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this is due to produce one of. the women who fled persecution only to be driven into prostitution thousands of refugees left me and mark and are now living in bangladesh. you dream woman who's been forced to become a sex worker also coming up tonight the u.s. market 18 years since the 911 attacks and announcing an escalation of military
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operations in afghanistan. killed nearly 3 cells of people in. today's announcement comes after u.s. president called off peace talks with. the body of the late zimbabwean leader robert arrived in the capital it was brought by plane from single where he died on flight stoop to lie in state for 3 days and then 300 people leaving this country is woman children and men simply because they're foreign to us and they're not feeling well coming up with that nigeria is repatriating hundreds of good citizens from south africa who have a reports on the. violence that's prompter.
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i bring golf it's good to have you with us they fled deadly violence they become refugees in a foreign country and now they've been forced into prostitution 700000 richenda refugees now live in sprawling camps in bangladesh their lives are already grim refugees are not allowed to work and they depend on food handouts and some women there have turned to the sex industry others are lured abroad with promises of jobs and marriage only to end up in prostitution w. has this exclusive report from the bangladeshi city of cox's bazaar. in the world's largest refugee camp in bangladesh the life for women and children is particularly difficult. this woman fled from me and mom with her 3 children and husband after their village was burnt
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down 2 years ago. my husband left me and my children after we came here and it was difficult for me to make ends meet . i didn't have any other option or want to live. any other option that is than to ask is a prostitute now when she gets the cool she travels to the neighboring towns outside of the fiji camps. on a. there's no other job i can do like i can't do anything else if i remarry my new husband would take care of me but not my children. that it's impossible to say how many reading the refugees end up in the sex trade here many as young as 14 according to local n.g.o.s thousands of women are trafficked across bangladesh and even up ruled lured by false promises of. intermarriage.
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we wanted to gauge how widespread the problem really is in the tourist town of cox the tsar roughly 40 kilometers from the camps we got in touch with a pimp who posted to have several rango women on call. hello. show you some girls and if you like them you can take them if not you can leave. oh ok see you in an hour. a bit later a reporter meets the man at a prearranged point and gets into an auto rickshaw with him while we follow behind a reporter is secretly filming the entire encounter. first stop is a hotel which serves as a brothel to begin with the manager seemed suspicious and denies having any prostitutes then he shows us pictures of
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a few women on his phone none of them seem to be wrecking. around 10 pm the pimp sends a rectangle woman to our hotel she's too scared to talk to us when we reveal we're journalists because she's worried the hotel might tell the pimps but she confirms she is a 23 year old wrecking a refugee she says she's a victim of her circumstances. back at the camp the sex worker we met earlier tells us 3 are not allowed to work and there have been several police raids on hotels doubling as brothels she herself was recently released from jail. the us and the now let me know if i can't find any other way to make money i'll have to go back to this work if i do i might get arrested again. but she's likely to take that risk again because for now she does. and have
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a choice. and faced with such a bleak future breaking the women remain easy prey for the pimps and shafiq and. it is a never ending nightmare for the origins of women i'm joined here at the big table by my colleague naomi conrad she was one of the reporters on that story. and let's talk about one of these just sex workers that you talked to she said that she had no other way of making money so talk to me she just does so desperate that she's willing to sell her body. the situation in the camp is pretty bad the refugees you know they they need food handouts they need humanitarian aid that's all they have they're not allowed to work so it's not as if they have any other options when you go into the camps the situation is pretty dire messam small shops which a tolerated by the authorities but even that is illegal so there really isn't very much for women to do in the woman in this case her husband divorced she was alone with 3 kids the youngest was 3 years old and she felt she didn't really have
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a any other choice they're not going to work because the bangladeshi authorities don't allow them to words or has there been a response from the saudis to this report. not directly to this report we obviously talked to the authorities and the have been the has been a crackdown there have been a several police raids i mean it's also interesting to note that prostitution itself is legal in bangladesh this is one of the few muslim countries where it's legal if you're over 18 to work in the red just a profit but for the refugees it's illegal because they're not allowed to work as i said before so even just leaving the counts unless that's a medical emergency and you have a pos to go to the hospital is illegal of course people are desperate find means and ways when you drive to these camps well these police checkpoints so the the authorities are trying to crack down but obviously it's difficult and i mean even if prostitution is legal in bangladesh we're still talking about a health risk for these women sexually transmitted diseases for example so it
