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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  September 12, 2019 5:15am-5:31am CEST

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i think d.-w. dot com business news is next i'm free in thailand thanks to come to make an emergency. call on. girls to get over. the shit out of us as they are also some of the most vocal in support of. what's able. to deliver.
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when your family is scattered across the globe. to listen. to the records should get a minimum of the. shots family from somalia live around the world. come to me to the urgent assistance of this. family start october any. a real olive branch from beijing or just another distraction in a nasty dispute china suspends some tariffs on u.s. imports does the move put both parties closer to reaching a deal well we get the word from also coming so far it's just a trial run in cameroon but soon and you could help and african farmers identify
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plant diseases before it's too late and you're young and live in the city do you really need to own a car our reporter goes to the frankfurt motor show to see if he can be persuaded. i'm chris colfer welcome to the program china has moved to exempt some u.s. imports from its latest round of retaliatory terrorists levies on 16 different types of u.s. made goods will be suspended for one year from september 17th on the list includes some cancer drugs and chemicals which china does not produce itself and cannot easily replace however major u.s. exports to china such as pork or soybeans will face additional terrorists as previously announced. now in response u.s. president trump says he will delay the october hike in terrace on chinese imports here's more of what else he said about beijing's. i think they did the right thing
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i think was good for them but they took them off yeah i think it was a i think it was a gesture ok it was a big move people were shocked i was in shock well for more let's bring in court on wall street. mr frum says these chinese suspension of certain terrorists on u.s. imports is a gesture what's the impact of the. the impact is not that huge at this point and as you mentioned we are talking 6 thing product groups over all china have tariffs on u.s. imports for more than 5000 different product groups so this is at this point only a small gesture and even if wall street did trade to the upside we are above the crucial $25.00 point mark again with the dow jones industrial average but that is probably not because of those recent developments in the trade dispute but what
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we're seeing here is a shift from one sector into another optimism about a possible deal between the united states and china has been on the rise recently and even though this exemption of terrorists appears to be largely a symbolic move there's a ball stir this optimism well i mean what we see overall is it's not just about tariffs when we look at china and the united states we are also looking for the protection of intellectual property we're looking that the u.s. government wants an easier access for us companies into the chinese market so those issues might even be more crucial than the tariffs themselves so it is a tiny little step now the extension of some of those products but it's wide open what happens when the trade talks continue or early next month china suspends some
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terrorists on u.s. imports and scored in new york thank you so much. nearly half of all u.s. states and some 2000 local governments have agreed to a tentative settlement with oxycontin maker purdue pharma over the tall of the nation's christ's lawyers representing the plaintiffs along with $26.00 states and u.s. territories where on board with an offer from the company to settle for up to 12000000 however with over a dozen states unhappy with the proposal the deal could still fall through his kitchen yards have killed almost 220000 americans since early. the world population is growing already food is scarce in some regions and often crops and other plants fall victim to parasites particularly in africa where plant pests can destroy up to 50 percent of the harvest now and you app aims to help identify plant diseases before student. this is not the harvest they'd been
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hoping for these farmers in cameroon have discovered that their tomatoes have been ravaged by a disease they just don't know what it is. made this imagine investing a lot of money in your firm only to return to your crop one day and find that the fruits a bad the tomatoes have been affected by a disease you didn't even know existed. it's easy. keen to get to the root of the problem the farmers have enlisted the help of dorothy. she's the co-founder of an app called agric stick. agric stick works offline all you have to do is take a picture of the plants like here on the tomato field you take a photo and the efforts tell you what's wrong with your plants and treat them and
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avoid the disease next time you don't need the internet to make it work. time to try it out. roderigo takes a photo of his tomatoes. the little. instantly he has a result the tomatoes have blight and the advice from the app to remove the affected parts of the plants. the app works by comparing the photo with images saved in a database the apps created believes the technology could transform agriculture difficult to actual mostly the main difficulty right now is that our database of plants affected by pests and diseases isn't extensive enough. the agric stick only recognizes tomato diseases but we have so many other problems all this we want to add to agric. the app is currently being tested by farmers in cameroon its founders
