family were fairing kurdish intelligence officers then told us our time was up. to thank you for coming thanks to. leonora gave interviews to other reporters as well and recited passages from the
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koran. it seems she gave little thought to what impression this would make on people back home in her village. most people will say she's fully bailed out singing muslims on us although it's not a song. that has learned nothing be doesn't belong here and see she's dangerous. perhaps it would be more prudent for leonora to stay in a neighboring village away from the media frenzy expected to descend on pride. and there indeed appears to be a solution mike and cloudier done from the berlin counseling center met pastor marcus bloomer who is a friend of mike. who has. a look. take a little look around the place ah well that's great the pastor knows how people in
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the area think and he has experience dealing with individuals whose lives have gone through dramatic changes. the 1st thing we want is for them to have contact with their families i'm going to on the farm you know paul wellstone and to give leonora a place where she'll feel at home and safe with her children while still being independent. the german government still has to decide if and when leonora may come home. will see. as enough and if she does have to go to jail then for a reason. she's definitely going for a beer and a schnitzel with me like an oath of allegiance. kick off her. own way seems to come down to the sands whom i am in
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a joint mind. by and has trained the cops a 100 times her friends many times champion be up to bring the german football trophy home by a joyous moment for another team quest for the cup is on. a few minutes off. welcome to the euro max you tube channel. close a goldmine of stories. with exclusive insights. and a must see concerning parts culture to ensure a. place to be for curious minds. do it yourself networkers. so for subscribers don't miss out.
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where he's home. with your family scattered across the globe. such a good. it's a cute to do list to. try to get a man of the. family from somalia live around the world. needed urgent assistance. starts october any. such. claim . played. this is g.w. news live from far away and british lawmakers hands boris johnson another defeat
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denying his snap election before being sent home and the gregs a deadlock the prime minister suspends parliament for 5 weeks and then insists that the u.k. will leave the e.u. want to talk with 31st this book without a deal. also coming up a german jihadi bride now trapped in a kurdish refugee camp nation's obliged to take adults who have joined a foreign terrorist organization we'll explore the issue and didn't stop for germany get the result they were looking for the men's team edged out more than ireland to go top of their group in euro qualifiers a hard fought to nil would put them back on track after a black. plague . i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program the british parliament has again voted against holding
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a snap general election prime minister boris johnson had requested one for us. top of the 15th but the opposition labor party refused to back the proposal unless johnston agreed to seek a delay to the u.k.'s exit from the european union now amid this crisis johnson has ordered parliament into recess the chamber will now only reconvene about 2 weeks before the october 31st deadline. the parliament supported his snap election bid last week boris johnson gave it another go in a sitting stretching into the early hours of tuesday. once again he was not prepared to compromise on his vision of a swift bracks it right you say what i misspeak i will go to brussels our government will go to brussels on october the 17th and negotiate our departure on the 31st of october hopefully with a deal mr speaker but without one if necessary i will not ask for another
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delay oh pre-strike this drew a predictable response from the opposition which wants to avoid a no deal break city 6 un international we really go for it election but as keen as we are we are not prepared to risk inflicting that he's asking for your uncle you don't ask for our community our jobs our services or indeed our rights i ever speaker of the house john bercow has during international fame during term time current debate such as these after 10 years in the post on monday he announced that he would soon you stand down. all his experience to reign in the boisterous crowd or to. in the end prime minister johnson's election bid was easily defeated the eyes of the right 293 the nose to the left 46 is
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a right to use were quick to pounce. thank you mr speaker i support groups congratulate the prime minister because at least he's been consistent is lost every vote is brought to this. column and has now gone into recess for 5 weeks after johnson probed the house the opposition made their opinion clear about ducks to. thank. us get the view from london now we are joined by correspondent massive beer get we have parliaments suspended now until mid october just over 2 weeks before the october 31st brights that deadline what is going to happen backstage now during this time. well after you've seen this really extraordinary scenes
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on stage sarah last night really really highly unusual m.p.'s are normally very well behaved during these ancient rituals when somebody from the house of lords comes to see something like this in the british parliament it's really something that has never happened i don't think before for now the m.p.'s are going to go on retreat they're going to go into their party conference season and this gives them the opportunity also to regroup there's a lot going on behind the scenes because it's the expectation that sooner or later we will see a general election here in the u.k. and that begs the question are there maybe going to be something like electoral pacts are the remain parties helping each other all the breaks apart is helping each other talk between the brits and party and also the conservative party whether they might somehow help each other because they want to see bret's it through at any cost whether the remain parties want to see don't want to leave without any deal say this is also something that's really new in the u.k.
