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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  September 10, 2019 3:45pm-4:01pm CEST

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a fear know how you know. start september 18th on d w. this is eat up your news live from the last british. lawmakers hand boris johnson
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another defeat denying him snap elections before being sent i mean british jet bought gregg's a deadlock the prime minister suspends parliament for 5 weeks and again insists that the u.k. believes the e.u. on october 31st with or without a deal the one voice is soon to be missing from the chamber. to stick you're a democrat and. try to play a role so. i was speaker of the house of commons john bercow announcing his resignation last night we will look back on the man who kept order in a drought this parliament also coming up a german jihadi right now trapped in a kurdish refugee camp our nation's obliged to take back adults who have joined a foreign terrorist organization to explore the issue and in soccer germany get the result that they were looking for the men's team edged out northern ireland to go to the top of the group in euro qualifiers the hard part to know when to push them
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back on track after friday's defeat by the dutch. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program the british parliament has again voted against holding a snap general election prime minister boris johnson requesting one for october 15th but the opposition labor party refusing to back the proposal unless johnson agrees to seek a delay to the u.k.'s exit from the european union now amid this crisis johnson has ordered parliament into recess the chamber will only reconvene about 2 weeks before the october 31st deadline. which is not the lection bid last week boris johnson and david some other go in a sitting stretching into the early hours of tuesday i once again. he was not
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prepared to compromise on his vision of a swift bright says. this is big i will go to brussels our government will go to brussels on october the 17th and negotiate our departure on the 31st of october hopefully with a deal mr speaker but without one if necessary are you will not ask for another delay obvious this drew a predictable response from the opposition which wants to avoid a no deal brick city since un international we're eager for it election but as keen as we are we are not prepared to risk inflicting that he's asked out of you know to you don't ask our community our job our services or indeed our rights. in the end prime minister johnson's election bid was easily defeated. and peas were quick to pounce. thank you mr speaker and i should perhaps congratulate the prime
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minister because at least he's been consistent is lost every vote he's brought to this. parliament has now gone into recess for 5 weeks after johnson perogue the house the opposition made their opinion clear about the. i think he was. let's get the view from london now we're joined by. mass get we have parliament now suspended until mid october and just over 2 weeks before the october 31st deadline so what is going to be happening backstage it's we now and then. well yes are really quite extraordinary now parliament is deserted for the next weeks and stockholm trust of the scenes that we've seen inside parliament last night were m.p.'s and you have sharing it was shouting and this is really really
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extremely unusual normally during these ancient rituals when somebody comes over from the house of lords for one of the ceremonies parliamentarians are very polite but it just shows the anger that there is in parliament to what the government has been doing and that ngo will now be transformed behind the scenes m.p.'s are now retreating they're going to meet again for their party conferences which are going to happen in a few weeks time but also they will be talking to each other and particularly the parties that are plotting to remain in the european union the m.p.'s that want to stay in the european union and that want to prevent leaving the european union without a deal they will be talking to each other the talk is about a general election it's probably unavoidable and armed he's than our party is then going to help each other with so-called electoral packs so this is really the talk of the town at the moment and we also have better get this law this law preventing
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britain leaving the e.u. without a deal that was signed yesterday by the queen does that mean now that the u.k. mass leave the e.u. with a deal. it means that at the end of october which is the next deadline the u.k. cannot live without a deal this is what parliament here has decided and has enshrine into law we are not yet clear how the prime minister how the government is going to deal with it because we have seen in this extraordinary tug of war between government and palm and being at loggerheads with each other and the prime minister says still saying that he does not want to ask for an extension and he said we're going to leave do or die and he'd rather be dead in the digital he's using this militaristic language in order to show the fighting spirit that he said what are his options that is an
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interesting question he can then that would probably be the most sensible option go to the you add to the mid end of october summit and try and negotiate a somehow different deal a slight variation to trees amazed and then you can try and present it here to palm and 5th thinking is that m.p.'s who have in the pause voted down the government still sarees amazed might now think again because we're seeing that britain is really in a way at the end of the road 6 and that might be one of the few options that the parliament has in order to influence that process any further so we might see a revived deal but we really don't know flora's johnson has not really made clear what his strategy is but he said he doesn't want to us from extension get mass in london thank you barry. now in the midst of a high drama day at the british parliament speaker john bercow announced that he
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would be stepping down within weeks his performances in the house of commons keeping lawmakers in check that became his trademark of luck ira was he had to manage these people. he used one way to marry like a weapon i organized the room for members of our church seats sometimes he gave ministers a proper dressing down very interesting he paid their rent spare rooms 203 ok you also was married i wonder are you want to order oh yes the house it all looks like good fun but announcing his departure explained how seriously he took the job he was leaving his wins. throughout my time. for house speaker. i have sought to increase the relative all full rootsy of this so the
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legislature. for which i know me out sooner the no no colucci anyone in the merry anywhere out at any time. down missed him with for. food and no doubt he'll missed them. let's get a quick check now some other stories making news around the world north korea has fired at least 2 new unidentified projectiles into the sea that's according to south korea's military tuesday's launch was the 8th since late july and it came just hours after north korea ordered to resume nuclear diplomacy talks with the u.s. . all crew members have been rescued from a capsized south korean cargo ship off the u.s. state of georgia rescuers had to drill through the hole to reach the 24 people who
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were on board when the golden break capsized on sunday. and hundreds of residents have fled their homes in eastern australia as bush fires raged across thousands of hectares of land emergency crews are battling more than 160 fires in 2 states strong winds low humidity and drought have fueled the blazes since monday officials are investigating the possibility of arson. is a time up for the tech giants prosecutors across the u.s. have come together to launch an investigation into whether google has been abusing its market position the move comes just a week after facebook became the subject of a similar investigation investigators are probing google to see if its internet search is online advertising as well as its smartphone operating system droids have made it difficult for rivals to compete and harm to consumers the investigating states are led by texas there are $48.00 of them plus the district of columbia and
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puerto rico. european union has been investigating google for some time brussels a solid google with nearly 10000000000 dollars in and you trust finds over the past 2 years the commission has decided to find google 4340000000 euros for reaching e.u. actually trust rules. who has engaged in illegal practices just immense it's time that market decision internet search. in the u.s. google and the other tech giants have been able to operate relatively undisturbed but things now look as if they're about to get a lot tougher. would you buy an electric car if not why is that the cost the hassle of looking for a targeting station while at the world's largest car show in frankfurt manufacturers are competing to address just those concerns german car giant volkswagen is hoping to impress with its new offering the i d 3 its 1st car
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specifically designed to be electric have a look for europe's biggest automaker the id 3 isn't just a car it represents an idea of what flex biden wants to be in the eyes of environmental regulators and increasingly climate conscious consumers. now this is the car that fox is hoping to make an icon the way for example the beetle was its big bet and electro mobility amid what's become a battle for relevance. running up to 500 kilometers on a single charge a tent for every day mainstream use but as many electric vehicle makers know just because it was built doesn't mean it will sell well it's about is counting on low prices and high volumes to make a profit until 202815 1000000 cars and the most of our new rules will be built on this platform with this platform we are generating scales and this case we can use to give our custom us a price below $30.00 cells and euros and of course we such
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a huge amount of volume you can't afford to make the process now concerns are growing.


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