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hope that one day it will be a readily accessible tool for farmers to protect their crops. the world bank says that the somalian economy will grow by almost 3 percent this year which is a rare chink of light for the country in the horn of africa which has been beset by problems that go far beyond the economy over the past dick the dry wind swept plans of somalia have seen their fair share of turmoil over the last decade. drought in 2011 led to a disastrous famine in which millions of people faced starvation and illness such as cholera. another drive and famine followed in 2017. added to that the somali civil war has raged since 2009 that conflict has seen the al qaeda backed terrorist group al-shabaab wreaked havoc in the country with a series of bombings and attacks against such
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a backdrop achieving meaningful economic growth has been hugely difficult for the country's weak un backed government. nonetheless the world bank's latest report brings some hope that the country is achieving some kind of economic stability it expects growth to reach 3.5 percent in somalia in the medium term however the i.m.f. warned earlier this year as well somalia's economy is on the right track and remains vulnerable due to poverty climate change and terrorism. who needs to all in a car that's a growing question and big cities where public transportation and ring services are often widespread and younger people typically more concerned about their carbon footprint now we send one such car skeptic our own mile to over come on to the frankfurt motor show to see if he could be convinced to finally get behind the wheel. of almost 30 and i've never owned a car and why would i. living in berlin means i can get anywhere pretty much any
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time by bus or train. and if i do need a car i can just rent one through cost sharing service i'm perfectly fine without my own car. i'm not alone with this one 3rd of young german city dwellers say a car is important to them and i'm wondering what is the car industry going to do about that. well what better place to find out than at a motor show at the i a in frankfurt major car companies from all over the world a showcasing their latest models one of them is opal the brand my parents have driven since i was a kid trying to reach young urban customers with the course eat a new electrically powered version of an old classic. and. when i look at you i think that driving enjoyment is something that can get you excited electric
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cars are a lot of fun and if you go into the bakery or the butcher or wherever and you don't emit any c o 2 and that's very appealing but he. says endless understood. ok that does sound nice but not 30000 euro nice if you ask me even if so-called you can clock his and dossing the car. but why are comical struggling to win over people like me i meet up with a market analyst and ask him. people tend not to have drives anymore you know them i have an apartment in my i have a shared carriage you know but i think it's that that sort of idea of having the pride enjoy parts on your drive is becoming less appealing and less relevancy on people and that is a difficult conundrum for the car makers to to to work out. how makers are trying to adapt to what young people want smart which belongs to miss sadie's for example developed an app 3 you can share your own car with friends and family but again.
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that alone is not really going to sway me into spending 20000 euros on a car that i really don't need. in american does god a young women or just that young people when a car isn't available and then once they've taken on certain obligations they start asking themselves when she caught on could make sense for me if i could come to vegas auto condon's in mom for me. maybe i will get to that stage one day but for the moment i'll remain colace and maybe that is for the best. and they'd look like the driving skills of my 2 year old all the rest of our show on chris colfer and roland thanks for watching see him back in.
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the for. into the conflict zone with tim sebastian. appearing on the 5th still all about critics of course johnson shut down the fractious and i agree column of my guest to this week you sound your bridget conservative m.p. and leading critics it supporter who boris johnson now
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a favor lol. the parliament has put in front of him. so you want to save on the rent why not move here to barcelona just $200.00 euros a month. so what's the catch. so only 3 square meters. deep insight into europe's housing crisis. in 60 minutes on g.w. . welcome to the what is the game here for g.w. . to talk about and. some countries that's not.
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so you don't want. to just. jump. in and puzzle yourself up i don't know it's not easy to go to another country you know nothing about why they don't do this because we can't stay on venezuela. the supply that. closely global news that matters d.w. made for mines. you like it that way the country divided from has been changed no think to no not at all our leadership of the european is changing to be that may have a deal wasn't perfect but it would have to live a breakfast and what will the sex tension a change what is another 3 months going to achieve here in london it's still all about bricks at 1st johnson has shut down a fractious and angry parliament but not before m.p.'s manage to do him serious
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damage denying him a date for the next general election and forcing him by law to seek another breakfast extension from the e.u. if you can get.


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