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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  September 11, 2019 12:30pm-12:46pm CEST

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and. the government is after high export revenues to corporations high profit margin. but not everyone benefits from the booming business. creation environmental destruction and starvation. the selling out of the country did to increase fear. a strong september 18th on d.w. . could it be a deal to connect east and west so that's what the hong kong exchange is promising with a surprise bid to buy the london stock exchange we'll tell you what a takeover could mean. also on the show you're young you live in the city bus you really own the car we sent our reporters of the frankfurt motor show to see if you could be persuaded. this is your business report i'm stephen beers in berlin it's
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good to have you with us the hong kong stock exchange has made a bid for one of its biggest european rivals the company says it has offered more than $36000000000.00 for the london stock exchange group proposal envisions a single exchange joining europe with asia chief executive of the hong kong exchange charles lee says the deal would redefine global capital markets for decades to come. and our financial correspondent conrad who isn't standing outside another exchange but this one in frankfurt conrad there's a business argument behind this bid from hong kong clearly but there's some very big political questions aren't there. absolutely stephen especially if we take into consideration what's going on right now in the streets of hong kong i mean the protests with beijing tightening its grip on hong kong one has to wonder what such a deal between the hong kong stock exchange and the london stock exchange mean that
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the london stock exchange would eventually be dominated by communist china you know a couple of years ago when the frankfurt stock exchange try to merge with the london stock exchange this deal eventually failed because london refused to be dominated by the germans it's very very doubtful that the proud people in the city of london would prefer to be dominated by communist china. and of course this is this did also could affect the frankfurt stock exchange itself. yes of course it would affect frankfurt not only because a large a super large new player would emerge on the market a large competitor for frankfurt and for all of the market operators on the european continent but also because a deal which the frankfurt stock exchange might try to make recently and we failed would become a possibility again i'm talking about griffin it is which is
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a large data provider owned by thomson reuters a while ago frankfurt tried to take over parts of refuted but this deal failed because the london stock exchange came out with a higher takeover bid for the whole of ricin a tive now with this deal hong kong land on london becoming a possibility it's become ming also probable that rif initiative would be put on the market again and that of course would be good news for frankfurt and that's assuming of course the deal goes through so our question is whether that will happen konrad who's in there for us in frankfurt thank you. and to the frankfurt motor show now where companies are introducing new electric models and touting their commitments reducing emissions many of the same companies are also selling record numbers of the emissions heavy sport utility vehicles or s.u.v.s take a look. if you cherry easy electric at least that the narrative the world's biggest
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car makers are keen to present us in frankfurt motor show stock is no exception the german car giant is hoping its new id 3 will bring electric to the mainstream i have no doubt about it. it's the right product it's the right time and for many of our customers it will be by far the best choice for the next 2 years but large scale adoption of electric vehicle still seems far away sales of convents still s.u.v.s are actually on the rise. industry must learn to be more restrained with these giant s.u.v.s these monster vehicles so that we don't have people driving 5 meter cars on germany's roads in georgetown and they can take this titan of s.u.v.s the land rover defender the new generation of this series will not be electric so is the industry really taking environmental concerns seriously.
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at the end of the automotive in the series really taking here and is developing it the movement to find power for the internal combustion engines at all to invest heavily in the electrified beer and in the future up to a certain degree of mobility. electrified rulership he's the future cilantro over defender it's emblematic of what some are hoping will soon be a bygone era of high emissions vehicles but the sales figures show these gas guzzlers still represent a multi-billion dollar industry. and let's go now to our correspondent paul brit's who's at the floor of the frankfurt motor show paul how important is the s.u.v. market for european carmakers. it's very important steve right now and it's especially important right now as the market overall is very difficult so we've seen an increase in the 1st half of this year up around 6 percent an s.u.v.
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sales in europe while the overall market has decreased was sold $3000000.00 units off s.u.v.s every like one out of 3 cars in germany is now an s.u.v. and the rate is even higher in europe overall and that's good for car makers because that's where they make a lot of profit the profit margins are much higher than with sedans or other compact cars for example so that's important for this specially as they're trying to finance this big dive into electric vehicles that is still an unknown market and it's unclear whether people will buy them. and support s.u.v.s have been popular for decades in the u.s. run from but here in europe where the streets are smaller there's more environmental concerns that you hear about why why are s.u.v.s popular here. and there's a couple of reasons i say these are still fairly new here in europe and they're being pushed by by automakers as well b.m.w.
