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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  September 13, 2019 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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about topics that affects only one of the solutions climate change and the return. of. the recent shutdown. will all be well that ends well a series of concessions this week and the ongoing us china trade war has given the markets reason to hope. what's a barbie girl in a bar the world allowed to beat a new edition of the iconic doll has targeted debate on the whole troll appropriation. and fight over flight activists take the battle against global warming and the companies they hold responsible to discard. this is do you
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believe as i'm to nelda milan in berlin welcome now it may be friday the 13th not the most auspicious day for the superstitious but don't tell the markets the dow jones is ending in positive territory after news that china is going to accept u.s. soybeans and part from its next round of tariffs that follows an exchange of concessions earlier this week between the 2 countries china agreed to exclude products like ounce or drugs and pesticides from its tariff regime the u.s. in turn agreed to delay a plan terrifying on october 1 by 15 days. yes court joins us now from wall street yes how big of a deal is it that the u.s. and china are exchanging some all of branches here and there well i mean at least we have those some guests and there is a certain possibility they have to maybe those trade talks might leads to
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a deal at some point there was a lot of speculation of actually washing might be open for an interim deal and so that some of the tougher issues between the 2 countries might be pushed aside that there's no confirmation for that but there is some speculation and that actually did tell put to drive the markets higher for the entire week now on top of all of that the upcoming week will have plenty to occupy investors' minds can you give us an outlook. well i mean the biggest. issue is going to be monetary policy so when the federal reserve is going to meet on wednesday and the bets on another raid decrease actually stands at 100 percent so the only question seems to be if the federal reserve is going to cut rates by $25.00 or by 50 basis points and then also we had to the dow jones
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industrial average up for 8 consecutive trading days so this is the longest winning streak in more than a year and we have only about one percent of new record so we could have had new all time highs here on wall street next week and part of there on wall street for us thank you very much euro zone finance ministers met today in finland capital of helsinki mainly to discuss ways to improve public spending in the bloc but finnish finance minister. had another key agenda point he said the european union should consider a boycott of brazilian agricultural products to get the government there to properly tackle the amazon fires into law said that his country that his country has asked authorities to discontinue the in parts of the from brazil he added that he was considering doing the same about soybeans with the aim of quote increasing pressure to spur the government into action. to barbie now well
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love or hate her she's an american success story 1st sold in 1959 millions of dollars have made their way into the rooms of millions of children but as much as the dolls were a hit there was always controversy around the 1st over her super slim figure representing an impossible and unhealthy ideal of beauty that over conservative stereotypes produced by the doll who was often depicted as a housewife. lack of diversity was also a problem one that not tell has grappled with today are because in a range of different skin tones comes from different countries and there are dolls meant to inspire girls to choose any career they want like astronaut barbie over here or critics are calling the company's latest stall another misstep or talking about that the barbie. the new barbie is unveiled
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she is wearing a black mermaid style dress decorated with monarch butterflies and roses her face is adorned with calaveras katrina makeup inspired by mexico's did in one of those dolls hit stores a few weeks before the solemn november holiday on which mexicans remember their dead. on line commentators are asking if the 75 dollars dollar is a case of cultural appropriation where companies inappropriately cash in on other people's traditions mattel disagrees. we're going to at the end what we want to represent is a very important mexican tradition and the law of the transmits to us. collectors on hand for the official unveiling feel the same they look as you say it is an honor that they look at the mexican traditions to release and does that which is also really quite beautiful goodness that's not something the us everybody could do also that came on full of them both simple that yes or no. appropriate or not
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there's heated discussion on social media. as for mattel the company helped the design was simply boosted sales. joining me now is julia romero from the w. spanish service she's been following the story for us thanks so much for joining us now you are from mexico the other where this barbie is it inappropriate is it appropriate what do you think i think is interesting more than a fair and appropriate i think is really interesting why do you say that. because in recent times especially since the coco movie for some bowl there has been several attempts of giving a place out of this new movie or from pixar out of a bit of that exact exactly of the words as it's been in the mainstream media it's been depicted as something that is very special and is very dear to the mexican people and i think and i think this is very interesting that now mattel is bringing
