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around the world. one of them needed urgent assistance mission. the family starts october any on d w. this is the interview news live from berlin u.s. president donald trump says the united states is locked and loaded after drone strikes damaged major oil facilities in saudi arabia american officials blaming iran that this fight with the rebels in yemen claiming responsibility while prices initially soaring in response will look at some of the market reaction also on the
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show. it's to be or not to be israel to paris to go to the polls again an unprecedented repeat election. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us u.s. president donald trump says the united states would respond militarily to the attacks on saudi arabia's oil facilities to drone attacks at the facility that's the largest of its kind and the curry's oil field that is saudi arabia's 2nd biggest oil field washington is blaming iran u.s. president tweeting there is reason to believe that we know the culprit we are locked and loaded depending on verification but are waiting to hear from the kingdom referring to saudi arabia a rainy and back to the rebels based in yemen have been claiming responsibility but
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washington says there is no evidence it taks were long from there u.s. officials say these satellite images of the impact zones indicate a level of precision beyond the ability of who's the rebels alone. for his part iran's president hassan rouhani this is a very obvious joining go for the usual roma americans instead of confessing that they have presence in the region. in syria in yemen and other areas he has been problematic they accuse the countries of the region. so how are the markets responding to the loss of 5 percent of global delhi oil production monica jones who did have new businesses here for more on that good morning monica prices spiking right away on the news what's it looking like right now if east somewhat i think you mentioned it also i've just checked just before i came to the studio currently brant crude stands at $67.00
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a barrel still 10 percent higher than it was before the attack but it's somewhat east and we're not surprised of course that oil prices spiked those attacks were hitting the world's biggest petroleum processing facility and saudi arabia of course being the biggest oil exporter shipping more than $7000000.00 barrels a day a knock out of 5 percent of global oil surprise crude supply is dramatic at least at 1st especially when consider that the facility will not be operational for weeks to come according to experts and this represents 50 percent of overall saudi oil production so so it is quite quite a blow and shows you know just how vulnerable our global oil when you connect is it is all connected it's not just vulnerable i think it's very important to say that it's very volatile let me just remind you that we've been talking for weeks and months about forwarding all prices in fact they were falling below $60.00
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a barrel in recent weeks to the point that only last week on thursday opec members came together and saudi arabia in particular demanded that everybody sticks to cutting out. ports in order to keep prices somewhat ok especially after it seemed on wednesday last week when us president on a trump sort of implied that he might ease sanctions on iran which would have boosted out put an obviously way on prices so we're talking about a very volatile situation but not that dramatic yet the situation in saudi arabia what happened is dramatic but when it comes to oil prices the peaks this year we've seen where 70 $5.00 a barrel when not there yet much much lower right now ok where are we are are we right the 60 or $6767.00 a barrel barrel that's just what we having right now right now ok what about consumers i mean when i drive up to the pump you know later today i'm i'm i going
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to feel this immediately i don't know if you can feel it immediately here in germany just yet of course whenever something happens with the oil presidential it'll hit the consumer but it's quite interesting that i found out of all it'll be the motorists on the u.s. west coast who who are most likely to feel it why because all facilities those that were attacked account for nearly half of all u.s. crawl crude imports from saudi arabia and california in particular relies very heavily on those imports due to lack of pipelines to connect them with oil rich texas so there's just this is a problem for you so the sun doesn't always shine no in calaveras county when it comes to problems like this monica thanks very much ok. let's bring you down some of the other stories making the news at this hour votes are being counted in tunisia's presidential life and that fallon is widely seen as a test of one of the world's youngest democracies the only one to emerge from the arab spring of 2011 turnout was low in the election called after tunisia's 1st
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democratically elected president died in office. the british prime minister boris johnson is due in lock some bird to tell european commission president jog on younger that progress has been made on the deal to get britain out of the un october 31st but younkers known to be skeptical in brussels has played down talk of any breakthrough. produced farm of the makers of the drug oxy tonton at the heart of the devastating us opioid crisis has filed for bankruptcy and wants to shield itself and its owners from thousands of losses a deal agreed last week will provide more than $10000000000.00 to tackle the crisis but some u.s. states are opposing the. or israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has approved a new settlement in the occupied west bank the move comes 2 days ahead of a closely fought elections he seeks to boost turnout among his conservative base
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his main opponent benny gantz has also been out trying to mobilize his supporters the w.'s tunney kramer as more. for the 2nd time in a year newly it says he she who runs this family owned cafe will be casting his ballot he hopes that benyamin netanyahu will from the next coalition government be be as everyone calls to prime minister some time stops by for coffee and pastry at this neighborhood cafe like many other likud supporters says if you see snow and turn a tip to the long serving leader. you've been a demolition the man has experienced and this is extremely important it's very important for people here to have someone to run the state as he does it a state like israel with so many challenges and having good relations with world leaders all around the world. following the last election in april netanyahu failed to put a coalition together some analysts describe the elections as