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that doesn't normally happen nominee it's really one party vote one vote and they really everybody runs for themselves but now the whole while the whole field has been shaken up really unprecedented indeed bereket and we also have this law preventing britain leaving the e.u. without a deal signed yesterday by the queen just walk us through what exactly this means i mean does it mean that the u.k. must leave the e.u. with a deal. well the deadline is at the 31st of october and this is when parliament has decided that they call the u.k. call and leave without a d. and at this point now we also know that prime minister boris johnson has said he'd rather die in a ditch than go to the e.u. and ask for an extension and constantly he's using very militaristic language but we've seen this really a tug of war which we in the government and parliament majority of
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parliamentarian's who are forcing in effect the government to ask for an extension to not leave without a deal at this point now exactly how prime minister johnson is going to recall out of his we don't know there is of course a summit coming up mid and end of october that would be his most sensible but to try and go to brussels get somehow something that is maybe no it's not so far off from the dealer to resume a has negotiated but something that he can present as a new deal and then a last attempt to get that slightly changed you know through parliament that would be maybe the most sensible solution and we will see if that's really happening we've seen a cabinet resignation over the weekend one of johnson's colleagues resigned because she thought he isn't really trying to get that deal so many people doubt whether this is his strategy but that's for sure one of his strategies here to mask the view from london thank you barbara. let's get
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a quick check now some other stories making news around the world north korea has fired at least 2 new unidentified projectiles into the sea that's according to south korea's military tuesday's launch was the 8th since late july and came just hours after north korea offered to resume nuclear diplomacy talks with the united states. and italian prime minister to separate countries government has survived the 1st of 2 confidence votes his forteo old coalition winning by a comfortable margin in a raucous session of parliament italy's senate will also vote on tuesday a loss could force conte to resign and likely triggered you will actions this autumn i prosecutors across the united states have launched a wide ranging anti trust investigation into google the aim is to determine whether the tech giants control of online ads and search traffic has resulted in
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anticompetitive behavior it's thought that other issues such as data privacy may also come under scrutiny. for members have been rescued from the capsized south korean cargo ship off the u.s. state of georgia rescuers had to drill through the hole to reach the 24 people who were on board the golden break capsized on some. democracy activists joshua walk is taking his message on the road his 1st stop is berlin the 22 year old spoke at the german parliament after being detained for 24 hours by authorities at hong kong airport was met with germany's foreign minister hypos mohsen said but the protest movement would continue even after the hong kong government dropped a controversial extradition bill is long says that he will travel to washington next to speak with u.s. lawmakers just some of what he had to say in berlin. there you made clear where it was that the imagery in the free world as a player should try though. we are into
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a new cold war is the new bird it. is not over it or back over here for sure ready to bring i want to be free of democracy that you are right for us to. really go for the rights. of the world to realize that. he was well he started off the sea. and joshua wang will be joining us here on news at $1300.00 central european time that's under 4 hours time from now and then right afterwards on news asia you're watching news still to come on the program the new poll which shows that joe biden is holding onto his lead among us democrats looking to unseat president donald trump he joins 5 in directly on the campaign trail. but 1st innocent until proven guilty that's the principle that we expect the state
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to uphold but how should the 40s apply it to people who willingly joined the so-called islamic state a number of western countries are grappling with that question more than 500 germans are still in syria or iraq after traveling there to join the jihad let's look now at the story of one woman leonora and her father who has been trying to get her back. 3 is to stick around the whole time you're caught up in your own problems process asking yourself why or what for how come i'm walking through your . mind messing ask himself why a 1000 times his daughter has been gone for 4 years. and your own child would rather be with terrorists than with you and she even thinks it's a cool quote. nora left him a voice message soon after she arrived home papa and make it says as a clue to them that in rules of war movie never heal kind of us music is a kissing those it's. the photos from i'm sure plenty. have good. in
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syria. he was seen as one of the highest ranking germans in the so-called islamic state she became his 3rd wife but she and the other 2 wives started fighting they are also witness the terror group's brutality and after a few weeks she wanted to go home desperate to help her father went to turkey and hired a people smuggler linked to the al qaeda terror organization. doesn't quit just by the criminals but i want my child back if i have to stand trial for giving money to a terror organization i gladly go to jail until the main thing is all of got my daughter back before. the ships can people back home in his eastern german village things became nerve racking my co-ordinated the life threatening mission via his phone and rocca several attempted meetings between leonora and the people smugglers fell through the.


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