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a doll that is also showing children that is ok to have this heritage that it's ok to see that and it is normal and i think it depicts also the very important mexican american identity which is for me very interesting that they're doing this but where do you think the controversy is coming from because on the one hand you do have this argument from the companies out there raising cultural awareness among children i suppose the sticking point would be whether it's ok to make money off of it what do you think well i think there's a lot of companies which make money of cultural appropriation but not everyone not every company gives credit to where it came from the designs for example most specifically to the to the clothing so astri there's been make a says of fashion companies taking directly design from mexican artists and not even in any way doing money with it but not giving credit also to the to where it came from so i think
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there's there are some red lines between celebrating a culture and and then taking a design and use it and make profits without even saying where it came from because in the end that is the theft of a culture so to say exactly and well i wanted to ask you so there's your viewpoint but what sort of reactions have you seen from people say in mexico who do celebrate the day of the dead do they see this positively while some of some people see it as a very positive thing so some people are afraid that the marches will be watered down through the. the barbie doll some people are very skeptical of it they think now a barbie doll is not going to really water down the traditions which are already very makes with the halloween traditions of the united states so it's not that it's a tradition that has been intact from what worried the gain and without change over time so so so people are live of more concern about that but other people are saying no it all is not going to really change this very very rich heritage very
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interesting thank you very much julia remember there from our spanish service thank you for your insights. airlines are battling a growing backlash against the impact of their industry on the environment climate change protesters took their fight for the planet to the skies today they've been deploying drones to shut down europe's busiest travel hub heathrow airport in london. you could call it fighting fire with fire valery and linder a part of a climate activist group that planned to use their own flying machines to tackle what they see as the scourge of air travel we heard earlier this week they set out their plan to guide their drones into the exclusion zone of europe's busiest airport just before is opened basically with this footage posted online and the arrests of 2 men close to heathrow early friday morning suggest campaigners attempted to go through with their threat. in terms of c o 2 that travel is the least environmentally friendly of the mainstream forms of transport the train
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carrying the average load of $150.00 passengers emits 14 grams of carbon per person per kilometer that compares with 42 grams per person for a car carrying 4 people or 68 grams per passenger for the average bus but the average plane towards the mall emitting 285 grams of carbon per person per kilometer in that range valerie and linda that leaves us with a clear choice we either stop emitting carbon in the other then we have to accept that we have to make huge sacrifices but when you have control of some control over your future. british police say they won't tolerate unlawful activity aimed at disrupting airlines and passengers including illegal train flights but activists say with the world as stake they have to take a stand. and before we go british airways is the earing
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up for more industrial action the carrier has canceled all its scheduled u.k. flights for september 27th. one pilots will again strike in a long running route over pay on monday and tuesday a face of the 1st strike by pilots in its 100 year history. and that's it for me and the business team here and for more you can always go to the dot com slash business are follow us on social media. and in berlin thanks for watching.
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show. clear positions for international perspective beijing is taking its. democracy approach or soon its economic influence is growing dramatically and it's boosting its military. solution china striving for global super mystery find no come to the point. to reach. 60.
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welcome to the what is the game here. we're trying to talk about and. that's a little. cool you don't want to. lose. the leg. gets all have any knowledge of any. sure link to news from africa and the world. your link to it simpson stories and discussions continue and will come student news i'm going to program tonight from born in germany from the news of these events and i would say d w it comes to africa join us on facebook at d w africa. i'm not going to the gym i guess sometimes i am but i stand up and went that way the germans thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotypes the
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question that if you're thinking for yourself the country that i'm blaming. need insane to think this gram a day out to me it's all about a new i'm rachel join me to meet the jetman sunday w. post. this is news africa coming up on the program fighting violence against women put this test in south africa where also the scenes on friday calling for action that country what a woman is killed every 3 hours women are seeing enough is enough also coming up. it will be a lot of the i visit their blood been problem it will cost them some rhymes in a michael mob these famous rock pop past us to me takes us on a tour of his hometown.


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