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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 17, 2019 1:00am-1:15am CEST

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the family starts october on. the. news. this is deja vu news live from berlin tonight the u.s. president says he's almost certain the weekend drone attacks on saudi oil fields were carried out by a reduced donald trump tells reporters he holds tehran responsible for the strikes that have crippled of saudi oil production but he hasn't given any proof and now says the u.s. won't rush to react also coming up. to b.b. or not to be the voters in israel prepared to go to the polls in an unprecedented
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per piece election prime minister benjamin netanyahu future at stake. u.s. whistleblower edward snowden says that government surveillance and internet giants are a greater threat to privacy is that ever before this is an auto biography goes on sale. hello i'm nick spicer welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump has said that he does not want war with iran over the attacks on key oil installations in saudi arabia president trump said he believed that iran was responsible for the drone attacks but added he would wait for definitive proof before looking into retaliate torrie options that we can strike saw the world's crude oil output drop by 5 percent iran has denied involvement in the attacks you look at effect. correspondent all over salad is in washington to
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tell us more all over what is u.s. president trump going to do now he seems to be blowing hot and cold. well that was a typical donald trump play that we've witnessed here today lots of back and forth threats of retaliation 1st of all and then later he walks everything back and says he does not want any military intervention at all which of course does not come as a big surprise don't forget we're nearing the 2020 election here in dollar terms reelection is a stake and the americans are increasingly getting tired of war and also pulling the american troops out of international conflicts has been one of donald trump's core promises and he's really trying eager to deliver on these promises ok well as to the strikes them selves there's a lot of mystery it would seem saudi arabia is saying it believes iran carried them
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out the americans saying the same and then the who's the rebels in yemen saying they did it what proof is there of anything here all of the saudi led military code coalition in yemen today provided some evidence they believe that iran is behind these attacks they also believe that these attacks were carried out by iranian drones and they believe in addition to that that these drones came from the direction of iran rather than from the direction of yemen in the south and some satellite footage that was already made public yesterday by the americans to suggest some of the same but on the other hand you have the u.n. special envoy for yemen who is a bit more careful on who saying that he is not 100 percent convinced there are a lot of other theories around who could be behind these attacks and so the saudi led coalition and saudi arabia are now focusing on their investigation to find out where exactly these drones might have been launched. as you know all over it back
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in june president trump threatened military action again against a red when it shot down a u.s. drone then nothing happened is the expectation in washington that hill again back down. well one thing is clear in comparison to last time it all it's adding out these threats and donald trump must be careful that he's not losing his credibility here he is threatened once when an american drone was shot down in the strait of hormuz and then the retaliate strike was called off just a couple minutes before and as much as he says so and continues threatening he is continues losing his credibility so this is dangerous for him he might feel himself and themself trapped in a situation where he has to act but it's very unlikely of course that he will order direct attacks on the iranian targets those who would rather be targets perhaps in
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syria and in iraq proxies there well let's not forget what this is all about all this is all about the nuclear deal the president is trying to renegotiate so he's trying to force iran back to the negotiating table to reach a new nuclear deal the americans believe that iran is iran is still working on a nuclear bomb president rouhani of iran has already said that he is not available and 3 therefore the struggle continues ok thanks for that all over salad in washington. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world. in zimbabwe people are paying tribute to robert mugabe the late president's coffin arrived in his home village today his legacy is controversial some consider him a hero who the country to independence others say he was an autocratic leader who presided over human rights abuses rigged elections and economic ruin. the
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supporters of 2 political outsiders in tunisia's 1st round presidential race are celebrating after initial results indicated they will go through to the runoff for the 2 men law professor and independent and jailed media magnate bill curry appear to have tapped into voters' dissatisfaction with the political elite. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has promised to annex all settlements in the occupied west bank as he seeks to boost turnout among his conservative base in the run up to cling to tomorrow's closely fought repeat election is being held because mr netanyahu has been unable to form a governing coalition since the 1st election in april. its main opponent benny gantz has also been mobilizing support w.'s talent reports. for the 2nd time in the year newly it runs this family owned cafe will be casting his ballot he hopes that benyamin netanyahu will from the next coalition government
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bibi as everyone calls to prime minister some time stops by for coffee and pastry at this neighborhood cafe like many other likud supporters said no i'll turn it if to the long serving leader. live in a demolition the man has experienced and this is extremely important it's very important for people here to have someone to run the state as he does it a state like israel with so many challenges and having good relations with world leaders all around the world. following the last election in april netanyahu failed to put a coalition together some analysts describe the elections as a fight for his political life not least because of corruption allegations these elections are not about any policy issue at all these elections are shakespear are there to be be or not to be that it will continue to happen even though there are 3 a criminal investigations hanging over his head here is proven inability to
