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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 12, 2019 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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this is g.w. news live from berlin tonight cheeper money to boost europe's slowing economy the european central bank launches a new stimulus program the bank is buying bonds and cutting interest rates in a bid to increase lending to businesses and consumers will that have the desired effect also coming up in the killer diseases that are preventable the world health organization sounding the alarm over declining vaccination rates.
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i'm burned off it's good to have you with us today the european central bank unveiled a new stimulus plan aimed at boosting the eurozone economy in what is expected to be his last major decision as e.c.b. president mario draghi announced another cut in interest rates pushing borrowing costs further into negative territory this is part of efforts to bring inflation down to just under the e.c.b. target of 2 percent. now here is more new drug use rather downbeat assessment of the euro zone's economic prospects take a listen to the outlook for rio g.d.p. growth has been revised down 420-010-2020. the recent roundy the euro area growth outlook remey to the downside.
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these recent mainly pertain to the prolonging presence of uncertainties related to geo political factors the rising threat to protection is and vulnerabilities in emerging markets. all right chris roberts here now from debbie business so chris what are we looking at here from the european central bank are they trying to prevent a recession or is this an effort to mitigate the recession that is inevitable. kickstarting the economy is that's what it comes down to no matter what the end game is so to say my a druggie sees these species that the economy in the eurozone is faltering they slashed the central bank slashed its economic outlook and we look at germany europe's biggest economy growth contracted in the 2nd quarter germany as many people are saying is on track towards a recession so things don't look much better in other parts of the eurozone so the
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idea is to get the economy going yeah i mean and you've got all these external forces to think about breaks river example and so will this stimulus program do what it's supposed to do there is skepticism because the measures have had limited effect before if you look at the last decade short the e.c.b. was essential when it came to saving the euro in the financial crisis about a decade ago but ever since the idea of economic expansion as as largely been bigger than what actually came out of it if you look if you look at the measures that the the boldness and the risk that the e.c.b. has been taking in the last couple of years it would take that into account the following konami pension has been somewhat subdued and mario draghi knows that he knows the limits of his power and that's why he has been calling on politicians to get their finances in order to get their financial house in order and in the strongest language yet today he complained that by and large has been monetary
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policy but very little else he said about politicians what they didn't last couple of weeks and not in another call for action he urged germany to use its $50000000000.00 surplus to basically spend its way out of this economic downturn which we know it's unlikely that that is going that's right to happen so what does all of this mean the for people like you and me well it means that if you have money in the bank and i hope you do brant i try to. you're not going to. much interest on that so you're not going to make any money there and it also means that people are going to be looking for other ways to let their money work for them meaning that the prices for real estate for example is likely to continue to rise because people say oh right if i don't get any interest in the bank i might buy an apartment and you know get some get back there real estate bubbles such as the one here in berlin could be on the right answer further. what has the reaction been i
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know that there's been a lot of reaction to on the other side of the atlantic yeah let's look at financial markets for the reaction has been somewhat subdued. you know even though there are there is more money likely to be flowing into the financial markets and well across the atlantic one bird fury in the white house donald trump using basically the peg of these to be at the end taking aim at the federal reserve again tweeting they are trying and succeeding in depreciating the year against a very strong dollar hurting u.s. exports and the fed sits and sits and sits they get paid to borrow money while we are paying interest so there's another attack by the u.s. president on the federal reserve which is to decide on its monetary policy next week all right chris cuomo as always thank you. here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu met with russian president vladimir putin today the 2 leaders reportedly
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discussed military cooperation they've managed to warm up relations in recent years despite russia being a key supporter of iran which israel regards as an existential threat to eastern spain has been battered by severe rain and flash floods forecasters are predicting the most rainfall in a century in the valencia region the rain caused a major river to burst its banks and in neighboring because the idea of region an elderly couple died after floodwaters flipped over their car italy's new government says it has reached a deal with each new countries to settle migrants aboard a french charity ship in its waters. viking ship is carrying 82 people rescued off the libyan coast this week the previous government closed the country's ports to vessels carrying my. vaccinations have been one of the
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greatest successes of public health saving an estimated $2500000.00 lives every year but bax a nation rates are in decline leading to outbreaks of preventable diseases around the world it is a problem that is being discussed at the global banks an asian summit taking place in brussels. not too long ago laughter filled this fisherman's family home in madagascar. but now the family is trying to cope with their grief they lost 3 children in january due to a measles infection they couldn't afford to vaccinate them. and it was all goes we'll but we didn't expect that they might die if they didn't get vaccinated that the fact that they were not vaccinated will kill them. madagascar is struggling to contain its worst outbreak of measles in decades amid a desperate shortage of vaccines the highly contagious illness increases
