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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 10, 2019 2:00pm-2:31pm CEST

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so kissing those it's. photos online showing some good will come. in syria leonora met martine limca he was seen as one of the highest ranking germans in the so-called islamic state she became his 3rd wife but she and the other 2 wives started fighting they are also witness the terror group's brutality and after a few weeks she wanted to go home desperate to help her father went to turkey and hired a people smuggler linked to the al qaeda terror organization. doesn't quit just by the criminals but i want my child back if i have to stand trial for giving money to a terror organization i gladly go to jail the main thing is your olive got my daughter back for at least on the ship this can people back home in his eastern german village things became nerve racking my co-ordinated the life threatening mission via his phone and rocca several attempted meetings between leonora and the people smugglers fell through the family lived in fear for weeks.
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in the months and months to get to. this is from looking and i had a real feeling of helplessness you're trying to distract yourself and not think about it too much because you can't do anything about it you think read the cons as least . the rescue attempt failed that sense of helplessness lasted for weeks months and years at times mike messing did not hear from his daughter for months. when the last ion stronghold fell early in 2019 loon or ended up in the home prison camp and northern syria where she now lives with her 2 children born in i asked territory german reporters were able to meet her and asked why did you join us she trying to explain herself. islam ludden zone.
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when islam was a trend a lot of people in germany converted facebook i got caught up in a facebook group that maybe it had something to do with my age and wanting to take part in a revolution i was interested in stupid things now i definitely want to go back to my family. germany's federal prosecutor is investigating the now 19 year old she suspected of spying for islamic states intelligence service and supporting the terror group plan or denies the allegations the german government will decide if and when she may come back home meanwhile her father mike messing can't wait. for more on this let's bring in mathias fawn hi who is part of investigative team and following this story for us mathias we saw the story of leonora there just give us the broader perspective how many former ins members are still being held in northern serious prison camps and who exactly is holding them. as far as we know there are about 60 men roughly 60 women and more than 120
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children being held in northern syria and the people holding them are authorities. syrian democratic forces who fought isis together with the united states and the international coalition to fight isis. but there is a captured them and they hold them in camps in northern syria mainly the whole camp where about 75000 people are living under very very bad conditions who military and was when it comes to food water sanitation and probably one of so force learn our father i mean clearly he wants her back in germany but are germany and other nations obliged to take their citizens back even after they've joined a terrorist organization such as the so-called islamic state. that's a matter of great dispute the kurdish forces who are holding from the kurdish
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authorities and also in syria clearly once once those foreign fighters and their families being taken back it's a huge burden for them to take care for about there's this 10 cells and from isis members who are being kept in various camps besides all the other refugees and the u.s. is pressing european and other governments to take them back and there's also a legal obligation of countries to take them back on the other hand european countries germany france and great britain they are struggling to take them back they are very reluctant because they say that there is a great danger in taking them back we don't know who they are and so the german government is hiding behind effect very often that they don't have diplomatic relations was a cautious sorties because it's not recognized as
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a state and they also don't have diplomatic relations with the assad regime and moscow's so take us through the scenarios that he has and if she is indeed allowed back in germany what happens to her when she gets back to the country well most probably she will be most probably she will be indicted and we have a special investigation unit was a federal police we have a special investigative unit was a federal prosecutor who for years now have been trying to gather evidence against members of islamics of the so-called islamic state and they are preparing caught cases so that. that when whenever they come to germany as it will be a warrant to arrest them and obviously that's the case with leonora and then there will be a court case and we will have to see whether the evidence hold. on hind thank you.
