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this is the news live from berlin and the plight of women escaping genocidal violence in their own countries only to fall prey to sex traffickers you need to bring him to refugee in bangladesh who has been forced into prostitution how many others share her fate and is nobody doing anything to help we'll see some answers also coming up a major shakeup at the white house president trump's hard line national security adviser john bolton is out bolton has advocated regime change in iran does his
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departure signal a change in u.s. foreign policy. and german chancellor angela merkel tells parliament the country is facing major challenges that they were session looming and tax revenue expected to call the opposition claims from governments for the problems. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program they have fled deadly violence become refugees in a foreign country and have been forced into prostitution they are among the 700000 rohingya refugees now living in sprawling camps in bangladesh their lives already graham refugees are not allowed to work and depend on food handouts some women there have turned to the sex industry others are lord abroad with promises of jobs and marriage only to end up in prostitution. u.w.
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has this exclusive report from the bangladeshi city of cox's bazar. in the world's largest refugee camp in bangladesh life for women and children is particularly difficult. this woman fled from me and ma with her 3 children and husband after their village was burnt down 2 years ago. my husband left me and my children after we came here and it was difficult for me to make ends meet i didn't have any other option and i want to live. any other option that is going to work as a prostitute now when she gets the cool she travels to the neighboring towns outside of the refugee camps. on a. there's no other job i can do like that but i can't do anything else if i
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remarried my new husband would take care of me but not my children. that it's impossible to say how many reading or refugees end up in the sex trade here many are as young as 14 according to local n.g.o.s thousands of women are trafficked across bangladesh and even abroad lured by false promises of jobs and marriage. we wanted to gauge how widespread the problem really is in the tourist town of cox bizarre roughly 40 kilometers from the camps we got in touch with a pimp who posted to have several rango women on call. hello. show you some girls and if you like them you can take them if not you can leave. oh ok see you in an hour and. a bit later a reporter meets. the manager prearranged point and gets into an auto rickshaw with
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him while we follow behind a reporter is secretly filming the entire encounter. the 1st stop is a hotel which serves as a brothel to begin with the manager seems suspicious and denies having any prostitutes then he shows us pictures of a few women on his phone none of them seem to be wrecking. around 10 pm the pimp sends a rectangle woman to our hotel she's too scared to talk to us when we reveal we're journalists because she's worried the hotel might tell the pimps but she confirms she is a 23 year old wrecking a refugee she says she's a victim of her circumstances. back at the camp the sex worker we met earlier tells us 3 are not allowed to work and there have been several
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police raids on hotels doubling as brothels she herself was recently released from jail. the os on it or not and if i can't find any other way to make money i'll have to go back to this work if i do i might get arrested again. but she's likely to take that risk again because for now she doesn't have a choice. and faced with such a bleak future bringing the women remain easy prey for the pimps and traffickers. and we are joined now by de w.'s arafat's all islam he is one of the reporters that you saw there in that piece and he also happens to be from bangladesh and you know you saw in that report one of the row hinge of women essentially saying she has no other choice she has to make money how desperate is the situation there the situation is quite despaired there because you know the most of the difficulties who came from myanmar into those. 17 are women and children so they are big in
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number and they want to get involved with job opportunities or worse 2 on something so that they can meet they can meet and meets but it is not possible to do for them apart from providing relief by n.g.o.s and internationally isn't it surely the bangladeshi authorities are aware of the situation what was your experience in interacting with them and how are they dealing with it i was there 2 years ago and that i saw that there is where you coming attitude towards. in bangladesh but what happened last time when i was there with 2 of my colleagues i saw their. creation after going on and it totally failed and then the foreign minister responded very angrily angrily saying that we have to reduce their i mean benefits things they are getting there so we have to make something so that they agree to return at some point so now that the situation is more like one of these government wants to wants
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to contribute of them they don't want to provide any kind of support to us because the government doesn't recall. as if you choose and when they don't. they don't get any benefit fed to the food she is should get according to international law so there are no no other alternatives for these women they don't have because there is no other employment opportunities or anything i mean personally i think they should have some kind of. war the women can walk and i'm something out of it because they have. kind of living in you know what. but not many opportunities to spend time in the opportunities to own something to work so there should be some opportunities by the government open of this or especially for women and they don't become and i imagine that many of these you know people just don't want to go back to me on mars specially given. how they were forced out of
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the country yeah well we talked to too many of the refuse ears and react to this basic question whether they want to return or not what we've found that they want to take on and that's why they are staying near the border area but they have some specific demands that they want to myanmar government the recognize them as to provide them citizenship of myanmar also their wants safety and security in iraq i need so if these are provided these are insured then they will only interested in going to the country if they think they belong to. our fattal islam thank you so much for your reporting. in washington speculation is rife that president donald trump's firing of its national security adviser john bolton could signal a shift in u.s. foreign policy announcing the latest white house sacking on twitter the president said that he disagreed strongly with bolton on many issues bolton was a hard liner on several of those issues he gave
