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100 trees in of football stadium on insulation in the austria imagines a possible memorial to the environment in a completely teacher and in our series 100 german must reads done years kiran runs measuring the world imagine the contrast thing lives of 2 geniuses all of the german and mightn't and us all his life he tried to make an angular world a little more organic to do away with right angles and bend his will only to the rules of nature the we knew was a maverick among designers crazy about cars and famous even though many of his designs never actually saw the light of day me has passed away at age 91 and that was r.q. to look back on his legacy luigi kalani was a visionary and one of germany's most eccentric designers his career spanned over half
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a century and he created thousands of designs on the very beginning it was clear that everything he touched became around. we live on a planet and it's around us. began his career in the 1950 s. designing cars made of plastic that material inspired all his future designs aerodynamics and ergonomics have always played an important role in his visual language. decades i tried to get european comics to switch over to soft rounded functional and aerodynamic shapes i didn't succeed. but the all voluntary blend of 20th century international design kept barreling full speed ahead. kalani worked in japan the u.s. france and switzerland as well as germany. everything he made his
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unmistakable signature. many of his ideas were too expensive to produce they exist only as prototypes displayed in exhibitions. to many people designs were outlandish but his inventiveness clearly knew no limits in 2003 he even tackled the world of fashion designing uniforms for the hamburg police force. they're born. to provide an example in this city and develop uniforms that a forceful formidable and functional spirit i've been through. in 2004 he and his studio team and calls for germany worked on a radical new idea the design of an entire city she. it's like a human body. when you look at this that's the head the administration the lungs are the park and sensibly the power station
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is in the middle of the park it's. the city in southern china was one of colonies many castles in the sky. in fact about 70 percent of his ideas were never implemented but luigi never stopped thinking outside the box. for years with star curator klaus lichtman wanted to make a statement and now that he's made it it's almost tragic just how timely it is for forests is a replica of a european forest that's been erected in a football stadium in austria and the installation reminds visitors what it would be like to live in a world where trees think this only as an exhibit and it's caused quite a stir. anyone expecting to see penalties at the vertices stadium in clark in fort lee in for a bit of a surprise there's not much soccer going on in this forest. for his project
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the swiss artist klaus lipman was inspired by a drawing by the austrian artist max piet now called the un indeed attraction of nature. basically what i'm doing here is trying to produce a quite radical picture and i'm dealing with an underlying theme that max planck now also have both of us independently of each other and that's perception. how do we deal with our perceived nature. visitors are not allowed to touch all into the forest. and wanted to create a warning more new meant about the climate crisis it took him 6 years of planning to realize the full farce project. they work together with the swiss landscape architect in so anyhow it's nice.
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to see that these are the difference in the cities here so those there are the black pines you've seen they've been replanted 16 times. 299 trees were planted between the goal posts creation a mixed forest which has become quite rare in europe these days max prajna whose artworks also feature in new york's museum of modern art is the visionary who imagined a stadium forest over 40 years ago. but it is not all wild mixed forest . but if you see a story does it great that the forest is different from our on my way over here i was really scared that they had managed to capture my forest but now i'm really glad that they do it. in the photos seeing these get off the. forest is
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a sustainable project visitors can enjoy it until the end of october the stadium opens tonight at night afterwards the trees will be transplanted again and will set down their roots not far away for the long term. amazing that trees can take so much punishment and my colleague melissa hall right has joined me in the studio welcome melissa this is an absolutely huge undertaking from the looks of it tells a bit more about it it's the largest installation in austria have taken such as we've just seen some 300 trays between 8 and 40 meters tall some of them white as much as 6 tons and they brought them all into this stadium and that's very significant for a lot of reasons i think. for one we often count the destruction of forests into. of football stadiums we often hear this so when so many football stadiums with the forest are destroyed every minute also the fact that a football stadium is
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a place where people go to switch off and to relax and to not think and it's exactly there that they've put this very important installation and you know sort of asked the question what is our relationship to nature and also what is the why the game that's being play has really not allowing us any of that usual distraction in that in that setting this is obviously very expensive and i believe that's led to quite some controversy tell us about it has cost a fair bit but i mean but not a penny of that money was taken from taxpayers and this is a myth that continues to persist. the most private fund it's all privately funded and there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the project littman was personally attacked into in the lead up to the opening the stadium itself was built for the european football championship in 2008 and is seen as the legacy of you haida a longtime far right leader who died later the same year there's an election coming