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susceptibility to other diseases and can cause blindness brain swelling and death so far over 1200 people have died in the epidemic most of them children. and madagascar is not alone worldwide many countries are reporting an unprecedented rise of measles many of these cases could have been easily prevented with vaccination but like madagascar are some countries simply don't have access to the vaccines they need. and in high income countries where they are available some people opt to not vaccinate themselves and their children. they wrongly believe that vaccines are harmful there are absolutely families communities people who are subject to misinformation they have the wrong
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information about not only the disease severity and the risks of disease they don't understand the truth of the matter but they also have misinformation about the effectiveness of vaccines and the safety effect since and we do see misinformation as an increasing threat. the so-called anti vax movement fears that vaccines are unsafe ineffective and produce serious side effects saying that they can even cause autism scientists say there is no evidence for any of that. yet the misinformation is gaining momentum on social media now health professionals and governments are looking for solutions including making vaccinations mandatory and imposing fines on parents who refuse in madagascar are over 7000000 children have been vaccinated in an emergency response parents here are happy that vaccinations are available again many know what losing
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a child to measles feels like and hope they never have to endure such grief ever again. authorities on the bahamas say 1300 people are unaccounted for in the wake of hurricane gloria previously that number had stood at 2500 there's a the large figure probably included people staying in shelters 50 people are now confirmed dead the storm devastated the bahamas of the beginning of september. it is breathtaking in its brutality. hurricane dorian has transformed best caribbean part of the east into a war zone. and left communities here clinging on to life shipments like this from the u.s. army are desperately needed. to. do. from the bottom of. efforts to rebuild the bahamas are slowly underway the government
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says operations have moved from rescue to recovery and restoration but as horrible and vicious as dorian was. the bravery and resilience of the beam in people is even more powerful. more than a week after dorian ripped through these islands set seems like they're so looking for victims not survivors 2500 people remain unaccounted for officials say some may be in shelters but the theory is that the death toll no 50 will rise the managers we recognize the extent of the devastation we're not going to speculate on what the. final numbers will be we understand people are concerned and so are we but that is the count as we get the official count. of the public it teams are yet to reach cutoff communities like this one and. these haitian
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migrant workers rely on the aid brought by journalist with a borrowed phone this man is able to reach his wife and baby who were evacuated. the emotional toll here is exhausting for those who started with little and lost a total. or relatives of zimbabwe's former leader robert mugabe have snubbed a plan to have him buried at a national monument mugabe was overthrown and they cood 2 years ago and replaced by a former ally the squabbling over the location for mugabe's funeral has even thrown into doubt the date of his burial currently he is due to be laid to rest on saturday. the. robert mugabe's body being carried into harare is rafah a stadium to lie in state his black clad widow grace who is at her late husband's side his final journey several people were injured when mourners broke through the
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police called in around his coffin. thousands of come to pay their last respects here in harare many had emotional words of tribute. have placed in the end it was this committee at home because the man deeply touched. who like that it has affected me and you saw it in the kind of way teaching i don't even know how to express it as you said and that actually is curtis was exceptional. and he he provided us with shelter and learned my lengthy saleratus with the food yeah i would thing that if he had seen i would i tell my see. this is where the government of president amazon men and cargo once mugabe had buried zimbabwe's national heroes acre for many it would be a fitting resting place for the former colonial era guerrilla fighter. we wanted
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the old man to go to heroes acre where his other comrades are since he was our real founding father. so this is what we want for him to go to heroes acre. but analysts say there is still deep rancor between grace mugabe and amisom the man who 1st tried to sideline her and then seized power from a husband in 2017 the mcgovern family has accused them of our government of trying to strong arm them into a state burial. the family is the one that makes the decision in the government what if in the words tricky ok so these days no fewer between us. the mugabe's insists that the former president will be laid to rest in a private family ceremony even in death robert mugabe is proving his divisive a fake as he ever was in life. you're watching the news coming up next
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the business news. economic crisis worsening and now opposition politicians and members of the church want parliament to issue a food emergency law. up next with that story and stick around for that. coming. from the detention of the famous naturalist and explorer. to sing the great clicks on the from him books 250. morning on the future of discovery. expedition one bullet on d.-day. and i'm james brown music television vinyl.


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