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hasn't been dealt with of course and hiv is a problem too i mean we talked to an engine that works with sex workers and they're trying to raise awareness they're trying to get women to use condoms for example with their clients but it's very difficult this is also a very conservative society it's difficult to talk about certain things and yes there is a health risk and we don't know but it's quite likely that sexual sexually transmitted diseases are in fact spreading your report highlights traffic you. bangladesh and the broader mean what more can you tell us about how this trafficking works and how it thrives it's a huge problem i mean we're talking about potentially thousands of young girls some of them as young as 1314 who lured by false promises sometimes i mean the promise jobs in malaysia will even just marriage in malaysia and then often end up in in the prostitution and sometimes it's a whole family that tries to get money to pay for these girls trip to malaysia
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unbowed it's very dangerous but it's a lot of the capsize people die and during the voyage that's of a dangerous journey and i think it's you know it's a sign of how desperate the conditions are you and i spoke last week about this new this island where this new community has been constructed for the refugees by bangladesh and you were telling me last week that the refugees don't want to go there so now this component forced into prostitution into the in the equation do do they want to go back to me and more for example if they have that opportunity they'd love to go back that's what everyone says but they're too scared of the situation is that i mean they don't trust the government basically but their villages raped women and killed people only 2 years ago and not many independent observers hardly any journalists allowed into the state rakhine state as in the
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within me and ma where these people come from but the reports we are getting is that conditions are bad and people just don't trust the government so that between so not this is what you've been told is they don't right now that they wouldn't go back to me in or because they're scared for their lives they don't want to go to this island. because they'll be cut off from the rest of the world so carts as bizarre is the only where they are now is really want to stay for the time being and that's a place where you get this horrible story about prostitution of course and also the . government of bangladesh is trying to force them to leave so just last week they switched off the internet we talked to the foreign minister said well actually the conditions are really good maybe they're so good that that's why people don't want to leave so i think in a fairly we're looking at the future that is coming christly believe yeah like a nightmare that just won't end naomi congress as always thank you enough to the united states where they are commemorating the 2001 terror attacks with
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ceremonies across the country families and victims and survivors were among the crowds assembled at ground 0 in new york city where 2 hijacked planes crashed into the twin towers of the world trade center nearly 3000 people were killed in the series of attacks which were carried out by al qaeda militants. are we've got more on this story now our correspondent publicly us is in the u.s. capital good evening to you. these attacks 18 years ago in the u.s. response to the mini changed so much about the world that we live in what are the biggest things still affecting the world today. hi brant well you're right i mean a profound impact. on so many levels i mean let's not forget it just on a day to day level maybe a lot of people don't associate for example the stringent security measures that we
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see in airports across the world they wouldn't associate it perhaps with the 9 a level line a levon attacks and also the visa requirements and the entry requirements for a lot of countries not just here in the united states are far more strict than they were pre 911 and of course military spending has considerably increased here in the united states of course directly related to the war on terror which began shortly after 911 and you know which is still which is still raging let's not forget that the war in afghanistan is really is continuing to take place and also one study actually which took which came out last year here in the u.s. said that around a half a 1000000 people had actually died as a result of that the war on terror and of course like i just said the war in afghanistan is still taking place 18 years it's the u.s. is the longest war and it was in the headlines just this week president trump of course was even mentioned that the memorial which took place at the pentagon today
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. it's interesting back this. one afghanistan was we're al-qaeda and its leaders were sheltering and they planned the attacks they are our goal and but the war continues as you said against the talabani was president trump and he addressed that issue today at the memorial ceremony at the pentagon take a listen to part of what he said we had peace talks scheduled a few days ago. i called them off when i learned that they had killed a great american soldier from puerto rico and 11 other innocent people they thought they would use this attack to show strength but actually what they showed is unrelenting week it's the last 4 days we have hit our enemy harder than
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they have ever been hit before and that will continue. it's important here to note that the u.s. president appeared today that he can conflated the taliban with al qaida. was responsible for the terror attacks not the taleban but the peace talks with the taliban they were canceled this past week so looking forward do you see this war having any end in the foreseeable future. well as we know you know president trumps foreign policy on predictable and that we know that just a few days ago it appeared that president trump talk i thought are more conciliatory tone towards the taliban he also let's not forget it was one of his election promises to end the war in afghanistan and bring the troops home or at least the majority of those troops home now despite those pretty strong words that we heard in the pentagon and also the comments that we've heard in the past few days and