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overcome any obstacle before and he'd be able to do that again now. his main rival benny gantz head of the center of i.q. and white party emerged as a real threat to netanyahu in the previous election touring the country like here in southern israel guns who served as military chief under netanyahu wants to sway voters with his security record and a different comet leadership. this appeals to would. she would like to see a less self-centered prime minister and a more centrist less religious coalition government and then of. the bend i am voting for benny gantz and his entire team and the party itself because they are politically in the center with all they all have clean hands. they care about the general public not a cause. some make
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a couple. pollsters predict a tight race netanyahu is fighting for every vote and he's not going away from making election promises his pledge to apply serenity over the jordan valley in the occupied west bank if reelected has triggered heavy criticism of brought taunted as elections been in israel it remains to be seen whether it's race more voters of the smaller right wing parties to the likud most people are very cynical about these promises including the right wing who are in favor of i mix asian they're saying you've been crimea's of a 13 year. old now and you're telling us a week before the elections suddenly there is a historical opportunity to do this at the cafe all eyes are on election day everybody here knows that there's real power struggle within over a coalition building the day after. whistleblower edward snowden's autobiography goes on sale today the former american intelligence analyst shocked the world when
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he leaked secrets surveilling a massive american internet spying program he's living in exile in russia because he faces criminal charges back home some see him as a hero and others condemn him as america's most wanted traitor as with snowden his recent permanent freckle to set the record straight himself told german television that he's concerned about the fates if he chooses. and i think that's one of the saddest lessons from this story what does it say to the next whistleblower and what does a suitable world what does this say about ourselves when the only place that american dissident can be heard is from places that we would expect. in 2013 snowden was working as a contractor for the national security agency or n.s.a. in interviews he'd said he'd become disillusioned and had ethical concerns about the massive government surveillance programs that were part of his assignment later that year snowden was accused of leaking classified information to the media the
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documents revealed the way governments were using online data from the devices of ordinary citizens to monitor their lives snowden also sees more immediate dangers on our virtual doorstep an internet giant you can look around the world today and go governments are not threat creasing more through with each passing year and you can say the same of these internet john edwards they have made an enemy of privacy they make their money by selling our lives as a product snowden's adverse or is say his sharing of classified files that disclosed military secrets to america's enemies and in danger to u.s. agents was a reckless act snowden has been living in exile in russia ever since the u.s. wants him extradited on espionage charges he could face decades in prison in his memoir snowden complains that countries around the world had refused to grant him
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asylum it became evidence that even the most advanced democracies were afraid of incurring the wrath of the u.s. government snowden regards germany as among those countries but the german foreign minister stands firm on his commitments to legal procedure. i consider it to be fundamentally wrong for ministers to comment on how they think asylum procedures should turn out these are processed according to the law by that snowden denies any collaboration with the russian government his russian residence permit friends out next year he's living at an undisclosed address in moscow. today's talks in luxembourg between british prime minister boris johnson and e.u. commission president jiang have ended without any breakthrough there is now less than 7 weeks until britain leaves the e.u. johnson was heckled during his trip by british retirees living in luxembourg.
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it was not quite the welcome he had been hoping for forced johnson on his way to meet luxembourg's prime minister. johnson met with e.u. commission president john clarke to discuss brecht's that over lunch. the prime minister expressed optimism that a so-called hot bricks it could be avoided. yes there is a good chance of a deal yes i can see the shape of it. everybody can see roughly what could be done but it will require. movement and the us system by which the e.u. can control the u.k. after we leave. the so-called backstop. to go from that treaty but officials caution that johnson had so far failed to come up with an alternative to the backstop. the british prime minister has said he does not seek to delay practice it beyond the current october 31st deadline i am he also seemed to be in
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a rush to depart from the meeting with his luxembourg counterpart and jovial but tell was left to hold a joint press conference alone. to tell them not to hold back his frustration. you can't hold the future hostage for party political gates the arbor so now it's its own. mr johnson. he holds the future of all u.k. citizens and every us citizen sleeving the u.k. he sense if he stressed once ability you know people our people come to you but the clock is ticking. use your time wisely docs and most prime minister also accused johnson of playing the blame game i repeat sprigs it's not my choice it's been a decision from the party it was a decision from david coming to do it they decide they decide i regret it but don't
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put the blame on because now they don't know how to get out of this. situation they put themselves in. it's not my choice. talks will continue but the e.u. has confidence in johnson's ability or willingness to achieve a deal is fading fast. you're up to date thanks for watching. and i'm listening to brand new w biological person device it's about topics that affect us all. climate change and turn.


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