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and if you would like to find out more about this story you can watch the full documentary on r d w youtube channel that's it youtube dot com slash d w documentary. now we head to the united states where opinion polls show former vice president joe biden leaving the democratic contenders to take on donald trump next year he's ahead of rivals bernie sanders and elizabeth warren but despite being well known joe biden is not impressing everyone on the campaign trail alexandra phenomenas following the race in new hampshire. joe biden's already had a successful career but here he is again running for president because he says he wants to indict the country. at town hall in luck on your new hampshire. prison troops entre many say admire the former vice president but need to hear what
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kind of message she has to offer as a presidential candidate which we are in the battle for the soul of this nation is 1st and foremost the reason why i decided to run. talks about his accomplishments in the obama administration and the problems he wants to tackle if elected but he doesn't really seem to be focused on many openings remarks are diffuse and lengthy the data shows if you do you increase foremost i think you need to be more concise in his explanations of things and i was a little disappointed that way i was happy with what with what he said i understood what he was trying to say other people maybe not so much there are a lot of people here there on the fence today he spoke on issues that were important to me and it was about the immigration issues and it was about the violence with the guns and i think that he will definitely improve this country and bring us back together again the next morning of the new hampshire democratic party
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convention biden is one of 19 presidential hopefuls cept to speak here and he is on the pressure to defend his position as the party's stay put. the former vice president is still woolly hat in the race for next year's democratic presidential nomination has come same has portrayed him as the candidate most likely to be able to beat donald trump but his lead in the polls has shrunk and the question remains how much of his advantage merely reflects name recognition for a man who has been in the public eye for more than 4 decades. the audience gives him a warm welcome when he takes the stage. but the supporters of his main opponent senator elizabeth warren and senator bernie sanders seem to be much more enthusiastic and ruckus. we think a little bit worse the ideal candidate she's smart she's got
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a plan she's looking out for planet earth as well as all americans not just the one percent what do you think about the front runner. mr biden. anybody the trouble so if he's the nominee i'd be high name but my preference is elizabeth warren order will be the new castle in eastern new hampshire which is a number by come pain stuff his advisors say joe biden represents the democratic party but then and he wanted a party they say that is older and more moderate than many as you know but that also means that his record is being questioned by young progressives my question is how can we trust that you're going to act on climate on the climate crisis if you're saw attending fundraisers that fossil fuel executives like andy goldman are at i want to look in my eyes. i guarantee you i guarantee you we're going to
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end fossil fuel and i am not going to cooperate ok. the activists doesn't seem to be convinced but by have moved on it's still early in the primary race and his companion is bracing for a long flight. back and forth from politics to sports now to soccer and european championship qualifiers germany's mentee men's team won an important away clash in northern ireland last night only mo talkies here from deep have used force to tell us a little bit more analemma a pick side of relief from the germany fans or at least temporarily but you know look germany still struggle to play well over 90 minutes but northern ireland a very difficult team to play against they bought about a very hot and they deny germany clear cut chances in the press have. men will neuer for example was tested on a number of occasions as you see right there and that pressing game was just on
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point but it was this man must sell a house who broke the deadlock after 48 minutes and then of course the search cannot be added a 2nd goal late in the match to seal the deal and the 2 no wind now sends germany to the top of group c. with 3 matches remaining. we we heard from somebody after the match right or and that was the hero of the match at my house in book and that's has a lot about team germany when it's your defender that helps you score an important point and secure those 3 points and of course i get it northern ireland it's very it's a very tough place to play there and they have a great home record so let's hear what house in bourke have to say about that victory. you know. there was a little bit of pressure but we prepared very well it was a real cold renate take their fans created a really tough atmosphere northern ireland defended well gave us a few scares but with a bit of luck we've won the 2. of them with
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a bit of luck so i mean germany are now surely in shape to qualify right so it's the top 2 teams in the group that will go through and i think germany will qualify based on their performances i don't think they're going to make it easy for themselves but as for the other question as well i don't think that they have championship team i think they're still very far from winning a title and that's normal because this team is still in rebuilding mode i mean. the germany coach he's still tinkering that the line up he doesn't even have a consistent starting 11 and championed champions are not made overnight and i think we have to be very realistic that this team is very young is very inexperienced and they they don't have a lot of big tournament experience and a lot of these young players still have not reached a peak and of course germany still get to hone their skills a bit more before the qualifiers continue they pay a friendly against argentina in october and that's going to be a great rivalry and a lot of work to do a lemo talk
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a lot of. thank you. so let's get some more scores now from the european championship qualifiers last night germany's group c. the netherlands blew past a stone ina in group i belgium likewise had no trouble with scotland group civitas poland played a scoreless draw with austria hungary lost at home to slovakia and group and gave up 1st place to croatia but the world cup runners up could only manage $11.00 draw in azerbaijan. formula one great of michael schumacher is undergoing treatment using stem cells in a paris hospital according to a french newspaper he's under the care of a heart specialist having been taken to france from his swiss home according to this report mocker suffered severe head injuries in a skiing accident back in 2013 and has not been seen in public since the german driver won a record 7 formula one titles during his career. this
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is news and these are our top stories. british lawmakers have rejected prime minister boris johnson's call for a snap general election it was their last vote before parliament began a 5 week suspension in a frantic final day johnson pledged not to delay brags that despite new legislation that requires him to request an extension should he fail to negotiate a new deal britain is soon to leave the european union on on october 31st. prime minister just epic contests government has won the 1st of 2 confidence votes his 4 day old coalition was approved by a comfortable margin in iraq a session of parliament its only senate is due to hold a similar vote on tuesday when the result is expected to be closer to. north korea has fired at least 2 new and identified projectiles into the sea that's
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according to south korea's military tuesday's launch was the 8th since late july and came just hours after north korea offered to resume talks with the united states. this is news from berlin you can always find the latest headlines at d.w. dot com or follow us on twitter at d w news. coming up next business news with stephen beardsley make sure you stay tuned for that i'm sara kelley in berlin thanks so much for joining us for the great.