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also let's not forget that his national security advisor john bolton who is now not in that role anymore it was very much against those talks taking place it is believed and many observers are saying that behind closed doors those diplomatic efforts are going to continue and all the work that had been building up to this plan secret meeting which was going to be taking place at camp david over the weekend may happen again in the future but it is very unpredictable with with president trumps foreign policy so it is it's not very clear if it will get to that stage again but of course next year is an election year and president trump really needs some sort of symbol or some sort of that big win will say for him in his foreign policy something which at the moment many of his critics are saying he hasn't achieved it's a very important point pablo he did jim pain of a promise to america's foreign words which he so far has not done or correspond the
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public in washington public thank you will a u.s. envoy did in fact spindle moves to your negotiating with the taliban over a possible u.s. troop withdrawal from with afghanistan raising hopes that peace could be on the way but the peace talks have collapsed and now if you're another surge in. september 5th the aftermath of a suicide bombing that claimed 12 lives and killed a country's hopes for peace. just days the u.s. is lead envoy was in the afghan capital to finalize a breakthrough agreement with the taliban. and i can add then is what months of talks unraveled the dead rise of kids or their dead. such in members of the can family were injured in a separate bombing just last week they survived but like many in afghanistan
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they're mourning the peace deal. one of his soldiers was killed and he stopped the peace process saying he doesn't care about the taliban our new hope was peace which doesn't happen now i think it's what i know is that. victims of the taliban's ruthless bombing campaign like in the corridors of kabul hospitals these days there have been 2 attacks this month already local politicians say the talks were their best chance of protecting lives. of the majority of the casualties of the civilians without peace i don't think there would be any other way to stop fighting and prevent civilian casualties. wading through what remains of his home zaki can spare his anger not for the taliban but for the u.s. president who holds all the power
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a lot of them are attacks happening every day with the death of one soldier trump stop the peace talks wasn't he care about the killing of hundreds of civilians here . for those in the firing line of the taliban's 25 year reign of terror thursday's attack may yet be the costliest. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world canada's prime minister justin trudeau has launched his reelection campaign with claims that his government is responsible for a sharp drop in poverty low unemployment and improved pension plans mr trudeau's support has declined after his former attorney general said that he improperly pressured her to stop the prosecution of a company in quebec the election takes place on october 21st hundreds of thousands of cattle on separatism gathered in barcelona on the region's main holiday they're calling for independence and the release of their imprisoned leaders the 11th of
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september marks the fall of barcelona to spain back in 1714 china has summoned the german ambassador to beijing and threatened negative consequences for bilateral relations it comes after germany's foreign minister heiko moscow met with hong kong protest leader joshua huang here in berlin this week china says it repeatedly asked germany not to allow one into the country a scottish court has dealt another blow to british prime minister boris johnson's breaks it plans to rule that his decision to suspend parliament 2 months before breaks it is due to britain is due to leave the e.u. that was an unlawful attempt to avoid a democratic debate the government immediately appealed that decision with the case to be heard by britain's supreme court on tuesday. so what is next for brakes it then will boris johnson respect the wall the parliament pads demanding that he seek an extension from the european union in order to avoid a no deal breaks it in this week's conflict zone we talked to an m.p.
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who doubts that the prime minister will do that. i promise you one thing tim he'll never say i want an extension he may say i have been commanded by paula meant to ask for an extension however i think there's no doubt he doesn't want an extension and what will this extension achieve what is another 3 months going to achieve what if the european union come back and say what we've had enough of this we've got extension after extension the short extensions the u.k. can't get his act together 5 years so then we'd be in a situation where they probably need a 1000000 his off to the referendum we haven't implemented the will of the peoples expressed that referendum and you can see jim sebastian's entire interview with the u.k. conservative lawmaker andrew bridge and right after this show or you can watch it online it dot com slash conflict zone well the body of zimbabwe's long time ruler robert mugabe has been returned to the country president
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emerson magog well mr mugabe's closest ally before alstom him last year met the airplane at the airports in the capital harare the mugabe family invited zimbabweans to welcome the remains home and a few 100 did gather to pay their respects to former president died in a singapore hospital on friday at the age of 95 its body will lie in state for 3 days before being buried at and as yet unannounced location probably in. d.w. correspondent privilege was on hearing was at the airport as robert mugabe's body arrived and we asked him how the complex legacy of mugabe will be remembered by zimbabweans in me that complex one they are. one that cut across generations only that you not only did they believe erikson.