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as an example they came out with a big nexus 7 earlier this year now here in frankfurt they're showing the the all new x x x 6 so that's you know that's 2 new model just freshly out there pushing them into the into their their car sales on the other hand these vehicles are very comfortable you know it's easy to get in it's easy to get out specially for her elderly the majority of fires in germany is over 50 years old and it gives you this sort of you know kooky cooney comfortable feeling that just works in your psyche you know you feel safe and secure in that in that big vehicle ok but you may feel safe and secure inside but there are a lot of safety issues for those on the outside of course there's a fatal crash berlin involving an s.u.v. in the past. we that's really sort of picked up the attention to the issue or to the size of these vehicles are s.u.v.s any more dangerous on european roads than regular cars. well naturally you're if you're
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a pedestrian and you get hit by a not so fast and smaller car that's not going to have the same kind of impact and if this if this big machine comes out with that with a lot of pace a lot of people have compared them to our have said to these are tank like vehicles we don't actually see any statistic that there are more accidents with s.u.v.s at least not conventional ones but insurance company x. has just recently given out some research saying that with electric s.u.v.s we see one right here behind me that companies are now pushing we're actually we actually do see an increase in in accidents with electric a series they say it's probably because once you hit the gas pedal the acceleration is available immediately and so there's a higher risk that isn't the same case for 1st smaller electric vehicles on the right percent brit's in frankfurt thank you.
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who needs to own a car that's a growing question in big cities where public transportation and ride share apps are often widespread and younger people typically more concerned about their carbon footprint we sent one such car skeptic our own balta wrote a column and so the frankfurt motor show to see if he could be convinced to get behind the wheel. of almost 30 and i've never owned a car and why would i. living in berlin means i can get anywhere pretty much any time by bus or train. and if i do need a car i can just rent one through cost sharing service i'm perfectly fine without my own car. i'm not alone with this only one 3rd of young german city dwellers say a car is important to them and i'm wondering what is the current history going to do about that. well what better place to find out than at a motor show at the i a in frankfurt major car companies from all over the world
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a showcasing their latest models one of them is opal the brand my parents have driven since i was a kid trying to reach young urban customers with the course eat a new electrically powered version of an old classic. and. when i look at you i think that driving enjoyment is something that can get you excited electric cars are a lot of fun and if you go into the bakery or the butcher or whatever and you don't emit any c o 2 and that's very appealing but he. says in the sun. ok that does sound nice but not 30000 euro nice if you ask me even if so-called you can clock percent dossing the car. but why are comical struggling to win over people like me i meet up with a market analyst and ask him. people tend not to have drives anymore you know them
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i have an apartment in my i have a shared carriage you know but i think it's that that sort of idea of having the pride enjoy parts of your drive is becoming less appealing and less relevancy on people and that is a difficult conundrum for the car makers to to work out. how makers are trying to adapt to what young people want smart which belongs to misstate is for example developed an app 3 each you can share your own car with friends and family but again. that alone is not really going to sway me into spending 20000 euros on a car that i really don't need. to american. women exists that young people when a car isn't available once they've taken on says an obligation and they start asking themselves which could make sense for me if i could come to vegas all condon's in mom for me. maybe i will get to that stage one day but for the moment i'll remain colace and maybe that is for the best. for. me.
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and over to asia south korea is launching an official complaint to the world trade organization japan's decision to limit exports of chemicals necessary to make high tech equipment addressing the media earlier on wednesday south korea's trade minister described the restrictions as quote politically motivated the 2 countries have been locked in a dispute about compensating victims of forced labor during world war 2 many of south korea's high tech companies including samsung heavily on japanese exports. and that's it for me in the business team here in berlin and of course find out more about these and other stories online at www dot com business i'm stephen beard it's washington.
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i'm secure in the they were not hard and in the end is a me you are not a lot of the year and more who was injured that. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers were liars and. what's your story ready ready.
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i mean when i was a women especially in victims of violence. take part and send us your story we are trying always to understand this new culture. another villa turn other guests you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for a while information. either and welcome to arts and culture while it's being hailed as the literary event of the year 34 years after her landmark novel the handmaid's tale canada's margaret atwood has published a sequel the testaments we'll talk about it in just a moment and here's what else is coming up. there the crem do like crime of
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classical dance in germany their stock ballet and with their latest offering a triple bill of international choreographers conspires to take your breath away. and christopher dean alias mr plant and graces the natural world in his art like in this latest installation. in and see you in france. back when it was published in 1985 margaret atwood's novel the handmaid's tale was critically acclaimed but considered by many to be a bit far fetched the main character offered is one of a cast of scarlet clad handmaids forced to be breeding machines in the patriarchal dystopia of gilliatt will fast forward to 2017 and the novel had a veritable 2nd coming as a t.v. series but also as a symbol of.


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