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kick off. play seems to come down to. buy ammunition. finest primakov sometimes some of the men thomas champion beyond. in the german football trophy home by joyce months for another team the quest for the company is on. 60 minutes the. natural riches. precious resources. and a rewarding investment and. farmland has been called ethiopians green gold. the country has an abundance of high places it to international giants the government is after export revenues for corporations high profit margins.
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and not everyone benefits from the booming business. when i saw the al those are clearing the land i was devastated if you can get without could they bulldoze the land without my permission to knew it belonged i mean a woman. expropriation environmental destruction starvation. the price for government and corporate. selling out of our country. dead donkey sphere know how you know it. starts september 18th on d w. volkswagen is making a big bet on electric now it's unveiled its 1st fully electric compact model which
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it believes will take electric made stream but will people buy it. also on the show germany wants to have its cake and eat it too floating a plan to increase spending all keeping its debt down. and google searches for a way out as top prosecutors from across the u.s. forces use it of monopolistic. this is your business report from stephen bears in berlin good to have you with us folks wagon has long touted itself is the one car company that can mainstream the electric vehicle putting its massive production scale to lower costs and improve battery life enough to make electric attractive now v.w. has unveiled its 1st all electric compact timed with the opening of the frankfurt motor show the id 3 the question will the average person buy it. for europe's biggest automaker the id 3 isn't just a car it represents an idea of what flex 5 and wants to be in the eyes of
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environmental regulators and increasingly climate conscious consumers. now this is the car that fox is hoping to make an icon the way for example the beetle was its big bet and like trail mobility amid what's become a battle for relevance. running up to 500 kilometers on a single charge expect for every day mainstream use but as many electric vehicle makers know just because it was built doesn't mean it will sell flex manas counting on the prices and high volumes to make a profit until 202815 1000000 cars and the most of our new rules will be built on this platform with this platform we are generating scales and this case we can use to give our custom us a price below $30.00 cells and euro's and of course we're such a huge amount of volume you can't afford to make the process now concerns are growing about whether a lecture on the belief is indeed the way forward towards
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a carbon neutral transport people are worried about what happens to the batteries at the end of its life people are worried about mineral extraction what do you say about those concerns we think that election will be at the earth at the moment the right technology because we are committed to perris 2050 he wants to be until 2050 climate new true and today electrification is the. best choice to realize a chalk notice c o 2 it's on to 2025 we want to produce more than 1000000 electric cars with this we can reduce the c o 2 emissions fall off by 30 percent the id 3 represents one of the 1st of all results of that effort but whether it's paid off is something consumers get to decide following its market released next summer. you know the report and she joins me now from frankfurt you know good morning betting big on electric but they say that they still need
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help creating that mainstream market for electric what do they say. good morning steven web based on the conversations that i've had what they've tried to address 2 problems that people may have had with electric cars one of course being the price and the other being the range so this is why they've released a car that's that starts out below $30000.00 euros so it's similarly priced to these all powered golf for example and the car has on a single charge depending on the battery a range from anywhere from 300 kilometers to over 500 kilometers so to put that in perspective that's roughly the distance between berlin and frankfurt so definitely something that you could use for the every day for your everyday life now what they're hoping to happen is that if they create a popular model that then the public and private sector would get together to adapt to consumer demand and fill in the gaps that are still associated with electronic
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billing. inadequate infrastructure charging now charging and there aren't enough charging stations here in europe now if that sounds like a gamble that's because it is they're not guaranteed the sales they're not guaranteed they're not guaranteed that the pipe the public and private sector will come together to fill this demand but a lot is riding on this vehicle for a fight surviving. if it fails they don't really have a plan b. and they're facing billions in sunk costs if it does and of course saw the threats of last round of an. important moment for the industry in europe when asked about another segment sport utility vehicles or s.u.v.s are very popular right now they're also facing more scrutiny in europe for safety environmental reasons that's been a strong market for carmakers hasn't it. i'm sorry stephen can you repeat the question s.u.v.s there under a bit more scrutiny for environmental for safety reasons but i believe that's been
