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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  September 11, 2019 7:15pm-7:30pm CEST

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this is coming up on business news africa. loses a significant portion of the power sites every year now that's enough to help identify crops being attacked monica jokes will have to take just a moment about at the top of the 7. welcome to the what is the. place to talk about a. group that's. so you. know. i'm not laughing at the gym well i guess sometimes i am but i'm still laughing when. thinks deep into the jam
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a culture of looking at the stereotypes question in here think the future of the country that i don't. need to change the picture this grandmother. to me it's all about. my my job join me to meet the gentleman from d.w. . post. taken on the grass in somalia is likely to inch up this year thanks to economic reform that led to increased tax collection but the international monetary fund warns that growth is french out. also on the show you're young and live in the city do you really need to own a car our reporter goes to the frankfurt motor show to see if he can be persuaded. so far but it is just a trial run in cameroon but soon to new app could help african farmers identify
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plasticine users for its to. come to do their business africa i want to johnsonville and good to have you with us i was starting with some upbeat news the world bank says the somalian economy will grow by almost 3 percent this year now that's a red chink of light for the country in the horn of africa which has been beset by problems that go far beyond the economy over the past decade. the dry wind swept plans of somalia have seen their fair share of turmoil over the last decade. drove in 2011 led to a disastrous famine in which millions of people faced starvation and illness such as cholera. another drive and famine followed in 2017. added to that the somali civil war has raged since 2009 that conflict has seen the al qaeda backed terrorist group al-shabaab wreaked havoc in the country with a series of bombings and attacks against such
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a backdrop achieving meaning for economic growth has been hugely difficult for the country's weak un backed government. nonetheless the world bank's latest report brings some hope that the country is achieving some kind of economic stability. it expects growth to reach 3.5 percent in somalia in the medium term however the i.m.f. warned earlier this year that while somalia's economy is on the right track it remains vulnerable due to poverty climate change and terrorism. of a more let's bring in our correspondent and i have a b. joy to read joy what are the main factors that to generate growth in somalia right now so money at a boosted by remittances from outside all somalia that is by somalis who live in the diaspora who actually are estimated to send to somalia about won't we $3000000000.00 u.s. dollars and then the other factor is every culture which accounts for the mainstay
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in terms of girls domestic crude actually also have life stuck that is the other group fucked up for the country and as serious as well do contribute as well to girls in somalia at the moment but the resteal a lot that needs to be down to bring it out of these 2.9 percent growth rate that it has at the moment so what are the challenges along the way because the i.m.f. certainly wants that the recovery that we see right now is fragile. very fragile indeed but we have a bit of hope the main challenge we see at the moment in somalia according to what experts like the world bank and i am ever saying is the security of course somalia for a sunni decade has been brought down by al shabaab which is the militia terrorist group in the country and among other smaller terrorist groups as well and he says
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attacked the opportunity for growth and it's also the sure jot that has affected the country for the longest time and the education levels as well for somalis who come up to about 15500000 a very low literacy levels as a lot to help boost the economy to the level that it should be absolute there is going to be need to vest in human capital invest in education infrastructure as well to create jobs for people let's talk about the growth rate because a breast rate of $32.00 in the mid-term 3 and a half percent would be fantastic for a country like germany but what kind of gross right is necessary for somalia to actually move from that least developed economies standard right now to a developing economy. it didn't take more than just looking at percentages force a lawyer to grow or out of the current situation that it is in and the law says that it would need about 3.5 percent growth before maybe the next 5 or 7
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years for it to finally come out and be marketed while the developing countries but i think it's going to take more than that investing in a good tax administration and also having them to restructure the economy as well what we're seeing right now is that recurrent expenditure calls for a huge chunk of the spending of the country and most of this expenditure goes into security that leaves them with about 33 percent of capital spending and not much that is known for economic development as well right so that has to be a shift when it comes to the actual spending there and joy to rein pierrette in nairobi thank you commercial kariya ethiopian airlines has recorded a jump in profits despite a deadly crash earlier this year profits at africa's largest airline up 18 percent for the year to june according to the company's c.e.o.