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up in the area and the right wing parties have been wrongly saying that this is funded by taxpayers money and that their football stadium has been taken over by a swiss artists fake news there but clearly it is difficult to kick a ball around in there while there is a an entire forest standing there what is the local team actually doing yeah you're right yeah i mean obviously they come. over these trees that there it has been taken over a little bit that is true and the local team has been put out the stadium was chosen because of its size and also because it's not used that much but then the local team got into the europa league so now for the next couple of weeks they're going to be playing in another stadium ok with the amazon burning and all of the forest fires that we've seen all over the world in siberia. southern france over the summer just to name a couple the timing of this seems crazy the tree has really become such a powerful symbol hasn't it the timing of this installation is just is pretty
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incredible really and it's also been a big surprise for lytton and as well in recent months as we've seen the climate change is very much in the news with what the future friday's 5th and many people many experts across the world say this is it we're in a do or die situation so you have the timing is is really critical. this this installation in a lot of ways is also stronger than partners drawing implies his drawing speaks about a dystopian vision where we have to look at a forest in a zoo like situation but we can never look at the forest in a zoo like situation because we need forests to survive in order to breathe in order to breathe ok well it definitely does an installation that gets us to think twice about trees for forest is on until the end of october in clogging for the whole ride thanks very much for bringing us that background story. well no
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forest was too deep for alexander one who moderates and certainly no mountain was too high oppression aristocrat was an avid explorer and naturalist he was also a polymath and he was the 1st person to observe and actually describe this phenomenon of what we call human induced climate change along september the 14th he would have been 250 years old and here's a book tip to get a bit of a feel for his eccentric genius. you're the world's top scientist but you've got fleas between your toes head splitting too thick and someone has to constipation hey welcome to the 18th century. donny and kim mom's novel measuring the world is about geniuses with aches and pains and bad digestion. back then this through i think some of what homeboy was
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the rock star of his day the adventurer and naturalist was constantly off exploring the goal of. fending off swarms of female admirers and mosquitoes they came out of the trees the air the water they came from all sides filling the air with their whining stinging sucking and for every one that got squashed there were 100 more meanwhile the world's top mathematician gauss did his work at home he didn't even like to get out of bed you don't have to be a genius to know what that's like the book is about 2 big thinkers with very different approaches to the same goal measuring the world. yeah there's also a movie but you're better off with the original people who live longer. believe. finally just last year they were inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame and they reunited to play for the occasion america. band the
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cars who topped the charts back in the late 1970 s. and eighty's well sadly the car's front man rico case the cars passed away at 75 and so we'll leave you with one of their best known heads drive and of course wish you all the beth until we meet again next time she's. going to. throw move. to a. song . called favorites for. the under. direct attack you are going. to continue of emotion.
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the best game day. to go in 30 minutes upon double. duty business worth billions of euros time and much of the rubble used to make incomes come time. when under huge plantations to starvation wages in extremely unhealthy conditions the german manufacturer is not the flames. they can exert pressure all the way down to the farmers. entered the conflict zone with tim sebastian. i mean challenging those in power asking tough questions demanding it. as conflicts intensify i'll be meeting
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with keep players on the ground in the centers of. trudging through the rhetoric holding the powerful to account for conflict. conflict zone with jim sebastian song w. d 2 you know that 77 percent obamacare are younger than 60 pot. that's me and me and you. and you know what it's time no voices got part. of the 77 percent we talk about big issues. this is where it comes. to 77 percent this weekend on g.w. .
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the to. play. play. this is g.w. news live from berlin the stakes are high in israel as the country holds its 2nd election this year benjamin netanyahu is hoping to hold on to power despite the threat of corruption charges but he's facing a strong challenge from former military chief benny gantz also coming up and just one last thing you see on the streets i am glad to see international
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honor's environmental activist present to her 2 calls from the protests.


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