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a strong market for car makers that are out the frankfurt motor show. oh. oh indeed yeah it is kind of counter intuitive because as c.v.s. acts as you've been saying have been getting a lot of flack because of their size because of the space that they already take up in already congested cities because of their role in polluting the environment and our recent accident in berlin that involved a porsche s.u.v. that killed 4 people including a child also had some people saying well they're too dangerous to be on the roads at the same time in the face of all this criticism people can't seem to stop buying s.u.v.s they make up over a 3rd of market share here in germany we're looking out about a 1000000 new vehicle registrations for a c.v. s.u.v.s and this year alone and i haven't spoken to a single car maker here at the car show we said oh yes it's part of our strategy to eventually turn away from s.u.v.s to delete them from our portfolio now the argument is that they need these big cars that bring in these big profits in order
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to in order to finance cleaner tech and you can see why some activists are not at all satisfied with this they think that having it both ways eventually cancels out the net benefits that they're trying to achieve all right you know do a lot of frankfort with both sides of the coin there thank you very much. the german government is thought to be considering a shadow budget to get around national spending limits orders reports that officials in berlin are looking at setting up independent agencies to take on new debt for investment in the german economy and that would enable the government overreach the debt limits and shrine in the constitution germany's facing a backlog demand for infrastructure spending at a time when its economy shows signs of entering session. and let's get more on this with conrad booze and frankfurt conrad this would sound unconstitutional based on a reading of the german constitution here that explicitly limits what do you tell
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us about this plan. well stephen it's quite likely that this would trigger a heated constitutional debate here in germany but it's also important to keep in mind that the famous german showed the break on new government debt was introduced here in germany to prevent governments from simply taking taxpayers' money to make the economy look good in the short term and get reelected the ways not to prevent the government from tackling long term goals especially goals that the government agreed on in the framework. union stability and growth pact so this idea of those plans one idea to activate one of germany's most important assets one of our natural resources if you like and that's a credit standing. so it sounds like a domestic debate at least is brewing over this issue outside of germany we know
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that investors have really been waiting on german stimulus how are they reacting to this report. well quite intense discussions i can tell you i have this morning already 100 floors of the frankfurt stock exchange every little word from germany that it wants to do more in order to make its infrastructure fit for the next decade for example is positive news for the markets especially as the other big player monetary policy makers might have come to an end with their remedies we've got meeting of the european central banks council later this week and it's quite possible that what mario draghi will have to announce will announce there might not be enough to really inspire the real economy. cargoes and therefore it's in frankfurt thank you very much. and 20 years ago he was an english teacher today he's one of the world's richest men and arguably china's most famous entrepreneur
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alibaba co-founder jack ma of course now he's stepping down from his role as chairman of the e-commerce behemoth 20 years ago jack ma founded the alibaba group in his apartment in 115 years after that in 2014 with an e-commerce giant making its debut on wall street and it was the largest i.p.o. in history at the time ma is china's most famous underpin you work and his influence has been felt beyond the tech world he has met with several world leaders including the last 2 u.s. president barack obama and don't try i had a great meeting and a great great entrepreneur one of the best in the world and he loves this country and he loves jenna do you kind of. doubt it was early 2017 and things couldn't have been more different by the end of last year the time when trade tensions between the u.s. and china escalating trade wall is the most a stupid thing in this world. try it is 2 for the peace train is to
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communicate there will be no trade deficit. issue in the next to 20 years because of technology mafias the answers to some of the world's biggest problems in technology and while he may be stepping down from his role as chairman he still wants to make a difference he says he'll spend more time building his philanthropic foundation put education. is certainly sounds bad but novelistic behavior and it could spell big trouble for google prosecutors across the u.s. have launched a new antitrust probe into whether the internet giant is abusing its position in online search and advertising just last week facebook's market dominance became the subject of a similar investigation investigators are probing google to see if it's internet searches online advertising as well as its smartphone operating system android have
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made it difficult for rivals to compete and harm to consumers the investigating states are led by texas there are $48.00 of them plus the district of columbia and puerto rico. the european union has been investigating google for some time brussels assata google with nearly $10000000000.00 an antitrust fines over the past 2 years the commission has decided to find and grow $4340000000.00 euros for breaching e.u. actually trust rules. who has engaged in illegal practices just immense it's still not market position engine its search. in the u.s. google and the other tech giants have been able to operate relatively undisturbed but things now look as if they're about to get a lot tougher. and that's it from me and the business team here in berlin you can find out more about these and other business stories online at the dot com slash business for followers on social media and stephen beardsley thanks watching.


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