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if i look at the con. wherever you look at. young people they talk is it because they want it done and yes but then ultimately people are taking is the fact that it would remain is a huge prequel going back we are going to get better it's a place you know you did you better can. and that was g.w.'s correspondent privilege one here reporting from harare. will bringing them home nigeria is repatriating hundreds of its citizens from south africa after a recent spate of attacks on foreigners at least 12 people have been killed in the violence hundreds of foreign owned shops have been destroyed sparking a diplomatic disagreement between south africa and nigeria today 300 nigerians left by plane as many as 600 have signed up to take the free flights home. correspondent adrian krege was there to witness today's departures. victor east
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only has a couple hours left to spend with us girlfriend in south africa it's been a year since he arrived here with big plans for the future but then he was confronted with an outbreak of violence against foreigners by flooding we just did when i was coming to this country is to make a better living because i'm a mechanic by profession i fix cars what my my past experience here in this country has never impressed me to stay back. on my place who have got this thing that is what i call my life done for you to die in the most country she's been after me to call. because the kind of people here are not the kind of people i need to be they don't care about the security don't they don't care how you feel to do things are stupid. to see mashallah is south african she's ashamed of the attacks she indicator has been dating for a year. they're good people is very good people was so like as we are lost i'm telling you like now my boyfriend is going biggest leaving me here
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since other never visa and it was agent for them to go back home they're living their properties in south africa so in south africa government they don't do anything they would just like living there people are stupid and killing them is appropriate he's not only into drugs not nigerians doing the crimes most of nigerians they're working hard it's 5 o'clock in the morning and it looks like at a normal bus stop you know it could be everywhere in the world but it is actually a doctor in the history of south africa more than 300 people leaving this country woman children and men simply because they're foreigners and they're not feeling well come here. some of these kids here were born in south africa they've never been to nigeria. here at the nigerian consulate victor and lucy are forced to say their goodbyes. take me with you in your suitcase lucy says then victor and another
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300 nigerian skate on the bus which will take them to the airport. victor wants to start a new life but without lucy for now pull. it's cry. it's quite since we know it. but i know one day she's going to visit thank you oh yeah she's going to visit major. victor says the love is stronger than xenophobic violence. sports news now world cup basketball france's head to the united states its 1st loss in the competition in 13 years ending the or opponents run in the quarter finals france used strong outside shooting to keep pace with the americans who were building a squad of 2nd tier players after the likes of le bron james told out on the mitchell manage 29 points for the u.s. but it was indeed star rudi coming up with key points for france in the 2nd half 89
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to 79 the final score there. this is g.w. news these are our top stories the united states is commemorating the 2001 terror attacks with ceremonies across the country families of victims and survivors were among the crowds who gathered at ground 0 in new york where to hijack planes crashed into the twin towers of the world trade said. zimbabwe's long time ruler robert mugabe has arrived back in the country it will lie in state for 3 days before being buried mr mugabe died in a singapore hospital on friday at the age of 95. court has dealt another blow to british prime minister boris johnson's breaks it plans it ruled that his decision to suspend parliament 2 months before britain is due to leave the european union was an unlawful attempt to avoid democratic scrutiny. of thousands of catalan separatists have gathered in barcelona on the region's main
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holiday they're calling for independence and the release of their imprisoned leaders the 11th of september marks the fall of barcelona to spain i can 714. this is g.w. news from berlin and you can always find the latest headlines at d w dot com or you can follow us on twitter at w. you're watching t w news live from berlin i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day i hope to see you then.
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i'm going. to. come. into the conflict zone with tim sebastian. here in london it's still all about bricks of course johnson has shut
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down a fractious and i agree column of my guest here this week you sound you bridget conservative m.p. and leading critics it supports the flu virus john so mt how brave a lot of the comment was put in front of him. doesn't. naturally reach. a crush. it's resources from. time to room warning investment. farmland that's been called ethiopians gringo the country has an abundant supply of leases it to international try and. government is after high export revenues from the corporation's high profit margin . but not everyone benefits from the booming business.
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exploration environmental destruction starvation. the price for government to corporate greed. the selling out of the country. to donkey's fear know how enough to. start september 18th on d w. you like it that way the country divided from the pinching no thanks to that now that's all a ship of the european is change it's a reason they had a deal wasn't perfect but it would have to live and breath so what will the sex tension a change what is another 3 months going to achieve here in london it's still all about bricks it boris johnson those shut down a fractious and i agree parliament but not before m.p.'s manage to do him serious
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damage denying him a date for next general election.


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