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the analysts recorded as significant increase in passenger numbers for the year to spite a 77 max which crashed in march killing 157 people the company which is awaiting delivery of 25 new planes is worried a global economic slowdown could result in a drop in congo. and i just some of the other business stories making news. chinese factory set prices dropped in august at the quickest pace in 3 years businesses have slashed prices to cope with flagging demand amid a global slowdown and a trade dispute with the united states the new numbers prompted investors to sell a risky technology stocks breaking in week long winning streak on the beijing exchange. hong kong a stock exchange has been more than $36000000000.00 for the london stock exchange the proposal envisions a single boars joining europe with asia that it said would redefine global capital markets for decades to come. i wanted to own
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a car that is a growing question in big cities where public transportation and righteous ops widespread sent are younger people typically are more concerned about their carbon footprint we sent one such cost skeptic our own money. to the frankfurt motor show to see if he could be convinced to get behind the wheel. of almost 30 and i've never owned a car and why would i. living in berlin means i can get anywhere pretty much any time by bus or train. and if i do need a car i can just rent one through a car sharing service i'm perfectly fine without my own car. i'm going along with this only one 3rd of young german city dwellers say a car is important to them and i'm wondering what is the car industry going to do about that. well what better place to find out than at
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a bow to show at the i.a.e.a. in frankfurt major car companies from all over the world a showcasing their latest models one of them is opal the brand my parents have driven since i was a kid trying to reach young urban customers with the course eat a new electrically powered version of an old classic. and. when you see on the show when i look at you i think that driving enjoyment is something that can get you excited electric cars are a lot of fun and if you go to the bakery or the butcher or wherever and you don't emit any c o 2 and that's very appealing to the sardines in this year's endless understood. ok that does sound nice but not 30000 euro nice if you ask me even if so-called you can kloppers indorsing the car. but why are comical struggling to win over people like me i meet up with a market analyst and ask if. people tend not to have drives anymore. you know them
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i have an apartment in my i have a shared carriage you know but i think it's that that sort of idea of having the pride and joy part of your drive is becoming less appealing and less relevancy on people and that is a difficult conundrum for the car makers to to to work out. how many cars are trying to adapt to what young people want smart which belongs to my status for example developed an app through which you can share your own car with friends and family but again that alone is not really going to sway me into spending 20000 euros on a car that i really don't need. the american. just that young people when a car isn't available once they've taken on certain obligations they start asking themselves which car and could make sense for me if i could come to his auto condon's in my confirmation. maybe i will get to that stage one day but for the moment i'll remain collars and maybe that is for the best. for.
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the world population is growing already food is scarce in some regions and often crops on top of plants for victim to parasites especially in africa where plants passed destroy up to 50 percent of the harvest now a new app aims to help identify plants deceases the 4 it's to meet. this is not the harvest they've been hoping for these farmers in cameroon have discovered that their tomatoes have been ravaged by a disease they just don't know what it is. made to superior imagine investing a lot of money in your farm only to return to your crop one day and find that the fruits are bad the tomatoes have been affected by a disease you didn't even know existed even if it but it's easy. kin to get to the root of the problem the farmers have enlisted the help of dorothy. she's the
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co-founder of an app called a great tech. thinks that agric take works offline all you have to do is take a picture of the plants like here on the tomato field you take a photo and the efforts show you what's wrong with your plants how to treat them and avoid the disease next time you don't need the internet to make it work when it's been a wild wild weeks. no time to try it out. gone already good takes a photo of his tomatoes. he started with little. instantly he has a result the tomatoes have blight the advice from the app remove the affected parts of the plants. the app works by comparing the photo with images saved in a database. created believes the technology could transform agriculture
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difficult the actual most of the main difficulty right now is that our database of plants affected by pests and diseases isn't extensive enough. only recognizes tomato diseases but we have so many other problems all this we want to add to aggregate. the app is currently being tested by farmers in kemah run its founders hope that one day it will be a readily accessible tool for farmers to protect their crops. a message from me and the business africa team here in berlin thanks for watching.
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it's time to take to the face the 1st time in europe just such. and the fight for the trophy. it's hard to over compound trades and conduct. it's time for. a new deputy is coming up ahead. minds.
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coach of the for. sure link to news from africa and the world tour link to exceptional stories and discussion. of easy ally with safety deputed comes musharraf's joining us on facebook g w the 1st guy. this is the news africa coming up on the program did call for national dialogue you know grab public appearance from cover to stress that the box would suffer does lead us to jail to bring about peace proved difficult to. count on the brink of extinction the north and why it's right now there is hope some scientists are trying to break the fast into rhino babies to live will tell you how.


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