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a fight for his political life not least because of corruption allegations these elections are not about any policy issue at all these elections are shakespear are there to be be or not to be that it will continue to happen even though there are 3 a criminal investigations hanging over his head he has proven inability to overcome any obstacle before and he'd be able to do that again now. his main rival benny gantz head of the center of i.q. and right party emerged as a real threat of it and yahoo in the previous election touring the country like here in southern israel guns who served as military chief under netanyahu wants to sway voters with his security record and different common leadership. this appeals to would. she would like to see a less self-centered prime minister and a more centrist less religious coalition government i need
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a booklet but then i am voting for benny gantz and his entire team and the party itself because they are politically in the center so they all have clean hands. they care about the general public who met a cause. in which some make a couple. pollsters predict a tight race netanyahu is fighting for every vote and he's not shying away from making election promises his pledge to annex settlements in the jordan valley in the occupied west bank if reelected has triggered heavy criticism approach tomtit as elections spin in israel it remains to be seen whether it's ways more voters of the smaller right wing parties to the likud most people are very cynical about these promises including the right wing who are in favor of an ex asian they're saying well you've been prime minister for 13 years why would you do it until now and you're telling us a week before the elections suddenly there is
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a historic opportunity to do this at the cafe all eyes are on election day everybody here knows that there's real power struggle with begin over a coalition building by the day after. it's the 2nd time in a year that israelis are going to the polls this tuesday traditionally security an economic issues are top priority for voters but these elections are seen as a kind of their friend i'm on the long standing premise of of benyamin netanyahu and whether he will be able to form a coalition. pro-democracy demonstrators who are out again on the streets of hong kong that in spite of a ban on protesting put in place by city officials riot police firing tear gas and using water cannons to disperse the crowds. protesters responded to that with an attack on the city's main government complex and meanwhile on kong citizens here in germany are calling on people to support the democracy movement there collecting
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protestors stories and sharing them with people here in berlin. when lee went to meet someone. we were retreating. but i looked back again and i saw the officers are ready willing at their patents on him. his head was covered in blood it was that to get. their attention leading to diarrhea. these are not their own stories nor is this hong kong living in berlin these hong kong as a sharing was purchased as from 8000 kilometers away i have experienced in 1st person the call themselves storyteller as their aim to share the more personal side of the demonstrations. what are you offering against the international media have been reporting on the protests a lot. but they don't cover the individual stories behind the masks of the protestors. but these tales draws closer to home
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home home home our car that's why we want to share them with foreigners. tony because if i'm hung by higher quantum's on the stories the shoes are based on news articles interviews and popular posts on forums organizers say it is impossible to do fact checking for all the stories that many of their relatives have shared very similar experiences no one will live by i get all worried every time i see the clashes happening instead of just watching the clips holeman crying i think it's better to come out and do whatever we can approach. here. after listening to the stories so many all the ins say they are moved by the protests to scurry each. it's a terrible story for their kids to be caught up in something so wrong. with so much violence but i think it's important. that everybody's participating
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when you live in europe and the european press u.s. kind of stuff you often forget about the rest of the world so it's i'm always interested to hear about what happens the other parts of the world with purchase just in hong kong vowing to continue their fight for democracy these experts say they will also keep standing sitting in solidarity with bear hometown. it's definitely a football now early season results have been a breath of fresh air for the fans who've element in the same teams usually dominating the top of the table one of the new faces in the top 4 after throwing weekend as freiburg after beating off and i'm many are now paying attention to the squad. christian made for changes to his starting line up for the clash with hoffenheim and it soon paid off chris john made it one nil in the 11th minute. the defender drilling it into the corner of the net sebastian rudi tried to
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respond for hoffenheim but keeper alexander displayed some sharp reflexes meanwhile his team stayed on the attack and played with more urgency. doubling fribourg lead late in the 1st half was and peterson added another in the 59th minute his 2nd goal of the season rounding out the 3 nil scoreline. it was mentality. conviction and. it was a nice performance i'm very happy. his team celebrated fribourg best ever start to a campaign hoffenheim meanwhile have only managed to win one game this season. and all of us leaves the bonus league standings looking like this after match day for rb leipzig on top after their draw with biron who fall the force dormant
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freiburg moving up to 2nd and 3rd further down we have ours for getting out of the relegation zone minds jumping to the playoff spot after grabbing their 1st points of the season. this is the news live from berlin stay with us right after the break we're talking artificial intelligence that the d.w. debate of the world economic forum i'm brian thomas thanks for being here. the adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. truce in the racial conflicts on the front of the world's 250th birthday we're embarking on a voyage of discovery. expedition voyage on t.w. .


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