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a different version of events saying he'd offered his resignation. john bolton in happier times seated at the president's side an influential proponent of a hawkish foreign policy. but his tenure as national security adviser came to an end when trump took to twitter to announce his departure the president tweeted that he strongly disagreed with many of bolton's suggestions prompting trump to ask for his resignation bolton quickly disputed this version of events in turn tweeting that he had offered to resign in of his own accord is not the 1st time trump bolton have disagreed the former adviser stood for a muscular approach to foreign relations a known hardliner he favored military intervention in iran north korea and venezuela but despite his aggressive rhetoric trump often chose diplomacy over confrontation. he has met north korea's leader kim jong gone and was prepared to
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strike a peace deal with the taliban in afghanistan. bolton's departure has fueled speculation that u.s. foreign policy could mellow. but senior administration of figures cautioned against the idea that someone asked what would the policy be different absent any individual being here is a been the president's policies but i don't think any leader around the world should make any assumption that because someone of us of hearts that president trumps foreign policy will change in a materialize sanctions designed to pressure iran into concessions over its nuclear program a likely to remain in place. i would say secretary of. health and the president are completely aligned on our maximum pressure campaign i think you know we've done more sanctions on iran than anybody and it's absolutely working and you're right even as bolton became the national security adviser to serve under president trump
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brushed off suggestions that the national security team was in disarray absolutely not that's the most ridiculous question i have ever heard are you going to say that this is are you going to but bolton is unlikely to be the last official to find himself going out of the revolving door of trump's white house. let's get a quick check of some other stories making news around the world north korea's state on television has cropped cast pictures of its leader kim jong un overseeing the testing of a multiple rocket launcher a launch took place only hours after the north offer to resume nuclear diplomacy with the united states would source. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has promised to annex large parts of the occupied west bank if he wins a national election next week the area is claimed by the palestinians as a future independent state the arab league has denounced the plan calling it quote a dangerous development. the body of robert mugabe is on its way back to karate
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from singapore where the longtime zimbabwean leader died last week a delegation is transporting mugabe's remains ahead of a state funeral on saturday a government official says a mock up his relatives are divided on where he should be perrie. venezuela has begun war games along its borders with colombia and with renewed tension between the 2 countries missile carriers and some 150000 troops have been deployed both colombia and venezuela accuse one another of harboring forces trying to overthrow the neighboring government. german chancellor angela merkel's coalition government is presenting its proposed budget for the next year in parliament the far right alternative for germany party opened the debate by saying that merkel was forcing the country into recession by killing jobs with stricter environmental standards and the costs of uncontrolled migration to the german chancellor said that germany wanted to lead the fight against climate change but admitted that the
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country faced a major challenge since the thai here's more of what merkel had to say. the european union was founded as a multilateral project based on the lessons from europe has to push from oxford actually some around the world even if that i.g.s. under increasing pressure that is our responsibility and germany has to take a leading role and that no country in the world can solve its problems on its own and if we are all competing against each other we will not win i believe it could be a win win situation if you actually get there. chancellor merkel saying there that multilateralism is a win win situation for germany i asked our chief political correspondent belinda crane how that fit into a debate about the budget will this always winds up being a scrutiny not just of the budget of the chancellery but of its policies and goals on the whole and multilateralism absolutely is
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a key theme for the chancellor she took us on a very broad tour of the foreign policy hot spots ranging from bracks it to trade tensions with the u.s. to iran syria and more to key messages that came out 1st of all innate knowledge meant that germany must take stronger responsibility together with europe she talked about coordinating with the european union now the commission getting ready to be led by the former german defense minister who is a very close ally of the chancellor's and she also acknowledged that everyone is expecting more from germany in the area of security policy so she essentially defended the german approach of saying our approach to security is a broad based systemic one that looks at the causes of conflict and tries to address them with for example to philip and policy but she said we know we need to spend more on security as well and we are going to meet that expectation. that was well and a crane of the german parliament coming up next our documentary later norah about
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how a father lost his daughter to the so-called islamic state and his efforts to get her back also news from the united states regarding john bolton. be sure to keep it here on g.w. news for all of the latest headlines i'm sara kelly in for lent thanks for watching . that. and i'm just i'm with a brand new delusion born of the culture it's personal it's divisive construct topix that affects us all water pollution climate change and the return of. only green fields check out.


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